philadelphia police officers shot
Courtesy CBS Philly and Twitter
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UPDATE: According to NBC News, the number of officers shot now stands at six.

A police spokesperson told NBC News that the incident began when an officer attempted to serve a warrant at the address.

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WDEL reports that “At least four Philadelphia police officers were shot during an active firefight in the city’s Nicetown section Wednesday afternoon, officials said, prompting a massive response to the largely residential North Philadelphia neighborhood.”

Aerial video shows dozens of police officers surrounding a house in a residential neighborhood.

The officers crouched behind cars, blocked off surrounding streets and surrounded several nearby homes as the firefight unfolded.

Nearby, stunned families and neighbors gathered behind police tape. The neighborhood is roughly 2 miles north of Temple University and about 4 miles from Center City.

The police officers’ condition isn’t yet known.

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      • Drug warrant.

        But gun owners will be next.

        Goobernor Wolfe supposedly signed an executive order “to combat gun violence” today. FOAC tried to find out what was in it after they were alerted by media asking questions about it. Goobernor’s office told FOAC to file an FOIA request.

        • This humble West Virginian suspects the Executive Order involves some new fee on guns and ammunition. Every time I drive a toll road in PA the price has gone up. My mother was from PA and I have cousins just over the border. I’ve always been amazed at PA taxes, but this Wolf guy likes to raise revenue like none I’ve experienced in the past 60+ years.

        • All the more reason to just legalize the damn drugs already. Government can’t stop people from getting what they want, a market is a market, all they can do is determine if the drugs people acquire are legal or illegal. The damn war on drugs has caused more damage than full legalization could have ever hoped to do.

          Right now its a choice between rotting away in a prison for 20 years because someone else doesn’t like what you do in your off time, or shooting your way out. I don’t blame people for trying to shoot their way out because the alternative is death anyway.

      • Move along, nothing to see here, just drug related, no crazy ‘right wing, white supremacist, racist republicans’ involved.

        • You left out the NRA which recently has become the butt of a sad joke,most of which falls squarely on WLP.

        • Yep… Did a Google Maps street view of the “charming” neighborhood. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Gonna be forgotten by tomorrow.

      • Assume for a moment that the other commentors are correct and it’s a drug warrant.

        Great, the the state sets up one set of “control” laws, those laws fail and then the state uses that failure as a pretext to set up another set of control laws. How convenient. Think it’s a coincidence that prohibition by definition creates black markets where none previously existed and that this is always followed by arms control?

        Protecting you from yourself is the justification for taking all your freedoms. Where the law fails to “protect” you “properly” you can bet there will be a hue and cry for another set of freedom revoking laws. One way or another eventually that set of dominoes will ALWAYS lead to attacks on private ownership of something or free speech.

        Because, as we all know, inanimate objects do bad things all by themselves.

        • This just in! The Republicans and Trump say it was the video games. The video games made him do it. They want to have a serious discussion about Grand Theft Auto.


        • Latest update.

          The department’s STRIKE team was serving a drug raid warrant on a house down the street. They arrest numerous people in that raid. Someone told the police that down the street some people have guns. They went to that house to raid it for the guns. Once the police entered the house the man inside starting shooting.

          Sounds like they didn’t have a warrant to be there and they weren’t there for drugs. They raided that apartment looking for guns based off a tip they gained after their drug raid. The police that went down there were not prepared or trained for such a scenario. Two of them were said to be bicycle cops, those two are trapped on the second floor inside the building with the gunman.

          Based of that report. This appears to be an unwarranted raid for guns. An illegal raid for gun confiscation.

        • An unwarranted gun grab created by a situation that only existed because of the WoD.

          Had drugs been legal, regulated and taxed the cops wouldn’t have been there to arrest the people who dropped the dime on the guy with the guns.

          Weird how if this country had actual freedom a whole bunch of bad shit wouldn’t have happened. It’s really, really odd how it is that when government decides to just start nosing into the business of a free people nothing good ever comes of it.

          Back in the day I might have given them a pass for ignorance. At this point it’s pretty obvious that they create problems just so they can offer solutions to those problems, solutions that just so happen to enrich and concentrate power with politicians and the bureaucracy. I mean, they do this on literally EVERYTHING so I think we can drop the charade that it’s an accident.

  1. It would be interesting to check the FBI SHRs to learn what the clearance rate for murder is in Philidelphia.


    Exactly why those people should NEVER, EVER BE ALLOWED TO GOVERN A CITY….

    • And yet the Commiecrat party has 21 candidates that want to govern the nation and thus multiply the Shitholes.

      • ”””””””””””””””””””””’And yet the Commiecrat party has 21 candidates that want to govern the nation and thus multiply the Shitholes”””””””””””””””””

        That’s a hoot none of them would do worse than what Trump is doing to the Nation . The Stock Market had its biggest drop today in decades. Right now were on the edge of another big monster collapse of the Economy and a full blown great recession not only in the U.S. and China but if will affect the rest of the world too. Yeah Trumps great plan to punish China worked like a charm didn’t it. And your harping about minority congress people.

        The only good thing to come from the collapse of the economy and another world wide recession is that Trump and the Republican party will soon become extinct and the sooner the better.

    • As they fail to understand the concept of personal responsibility, it always someone else’s fault

  3. 6 cops shot, 4 shooters barricaded according to the local news. Time to call in an Apache gun ship.

    • Like they did to that innocent white couple in Texas?

      You don’t even know what happened. When people jumped to conclusions with that incident they thought it was a bunch people of color who attacked our innocent lovable police. Turns out it was the police who were the criminals and they murdered two innocent people and their dog.

      I don’t trust what the media or police say. They have lied too much to listen to them on anything. I will wait until I see evidence.

        • Last I heard, they were serving a warrant when they were fired on. The media speculates it to be a drug warrant.

          I have yet to see confirmation as to why the police were there. And there is no information about what the man is saying to them right now.

      • Not much chance of Obama having bastard sons, he has never committed adultery.

        On the other hand, there is a very high probability Trump has multiple bastards, what with fuckin’ playboy bunnies, porn stars and Jeff Epstein’s special procurement.

        But go ahead, expose your prejudice for all to see.

    • Advocating using the military against US Citizens? Sounds you might need to put some more thought into that position. You might not be advocating what you think you are.

    • If indeed it is a wantless search and they forced their way in to someones home,most likely unannounced,that would be grounds for calling in a Apache gunship,seriously.

    • Is Robocop = 40+ human cops? With the amount of responding units on scene you’d think there were more than 4 suspects in that house.

  4. RED FLAG LAWS working so great! Welcome to the future everyday everytown across America.

    • They still say that about the Houston raid. That middle aged couple are still considered drug dealers and the cops had rightful authority to be there and shoot them dead.

  5. The Philadelphia police have experience dealing with barricaded suspects. They should just make a bomb and drop it on the building with their helicopter to get the suspects to surrender…… Oh wait they already did that once

  6. The man is said to have a rifle, possibly an AR-15. He was streaming himself shooting at the police. There are two cops stuck inside the apartment, they are on the second floor, they have some people detained on the second floor. The shooter is on the first floor. The two cops were abandoned by their fellow officers as they escaped anyway they could.

  7. Where’s a JDAM when you need it? I called a bunch of those and things seemed to simmer right down afterwards.

    • Yeah. We should drop bombs on civilians during “peace time.” Every American is an enemy combatant. No due process or deescalation. No need for SWAT, use the C-130s.

      • That’s what it’s going to boil down to eventually anyway. We are quickly running out of “peaceful and legal” options. Or haven’t you been paying attention for the last 30 years or so?

      • Dude calm down. It was fucken sarcasm. You need to chill. The keyboard warrioring has already gotten old.

        • You do know they use “gunships” in Texas on civilians? They used their “attack” helicopter during the Houston raid.

          So, it’s not a good idea to joke about that anymore because it’s now a real thing we have to worry about.

    • See how easy it will be for the government to confiscate all guns and liquidate those who object? There are plenty of soldiers willing to drop JDAMs for the fun of it on any civilian target called in.

      Here is a forum full of bloodthirsty individuals ready to bring the full weight of the US military down on the head of any civilian, without any idea of the reason for this civilian’s resistance to the police officers.

      Fall gun confiscation will be easily accomplished, the few holdouts will be rolled over by pimply faces kids in Abrams tanks, playing in the worlds best video game.

  8. The mayor, Jim Kenney, wants to talk about banning rifles after this is over. He said they are a little angry that someone has all that weaponry and firepower.

  9. “Nearby, stunned families and neighbors gathered behind police tape…”

    It never ceases to amaze me how people think that bullets constrain themselves to stuff like police tape. I once saw a couple of teenage girls stop and gawk at a high-risk traffic stop happening a block down. They were at the 12 o’clock position from the stop. Before leaving the area I warned them that the laws of physics meant that if any bullets were fired from the police at that car there was a high probability that some would end up continuing on directly to where they were standing.

    I didn’t phrase it like that but they got the hint.

  10. My question is; Where the F is the super-duper SWAT team that is supposed to be “trained” for this kind of crap?

    • They are standing outside waiting to talk to the gunmen. They don’t have information about what is going on in the first floor, only the second floor where two cops are scared and trapped. The gunmen was streaming, but they shut that down. Now they don’t have any information to go on and it’s getting dark.

      • I hope your reply is in jest.
        1 or 2 gunmen? Cut off intel comms? Getting dark? 4+ hours?
        Need a new police commander and a new SWAT team.
        Sounds like a bunch of snowflake mall cops.
        But what the heck. Dumbocraps.
        Against this bunch, the Branch Davidians would have walked out unscathed.
        I know, “the cops are following orders” BS. BS.
        Get the FBI to “investigate”!!!

        • I meant to say gunman. It’s one guy, as far as they know. The media was saying multiple gunmen.

    • In a report moments ago it was reported that the ATF&E ware sending a team to the scene,if the federal bureau of incineration was being sent it would likely end as Waco did and yet may.

  11. Over 30 cops have fired their weapons. At least 6 cops shot in the limbs or grazed by rifle rounds. The man appears to have an AR-15. Residents say they heard over a hundred rounds fired.

    • Since every cop in Philly is now packed into one block and they’re all trigger-happy even on a good day, I’m sure it’s more than 100.

      • The media claimed the police needed a bus to pick up all the cops that were involved in the shooting. The media said they were informed at least 30 have fired their guns. It appears they all missed.

        • Note to the police. The sights are on the top fir a reason. And they need to be aligned correctly to even hit the same postcode.

    • These cops never heard of flash bangs? Can’t find the tear gas? 30 cops shooting?
      What a joke.
      This is why we should ban dems, not guns.

  12. If you have any questions… just direct them at Chief Censor. He is the hero we need to bring us the most up to date info… /sarc

  13. Of course, the Democrats are already trying to equate this with El Paso and Dayton. Kamala Harris is already out there crying “When is this going to stop?” Well, Kami, it stops when the gubmint and the media stops systematically driving the people crazy.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste…

  14. Let’s wait for more information. Maybe it’s a warranted drug raid and the cops got ambushed by criminals. But what if, as someone above suggested, it’s some citizens defending themselves against jackbooted thugs, who came to steal their arms?

    • Yeah but like, it’s not…because that’s already been reported. Is reading not your strong suit?

      • “facts” change in the age of live reports and by the second updates.

        Is chilling not your strong suite?

        Don’t forget to change your name before you reply…

  15. If it was truly a warrantless raid like has been said in some comments here, then those 6 police deserve what they got.

    • It was NOT a warrantless raid, it WAS a warranted raid served by a drug intervention team.. Arrests were going on on the 2nd floor when the resident genius started firing blindly up through the ceiling of a room on the 1st floor, this clown had no idea who he was actually hitting (if anyone) nor did he appear to give a shit and he was probably not aware that there is a childrens daycare center directly across the street or again he just did not give a shit when he started his own personal version of “Shootout at the OK Corral”.. Poor little scared criminal opens fire on cops and expects something good to come from it? Newsflash, cocaine sales and/or use are illegal and in fact I am not aware of any country that recognizes recreational use of cocaine as a personal right (right wrong or otherwise it is the law) and that means this guy is wrong and hopefully will realize it and surrender before cops lose the remainder of their patience and take him out.

  16. Everyone really needs to review what happened in Houston when some “hero” cops were injured while killing a couple of residents (and their dog, of course) in their home during a no knock raid in Houston. Warrant was based of false evidence and testimony. No “automatic rifles” were found. Minimal drugs were found. This officer and his crack team were found to have done this numerous times. Officers retired early with pension, of course.

  17. The mayor is calling for gun control right now. He says these guns shouldn’t be in people’s hands. He is mad that the federal and state government preempt their gun control. He says the man with the gun was “involved” with the criminal justice system before. He wants to do something about guns quickly.

    The police are calling for the public to help them get rid of guns. They said they never seen something like this before and there are too many guns out there.

    I guess this situation is going to be used to further the push for another ban on modern guns in 2020.

    • Thankfully there is a Constitution that codifies the right to keep and bear arms,so nobody gives a Eff how Mr, mayor Feelz.
      If Mr. mayor wanted to do a favor for his citizens he might consider punishing criminals instead of slapping them on the back of the hand and saying bad boy,this is what the DemoCommies have done for the nation when it comes to criminal justice.

  18. Interviews on CNN show a hail of bullets being thrown at the police and city officials screaming this is why we want assault rifles banned. City residents in the neighborhood are being shown with their homes shot to pieces from stray bullets coming from the criminal hid out in the house and shooting a hail of bullets at the police and many of the rounds are missing or glancing off the pavement and striking the residents homes.

    • And none of the “stray bullets” were from the police? Of course not. They are the trained experts with supernatural firearms skills.


    • Thirty officers fired their weapons and one peep fired his.

      When Philly cops fire their weapons under such circumstances, it’s usually in the range of 150-300 rounds for each officer.

      At the Osage Avenue MOVE incident, the cops ran out of ammo and were “borrowing” some from surrounding departments. Over 300,000 rounds were fired at the MOVE compound and only one firearm was recovered from the ashes.

      Fourtunately, yesterday, everyone went home and the perp went to his new (probably temporary – they’ll let him out again) home. Thirty-one shooters and not a marksman among them.

      And they think law-abiding, legally-armed citizens are the problem. Most of the concealed carriers like me that I know are marksman and have had much more live fire training than most police officers.

    • If “assault weapons” are a cause of concern, then “battle rifles” will really get your panties in a twist.

  19. North Korea has zero street crime. Maybe they are doing something right and we can learn from them? As my grandfather used to say, Deutschland Deutschland über alles.

  20. Geez I wish some of you conspiracy theory infected keyboard commandos would try get out your mom’s basement once in awhile. The sunshine might do you some good.

    Reminder: sticking your head up your backside doesn’t count as sunglasses.

  21. If you implemented 30 year sentence for illegal gun possession…this guy would still be in prison on his 2008 conviction for illegal gun possession, not out shooting at police…I support a life sentence on any criminal who uses a gun for an actual gun crime….. and 30 years if a criminal is caught in possession of a gun, even if they are not using it at that moment for crime.

    This will dry up gun crime over night. Criminals will stop using guns for robberies, rapes and murders…..and those who do will be gone forever……

    Criminals will also stop walking around with guns in their pants……which is the leading cause of random gang shootings in our cities. if they are stopped by police, with a gun in their pants, they are gone for 30 years…they will stop carrying those guns, and random gang violence will end.

    You implement this with two other things…

    1) No More Bargaining Away the Gun Charge………it must be against the law to bargain away a gun charge as part of a plea deal….this stops.

    2) When a criminal is arrested for any crime, and booked in…they will be read the announcement that any use of a crime is a life sentence without parole, owning or carrying a gun as a felon is a 30 year sentence without parole….when they are released from custody…the same will be read to them again….when they meet their parole officer it will be read to them again…..the U.S. government will also buy and send out Public announcements on this policy on t.v. radio. and cable……

    That is how you stop gun crime over night.

    Mass shooters are different….. but with only 93 people killed in mass public shootings in 2018, they are not the major problem in gun crime.

    The value in my plan……it actually targets the individuals actually using guns to commit crimes and murder people….

    It does not require new background check laws, it does not require gun licensing, licensing gun owners, gun registration, new taxes, fees or regulations on guns…

    By making gun crime a life sentence, criminals will stop using guns for crime and will stop carrying guns around for protection…..

    Also….a nurse, with a legal gun, driving from Pennsylvania, to New Jersey, will not be considered a gun criminal…..that will end. Criminals with a record of crime, caught with a gun will get 30 years, no deals…..and criminals who use guns for actual crime…robbing the local store, rape, robbery, murder… without parole…

    This, of course, eliminates the need for more gun control laws…we can already do this…..

    • You gonna pay for room and board for the extra 20 million or so lifers you plan on putting in all those new prisons you’re gonna build?

  22. The brain dead shit that opened fire on the cops was not even a part of the warrant, cops were after a crew that lived in the upstairs apartment but I guess his prior experiences with PD got the better of his (failed) judgement and he just could not help himself.. Meanwhile as the cops are engaged in an active shootout a crowd had gathered and was taunting and throwing shit at the cops.. Welcome to not so NICE TOWN in the City of Brotherly Love… Shooter was a multiple felon and was not legally eligible to possess a firearm…

  23. Time to buy some body armour. Too much stray lead in the ‘hood. I work very close to the location of this incident.

    • Better git after it.. Chucky is going to introduce legislation in the Senate to make it illegal for civilians to own anything that resembles body armor…

      • Sounds about right. Make capitol crimes more “illegaler” via more “ridiculouser” bans.

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