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Reader William Joyner writes:

Having just awakened from a restful slumber here in the beautiful San Antonio suburbs, I made my breakfast and sat down to see what the news had to tell me about the impending Greek economic implosion. Instead, CNN greeted me with the teaser line of “47 people shot by guns in Chicago this Holiday weekend! More after the break!” Was this the terror attack DHS had been warning us all about? Lone wolf actors from ISIS come to spread fear in our great land? Nope . . .

Just a holiday weekend in Chiraq. Thirty-three separate shootings wounding 40 people and killing 7…among them 7-year-old Amari Brown, son of an apparently-notorious local gang member. Chicago PD Superintendent Garry McCarthy was quoted by CNN as saying that the system failed Amari, who caught the bullet presumed to be intended for his father, and that his father should never have been on the streets.

The Superintendent went on to say that 30% more officers on the streets this year had recovered an average of one illegal firearm per hour, from all across the city, since the crime wave shooting sprees holiday began. Superintendent Garry McCarthy and CNN both went on to discuss, at some length, the problem posed by illegally possessed firearms in the Windy City, shootings, and the fact that some of them took place in the presence of police officers, before pointing out that this Independence Day was actually less violent than last year, by almost 40%.

Perhaps, Mr. Superintendent, you should ask yourself if the increase in police presence is the only reason you had less shootings this year. Could the fact that more Illinoians (Illini?) and more Chicagoans are choosing to exercise that natural, civil, and Constitutional right to armed self-defense have anything to do with the decrease? Could that have made the criminal element a bit more apprehensive about opening fire just to steal some shoes?

Perhaps you should also ask yourself if it’s the city you serve. Or it’s policies regarding guns. Maybe as the Superintendent of one of the larger metropolitan police departments, you might be able to have a quiet word with the Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Maybe he could pull some strings with his lame duck buddy to get the ATF and FBI to focus less on holding up the paperwork for my new suppressor, and more on arresting actual criminals.

Or perhaps talk to the city attorney about why a notorious gang member with 45 prior arrests under his belt wasn’t sitting in Joliet moldering away for the rest of his life rather than out on the streets drawing poorly-aimed fire and costing the life of his innocent son.

If you need help, I’ll be here in Texas, making sure that my fellow citizens are armed and trained to take care of these problems themselves instead of waiting for the next stray round to come their way.

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  1. “more restrictive gun laws”? How good they get worse in Chicago? And the child mentioned was the son of a gang member. It is sad that the child is dead. However, why not arrest and put away the gang bangers? That would reduce crime.

  2. A small price to pay so that thumb sucking liberals can FEEL safe in Chicago.

    • The liberals of Chicago are safe. They all live in the nice neighborhoods, with lower crime rates, which is probably where CPD placed most of that 30% increase in police presence.

      • Considering that 95% of inner city black voters vote Democrat I think they qualify as ‘liberal’ even if they’re not the thumb sucking variety. It’s obviously more important for them to ‘feel safe’ than to actually ‘be’ safe. As BO once said, ‘elections have consequences’. In this case the consequences are dead children in the streets.

  3. LOL.

    “Too many guns coming in – too little punishment going out.”

    It was the guns! The guns did it! Not the gangbangers! Don’t get rid of gangbangers! Get rid of the guns!

    • Even in Libertopia there is the occasional innocent victim of a drive-by verbal triggering, but if you tweet about it they give you candy, so not all bad.

  4. If you like your disarmed gun “safety,” you can keep your disarmed gun “safety.”

    If you need me to tell you where you can keep it. . .

  5. The amazing thing is that the murder rate in Chiraq has gone down. In 1992, Chiraq hosted 943 murders. In 2014, there were “only” 432. Chiraq’s police statisticians may be cooking the books like Bernie Madoff’s accountants, but still, murders are down. Which shows what a sh1th0le Chiraq has been.

    And who is getting killed? 3% white, 26% Hispanic, 70% black. Given what happened this weekend, it seems like the Black P Stones, Crips and Bloods are trying to up their percentage. I wish them success.

    • Didn’t somebody recently discover proof that CPD was faking its crime stats to look better?
      I remember reading something like that.

    • The NRA didn’t kill these people. The gun manufacturers didn’t kill them. Gun owners didn’t kill them.

      They can talk about stemming the tide of illegal guns or more gun control, but at the end of the day, these wouldn’t affect the outcome. Similar to drugs, the demand is there for a reason.

      The heart of the issue is that the political machines that run the East/West Coasts and Chicago cannot afford to let the middle class and poor succeed or they lose their base of power. They continue to push failed policies, chase business away and foster the environments that maintain a status quo of inequality, crime and hate. They need these conditions to maintain political power. Without this divisiveness and anger, they lose relevancy.

      People with jobs don’t have time or reason to do drive bys.

    • That would be the vice lords, black gangster disciples and El rukn for those of us not stuck in the 60’s and 70’s.
      ………..just sayin.

  6. If illegal firearms are being collected this must mean there is a sustained black market which gun control law does not stop.

  7. Even though we were all working and minding our families I have it on good authority that we were all responsible for this. Something about how living an honest life is a “trigger,” or something…

      • Maryland has double the per capita murder ate of Virginia and the gun gabbers in Maryland say the same thing. But you are in fact more lily per capita to per capita for a murder FROM Maryland to murder you in Virginia than to e murdered in Maryland with a gun from Virginia.

        Indeed I DC we had more murders committed by people form Maryland than we had people murdered with guns from Virginia!

        States with lax criminal punishment exporting criminals is a much worse problem than states sourced for firearms.

        You know this because the gun grabbers cant answer the question if guns are so easy to get in Indiana, why is it per capita murder rate lower than Chicago’s.

        Or if ease of getting a gun in Virginia is so evil, why does Virginia have half the gun murder the of same region same age, income, education average demographic Maryland?

  8. Clearly if it weren’t for the corrupting influence of “da gunz”(TM) all these people would be getting along fabulously, singing in drum circles and havin’ street party BBQs with one another. And so even more clearly, the solution is to put more “gunz on da street”(TM) with badges attached to them to fix it all.

  9. I think Ralph is on to something.

    What if this is a conspiracy to let the local gang bangers kill each other off as a form of Rwanda-style genocide when abortion has not worked fast enough? Hmmmm. Funny Shannon won’t go into Chiraq and preach her nonsense. Why not? She is racist and hates Black people. And what is going on in Chiraq is part of her plan. just saying.

      • Since a lot of election precincts are inside schools, I bet the bangers wouldn’t know where to go to vote, and rahm is closing all of the schools anyway . . . .

    • Kudos to you, Dirk Diggler. That’s like the Sierra Club or some environmental group preaching the virtues of recycling garbage. Only, they’ll never put in a recycling program in the filthy siums populated by Bantus. They’ll put it in a predominantly white neighborhood as a “pilot program” and expand it from there. Oh, but they’ll NEVER go into the inner city to preach to the residents therein, that they must recycle their garbage. Why is that?

  10. “it all comes down to these guns.”

    yes. eliminate the presence of guns, and the thugs who have made their life in and around crime will update their resumes and enter the working class.

    Legislative amnesia: a condition where a constant and redundant flow of nonsensical laws causes a voting population to forget newly enacted policies, however useless they may be, and champion more restrictive versions of the policies already on the books.

    -your turn-

  11. Ah Crook County…. If I were spending 4th of July in Chiraq or even a suburb of Chiraq in good ol’ Crook County I’d probably insist on carrying + wearing soft body armor underneath my clothes. I hate to say it but you celebrate a holiday in a major city, ESPECIALLY Chicago and you take some risk’s. As for the proper term for Illinois residents, whether it is Illinoisans or Illinians, well I just call them FIB’s 😀 (Your are gonna have to urban dictionary that one)

    • You must be one of those FAWNs I hear so much about. Rumor has it, they live behind the cheddar curtain.

  12. Just watched report on this on ABC. Thank-you TTAG for providing the facts. ABC did not explain this was a gang battles, rather they only focused on the child killed by a GUN, and the mayor speaking out stating how they need MORE GUN CONTROL. If all I knew about this issue was from the ABC report my information would have been 180º out. Thanks again TTAG, too bad all the people can’t know the facts.

  13. It’s amazing to me that we have had stories about how “ultra right wing” groups in the US pose a grave threat to national security and yet the US has made zero serious effort to reign in the gang problem in the inner cities.

    Methinks that there are quite a few people on those gang payrolls that are also working in government.

    Maybe without a gang violence problem they would have a hard time trying to convince the sheep that guns are horribly dangerous and must be banned at all costs.

    For the children.

  14. Build a wall around Chicago. Don’t let anyone in, or out. Collect all the guns in Chicago, including police. Then they can prove that reducing guns will solve all the problems in the city.

    • Wait. we could make a movie. . . . star Kurt Russell in it. Give him a cool name like snake. . . have Obama’s helicopter go down and Biden sends in snake to go save him. Who am I kidding?

      • Kurt Russell would not risk his life for President Obama. Maybe the tape, but not the President.

        God, remember those movies where the President was nice and gracious? Like Ronald Reagan was? And then think of the current occupant, who would probably snarl at a soldier risking his life for him…

      • Dirk, remember “Air Force One” with Harrison Ford? He played the president, who actually fought terrorists hand-to-hand, without soldiers.

        It was Navy Seals that killed Bin Laden, but Obama was more concerned about how to properly dispose of Bin Laden’s corpse. Good grief!!! Could you imagine Harry S Truman wringing his hands over whether the Soviets gave Hitler’s corpse a proper burial, after he killed himself in his bunker. Remember, this happened in May, 1945 and Truman was president upon FDR’s death, of course.

  15. Gee I live in a suburb of Chiraq-didn’t feel threatened AT ALL. Some you boyz need to MAN UP…BTW the # is 53-54 shot and 9 killed…and if it had been HOT it would have been far higher. The weather was perfect over the weekend. Ralph you hit it on the head-but every murder and crime was NOT reported in the groovy 70’s. I think the general attitude was “whatever-it’s just those colored folks” and Daley Sr. only wanted to keep a lid on it…if we get some 90-100 degree days watch out. Got no solutions-except very long sentences for gun crimes,no pleading down and chain gangs-but it ain’t gonna’ happen…

    • ” in the groovy 70’s. I think the general attitude was “whatever-it’s just those colored folks” and Daley Sr. only wanted to keep a lid on it”

      You hit the nail on the head sir. 45 years later and it is still the same attitude and problem in Chiraq, only the corrupt politicians don’t keep a lid on it they deflect the blame on guns or racism, or whatever political whim gets them re-elected.

    • Hey Walker… why the “gun crimes” stuff? A murder or assault is exactly the same, whatever the weapon used – including bare hands. It would be great if the focus could be on the actual crime… the aggression and harm to people, rather than the tools. We all know that the only rational response to aggression is self defense, and defense of others, not more “laws,” longer jail terms or much of anything else.

      The best outcome to any lethal threat is the death or serious injury of the perpetrator at the hands of their intended victim or his/her guardians.

  16. Per the Final Stupidity Tally is 11 killed, 55 wounded

    Heyjackass is a great site for the actual crime stats in Chicago. Nothing is colored by political correctness. As they say the site Illustrates Chicago Values

    • I stand corrected. It changes by the hour on the local news. Is it possible they’re COOKING the book? gasp…

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