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Yes that IS a Glock 27. Yes, the .40 S&W is still a thing. Somehow I don’t think this particular pocket dump needs much of a write-up.

.40 S&W. And…go.

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      • I have a Gen 4 Model 27 and 22 and a Gen 1 KelTec SUB-2000 (and plenty of magazines). Although 9mm is very popular now, I’ll still take the .40 over 9mm. Plus I can convert my 22 & 27 to 9mm. The nine’s can’t convert to .40 without slide machining…

  1. I CC a G27 IWB 3 o’clock. Modified BladeTech scabbard. Lightweight enough. Doesn’t print.

    Lucky Gunner has an awesome ballistics gel test database. The Fed .40 180 HST penetrates 18″ (FBI standard) and expands to .72″. The Fed 9mm 124HST also penetrates 18″ but only expands to .61″. That doesn’t sound like much, but the area of damage is r-squared – so the .40 has a 40% better chance of hitting something vital. Something to think about.

    There is _always_ .40S&W on the shelves at Walmart. Always. I also learned to reload my practice ammo – it’s more consistent than the commercial stuff. Practice often.

    I am not a gun snob. I recommend whatever allows you to put the most grains of lead on-target per second. If that’s a .380, then that’s the right self-defense for you.

      • Unless you hunt people, you’re making a somewhat educated guess just like those who use a standard metric.

        Knowing where enough is enough and not too much or too little is a difficult thing.

  2. I think the 40 is a great caliber(shooting/owning only 9mm and 223 is the worst way to enjoy the hobby imo) but it’s entire existence is based on creating a scapegoat to divert attention away from the complete failure and breakdown of the Miami PD during that shootout.

    • I thought is was an FBI shootout? And if you review the incident, they were definitely outgunned. If I were in law enforcement, I know I would want to carry the strongest caliber they allow.

  3. .40 isn’t suddenly an obscure caliber in the real world. Just because a bunch of gun bloggers trash it now doesn’t mean it went extinct. I’m not even a .40 fan but some of the shit spewed about it online is just downright stupid.

    • Give it time. What goes around, comes around. What ever recent projectile/load improvements that were made to the 9mm can also be applied to .40. Just saying

  4. The extra magazine in the photo is a little long to properly fit the G27. I would not use an extended mag for CC. They can wiggle slightly in the mag well and cause a FTF.

    Have I ever seen a Glock FTF? Are you kidding? But it’s theoretically possible if the mag angle gets jacked enough.

    • My 19X failed to go into battery this weekend. I was just shooting and all of sudden malfunction. I was confused…glocks aren’t supposed to malfunction…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. I carry a Glock 22 or 23 most of the time. Sometimes the 21. A noticeable weight difference between the 21 and both the 22 and 23. I hardly know I have the 23, after I’ve carried the 21 for a few days.

    I’m not all that up on ballistics, but I’ve seen videos comparing .40 and 9mm, and the .40 has a fair amount more impact / ‘go through flesh’ power.

    Not sure how much weight to put on ‘ft lbs’ out of the muzzle. The shell I use for my .40 has 500 ft. lbs. out of the muzzle. The .45, same shell — Winchester Kinetic HP — has just about the same. I like the 15+1 with the 22, and while I could use a 15-round magazine with the 23, I usually use the 13.

    Would appreciate any thoughts on how important ‘ft. lbs.’ is as a measure of the effectiveness of a hollow point shell. Both the .40 and .45 have substantially more than any 9mm shell I’ve used in my 17.

    • My thoughts Burly, I don’t do the muzzle velocity, foot pound thing. I’ve shot a few critters with pistols and what I’ve found IMO is bigger is better. I call it the Wallop Factor

  6. My Gen 4 G27 has replaced my G19 as an edc. I also have a G26 (and a β€œfew” more Glocks), but the 27 shoots better for me than the 19, 26 and the 23. My G30sf is right behind it. But it is considerably bigger. I love my baby Glocks. But the 27 is the best of them all.

  7. I’m going to just say “no” to the caliber wars thing and say that knife is cool but I like the Microtechs better for OTF knives.

    • No caliber wars, party pooper…. So what angle do you sharpen your knives, I like 20Β° not 15 or 25—)

      • It depends on the knife.

        I sharpen my outdoor knives to 25 or 27, kitchen knives at 20, utility knives around 33 to 35 and everything else between 10 and 20 depending on what the blade is made of and what edge it came with.

        The notable exception being my dive knives which I’ve never sharpened because they’ve never been used to cut anything… yet.

  8. Keep in mind that Glock .40 caliber models can be converted to 9mm with a barrel swap & new magazine. The 9mm Glocks cannot be converted to .40 without machining the slide… Just saying,

  9. Not to mention 2,000fps with Liberty Ammo in my 4″ pistol and 2,600fps in my 16″ rifle.

    Liberty .40S&W at 60 grains = 20% more mass (copper) than 9mm at 50 grains and a slight velocity edge.

    Not bad for the Short version of a full power cartridge.

    Now go ahead and call it gimmick ammo.

    At reasonable ranges it performs like nothing else, and Liberty is anything but a gimmick.

  10. I have know shooters that went from .40 to 9mm. They claim they did it because they can shoot 9mm more accurately. I even watched one guy go from 10mm to .40 and now 9mm. To my eyes it looks more like getting old and becoming recoil sensitive. Kind of like getting old and switching from irons to dots. Nothing wrong with it. Shows that the person is thinking about how it works for them personally and adjusting. I am all for that.

    • Great comment. Use what works for you.
      I have gone back to 9mm. It works for me. Optics work for me now , reach 50 years old..
      More choices can only be good.

    • True dat. I’m getting old with all that entails. I haven’t shot a magnum anything in years. My hunting rifle is a .243. It matches the size and type of animals I hunt and its easier on me. My handgun calibers are .38 and 9mm.

      The only reason I still use 12 ga for hunting is I live in CA. We’re not allowed lead ammo for hunting here. I’ve found that steel shot does better from a 12 than a 20. Or at least I do better with the 12.

  11. Trying a Glock 27 was a big factor in convincing me to go with 9mm and avoid Glock pistols. It was one of the least pleasant shooting experiences I’ve had.

    Since then I’ve shot more Glocks and revised my opinion of them, but not the .40. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the worst of both worlds.

    But that’s only for me. If you like .40 and shoot your gun well, more power to you. In the end, any gun is better than no gun and hitting your target is far more important than what you hit it with.

  12. The G27 is really not that bad of a pocket gun, it’s about as big as you would want but with cargo pants or jeans it can be carried in the pocket quite easily.

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