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“The Houston Police Department is investigating after an officer-involved shootout Sunday morning left two dead and several others injured, including multiple innocent bystanders, in the west side of town. … ‘It was huge, huge gunshots. About 30 of them all at once,’ witness Andy McConn said.” Media reports are less than clear. Two LEOs and three civilians were taken to a local hospital. Two others are reported dead. Two suspects are apparently at large. “Police also said the shooters managed to strike a police helicopter five times. ‘The suspects had high powered weapons that they were using — AR-15s that they were using. They were actually able to shoot at a helicopter,’ (HPD Chief Martha) Montalvo said.”

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  1. “AR15s? Those shoot down planes, don’t they?”
    “No, that’s 50BMG. 5.56 shoots down helicopters…”
    I can already see the next assault weapons ban campaign slogans. So what if they were able to hit a helicopter? I can hit a car with a bb gun, it’s not like it’s going to stop working.

    • “They were actually able to shoot at a helicopter”

      Super-genius reportage there. Anyone could shoot at a helicopter with anything.

      It’s what effect it has that’s important.

      • How sad, that they could only shot at a helicopter.
        I was dove hunting many moons ago when I was 12 or 13 and my uncle said that I must have been shooting at the sun cause I certainly wasn’t shooting at the dove.
        So I guess I actually shot at the sun.
        Check and mate!

    • “So what if they were able to hit a helicopter? I can hit a car with a bb gun, it’s not like it’s going to stop working.”

      Put a .223 – 5.56mm slug in the aluminum crankcase of a piston aero engine or the rotating parts of a gas turbine engine and you will turn it off in short seconds.

      (Or Gand-Dad’s hunting rifle, exact same result.)

      Then the chopper pilot gets to practice his auto-rotation skills he hopefully bothered to learn in flight school…

      • Put it in any part of the pilot and see if he forgets to fly the chopper for a few seconds.

      • Exactly. Civilian helicopters are pretty fragile pieces of machinery. Ask the St Petersburg PD pilot that got shot down in the ’96 riot.

        • Which, in a sensible society, is as good a reason as any, to quit harassing people by flying the noise bombs over their heads. If the gangsta’s could bring about an end to that, by taking up snipering them as a sport, they would have done something useful for a change.

    • Back in the day, one of the local indigenous population members (Abnaki) took down a Vermont Army National Guard UH-1 with three shots from a hunting rifle – .30 cal I believe but I don’t remember what flavor.

    • Anyone else think Martha is a talking head with
      no knowledge of anything tactical or otherwise?
      Hee…I can hit a helicopter with my pellet gun if its low enough.

      Those look like 22 holes in that windshield.
      5.56 leaves a real hole.

  2. “They were actually able to shoot at a helicopter”

    At a helicopter? So what? I can shoot at a helicopter with a bb gun, or just my bad intentions, a rock, and a good throwing arm. What’s your point?

    • And don’t forget your finger with that thumb thing that goes up while you say “pew pew pew” — the most dangerous of them all.

      There is no reporting like sensationalist reporting.

  3. According to the link, one suspect dead, one in critical condition. Both described as “white or Hispanic males.” Two officers, one woman and two men injured. The other fatality was not described.

  4. I bet you a million bucks that Montalvo cow has no clue WTF she’s talking about. None. Some people are just a waste of brain cells. “Actually able to shoot at a helicopter” Gee why didn’t I dink of dat?

    *rant off*


      • Good thing they didn’t have anything more that a poodle popper. Imagine if they had a “real” rifle

        • Poodle shooter…lol, been a few years since I’d heard that one.

          Mark, 5 shots may indeed have struck the helo, but then again for all we know the chopper descended to 30′ directly overhead. Who couldn’t have hit it, then? It’s just typically foolish liberal righteousness on the part of Montalvo to have made that comment. She’s still just as dumb as an old cow either way.


        • “Good thing they didn’t have anything more that a poodle popper.”

          Free Clue:

          Machines made to fly are lightweight. As light as practically possible, and very smart engineers have been doing that in aviation for about 100 years by now.

          That goes double for the engines that power them, since engines tend to be heavy. Aluminum alloy cases, etc.

          You don’t see iron-block tractor engines powering things that fly.

          A .223-5.56mm slug will destroy them just fine.

          (The bad news is that will be used as an excuse to give LE surplus military helicopters armored against small-arms fire…)

  5. Pretty light on details so far.

    “Paramedics took two officers, a civilian woman and two civilian men”

    Officers are civilians. I really don’t like how lately everyone seems to have adopted this word that used to be used to differentiate between military and non military people.

    To me it just seems to be aimed at making the police – who are civilians – into more of a specially privileged class in the minds of the public, which I think is a bad thing. More us vs them stuff.

    Anyway, end rant.

    • Oh sure, they’re civilians, who operate under a completely set of laws, and constantly talk and act as a separate class unto themselves.

      • I don’t follow you. Police are subject to the exact same laws as we non-police are.

        Now as to how that law is applied, yes they are effectively a different class of citizen, but that’s not what the law says (yes there are carve outs mainly when it comes to firearm regulation, but even in that case we all operate under the same laws).

        This is different with the military which us subject to the UCMJ and this is historically what makes them non-civilians. That and the fact that they are in the military under oath, while a police officer is an employee.

        The definition of the word civilian recently has been muddied, and this really has happened to support the idea of the police being a completely separate class of citizen, which I think is a really bad thing.

        They aren’t supposed to be military, but more and more this is exactly what they are acting like, and the use of this word in this way helps to cement this idea into the rest of us non-cop citizens.

        • “Police are subject to the exact same laws as we non-police are.”

          You must be referring to the singular “law”, because there are endless “laws” that are selectively applied to cops against the hoi polloi (for example, the firearm carve-outs that you cite). Then there are the variety of “police bill of rights”, the ability to use exigent circumstances as a get-out-of-jail-free card against perjury, the ability to cite ignorance of the law as a defense after committing the crime, the list goes on.

          And if you think the media is driving this differentiation of cops vs civilians, you’d be wrong. That would be the cops themselves.

        • “I don’t follow you. Police are subject to the exact same laws as we non-police are.”


          For proof, shoot your neighbor’s dog to death, and see what happens

          If you shoot a police dog to death, it’s the death penalty in many areas, the same penalty for killing a cop.

          Does that sound like the same law to you?

        • Police do not operate under the same rules that you do. You only have the legal authority to engage threats directed at you and you must the terminate the engagement once the threat withdraws. The police have the authority to intervene and make the first offensive move and they have the authority to pursue in all cases.

          Do not fall for the faux Libertarian claim that the police are no different than a private citizen.

        • First off, libertarians are the people who point out the current state of extra authority given to government agents is incompatible to their notion of a free society… of course, bootlickers have their own perverse notions of freedom, a la 1984.

          Secondly, the justification for pursuit and making offensive moves is exactly what “perjury” refers to, because cops can literally make up any reason afterwards. Civilians cannot do this.

          Lastly, you correct state that cops can act as aggressors, yet the piggies still claim to be peace officers, but only when they screwed up and want to present a reconciling image. It’s funny when cops believe themselves to be keeping the peace by willfully enforcing terrible laws that demonstrably increase strife and violence.

        • More Dead Soldiers says:
          May 29, 2016 at 18:58
          This. A police dog has more rights than a civilian citizen human.



        • In my area, there are police exemptions in many of our laws. Cell phones while driving, carry in restricted places, etc. Also, when a police officer breaks a law, they skate with reduced sentencing, if they ever get convicted.

          Laws are written to exempt police, so that they will stay in the good graces of the controlling government. If they were treated like us, they probably wouldn’t be as apt to enforce stupid laws.

        • “This. A police dog has more rights than a civilian citizen human.”

          When I was in Johannesburg at the apartheid museum, the tour guide noted that back then, attacking a police dog which was gnawing on your child’s arm is considered a deadly assault and police reacted with deadly force, and the law was changed post-apartheid to reflect the dismantling of the police state.

          Imagine the guide’s surprise when I told her that law exists in the US and is still in force.

        • I really don’t think you all read my entire post. I won’t repeat it because all you need do is look up a bit and read it yourself but if you didn’t pay attention the first time repeating it isn’t going to help.

          More Dead Soldiers says:
          “because there are endless “laws” that are selectively applied to cops against the hoi polloi (for example, the firearm carve-outs that you cite

          Geoff PR says:
          May 29, 2016 at 18:51


          More Dead Soldiers says:

          This. A police dog has more rights than a civilian human.

          tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

          Police do not operate under the same rules that you do.

          Tom in Georgia says:
          May 29, 2016 at 19:35

          dsreno says:
          May 29, 2016 at 20:03

          In my area, there are police exemptions in many of our laws….Laws are written to exempt police…

  6. No… not the dreaded AR-15 Flakcanonen.

    And what pray tell were the cops carrying?

    • Precision tactical firearms that only the police are allowed to deploy, and only injure criminals and don’t hit civilians.

      AR-15s that is.

  7. Gulf Cartel. They are fond of shooting at Helicopters.

    Another example of how open borders and migrants will strip Americans of their rights.

  8. I’m not impressed. If this had happened in NYC, at least 170 rounds would have been fired and 72 bystanders would have been wounded.

    Those Houston cops are amateurs.

  9. This kinda tells me that in texas…anyone standing up during an “active shooter” incident is gonna catch lead.
    Go prone and go home!

  10. We all know what’s coming – another gaggle of liberal politicians and ‘journalists’ calling for more ‘reasonable’ gun control measures. Hope the officers are not seriously injured.

  11. Pretty sketchy on the nature of the event. Sounds like it was underway before police involvement, but not necessarily a true “active shooter” occurrence, in the sense of a senseless spree shooting. Multiple shooters and long gun involvement sounds like cartel activity (since so much of their ranks are ex-military), not just basic local drug gangs.

    However, that being within several miles of our own home makes me glad we’re out here in San Antonio for the three day weekend. Contrary to popular anti-gunner opionion, we have no interest in getting caught up in an active shooting event in hopes of “saving the day.”

    • I got to spend a day in San Antonio last week. I really liked that city. The river walk was fun. Got to see the Alamo. Had the best fajitas of my life there.

      • Visited the Alamo 2 summers ago, and left after 5 min. They patched all the holes, painted everything and made it look like a stupid tourist attraction.(I understand it IS one, but I would expect some realism from something of such significant importance to the Texan people.

  12. Houston, TX … Shootout between multiple combatants … one male described as “shirtless” … Serious weapons … Smells like gang ops to me.

  13. Did the helicopter shoot back?? You know, uh, helicopter violence is the next big thing!!

  14. Watch it be a drug raid where the victims unexpectedly resisted, which would be a glorious practical application of 2A.

  15. The fact that SWAT was on scene so quickly / killed one suspect leads! To believe it was a botched operation, not a spur of the moment gang fight. SWAT was geared, ready, and in the area…

    • Hey, some people still believe the Waco cops heroically stopped a gang fight at a restaurant. The million dollar bails were to teach them a lesson. 🙂

    • Actually, one news source I saw said SWAT took him down nearly an hour after the shooting began. Yet he only actually killed one person, and that was with the pistol. Something isn’t adding up here.

    • Semper BOHICA was our unofficial slogan when I was with 3/6 Lima Co. It pleases me to see that word so many years later – and it was applied correctly!

  16. If a .223 weren’t beefy enough, perhaps the reporter could have inquired as to the chambering of that AR-15. Maybe it eats AK chow, or 6.5 Grendel if it’s “a long range high power sniper rifle”.

    Or maybe the term “AR-15” is generic for anything not a handgun and not made of walnut and blued steel.

    • When a government goon holds it.

      An evil full-auto SBR with the shoulder thing that goes up magically transforms into a “personal defense weapon” in government hands.

    • Note how the pigsters claim credit for supposedly saving the situation, when they in fact did nothing of the sort.

    • It appears second shooter was a good guy with a gun who impeded his progress. The shooter was from California visiting for the holiday. The second mass shooter in Houston from California. The last California psycho wiped out an entire family in Texas except for a little girl. Obviously their gun control is not working.

  17. Deputy Perro later said the cartels use those ultra high-powered AR-15s to shoot helicopters, because when you shoot one it takes three helicopters out of the fight.


    • I see what you did there!

      Mixing the wording behind the 5.56mm round’s development as a “shoot-to-wound” round with libtard gun-demonology.

      Well done.

  18. I think it was a love triangle psychosis. He apparently targeted his first victim. An armed man on the scene may have returned fire, pinning him down until police arrived. This could end up being one hell of a DGU is what I’m saying.

  19. Here we go again.
    This time however, stop letting the left control the narrative.
    When they mention “Gun Control” or now the emerging Gun Safety stop them in their tracks and say “you mean more Gun Owner Control” or Gun Owner Safety Laws.

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