4 Great Sportsmen Who Will Always Be Role Models

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If you’re in the mood to be inspired by the folks who came before, these are four greats to start with.

You’ve got hunting covered with Fred Bear and Teddy Roosevelt, fishing with Bill Dance, and firearms with Samuel Colt. Who would you add to the list?


  1. avatar Big Al says:

    Elmer Kieth, P O Ackley Col. Jeff Cooper, to name only a few.

  2. avatar Dcj says:

    Curt Gowdy? Ted Williams? They use to bird hunt on national TV

  3. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    Elmer Keith

  4. avatar jwm says:

    Firearms? Saint John the Browning.

    Fishing? My grandmother.

  5. avatar Paul in TN says:

    Col, Townsend Whelen / Bill Jordan of Border Patrol / Skeeter Skelton – all of firearm related field.
    Gentleman Jim Corbet – pugilistic field.
    Larry Bird – pro sports

  6. avatar Kendahl says:

    Bill Jordan, Skeeter Skelton, Ed McGivern, Jack O’Connor.

  7. avatar anonymoose says:

    Sam Colt was a sportsman? And here I thought he was a businessman (and sometimes inventor), who played both sides in the Civil War and refused to innovate when Rollin White offered him the patent for the bored-through cylinder. He’s not much of a role model after the 1850s, and I don’t know how he would be considered a “sportsman” since only a few of the guns his company made during his lifetime could be used for humanely hunting any animal larger than a rabbit.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Sam Colt was a sportsman?”

      What anonymoose said.

      As for role model, what qualifies him as well?

      I might add, I’m real leery myself of assigning ‘role model’ to folks I don’t personally know.

      EDIT – Good news.

      (In)human P.O.S. Charles Manson is *finally* dead, 30+ years too late.


      Roast and Rot in the fires of Hell, Charlie, you deserve it…

      1. avatar Dave Lewis says:

        The Devil called a 30 minute break to get the fires stoked up in preparation for Manson’s arrival

  8. avatar Joel C Bice says:

    Finn Aagard.

  9. avatar johnny go lightly says:

    Joe Foss, Ted Williams, Col Askins. How about Gadabout Gaddis ?

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    Grits Gresham, Zane Gray, Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark. The latter three are the Holy Trinity of literary outdoorsmen.

    1. avatar Dave Lewis says:

      I’d add Peter Capstick to the list of great writers. For a Jersey Boy he had a lot of great stories – I know that there are those who claim that he was a BS artist – and he could put you out in the field, up close and personal with very dangerous animals who wanted to kill you.

  11. avatar Huntmaster says:

    Dean Wright, former Director of the AKC Lure Coursing Prgram and the guy who basically got it off the ground before the buffoons took over.

    1. avatar GrabEmByMikeHunt says:

      Hi Mike Huntmaster, To me the most important aspect of a discussion is acknowledging when the other person makes a point, so here I am again admitting that I was wrong (in case you didnt see it the first time owing to the developmentally disabled mod who inexplicably removed all my fascinating posts), enjoy it, its a rare event : D

      It takes a BIG man to admit when hes wrong, and let me tell you despite my tiny hands Im HUGE. I admit it, I ignorantly thought you were talking about fishing because of the word “lure”, thats the vase extent of my capacious ignorance…

      I hope you were still able to enjoy my non sequitur remarks about how awful fishing is… and you may have heard my story about how my nasty Uncle, one of the worst of America, nearly miraculously came to empathize with the suffering of the fish and found other ways to entertain himself…

      1. avatar Huntmaster says:


  12. avatar Robby says:

    T.R. in my opinion is one of the greatest American’s to have ever lived.
    Unlike little berry obama, T.R. over came being a sickly kid, through hard work and sheer will, transforming himself in to a true bad ass. Again unlike Berry obama, T.R. earned his Noble peace prize, by negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese war. He was an educated Easterner from wealth and privilege, yet he loved, and understood the entire United States. He said what he meant and meant what he said. He got things done,. T.R. a bad ass? Hell, he got shot in an assassination attempt, and continued on to a scheduled appearance and delivered an hour long speech!! He loved the United States, guns the outdoors, Hunting and real danger!! He respected women. If you talked shit about him he very well might show up in person asking you explain yourself. T.R. ” Could dig rapping, or he could dig scraping” T.R. was extremely proficient at both. He helped build the United States a modern Navy and then helped to start a war just to put it to good use. T.R. started the United States on the path to Super Power.

    1. avatar ironicatbest says:

      My vote too. Not only greatest American but one of the greatest in the world. The only statue in my grandma’s house was a bust of TR. ….. Broke the mold, they just don’t makem like that no more

    2. avatar Ogre says:

      Not to mention that TR, despite his privileged upbringing, went west and ran a cattle ranch in the northern plains for several years. He became a cowboy, hunted the big game out there, had fistfights with bad guys, and saw what the West might become without federal protection of its game animals and lands. Then, during the Spanish-American War, he raised a regiment of volunteer cavalry and went off to Cuba to fight (didn’t just send his regiment (which he could have done), he went with them and led in battle from the front). So yeah, I support TR, one of the few American leaders who talked the talk AND walked the walk.

    3. avatar JimboDurantSC says:




  13. avatar Hoyden says:

    Tom Knapp.
    A handful of clays and a voice you’ll never forget.

  14. avatar JimboDurantSC says:

    During his presidency Roosevelt popularized the racist eugenicist delusion of “race suicide”, that too many non-white folks were immigrating to America and having too many babies.

    Roosevelt also popularized the cult of manliness in line with racist Social Darwinian delusions, and thats why he worked on the cattle ranch and snuck up on animals to kill them with weapons.

    And thats why Roosevelt led the slaughter of nearly defenseless Spanish when the US stole Cuba and the Philippines and Wake Island and Guam and Puerto Rico from Spain, and naturally Roosevelt didnt consult the people who actually lived there, he didnt consider them full human beings owing to his white supremacy.

    The most disgusting thing about Roosevelt if I had to pick just one was that after Colonel Wood slaughtered 1 000 Muslims mostly women and children in Mindanao Roosevelt sent him a congratulatory telegram lauding his “… brave feat of arms…”

    And understand that Roosevelt was no conservationist in the sense that he appreciated being in nature like John Muir did. He saw nature as a venue to prove his “manliness” punching cows and killing animals, and to put natural resources under government control (SOCIALISM : D) because under private control were they were being wastefully exploited with no thought to the future power of the state.

    As with yalls worldview regarding US history generally and your 2A rights, your view of Teddy is comprised wholly of mythic vignettes, you dont know the first thing about who he was and what he cared about…

    PS Lets not forget the jingoistic Great White Fleet

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