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Political violence isn’t supposed to happen in America. U.S. history is characterized by peaceful changes of power no matter the election results. However, in the age of President Donald Trump, things have changed. A new poll commissioned by the UK’s Independent shows some shocking results: almost three-quarters of Americans worry about political violence on election day and beyond.

Here’s a snip from The Independent.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans are concerned about riots and violence after election day, according to a new poll by The Independent that suggests the United States is a tinderbox of partisan angst.

Almost three in four voters, 72 per cent, describe themselves as very or quite concerned about post-election violence, according to a JL Partners-Independent poll.

More than 70 per cent of both supporters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, said they have such concerns.

Worries are higher among the president’s backers, with 77 per cent saying they fear violence and riots. Among the former vice president’s supporters, 73 per cent described worries.

We may see real violence as soon as this coming Monday when the full Senate votes on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Monday also marks Hillary Clinton’s birthday!)

Clearly with all the political violence we’ve witnessed across America since the death of George Floyd, prudent Americans will take steps to protect themselves and their families. Millions of Americans have already done so by taking the first step of buying a firearm and ammunition for the first time this year.

But there’s a lot more to preparing than just buying, or owning a gun. The first step involves educating yourself about Antifa and its tactics.

Who is Antifa?

Antifa organizes allegedly “mostly peaceful protests” in cities across America. Their goal? They want to overthrow of the American system of government.

Some have said Antifa’s thugs are the militant arm of the Democrat party. Not true. These people aren’t Democrats. They’re Marxists. They might use sympathetic Democrat politicians as a means to an end, but Antifa aren’t Democrats. They are dedicated Marxists and generally speaking, not America’s best. They tend to attract a lot of felons, petty criminals, wife beaters, child sex offenders and other social misfits. Some call them “underachievers.” You might call them losers and malcontents.

They and loosely-affiliated “affinity groups” have operated with relative impunity in jurisdictions with sympathetic political and/or law-enforcement leaders. This includes hard-left District Attorneys who make prosecuting decisions.

Many of these politicians have bought their way into office with George Soros’ money. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx won her race in 2016 largely thanks to about $2 million of support from Soros-funded organizations.  And they’re bankrolling her with another $2 million for her re-election race this year.

Soros only underwrites the most radical of Democrat candidates. Certainly not your grandfather’s Democrats from the John Kennedy era who loved America and would fight to defend her, our form of government, and our way of life.

Antifa also enjoys sympathetic mainstream media coverage. That’s not surprising considering how the mainstream media today are too often just radical political operatives with bylines.

And even if local officials aren’t Soros-funded lefties, Antifa can certainly intimidate local mayors, prosecutors and police chiefs by targeting them — and their families — at their homes.

How does Antifa do this?

Antifa’s black bloc “uniform” conceals their identities and anonymizes them at the same time. It allows their members to act with little or no fear of arrest or prosecution.

Antifa riots nationwide
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Add in local police and prosecutors who probably aren’t going to stop them and Antifa’s insurrectionists can destroy property and attack people without fear of any consequences.

Screengrab by Boch via YouTube.

Meanwhile, the complicit mainstream media will cover for them, calling them “protesters” conducting “mostly peaceful protests.” Never mind how these “mostly peaceful” actions have led to over $2 billion in insurance claims.

They also sometimes use guerilla warfare tactics against traditional law enforcement, that police have a hard time countering. Cops can’t be everywhere even in normal times. Now? These aren’t normal times.

With prosecutors not only ignoring looting and rioting arrests, but also hammering cops with claims of “excessive force,” these are anything but normal times. It’s no wonder the cops have frequently stood down. Why should they risk their lives and freedom if the mayor, police chief and local prosecutor won’t support them and the rule of law?

Antifa has learned what works best after months of nightly conflict with law enforcement in Seattle, Portland and other cities. They create a “fog of war” using smoke bombs, strobing flashlights, high powered lasers, thrown bricks and rocks, pepper spray and commercial fireworks. They use these against both cops and innocent civilians.

Much of this merits a deadly force response. But Antifa takes away their targets’ situational awareness. It can be hard to pin down the source of these potentially lethal attacks because you can’t see who is responsible. And decency prevents the law-abiding from just shooting into the mob, even though all individuals among the mob share culpability for the actions of some.

The professional Marxists leading this violence love to mingle among legitimate protesters. These troublemakers also turn out for their own “direct action” events to attack opposing events or tear down statues.

How does this affect you?

Know that Antifa mobs can do pretty much anything they want to you and you can’t stop them. They’ll destroy your vehicle or you residence and the police won’t come to protect you. Neither will the fire department.

Portland riots
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

If you get taken down to the ground in a fight, you probably won’t get up. They will kick you in the head with their steel toe boots until you’re unconscious or dead. The neutered police won’t save you. On the other hand, those same cops will arrest you if you use deadly force to resist a frenzied attack.

And even if you break off from their attack, oftentimes Antifa will follow you, identify you and then dox your personal information. Then they will come threaten and harass you at your residence, at your workplace or both.

Sadly, Antifa is winning in the sense their fascist tactics intimidate a lot of people, keeping them from expressing their beliefs for fear of reprisals.

Things you can do

There are a number of things you can do in the near term to protect yourself and your family from Antifa and “affinity group” violence.

  1. First and foremost, act to the standard by which you will be judged. Show restraint in using force, especially deadly force in self-defense. Retreat looks really good to juries.
  2. Carry your gun. Your five-shot revolver or .380 makes a fine backup gun. Against a potential mob or gang? Bring enough gun. If you run out of ammo, they will rip you apart. Literally.

Remember, Antifa mobs in several cities have not backed off against armed good guy civilians. They’re accustomed to armed good guys showing great restraint when it comes to using force in self-defense.

  1. Buy self-defense insurance so you can have the best legal defense in case a prosecutor attempts a political prosecution for using force in a self-defense situation. The state has a lot of resources. It’s only fair that you have resources too, so it’s at least a marginally fair fight. US Law Shield has a great product (I’m a dues-paying member). Also worth a mention: Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (also a member) and US Concealed Carry Association.
  • Protect your home and business with modern, state-of-the-art video surveillance. Cameras won’t protect your life in the moment, but they may protect your freedom (in glorious, vivid ultra-high definition) from mob justice in the aftermath.

  • Consider installing a dash cam system in your car. These help in accidents. In a deadly force encounter? This footage could prove priceless, especially with the audio inside the car for a jury to witness first-hand what the occupants experienced if you’re attacked in your vehicle.

  • minneapolis third precinct riots
    Rioters outside of a burning liquor store near the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct, Thursday, May 28, 2020 (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
    1. Remember that crowds can form quickly. And violence can start in a matter minutes, especially in a crowd that’s “managed” by these experienced professional agitators.

    You think it can’t happen in your city? Let me dispel that notion. Kenosha has a population of roughly 100,000. It can happen anywhere.

    1. Be especially vigilant if your local PD shoots a black person. This goes double if the person is “unarmed.”

    Lots of Antifa “professionals” in major cities happily travel to a new city on a few hours’ notice. They can come to your town just as easily and they have turned up in small towns like Kenosha, Wauwatosa or Rochester, New York.

    1. Don’t agitate a mob. In your car, avoid crowds in the streets. In your home, pull the blinds and stay inside.
  • Lastly, you can submit to their intimidation to avoid becoming a target. But frankly, Americans don’t have a long history of cowering. Particularly not when faced by fascists.



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    1. Given the fact only Trump supporters (or anyone who likes civility) get murdered in cold blood on the streets the violence will be oneway only. Unless Uncle Joe wins and actually saves a few Trump supporter lives ironically.

      • Kenosha is an example of what happens when the left faces a real fight. After a Rittenhouse lawfully and heroically defended himself and others, the antifa terrorism ceased that very day.

        • Let’s be careful out there! Antifa is a crowd of bullies (which makes them cowards as others have observed) who work in packs to take people down. Their favorite tactic is to surround a target casually and then start their beating with a “sucker punch”. If you watch the videos you will see them do this over and over. Once you are down they all fall on you and kick the crap out of you. So don’t go alone to these “peaceful protests”. Have a group of like-minded individuals with you, all dressed like ANTIFA so you blend in, and then wait for one of their vulture like swoops to take them to task. Be prepared to use weapons that you have available and don’t take a knife to a gun fight. ANTIFA has weapon carriers in each pack who will show up to hand over bats, clubs, knives, tear gas, etc. when the pack needs them and then retreat with the weapons when the beating is over. As you have previously seen, once you make the bullies pay they tend to leave town and look for easier targets, the same way home invaders are put off by security lighting and dogs. But it will take “fighting fire with fire” because that is the only way that they will get the message. They are a bunch of misfits who want to be in control and get off on beating people — that is until someone shows them what it’s like to be on the receiving end. You must be able to trust and rely on the people that you are with!

      • Some have said Antifa’s thugs are the militant arm of the Democrat party. Not true. These people aren’t Democrats. They’re Marxists. They might use sympathetic Democrat politicians as a means to an end, but Antifa aren’t Democrats. They are dedicated Marxists and generally speaking, not America’s best. They tend to attract a lot of felons, petty criminals, wife beaters, child sex offenders and other social misfits. Some call them “underachievers.” You might call them losers and malcontents.

        Soooooooo… Disagree with this. The democrat party today is not the democrats of the 1990s. The 1990s democrats were capitalists that wanted a little bit of marxism. They were marxist/socialist sympathizers that liked the idea of, some, of what socialism had to offer. Now they were not old school socialists of the late 1800s or early 1900s (socialism = seizing the means of production and distribution and managing directly). No. They were new world socialists (socialism = seizing the money from private production and private distribution and then redistributing it to certain select productions and distributions). Fast forward 30 years, and modern day democrats are very much new world socialists. They want to tax you at like 60-80% (think Bernie) and then redistribute those funds to select productions and distributions like healthcare, education, and safety nets. The goal is to de-privatize healthcare, education, etc. Now the democrats already achieved this with retirement (social security (which they bankrupted), Medicare/Medicaid) and other safety nets like obamaphones, section 8 housing, WIC, Food stamps, EBT cards, etc. Now the federal budget spends about 60-70% of its entire budget on these social programs. But they want to expand them to encompass all health care (single payer), and completely subsidize universities. And don’t get me started on the “green new deal” which is essentially heavily regulating anything the produces vaporous carbon (CO, CO2, methane, hydrocarbons). And money is no object for these people. It’s almost like they see money as just something they are entitled to, that is to be harvested from the people. And so I disagree that democrats today are not socialists. They are more socialist now than they ever have been, and everyday they go further and further “left.” Antifa are the young people, all young people, and are the future of the democrat party, many of which are specifically trained in “activist studies” such as gender studies, african american studies, womens studies, American Indian/Native/Indigenous studies, Hispanic studies, LGBT studies. Examples:

        The future of the democrat party, is marxism/socialism. The youngest members of elected democrats, are marxists. Example: AOC, Rashida tlaib, Ilhan Omar, etc. They advocate “activist studies” related topics, and the solution to their perceived problems is socialism/marxism.

        • Yes there was a suspicious amount of downplaying going on in this article, as far as the connection between the democrat party and violent leftist (antifa, BLM). That connection is obvious for anyone willing to use their powers of observation and apply common sense.

          Democrats of the 1960s are not the democrats of today. Democrats in the 60s liked America.

          • Yes. Example:
            “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

            This is not the message of democrats today. Today, democrats are the party of free **** at everyone else’s expense. Commie, “sharing is caring,” crap. Are you a wealth business magnate? That means you stole the labor of the oppressed and downtrodden to become rich. Are you a part of a large corporation? That means you need to “give back” as if you took something away to begin with.

          • What Fascism and Socialism have in common are power grabs. In both systems, obtaining the ability to force the populace to do what is wanted by those in power. So in reality, the problem isn’t left vs right, but freedom vs tyranny.

            Fascism is traditionally nationalistic. Separatist. Call for unity. And strict control over behavior and processes within bureaucracies. It is extremely orderly. Fascists literally force people to do what they want, and they call it “direct action.” But it is not fascism until the power grab is performed.

            Marxism (socialism/communism) is collectivist in nature. The “collective” has rights. Not the individual. The individual becomes a metric. Everything is “shared.” It is “equality extremism.” But it is not marxism until the power grab is performed.

        • Sorry ‘anon’ – the CURRENT state of what was the ‘democRAT’ party is flat out marxist. Period.
          So the reality is that the antifas and burn loot murder crews actually ARE their enforcement arm.

        • Saying that Antifa and BLM aren’t Democrats is like saying that Ernst Roehm and the Sturm Abteilung weren’t Nazis. They have shared goals and leading Democrats enthusiastically defend them.

        • Yeah and they share many of the same funding sources. Democrats are either the dumb ones that believe anything or in with the idea of a french revolution being executed by the street soldiers. The street soldiers are the marxist groups like blm or pantifa.

        • “They want to tax you at like 60-80%”

          Actually, I’d rather see a maximum tax rate of around 90%, like during Republican President Dwight Eisenhower’s term.

          • You are free, at any time, to submit a check for whatever amount in excess of what you are legally required to pay under current IRS codes that you feel is appropriate. The address for you to remit your personal 90% is shown below:

            Office of Tax and Revenue
            PO Box 96169
            Washington, DC 20090-6169

            You may remit by personal check or money order. Payment is also possible by credit card if prior arrangements are made with the IRS.

            • Payment is also possible by credit card if prior arrangements are made with the IRS.

              Don’t forget the 2 to 3% surcharge to cover bank charges…

        • Actually, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, Communism are mere pretexts to seize power for the ruling body. The suckers have bought the beautiful cereal box but don’t actually get what is inside the box. Even if an altruistic ruling body is in charge, in time they will likely get fed-up with the massive responsibility they have shouldered and begin killing people because it has become easier than fixing problems. The cereal box is in the trash and the suckers are left holding the empty bag and have to eat brown cake and die.

      • Whitmer said it… “You want to go back to work, go out to eat, go to church? Just vote for Creepy “Big Guy” Uncle Joe Biden and you can do all those things”…

      • the lead-in of this article is very misleading. Sure, recent history has been characterized by “mostly” peaceful transfers of power, but this has certainly not always been the case…

        The fact is, this country has a long history of competing factions warring with each other. Heck, it was founded in a similar manner. (I am not advocating violence, just pointing out the truth.)

        • in the latter 1800’s early 1900’s there was certainly violence over race, union labor, and religion. there had been times they even deployed machine guns to break union strikes. I think nowhere near as much violence over politics but America was no stranger to violence and fear.

          right now we don’t have as much person-on-person violence as there was for those other reasons 100-150 years ago, but the next few months has the potential to eclipse any of that by far.

          and the current thrust of the Marxist-Democrats almost guarantees that eventually. they proclaim their goal to hold America hostage with violence, destruction and discord, building up their twisted reasons for it by blaming their belligerence on everyone who isn’t with them.

          they aren’t asking for a compromise or even a discussion. the only deal they offer is capitulation (give them political power, turn the government socialist/marxist, and surrender your rights, and your way of life, and those of your children, and their children, and so on) or you get violence and destruction.

          literally. this is not an overstatement. that is what they are doing.

          there should be no compromise with terrorists.

        • The Democrats and their Antifa and BLM surrogates are returning the Democrat party to its traditions as a deeply racialist party and enthusiastic users of terrorist violence to suppress dissent against them.

          The Democrat party is the party of:
          * slavery
          * secession
          * Jim Crow
          * lynching
          * racial concentration camps

          Today’s Democrat party is just returning to its roots.

      • I hope not. If it happens my family and a bunch of brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, etc. will go to our farm for a few days. Heaven help the fool who shows up there, 5 crack shots, 8,000 AR 15 rounds and 5 rifles, 2000 308 rounds and 2 deer rifles chambered for 308, several thousand 243 rounds and 2 rifles chambered for that round, you get the picture. We have lots of deer and can hunt for food so we don’t really care. If I come back to my house and see someone there that doesn’t belong there, they are dead if they don’t get the hell out.

        • Deer?

          If you actually have that farm, you better secure the grain bins. You’ll need that to survive. There won’t be any deer in a year’s time, the woods will be stripped of game first, squirrels second, and the birds will be the last to go. Local lakes will be stripped of fish, and frogs will soon follow.

          I heard it first-hand from my grandfather in Franklin, Massachusetts. The Great Depression stripped the woods bare of game. Expect the same…

          • The Great Depression stripped the woods bare of game

            In the Great Depression people still knew HOW to hunt and fish… Today way more people believe that meat and veggies are grown in the back room of their local grocery store than know how to procure AND prepare an animal or a fish for eating… I think we will see a major reduction (30/40%) in population in the first 60 days of any scenario that disrupts food supplies…

        • Back in the ’90s, I bought cans of M193 and M2 Ball in anticipation of a shootout with the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Luckily for them, they stayed in their mother’s basements, apparently sharing jpegs with Hunter Biden.

          Fortunately if stored properly, ammunition keeps well and works every bit as well on communists as on Nazis.

          • To be fair the Nazis were socialists and most antifa would probably accept the socialist title. Either way commies and socialists are all far more totalitarian than I’m willing to accept.

    2. 24/7 Slander and Libel is all the demonic democRat Party has to offer. Their crap does not pay the bills or put money in the bank.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    3. Where’d dumpster-face Watts article go? No sh*t there will be violence, we know who it will be and we know how it will end, law-abiding citizens harangued for excercising their right to self defense.

      • The story shut down right after my comment…….
        “Hey look everyone, it’s LOLs mom (she must be so proud of her little basement dwelling leashed monkey/troll. You know, fighting the good fight while using soros/Bloomturd bucks, just like his mommie!)
        Almost didn’t recognize that horse-faced hag without a dong stuffed down her throat.
        Did you ever get your wallet back JWM?”
        Trump/Pence 2020

      • i wondered as well. when i hit reply i got a singularly unique screen about can’t find, but it was fairly ttagesque. so i tried to comment and just rec’d a blank white screen.
        wish i had read the article; when i saw that mug i went right to the comments where i flogged a dead mule about wanting to feed it a carrot/ sugar cube/ oat bag.

        • “…when i saw that mug i went right to the comments where i flogged a dead mule about wanting to feed it a carrot/ sugar cube/ oat bag.”

          Mine was similar, with an additional observation about Dirk Diggler and his ‘affection’ for her…

          *snicker* 😉

          Bring back Dirk!

        • Hahaha. That story must have crashed under the sheer weight of the bombs being dropped into the comment section.
          That story must have thought it was up on deck at Pearl Harbor.
          Hey, Pearl Harbor………. that’s Dirks nickname for LOLs moms mouth! 😂

          • Actually, when I looked at it 15/20 minutes ago there was only a handful of posts ALL disparaging to WATTSername but nothing out of the ordinary..

    4. @John Boch, you say Antifa are not Democrats because Antifa are Marxist?? Really? What planet have been living on. Democrats ARE Marxists. Hello?

    5. “Antifa” is literally a terrorist organization. I’ve been saying for years, they will become essentially AlQueda in America and most people laughed at me. Now here we are. They are ruling the cities.

      The good news is they are definitely cowards. Look at Kenosha. Once they come face to face with a credible threat of deadly force they flee, and they don’t come back. After Rittenhouse put down those three scum bags the antifa attacks stopped dead in their tracks.

      The war we’ve been expecting is pretty much here already, right now.

      • There will be blood. How much depends on how far ANTIFA push their “revolution” and how many executions of class enemies occur in their “liberated zones”.

        Some may want to go full Khmer Rouge.

        • Some may want to go full Khmer Rouge

          That is their play… I prefer the “take out the obvious instigators/leaders and the rest will crumble crawling back to mommies basement basking in the fading glow of what might have been as they trade stories of delusional grandeur with fellow losers…

          • You don’t take out the instigators and leave the rest.

            Marxism, especially its more violent strains, are aggressively expansionist. Survivors will regroup and come back at you.

            This goes sideways that bad, where they “go Khmer Rouge”, then the only option for the rest of us is extermination. Us or them, one group is getting wiped out eventually because that’s how this game goes and when you dance with the Devil, he picks the tune and you wait for the damned song to stop.

            This is why I’ve always disliked the boogbois. They’re idiots who have no idea what they’re asking for don’t actually have the stones for what they would get.

            You go down this road in a country this large and you’re talking tens of millions dead. The boogbois don’t have that kind of sack. If they did they’d be signed up with the Kurds to kill Hajis and get in on some war crimes.

            • Survivors will regroup and come back at you

              No, they won’t… Don’t know how much EXPERIENCE you have with this but in my dealings with groups like this the “brave” goes away when the brains and blood become a reality… There is a big difference between playing stupid games with little or no resistance and the realization that there might be FATAL consequences to their actions.. However, you can go scorched earth and answer to whomever you must, I’ll show some restraint and stop when the threat is removed.. If they do come back they will already be aware of my resolve AND I have a shit load of bullets in reserve…

          • So, let me get this straight, just to make sure I’ve got your argument down.

            You’re the one who brought up THEM starting literal killing-fields mass murder and, according to you, your next move is to pop a few and hope the rest, who now have literally nothing to lose, are just going to run away and wait for LE/mil to come and take them off the death row?

            That’s your thought process?

            • That’s your thought process?

              I never said anything about THEM.. that line of thought was started by Southern Cross who brought up the Khmer Rouge thing… I have personal knowledge of the killing fields, I WON’T go there and doubt seriously if ANYONE posting here has the stomach for such wholesale bloodshed.. Your tactics may look good on paper or in Call of Duty but in any circumstance other than all out war that shit won’t fly… You have totally misconstrued what I said OR you just don’t understand the English language…. It matters not, it’s a lot easier to sit around and talk about killing a shitload of people than it is to actually do it (something I have done.. Have you?)

          • *Yawn*

            First, you’re replying to a thread about them “going Khmer Rouge”… so that’s baked into the conversation.

            Secondly, you start this from the point of anyone who disagrees with you has zero experience and your experience leads you to infallibility… And then you move to insults. Nice, very erudite and adult of you.

            Oh, and yes, done seen some shit first hand. Unpleasant type things in unpleasant type places on other continents.

            However, having done that I’ve also studied how this actually works when it’s a civil war under certain circumstances. See, there’s this whole thing about a civil war in this country and at this point in time that’s entirely different than what we’ve mostly seen before. The closest widely known analogue is something akin to Syria (though some shit in Africa is probably better but significantly lesser known). This is because at least one side has been taught, via propaganda, that the other side doesn’t just have a disagreement with them but is, instead, essentially subhuman in a very specific way.

            The problem is that at least one side has internalized not hatred but disgust with the very existence of the other side. Hatred is tempered over time by hard realities. Weariness can cause hatred to fade to anger and angry people can, in fact, be reasoned with. Disgust doesn’t work that way. And in a conflict where one side is disgusted enough with the simple existence of the other side that the first side is willing to open up “the killing fields”, which is what this little sub-thread is about, that shit’s not going to stop until one side or the other “wins” which means that the other side is gone to the point of being undetectable. That’s what genocide like this is. A “cleansing” if you will, and you don’t stop cleaning while things are still dirty, do you? You don’t just kill the leaders of the roaches in your house, do you? No, you wipe them out.

            The propaganda I refer to has been increasingly common in the last 40 or so years and is like Hitler’s type of propaganda. It’s extremely dangerous because it activates something in people that doesn’t stop until one side or the other is wiped out. It’s what makes concentration camp guards, SS units and, yes, killing fields.

            And this is why I’ve said that there will be no “amicable divorce” (though I agree that would be preferable). You can’t have one with people who are disgusted by your mere existence. At best you’ll end up with a country that has a contiguous border with yours and is full of people plotting a war of extermination against you.

            The point here is that what people like you or I might want doesn’t matter. I judge from your comments that you’d prefer to be ethical but that doesn’t matter when *they* are not. When you go this far down the road discussed in this thread what you or I want doesn’t matter because the other side won’t stop until one side is basically eradicated.

            There is no other option and if you wait long enough they’ll bring that shit to your doorstep. Just like Burma, Cambodia, Algeria, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Japan in Indochina, China under Mao, Nazi Germany, the USSR, Uganda etc etc etc etc.

            If it goes that far, to actual killing fields then the choice you get is binary at that point. They die or you die because you will not reason with someone like Idi Amin. He will stop only when, for one reason or another, he can no longer carry on acting on his disgust. But the sad fact is that his followers are basically the same way.

        • if it comes to that, people in neighboring areas would have a compelling interest in putting down that problem before it comes to them.

    6. Don’t forget when you’re rushing out and getting ammunition to also be going to the grocery store and setting aside some shelf stable food.

      If we are all correct in what’s about to go down, getting your family food will be fairly risky business – if it’s even in stock.

    7. Fortunately, I’m in a small town that is very “red” in politics and action. People in the big city would call us a bunch of rednecks. There are enough guns just on the city block I live in to outfit a small army. Antifa best not show up here or we will hand them their @$$ and send them packing!

      • If I send anyone packing, it will have been due to a mistake on my part. If I have to address the question at all, I don’t expect anyone to be leaving.

      • be prepared and don’t underestimate them. if they go through all that they know what they’re getting themselves into. or at least they’ll learn quick. stay ahead of the curve.

        best way to keep them from learning is if they never hear from their buddies again.

    8. Fascism has taken root in America. Antifa are its foot soldiers. Modern brown shirts.

      Its propaganda and recruitment wing are folks in the university system like miner49er. They will rev up the low iq storm troops and send them out to murder and burn without doing their own dirty work. And then they will claim they are not guilty of anything because they didn’t actually riot.

      Trump will have to name antifa and their supporters as a terrorist .org and clean it out after his re-election.

      • Brown shirts. Sturmabteilung in German. Hitler’s thugs roaming the streets and literally pummeling anyone they perceived as not being loyal to the Nazi Party. The Brown Shirts evolved into a stronger force, but was eventually disbanded entirely as the National Socialists collapsed.

        Antifa. Terrorists in modern American English. Marxist thugs roaming the streets and literally pummeling anyone they perceive and not being loyal to their anti-capitalist and anti-freedom ideology. The current Starbux Hipster version is evolving into a stronger force complete with weapons, but will eventually collapse once enough of them are sent to the Hereafter as a result of people fighting back against their violence.

        • Sturmabteilung and Iron Front were the paramilitary organizations that were made by the NSDAP (nazi’s) and Social Democrat Party (SDP) to combat the paramilitary organization of the German Communist Party (KDP), which was ANTIFA

    9. My melee weapon of choice?

      What? It sounds fair to me!
      You want to burn down ‘Murica?
      Ok, but you go first!

      On a serious note, Trump didn’t start this, and Biden isn’t (insert personality quality) to stop it.
      If anything, it will simmer, and erupt in the future.

      On an even more serious note, I’m reminded of Walt Kowalski’s saying about stacking sandbags in Korea.

          • Flamethrowers were legal in CA last I checked.

            Pro tip. I see someone in a civil unrest situation walking around with a flamethrower I aim for the tanks. Just saying.

            • Flamethrowers are legal in every state in the union, except California. The ownership of flamethrowers is an issue that the federal government leaves up to the states. There are no federal laws that reference flamethrowers in any way.

              The XM42 from Ion Productions is every pyromaniac’s dream come true: a personal, portable flamethrower that’s (amazingly still) legal everywhere except California..

      • I can relate, but let’s realize that a flamethrower would set a whole new standard of “bad idea” if contemplated for home defense.

        • “…a flamethrower would set a whole new standard of “bad idea” if contemplated for home defense.”

          It’s for when the roving band of Antifa starts moving into your neighborhood, not when they’re in your house… 🙂

    10. Antifa and BLM can only operate in areas where they have the full cooperation of local government, local law enforcement, and local courts. This has been proven repeatedly when they’ve tried to “expand” and take it to small towns and suburbs, and it’s been proven repeatedly when they are protected by prosecutors and prosecutors have instead gone after victimized citizens who have defended themselves against the mob. Without full cooperation of local authorities, Antifa and BLM are literally dead in their tracks.

      • Your comment needs to be shouted far and wide because it is the basis for their current tactics. They are trying to provoke a response and put the respondent between them and the legal system. That only works if the legal system is complicit. If they don’t have a complicit legal system they would have to change to more direct tactics and they know that their chances are not good if they do that.

    11. Force of numbers can only me met with force of numbers. The only viable response will be massive numbers of armed opposition, and that opposition will need to be willing to take it all the way. If patriots responded this way, they’d only have to do it once. Maybe twice.

      • Antifas’ “strength” is their anonymity, yes? But anyone who puts on their Covid mask becomes anonymous, too. Add goggles for eye protection.

        Crowd of rampaging Antifas is confronted by crowd of masked & armed patriots in a locality where the sheriff has given personal defense a green light.

        What will be the outcome?

        • Herb Allen,

          … in a locality where the sheriff has given personal defense a green light.

          That is the key ingredient which will often be missing. Decide accordingly how to adapt without that missing key ingredient.

      • you know, when you treat the body with antibiotics, you have to take all the medication and keep taking it for a week, because you have to make sure you kill all the germs. any left over are resistant and the antibiotics no longer have an effect.

    12. I saw this coming years ago. Years. Whenever I brought it up to family, friends, and neighbors, only a few took me seriously. Now all of them are scrambling to protect themselves.

      I hate to say I told you so ….

      • Same here. I even brought some of them last year to the range to let them try different guns so they could make an educated decision to purchase their own (first) ones. All of them sat on their hands.

        As a result of 2020 going down the toilet, they’ve now all recently purchased their first and only guns, paying top dollar for whatever became available. Now they’re paying top dollar for just a few hundred rounds of ammo, whenever it becomes available.

        You can lead a horse to water, but…

        • Just took two more mew people to the range and shopping today. Like my wife’s brother, they selected a Hellcat. I wish they would have started sooner but at least they started. I also hope I gave them some political truths to think about. They want more range dates so I will keep educating them politically.

    13. “Po-litical violence isn’t supposed to happen in America”…1861-1865. 1930’s. 1960’s & 70’s. Geez Boch no mention of BlackLootersMurder. Fail. Anyone who doesn’t pay attention is in for a rude awakening!

      • Whiskey Rebellion, Shays Rebellion, the Bonus March, that time veterans of a world war took over a small southern town.

    14. “Know that Antifa mobs can do pretty much anything they want to you and you can’t stop them. They’ll destroy your vehicle or you residence and the police won’t come to protect you. Neither will the fire department.”

      This will happen only in Democrat-run cities and towns.

      Things will be very different in Conservative-run areas. The warning has already been made down here in central Florida by the county sheriff, Grady Judd :

      “I would tell them, if you value your life, they probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County. Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns. So, leave the community alone,”

      • (sigh) yet here in Los Angeles County, our Sheriff frowns on any private individual having a gun in the first place…

      • And how many cops are out there that are actually like him? Of those, how many also reside in areas where the police chief and district attorney feel the same? Let me put it this way, if your local cops chose to enforce the (illegal, immoral, unconstitutional) “lockdown” orders of last spring, as the vast majority of American law enforcement personnel did, they will stand with the Brownshirts. Guaranteed.

    15. If you’re not done with your Christmas shopping yet, you better get on it. You have just 11 days left before all the retail stores close due to rioting/looting. Well, that is unless the Dems manage to steal the election and Harris, oops, I mean Biden wins. Then you may get a few extra weeks of shopping in before the new lock downs take full effect.

    16. Political violence isn’t supposed to happen in America

      Unfortunately this is no longer THAT America… That America has been infiltrated by ideologies that are not compatible with the American way of life.. People who can’t stand to see other individuals walking around freely making their own choices daily about the direction of their own lives… Those people have spent decades/generations cultivating the youth, gaining power in ALL levels of government, the judicial system AND the education system while twisting the words of the one document that they truly hate to change the very fabric of American society.. We should have stood up when they used “separation of church and state” to get rid of school prayer.. THAT was not the intent of “Freedom of Religion” It simply prohibited the state from CREATING a national church and forcing the citizenry to become a part of it (Church of England)… That was the beginning of the downfall and they have been chipping away at the edges ever since… The Constitution was NOT designed to be “interpreted” It was written in the plain language of the day and the meanings of those words have NOT changed since it’s inception… We have come to the point where those who would see America destroyed have gained enough power to (in the words Barack aka “Beijing Barry” Obama) fundamentally change the country… They have corrupted our youth by erasing their history and replacing it with the narrative that everything, from the foundation of this Republic to the use of the phrase “sexual preference” (Webster’s dictionary changed the meaning of those words OVER NIGHT) is based on racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism or whatever other derogatory bullshit they can come up with to describe the American people (now it’s WHITE American people).. This can not stand, either we purge our government and our schools of this plague or we fall, the country that saved the world “twice” will not be able to save itself and the seemingly hollow (at the time) prediction of Nakita (“we will bury you”) Khrushchev will come to pass as this once unique and highly prosperous experiment will have proven to be just another failed society fading into the obscurity of the history of the world… I used to ask “A hundred years from now who’s going to give a fuck?” I have finally found the answer and it is NO one…


        I was thinking today, what would it sound like if Satan came to Earth and got control of a political party?

        he wouldn’t come right out and say “I’m Satan! vote for me!” no, not at all. he would trick people, tell them what they want to hear. and make it sound lovely.

        he would promise them prosperity, but in reality keep them poor, always chasing that promise.

        he would promise them freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom to live, but in reality keep them in chains, always chasing that promise.

        he would promise them love and acceptance from society at large, but in reality keep them degraded and sick, always chasing that promise.

        he would promise them peace and stability, while at the same time pandering to criminals on all levels and promoting corruption in the government.

        what would the politicians of his party be like? murderers, child molesters, druggies, Muslims, homosexuals, et cetera.

    17. “…Consider installing a dash cam system in your car. These help in accidents. In a deadly force encounter? This footage could prove priceless, especially with the audio inside the car for a jury to witness first-hand what the occupants experienced if you’re attacked in your vehicle….”

      Caution-This can also be used against you in court, it can cut both ways. Yes, I have front and rear cams so I’m a advocate, but you have to be in the right. Don’t scream and yell at the mob, don’t threaten, better to keep mike off IMO. You have to be in the right.

      • Agree. Don’t take the bait. Walk away from potential fights. Just because you’re armed doesn’t mean they aren’t. There’s no better example than the (most) recent 100% BLM assassination.

        • Be polite, de-escalate, disengage. Until YOU feel YOUR or someone in you groups life is TRULY in danger, then use deadly force to neutralize the deadly threat.
          Vehicle cams?
          Audio off, ALWAYS! An antigun DA will use WHATEVER words you say against you. People too stupid to get out of jury duty make up the majority of most juries. Most are not there to fulfill a Civil duty.
          Save video to a removable storage device, not the auto manufacturers systems/hard drives. These manufacturers will sometimes turn over YOUR video evidence just because a cop called and asked for it. NOT GOOD!
          Maintain control of ALL collected data until the discovery phase of a case (or a court order is served).
          Don’t bring your defense team up to bat for you with 2 strikes ALREADY against them. Information is power, treat it as such.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • when you don’t take the bait, what’s the next thing they do? they aren’t going to just stand there. pull you out of your car and beat the snot out of you, or even beat you half to death.

          sure, don’t take the bait. you know what’s going to happen next and none of this is your choice. keep the cameras rolling and audio has to be a good thing.

    18. While it is true that we have had “mostly peaceful” transitions of power for the last 160 years, I would point out that it was the election of a Republican that set off Democrat political violence the last time. The fact is that Antifa is largely under the control of the Soros/Harris wing of the Democrat party since they control the prosecutors that keep turning these people loose, it’s hard to run a riot from inside a jail cell. Yes, I expect lots more violence post election, no matter the outcome look for the big cities to burn.

    19. I’ve been contacted by over a dozen people in the last few weeks who know I own guns and stock ammo.
      All asking how to get a gun and a small stockpile of ammo this close to the election.
      Gave them the addresses of a few gun retailers in the D/FW area and told them to google “Ammoseek” for ammo retailers, availability, prices.
      One sibling in NJ (anti-gun) called and “shot the shit” for over half an hour before coming to the crux of her call, realizes she needs a gun because the LEO are NOT coming in time (or at all) during an emergency.
      Didn’t tell her, but my BIL (her husband) has a few firearms and ammo in their home.
      Knock knock, reality is at the door, WAKE UP!
      Trump/Pence 2020

      • Wow, really relevant story, Cames. Please go back to bed….your punk ass is bothering the other resident.

        Trump/Pence 2020

        • Awww, I have a troll now.
          Dance little basement dweller. I command you!
          If your good mommie will make you some mac n cheese.
          Trump/Pence 2020

          • Wow such a delusional little troll.
            Provides zero content to ANY TTAG stories, under several retarded username no less, but he’s the one being trolled.
            Beyond clueless little loser!
            Trump/Pence 2020

    20. We may see real violence as soon as this coming Monday when the full Senate votes on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Monday also marks Hillary Clinton’s birthday!)

      Should edit that to read…. We “WILL” see real violence… Plans are made, logistics are in place…

      • HERE comes your Birthday present Hildabeast… Hope you and Chucky CHOKE on it…

        The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday unanimously advanced the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett at its executive business meeting despite a decision by Democrats to boycott the Thursday markup in protest of how close Republicans are moving the nomination to Election Day.

        Barrett was reported favorably out of the Judiciary Committee by 12-0, with no Democrats present.

      • could be an indicator of things to come. wait and see how it goes.

        if they really want to act up on Nov. 3, they would be chomping at the bit to use that as an excuse and a precedent… light the fuse.

        • Have you seen piles of bricks and paving stones suddenly appearing on street corners?

          I have some new pavers out back for a walkway I’m building to my shop, not much call for bricks in Florida.. Will not see “weaponized” construction materials in my area, protesters have been put on notice, taken our advice to heart and moved on like the cowardly little sheep they are.. So, short answer, no, no piles of bricks or pavers on street corners probably within 100 miles of here (at least)..

    21. Bless their hearts, commies behind plastic barrels. Come to my neighborhood and we can do ballistic tests. You can be the meat targets.

    22. If this comes to pass the Police should look the other way and let the People take out the trash!!
      Clean up a couple of cities and the problem will go away. When they find out they have no support.

      • Nam – unfortunately it will likely take more than a ‘few’ cities for the lesson to be learned, unless that lesson is very harsh/emphatic. Case in point, there are at last count 140+ cities that have had mob violence occur in them. My speculation is that it will require double digit numbers of the riots put down before the rest of the punks go back to mommy’s basement.
        BTW – still waiting for marie harf to list a single city that has had riots that is run by a republican.

        • still waiting for marie harf to list a single city that has had riots that is run by a republican.

          I’m still waiting for her to apologize for covering for Clappers lies and the bullshit story about Benghazi, in fact, still waiting for her to tell the truth about anything…

    23. A little lesson from my dear departed Old Man. Living through the Depression there was a saying Butter and Bullets. Those were the two things everyone needed. The butter referred to food in general and bullets had a two fold meaning. 1) You needed bullets in order to obtain food,Hunting. 2) You needed bullets to protect what food you had from those who would steal it. Nothing much has changed in the last 90 years. Food it still a top priority as well as security. The big difference really is in the procurement of food. Many people during the Depression raised much of their food and willingly shared what they could. I remember my father talking about how the men in the community would go on hunts to help provide additional food for the entire community. These days that kind of behavior is pretty much non existent. Now everyone goes to the grocery store for their food and we’ve seen in recent times when food and other supplies have been in short supply due to the Chinese Flu. Much of the food delivery system is still in perilous condition. Now throw wholesale violence into the mix especially in the major cities and imagine the resulting chaos. The whole point of this post is this. If you aren’t prepared for shortages even bigger than those created by the Chinese Flu Pandemic. You damn well better be stocking up hard and fast. I see No good coming on November 4th regardless of who wins. President Reagan said: We are but one generation away from the extinction of Freedom. This may well be that generation or at the very least the greatest test of Our nations resolve since the Civil War. I hope all who read this take heed and prepare. The cost of not being prepared could well be higher than anyone wants to pay. If nothing comes of this and all ends well. Nothing you’ve stocked or stored will go to waste as it can be used as necessary. Just know that the hardest thing to face is the regret of not being prepared and suffering because of it. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    24. Thankfully (also intentionally) I live in a place where this shit just isn’t going to happen. One time, one ANTIFA group threatened to show up at a local business. 20 heavily armed local community members did, they didn’t, everyone said their goodbyes and thank yous and went home. Not a peep since. No BLM bullshit either, even though we have a large black population and it’s almost 50-50 Lefties and Righties amongst everyone else. Our Democrats are the Blue Dogs, who I hope have discovered that their party doesn’t give two shits about them. Pretty much every Hispanic person I know is hardcore on the Trump Train. It just wouldn’t be a good idea to show up and cause problems… Not for the filthy Commies anyway. But you never know! Si vis pacem, parabellum.

      • “The neutered police won’t save you. On the other hand, those same cops will arrest you if you use deadly force to resist a frenzied attack.”

        So this touches on something I’ve been hesitant to say but which every person who finds this whole thing concerning had better spend a moment thinking about. In such a situation, at what point do you realize that you’re fucked and just take as many with you as you can?.

        I’m not referring to Antifa. I mean TPTB. Politicians. Bureaucrats. Their enforcers. At a certain point they have all declared themselves to be enemies of both YOU and of the Republic. It would be wise to reflect on what that point is for you personally, which is to say, at what point do you simply raise the black flag and slit the throats of everyone who presents a threat to you, yours and your country regardless of who they are or how they identify themselves?

        Sorta heavy, but I suggest you “get right with the Lord” before you, God forbid, have to decide on the fly. Know in advance where your personal line in the sand is so that there’s no question what happens when someone crosses that line.

        Sorry to say it but if Antifa can attack you without consequence and the cops will come after you for defending yourself then the only difference between them is the color of the uniform they wear. At that point both are your enemies and you better have that sorted out in your head before shit goes down.

        • My eyebrow is curiously raised at your inclusion of the incongruent terms “f**cked” and “get right with the Lord” in the same comment.

          • “Get right with the Lord” is a colloquialism.

            As such there’s no incongruency in using it in conjunction with proper French.

          • Where in the bible does it say ‘fucked’ is a bad word? Bear in mind I don’t own a bible so just rattling off a couple of numbers does me no good.

            Serious question. I was always, again I’m no expert, that taking the lords name in vain was the extant of cussing covered in the bible.

          • jwm,

            Good question. Here are a couple Bible versus of interest:

            Ephesians 4:29
            Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

            Colossians 3:8
            But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.

            On a more general vein, people of faith regard sex in marriage as a wonderful and sacred gift from God whereas the term f*** suggests sex is casual and anything but sacred.

          • Colossians is an interesting one since the very next line could be taken to suggest that “filthy language” is referring to knowingly speaking untruths, that is, lying.

            It’s also interesting to scan down the page to 3:22 where it says “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.” which is interesting considering the current circumstances. Odd juxtaposition between that Heavenly command and the concept of being free, eh?

            I mean, if one were to take 3:22 in a literal and serious manner, the ATF/whatever government agency can do no wrong and you are bound to obey your masters at all times “with sincerity of heart”.

          • Strych9,

            That verse for slaves to obey their Earthly masters refers to debtors who were “enslaved” to pay off their monetary debt. That verse is basically telling those debtors to not sandbag.

            That verse is not referring to government. There is a separate verse instructing people to submit to governing authorities — and other Bible verses make it clear that God only expects us to submit to governing authorities as long as the demands of those governing authorities are righteous and do not conflict with other commands from God.

          • “That verse for slaves to obey their Earthly masters refers to debtors who were “enslaved” to pay off their monetary debt. That verse is basically telling those debtors to not sandbag.”

            I would question this since Jesus Himself, historically speaking, got nailed to a piece of wood for saying the opposite. Christ’s killing was about money and politics, not religion. Christianity wasn’t just “revolutionary” in a spiritual sense, it was quite the revolutionary movement socially and politically.

            Matthew 22:21 is pretty explicit about this if you follow the actual logic of Christianity out of Judaism. The only debts you can really owe are to God and “the law” in Judea at the time had for decades been Roman, making it, particularly in the eyes of an iconoclast like Christ, both pagan and sinful.

            If you look back at the history that coincides with the Bible Matthew 22:21caused quite a stir, particularly among the high-ranking and rich Jews in the area. It was not lost on them that they were, in Christian eyes, identical to Caesar; naught but ashes and dust. Therefore they could never own anything, the only real owner was God. And if one cannot own anything one cannot be owed anything, which is the point of Matthew 22:21’s comment on taxation (and also a source for a lot of dislike towards the Jews later on because they could engage in “usury” for profit where Christians couldn’t loan money at interest). This differs from the Jewish tradition on the subject(s) and it’s a big part of what makes the historical Christ a radical in the eyes of so many people at the time. Christianity is the first large religion in the area to essentially say “ALL things belong to God at ALL times. At best he lets you use them out of His love for you.” That is radically different from the Jewish view on temporal objects like money and property.

            Read against the Jewish revolts, which are obviously motivated in large part by anti-tax sentiments and juxtaposed against the “persecution” (in quotes because some of the more radical Christians intentionally brought this on themselves and even spurned Roman legal attempts to let them off the hook because they believed it would bring about the Rapture) of Christians by the Romans from the time of Christ until the fall of the Western Empire it makes very little sense to suggest that this is about debt bondage which was a huge issue for both Abrahamic religions at this point and a bone of contention that had gotten a lot of them killed by TPTW.

            It’s especially hard to believe considering that within the Empire, as Christianity is expanding rapidly from the 100’s and into the 200’s, the two really large constituencies of Christians were, in order of size, were slaves and soldiers. Followed by middle and upper-middle class housewives interestingly enough.

          • These days sometimes I feel like Aaron from Titus Andronicus and part of me suspects that this is, somewhat surprisingly, not a bad thing.

            “…Oft have I digg’d up dead men from their graves,
            And set them upright at their dear friends’ doors,
            Even when their sorrows almost were forgot;
            And on their skins, as on the bark of trees,
            Have with my knife carved in Roman letters,
            ‘Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead.’
            Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful things
            As willingly as one would kill a fly,
            And nothing grieves me heartily indeed
            But that I cannot do ten thousand more.”

        • I’m not going to be murdered by a mob. At least not without a fight.

          Any cops that think they have to arrest or kill those that fought to survive against a mob just became a part of that mob. They are just as guilty as the terrorist that attempted to kill you in the first place. As are the pols unleashing them on innocent Americans.

          • “Believe me, I’ve been thinking about it. I’m not going into any more detail than that.”

            My friends and I have done the same.

            But getting to that point will take egregious acts, and it won’t be a sudden surprise to anyone…

          • Nobody cares about what you and your boyfriend plan to do when TSHTF, you insufferable boomer.

            Trump/Pence 2020

          • Oh, I guess that kinda like your mom.
            Not caring how big or what species dongs she deep throats.
            I can see the family resemblance.
            The acorn doesn’t fall far from the whore lil chewie.
            Trump/Pence 2020

        • Totally agree, and I’ve been beating that same drum for months. But the left doesn’t hold a monopoly on cognitive dissonance and our side can be just as mind numbingly stupid. Between the police responses to the (illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional) COVID “shutdowns” and then the riots over the summer, it has become ABUNDANTLY clear that the police serve the state, and when told to choose between serving their paymasters in government and the people they’re sworn to protect, 95% will side with the state at the expense of the people.

          Ironically, given the hatred the two groups have for each other, Antifa/BLM can ONLY operate with the support and protection of the police, a service they seem quite happy to provide

    25. There’s a big difference between “fearing violence will occur” and expecting it to occur. Fear comes with lack of preparation.

    26. Trump is a symptom of our problems, not the cause. The corruption in both parties predates him. He was elected to stop it, and he was slowly succeeding, which is why the left needed to unleash the virus and domestic terror groups.

    27. I have found a few credible sources (including one source first hand) which sees the very same tactics occurring in our nation which other entities have employed in other nations in recent history to destabilize and/or tear-down the existing governance.

      I strongly encourage everyone to deeply ponder that and plan accordingly.

      • yep saw that too. it is credible. there are foreign powers behind all this. a whole list of other countries went through the same exact thing, some still going on as we speak.

      • On one hand I wonder if he’ll commit suicide when the law gets close. On the other hand narcissists love themselves too much to kill themselves.

        • On one hand I wonder if he’ll commit suicide when the law gets close..

          I was just considering possible outcomes this evening and I came up with three possibilities… (1) Hunter caves and throws everyone else under the bus.. (B) Hunter panics and ODs… (3) Hunter is “assisted” in an Arkancide type scenario….

    28. Antifa isn’t solely Marxists. Some chapters identify as Maoists and call the Marxists posers.

      A lot of the Antifa sites have gone dark, they have migrated to the dark web and other networking apps. Makes it harder to follow them. Good opsec on their part .

      When you can find them, read their posts. You will have a better understanding of the enemy. Some of them are brothers in arms who have gone to the other side and they are they are the better organizers and better teachers for the antifa. Watch how antifa has changed their tactics over time, they have studied influencers who are guiding them.

        • Vahn – agreed – they ‘might’ have been brothers/sisters in arms once but they have abrogated their duties and responsibilities that they swore an OATH to. As such they are even worse than the ones that grew up as commies/marxists/maoists or whatever label applies to them

        • Maybe I should clarify.

          They were brothers in arms.

          Think back to the Civil War as well. West Point classmates fought each other in the field. Brothers fought each other. Neighbors fought each other.

          After the war, some kept the animosity and often in was fatal. Some reconciled, and 50 years later the celebrated the end of the war in thier respective Blue or Gray uniforms as brothers again.

          However, I do not think reconciliation would be possible if they were to lose the war they seem to want. They have a hatred that goes to the core of their being, they will never accept thier loss or ever attempt to be civil. They may want to claim coexistence, but we know when someone wants you subjugated or dead, coexistence is not possible.

      • Black Bloc is a better term for the whole thing. Antifa is just the biggest and most dangrous component in a chunky, toxic stew of leftist insurgents. They have members with legit training in military, psyops, and insurgency tactics planning things and teaching each other.

        The entire USA needs to start taking the black bloc/antifa thing seriously, because they literally are a trained terrorist movement. They’d love it if we all kept thinking of them as impotent soibois or “not an organization, just an idea.”

      • One of the better “ANTIFA in a nutshell” presentations I’ve seen.

        The right needs to take these people seriously. They’ve clearly stated their intentions. The sooner we deal with this, the greater chance it doesn’t end in blood and fire.

    29. The author said “Some have said Antifa’s thugs are the militant arm of the Democrat party. Not true. These people aren’t Democrats. They’re Marxists. ” and damaged his credibility. The Democrat party may not have been full on marxist when JFK was in office, but their platform today is just about in alignment with Marx. The thing that sucks, is that your average college student today has virtually no idea who said what and who did what and has virtually no critical thinking skills. This is evidenced when they find out that Biden is the one who actually said all those racist things, but then continues to state that they will vote for him anyway, because Orange man bad. When pressed to quote Trump on any particular thing he said that was racist, they just go blank.

      • These people aren’t Democrats. They’re Marxists.

        Somehow I’m missing the distinction.. AOC (Democrat/Marxist avowed member of Democratic Socialsts of America) is the mouthpiece for the extreme left.. The founders of BLM (an avowed Marxist organization) is backing Biden (reluctantly)… The Biden/Sanders manifesto is a textbook narrative of Marxist ideologies.. PLEASE.. expound on the DIFFERENCES between the current Democrat Party and Marxism inquiring minds want to know

    30. the poll sounds about right, but anything from The Independent should be suspect. they are virulently anti-Trump. almost to the point of having TDS.

      • The polls for Biden are basically where they were for Hildabeast. There was a time when polls actually meant something in regards to predicting an election. Now they have devolved into nothing more than talking points for Pundits and Fake news. Anyone else notice that no one on either side of the Fake News Media is making that comparison. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their agenda or allow for adversarial controversy. Which is 90% of cable media programming. Pitting one side against the other. Without this business model nearly every Talking Head “Expert” in Washington D.C. would have to get a real job.

    31. If in an antifa mob and attacked shoot early, shoot often. A lot of people are about to compare the outcomes of being judged by 12 verses carried by 6.

      • and get the hell out of there. as noted above they have weapons carriers, and I saw one picture that, in that instance, they had overwatch. they were at an interstate off ramp and someone off to the side, up the hill, had a scoped rifle pointed behind the guard rail.

    32. Unless you accept death as a result, you will NEVER be able to adequately protect yourself and your loved ones….


    33. STOP Letting fools scare you………..

      Stop letting Stupid media & Peeps tell u how to think & feel when they spend all of their life in safe spaces…behind walls with armed guards….

    34. Bring it!!!!!! But, to be sure… Im bringing 100-200 million of u with me…so come on step right here in front & we will ALL GO TOGETHER!!!!!!!

    35. I read an article from a conservative trans that infiltrated Antifa. They are truly provocateurs. Their goal is to harass with apparent minimal force and then record an overreaction. The example given was repeatedly shoving a cop and then posting a video of the cop punching a “protestor.” They’ll usually arm themselves with common items that can be utilized as weapons (bike locks and skateboards), hit their target (police line, burn government building, etc), and then scatter in all directions. They also have access to guns, but they aren’t carried much because that doesn’t fit the innocent image they’re trying to project. The best thing you can do it not engage them. If you must, then leave your ego at home, laugh in their face, and turn the other cheek. Even better is to capture them being the aggressive harasser of an innocent, law-abiding citizen and getting no reflected aggression.
      I expect then to riot either way the election comes out. Either it’s rage against Trump, or it’s a celebration of the inmates getting to run the asylum. The practical effect will be indistinguishable.

      • I don’t get this provocation crap. if someone shoves/punches/kicks you, you have the right to fight back. if you are confronted with a mob of threatening people, and you think some of them might have weapons, you have the right to draw. even if none of them have weapons you still have the right to use deadly force to protect yourself from assault by a mob.

        they pick a fight, you fight back. legally, I don’t see what the problem is. tactically, may or may not be a good idea.

        • What they are doing is provoking a reaction. They selectivity edit the video they make to make that reaction seem either unprovoked by them or over the top.

      • I have also read that article, it had some interesting points.

        But I agree, they are looking for video incidents they can exploit in their favor.

        The advice to not react to them maybe a good strategy.

        Even if they happen to snatch and yank my MAGA hat off me… which also happens to be my favorite fishing hat. You know… the one I keep plenty of extra fishing hooks stuck in… for when I go “fishing”.

        I would really hate to lose that hat… but I won’t attempt to get it back. Besides, all that screaming surely won’t be good for my nerves. So, I’ll probably just call it a loss and walk away… and not be confrontational.

        Its a good thing that I also keep several “back-up” MAGA fishing hats in my vehicle then.

    36. 80-90% of republicans are armed to the teeth! Antifa/blm will be a death sentence if they start any trouble in most states! The 🖕🐀💩 dem cities and states will look like a war zone that lost the war! The buck fiden family cartel will go down in flames! Got Gitmo Joe? Stocking up on Ukraine and China post cards to send them in jail! Sad part is they are the tip of the manure pile! How many other politicians have sold us out using the foreign aid policies to get money through their families? Quite a few I bet! Time to excavate the swamp!!!%

    37. Amazing comments, one could not have a more clear view into the childhood fears and prejudices that motivate many Americans.

    38. I expect riots regardless of who wins. These will be in the usual suspect places. Glad I don’t live in any of those places. Where I live, we have the usual city, county and small town policing dynamics. We are in a small town, buffered by the county from the city. This county and all the others surrounding it have declared themselves as 2A sanctuary areas. The prosecutor and judges are known for zero tolerance on drug dealers, perverts and pedophiles, and violent criminals. No problems there. The small town police force here really is pretty good and after an incident a few years ago with a mental patient and an AK the cops now have AR’s in the vehicles. Many are recent military. The $64 question is the Democrat-controlled smallish city and how the police would be told to respond if there were riots. There are a LOT of gun stores in the city, and a lot of retired military and LEO live here, especially in the smaller towns. Since the violence began in the spring, we have kept clear of downtown and other areas where trouble might be found. I now carry pretty much every where. We keep plenty of food and protection at home. But I am still concerned for other areas of the country that are not as demographically fortunate.

    39. I agree, No matter who wins, November 4th will be a mess. I just wish voters would educate themselves, Every time a dem opens their mouth, they are lying. The SCOTUS nomination and hearings of Judge Amy Barrett is a great example. This is a perfect choice for the court. She follows the law and the constitution, what could be wrong with that. For the dems it’s not about a better America, it’s about controlling the populous. Why do they want control of your health care. it’s about controlling you. Biden was there for the last 47 years, think about that, 47 years and he did nothing but line his pockets. Democrats are the new communists. I wish someone could prove this wrong, not a chance because facts matter.

    40. If Trump wins, the left will riot. If Biden wins, the left will come for us, but they’ll probably send in the Crushers to do their dirty work. If the cops can’t or won’t do it, they’ll send the military. Either way, we’ll need to defend ourselves.

    41. I’m not a big fan of .223, and most of my ARs are 7.62×39.

      I do have a bunch of mags full of M855, and am very happy to report that I just scored a case of brass cased 55gr pointed soft point.
      Did I mention the 20″ barrel?

      Bye bye bicep!

      • Opps, I forgot.
        Joe says to shoot for the leg.

        Would anyone care to second this motion?

      • 2nd that. I built one after my Saiga kept giving me fits. 7.62 on the AR platform is where it’s at.

        • I heard that no 7.62×39 AR mags are reliable, and the bolts have a habit of breaking

          You’ve apparently been given some bad information by someone using CHEAP shit… I have two ARs in 7.62×39 and I’ve run 1000 rounds plus through each of them and they’ve performed flawlessly… Buy GOOD stuff get GOOD results…

    42. ANTIFA is not Fascist, using Fascist tactics, it is Communist, using Marxist tactics. The so-called Fascists rose as a legitimate response to Communism, after Conservative groups proved unwilling, impotent, or just too (((cucked))) to provide the necessary level of response.

      • There is no, repeat, no difference in a communist and a fascist. They are brothers under the skin. They seek control and are willing to murder for it.

    43. Black Aces Tactical Magazine Fed Semi-Automatic Bullpup 12ga. Is back in stock today at dealers but they will be gone by the weekend. 28″ long 18.5″ barrel stick and 20rd drum magazines. #4 buckshot or Rubber Buckshot. The rate of fire is impressive. Makes up for your lack of number of shooters v rioters and for spray and pray shooter it fills the bill. You have about ten days to shore up your stuff so get after it now. AMMOSEEK.COM has sources for ammo in stock. 00 Buck Rio about buck a round.

      • most people don’t pay attention to this, but a shotgun will only last 2 or 3 weeks of hard use before breaking so bad it needs a gunsmith to fix, if not thrown away and need a new one. good for occasional use, not good to rely on for extended use in trying times.

        you don’t want to be left with a broken shotgun and a pile of shells when you could have bought an AR or AK instead.

      • Personally, I use a range to threat rule: I have my AR scoped for out to (in my area) around 200-300 yards max distance before line of sight is blocked – usually less than that even. When the 13 magazines are empty by around 50 yards Black Bess is transitioned for my shotgun and it’s time to get “plumb, mad-dog mean.”
        No doubt a few will make it past the hail of 7, 3″ rounds of #00 Buck, and since they will be propelled by the rapturous joy of Marxism I can then use my Glock 19 at 30 yards in. As a last ditch measure, to curb the zeal of the last Antifa rodents I can New York reload with a handy .380 Ruger pocket rocket for the last couple of stumbling goofs. If there is still one left I have various sharp implement as well as at least two longarms that will do double duty as clubs.

        After that I’ll light a cigar and go back inside to finish watching “Outlaw Josey Wales”.

        • Sounds like a reasonable plan but since they are all semi-autos you might want to have a (bolt action) Ruger Gunsite Scout in your preferred caliber as a backup. Just applying Murphy’s Law!

          • Yeah, I’d love a Scout but I’m broke after buying all that toilet paper for the Wupocalypse. I have a few pocketfuls of slug for the 870 to extend the range some, and being a pump it ought to hold up long enough to bring em in to pistol range. I’m tempted to get a flamethrower for the stragglers but I figure a lot of them will drop their molotovs in the dying process and add to the confusion as well as enhance target acquisition with the firelight.

            The house is two-story, and being too broken and getting too old for rucking and rollicking the second floor with abundant visibility will have to be the hill I die on in the pestilential Blue City I live near. I’ll go all Rorke’s Drift on the commies for as long as I can or they get the hell off my lawn.

            In any case I’m getting sick and tired of people worrying about if they are Marxist or Socialist or just stupid doom-lemmings LARPing their way through RiotsRUs. If they are a direct threat while they do their direct action-ing then they will be shot regardless of ideology. That’s all the thought that needs to go into it other than the legal parameters of being able to shoot them – it’s a one-size fits all thing.

            Tactically, if anyone thinks going to a riot is a good idea then vaya con dios, my friend – can you give me your keys before since you probably won’t be needing them anymore? Distance is out friend in such matters and I have no reason at all to voluntarily get close enough to any of those commies to go mano a whatever they identify as. But if they come to my neighborhood then I have been ready for years for that sort of nonsense and am more than willing, trained, and able to do what I need to to protect my home and family. We have our plan, the kids are grown and gone, and the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve taken to heart the things said by wiser men than myself about how when you have nothing left to lose you are actually free again. All manly humor at deer camp aside, let them come so I can do my part so hopefully my kids or grandkids won’t have to.

            • I am not about to attend any “peaceful protests” no matter where they are and I hope that no one else does without overwhelming numbers, the proper weapons, the willingness to use them, and the skills of a ninja. It is a recipe for disaster to jump into a crowd of confusion and assume that you are smart enough to sort it out. Be prepared for when Trump wins. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I prefer to have my back against the wall of my own home and know that any threat coming towards me is a legitimate danger.

    44. The violence and destruction in our cities and towns is being funded and supported by the democrat party and its big donors! The cops are reluctant to stop these terrorists so the people will be on their own! Are rioting, looting, arson still a crime?

      • You might want to look up your state’s laws on lethal force to protect property.

        In my state the only exemptions to not being able to use lethal force to protect property are: “When the person reasonably believes it necessary to prevent the commission of arson or a felony by force and violence by the trespasser.”

        So I think BLM/antifa goons brandishing molotovs and/or threatening me with bodily harm fits the bill. Lord knows there is plenty of precedent lately on the evening news and these goofs don’t seem to worry about broadcasting intent.

        An interesting aside – I Googled the statute to get the language right and what came back as the the first highlighted entry was some bit from the local news channel saying that there is NO legal right to use lethal force to protect property. Man, I pity the average person who would probably see that, look no further, and just let their home burn down or be swarmed and beaten half to death on their porch because they didn’t do ten seconds of effort to look up the law from actual statues in stead of whatever some talking suit collaborator claims it to be.

        Remember kids – in such life and death matters GOOGLE is not your friend. Use your head.

    45. What no one has seemed to consider here is that Antifa has an Achilles heel, aside from being mindless goons. In a riot-protest scenario, they largely are dependent on their fellow person’s garb to distinguish who is with them vs. against them. See the problem? IF an opposition group infiltrated the riot disguised as Antifa and had a method to covertly distinguish themselves, they could use Antifa’s own anonymity advantage against them. If the opposition group has actual intelligence, then they would know exactly who needs to be dealt with in the crowd.

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