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By James England via

The Chicago man seen in the above video was taking a selfie video of himself in front of a convenience store in the south side just moments before he sustained multiple gunshot wounds. It’s a graphic and frightening segment and a stark reminder of the dark times Chicago is presently going through — as if we needed any reminders . . .

Police officers confirmed for Buzzfeed that the man was in critical condition following the attack. The bad guy who gunned him down in front of that convenience store plowed through him and escaped in a getaway vehicle. Times are rough — and on the south side they’re downright medieva where these types of rampant assassinations have become the cultural norm. As someone who doesn’t live in Chicago, sometimes I ask myself just how long before they spread?

Let’s get one thing clear — it’s not gun control that curbs this type of appetite for violence. This man’s shooter doesn’t worry about his concealed carry permit or even the FOID card required to purchase a handgun. He’s not going to worry about either of those things before going out and doing his business. Chances are good, if he ever sat down for an interview, he wouldn’t be altogether phased that the rest of the country is held to high standards of concealed carry training and a permitting process, either.

Life in most the United States doesn’t normally resemble the South Side of Chicago — thankfully. The people who live there, live under some very harsh, inconsiderate conditions that more resemble a controlled descent into third world Brazilian favelas than they do anything we would consider the living standard in the USA. That said, being responsibly armed and ready to defend our lives requires a dedication to situational awareness and being willing to take that responsibility every single day by carrying every day.

Victims don’t get to choose. That’s why they’re victims. Being a concealed carrier is a choice. And more importantly, it’s a choice to get a chance.

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Gun Control Advocates' Double-Standard Explained">Previous Post
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  1. OK-here we go. Homie who got shot was a convicted murderer. Doing an extra-stupid FB stunt. And this violence HAS spread. Witness the many shootings on the nearby highways and expressways. And into the southern suburbs where I live. And Aurora,Elgin and NW Indiana. Nowhere “safe”. Stay armed…

    • “Homie who got shot was a convicted murderer. Doing an extra-stupid FB stunt.”

      What part was the ‘stunt? Doing the shooting or getting shot?

        • Victims don’t get to choose.
          I would agree with Water Walker. A lot of these clowns do willingly and wantonly embrace the Thug Lifestyle and sooner or late the dice comes up snake eyes for them.
          The innocent bystanders pay a price for all this of course, but some of the innocents, are not always quite so innocent.
          One problem is that the thugs have the guns and the law abiding do not.

      • Actually, he was in an area he wasn’t supposed to be in (gang boundaries).

        Youtube: “Man Shot Live on Facebook: His Info and Details” user: “Chicago News”
        I’d say that qualifies as a stunt…

  2. This is a horrible act of violence. But the anti-gun crowd will automatically spin it into a point for some sort of gun control. It’s inevitable. Sad, but inevitable.
    They always cry “we need to find some common ground for sensible gun safety” which they don’t understand to us means- “we have no problem chipping away at your 2nd Amendment rights”
    They don’t get that it’s the violence that needs to be addressed, not the delivery form of it.
    It’s like saying someone said some mean words so it caused him to get killed. So let’s restrict peoples speech and what they can say.

    • The only common ground needed is every citizen’s right to keep & bare arms is not infringed. The immoral refusal of local government to grant 2A, condones murder, rape & assault of its citizens.

    • Horrible act of violence. One murderous gang member murders another murderous gang member. I have zero sympathy. Culling the herd.

  3. Im somewhat surprised to see the thug using what appears to be a proper grip. Stay frosty, carry always, carry on.

  4. Can someone please translate what the narrator was saying between 2:00 and 3:00 on the video about the different gangs?

    • He’s talking about the different sets (gangs, or a subsidiary of a larger gang), listing their gang names and what territory they are located in. MOES = almighty black p stones gang, Insane GD’s = insane gangster disciples gang. Mixing sets would be someone in one gang running with another.

  5. Having spent the larger part of my LE career on the west side of Chicago, let me add that the south side is very bad, but the west side is very close behind it in thuggery and because of the reduced numbers of Chicago Police Officers, the murders have spread to both the north and northwest sides. (For those of you who haven’t been there, there is no “east side” in Chicago)

    Homicides will easily pass 500 this year, breaking the records for this century.

    Still not as high as the mid-seventies to mid-eighties when Chicago averaged (+/-) 1,000 murders every year.

    If you want to follow the mayhem with a true and accurate picture of what is happening everyday, follow the link to Hey! Jackass!

    and that’s because the Chicago Mayor, Police Administration and the major Chicago media are doing every thing they can to downplay how bad it has become and they lie.

    • Uh yeah there IS an Eastside Bud- my brother pastored a church at 103rd and Avenue J(1st Evangelical Free church)…but you’re sure right about most of Chicago turning into one big violent hellhole. I sold insurance in Altgeld Gardens and security alarms on Douglas Blvd and it’s way worse than the early 1990’s…completely unarmed too.

      • No dude, you’re wrong. East-side is one of the far south neighborhoods of the City of Chicago (The South-side). Real Chicagoans know that there is no “East-side” of the city b/c that’s the Lake.

        On a side note, this summer in Englewood (from the nickle to the nine) is gonna be bad. Don’t get lost…

        • Eastside is the name of a (south-side) neighborhood, NOT the East side of the city of Chicago. It’s universally accepted the the center of the City is “The Loop” (State & Madison) and there isn’t a neighborhood thats on the east side of the Loop, just Millennium park and then Lake Michigan. SO that’s why us real Chicagoans say there is no (geographical) “East side” neighborhood of Chicago.

          BTW, I don’t need to google shit, I’m from Bucktown in Logan Square and I know what matters in this city.

    • Tennessee is in competition with Chicago these days. Murder is up across many parts of the country. While Chicago may lead by example the problem with gangs is pretty much everywhere.

    • then what the heck was paper lace singing about?
      the letter avenues are real. right near the state line generating substation.

      • one could call pretty much anything south of roosevelt and east of state the “east side.” that would only be like a hundred blocks. but i remember bud saying division or north was zero hundred north/ south so… just go and win the contest already.

  6. “Victims don’t get to choose. That’s why they’re victims.” Uh, no. The guy was a convicted murderer, gangbanger thug. Life’s about choices. He made his choices and they got him shot. Guess who will pay that dogs medical bills. Maybe he’ll die fast and save the tax payers some money.

  7. If the legal system actually worked, this wouldn’t have happened, because this mope would still be in prison for the murder he plead guilty to a few years back…

  8. The southside of Chicago is more dangerous than third world countries and active war zones, and just like third world countries the Chicago elite don’t want normal law abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves.

  9. This was first reported on March 31st.
    Way to be up to speed.

    Sort of like your false promise to take care of your click bait / auto play / phone hijacking issues that were going to get fixed right away.

    Look I really want to participate and contribute to this site.
    More importantly I really want to send some anti firearms people here.
    But I can’t unless you can get your act together.

    “UPDATE: Having read some 100 comments, I can definitely say that the TTAG team is out of denial. As I mentioned below, we’re having an emergency meeting on our ads and code and other site issues tomorrow. We’ll report back. Thank you for your input. I promise you we will sort out these issues STAT.”

    “Robert Farago says:
    March 27, 2016 at 15:20
    Sigh. We know about that problem too. Suffice it to say, we’re addressing ALL ad-related issues RIGHT NOW. Thank you for your patience and feedback. It increases our motivation and sense of urgency.”

    Robert Farago says:
    March 27, 2016 at 21:15
    Noted and logged. Change coming.

    Chuck in IL says:
    March 27, 2016 at 20:38
    Auto play ads, pop up and pop in ads and App Store redirects are ruining the Internet. When I open a website and spend the first minute silencing ads or trying to find out how to close a pop up, I get pissed pretty fast. I’m not opposed to advertising, but stupid click bait ads by the dozen become irritating as well. Find a way to place ads without irritating people. It can’t be impossible.
    Robert Farago says:
    March 27, 2016 at 21:15
    It isn’t. We’re on it. Sorry.

    Aaron says:
    March 27, 2016 at 20:43
    As long as you keep the great content flowing, I have no problem with the ads.
    Robert Farago says:
    March 27, 2016 at 21:14
    Great content AND a great user experience. To that we are committed. Look for improvements soon. We’ll keep you posted.

    SteveInCO says:
    March 27, 2016 at 21:00
    Recently the clickbait ads showed THREE distinct ads for what car you shouldn’t buy.

    I have to second the complaints most of the people have raised so far. I like the content, but the site over all as a programming and browsing experience, absolutely SUCKS without a blocker.
    Robert Farago says:
    March 27, 2016 at 21:11
    See update. We’re on it. Tomorrow.

    Robert Farago says:
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    This morning, I met with the team. We’ve instructed our ad providers to remove egregious code before. We’re doing it ourselves this week (it should be done by tomorrow or the next day).

    I apologize for the non-relevant ads. And, especially, the auto-play audio. We have the non-gun stuff because it pays. We’d love to have more static, gun-specific ads. The challenge: gun companies are still print-heavy. Our ad agency is working on it. Again. Still.

    Meanwhile, we’re making some SIGNIFICANT changes to the website which should improve the user experience. Your patience and patronage are much appreciated.

    TTAG get your act together.

    • I gotta admit, the ad that pops up on my iPhone is so annoying that I can’t visit TTAG on my iPhone. It pops up and no matter what I tap it takes me to the app store and I still have to reload TTAG only to have the ad pop up again. Fix dat shit.

    • I’ve given up on using TTAG on my iPhone, which sucks, but I wait till I can get to my laptop or desktop running Chrome and Adblock. Yes, it’s a pain having to wait for access to one of them, but I don’t think the TTAG “team” is serious about getting rid of the other clickbait. Shame.

  10. Yes it has spread. I live 150 miles from Chicago and many Chicago ghetto residents are moving here under some program I am unable to identify.
    We have drive-by shootings, bank robbery, gas station robberies weekly, murder and gangs.
    8 years ago we were all but crime free.

  11. Hate to say, but at least 15 shots and they guys is not dead. He’s a thug as much as the shooter. Need another gun-free sign this location immediately.

    • Multiple shooters. Fbook guy shot by guy in dark car drive by style. Good stance guy was Fbook’s buddy returning fire.

      • I was kind of wondering if he really expected this, and if by “pipe it up” he meant chamber a round. Situational awareness was not his friend, if he weren’t on his phone he may have been able to hop into the “sto” and duck for cover in time.

        As previously said, it’s likely his assailant will either go on to bigger and worse things, get caught and go through the revolving door of Chicago justice since they don’t want to pay to jail him or have some other form of “turning his life around.”

  12. This is what the white liberals wanted when they gave free stuff to black people.
    White uncle Sam and welfare checks replaced the black father working an honest job.
    No fathers
    No gun rights for the law abiding.
    If the police come when called yell racist at them. Degraded the cops. Say they are the “real ” cause the problem in black inner city life.
    Now a white liberal utopia has been created and maintained by the white city leaders who have armed government security on speed dial.

  13. Sad to say it, but short of a full blown military take over and sweep the gang violence there isn’t going anywhere.

    It was sort of poetic how the camera landed looking up at the beautiful sky and a sign saying stop.

  14. If ever there was set of circumstances that called out for an active citizen militia patrolling or at regular posts, we’re seeing it.

  15. Fools follow rules when the set commands ya
    that’s how you got a bullet blasted through ya head
    blasted through ya head. blasted through ya head.
    I give a shout out to the livin dead

  16. I can’t be certain, but I believe he was just in the act of celebrating the re-opening of a favored operational head-quarters for his entrepreneurial pursuits, when a rival business person chose that very moment to dispute his claim on that particular sales region.

  17. From AnhydrousWater: “He’s talking about the different sets (gangs, or a subsidiary of a larger gang), listing their gang names and what territory they are located in. MOES = almighty black p stones gang, Insane GD’s = insane gangster disciples gang. Mixing sets would be someone in one gang running with another.”

    Basically, what is described here is a tribal society, with continuous intertribal wars. If you want to see where this kind of culture leads, read “War Before Civilization: the Myth of the Peaceful Savage” (Oxford University Press, 1996) a book by Lawrence H. Keeley, an archeology professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago who specializes in prehistoric societies/cultures. The book deals with warfare conducted throughout human history by tribal, hunting and gathering societies with little technology. In the book, Keeley counters the recent PC trend in seeing civilization as bad, by proving that prehistoric tribal societies were violent and continuously engaged in warfare.

    What you have in Chicago and other violent cities (run by Democrats) is continuous tribal warfare over boundaries and tribal turf.


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