Jonny writes: “This is my summer carry. Yhe only thing that changes is the gun when I am at work. The lanyard keeps the key out of my front pocket. The wallet was too thick so I recently changed it to something more minimal. The pen is a must when I am adulting. The knife works wonders at getting into boxes and other stuff. The gun is nice and slim for when you want to wear less without being less protected. The holster does a great job at concealing appendix carry. I have given hugs and walked around all day with family members with out them knowing I had it with me the whole time.”


    • Your lack of patience concerning the vocabulary of younger generations does you no credit and puts you at no advantage.

      • I have to agree with Ray. I am confused by this vocabulary. I carried a pen around long before I was old enough to carry a gun.

    • I started paying more attention at this point. Hoping for the next paragraph to start with something like “I never thought anything like this would happen to me, but …..”

    • I was hoping for an explanation of exactly why you need a pen for adulting. I can understand handcuffs, a camera, blindfold, lubricants, etc, but can’t picture a pen in there.


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