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Chicago man shoots himself carrying Mexican style without holster

Carrying a gun stuffed into your waistband — sans holster — is fraught with risks. That goes double for people who don’t practice basic gun safety. Along those lines, Darwin has claimed a 33-year-old man in Mayor Rahm’s paradise on Lake Michigan.

DNA Info has the story:

Chicago — A 33-year-old man accidentally shot and killed himself while in Englewood on Thursday night, police said.

At 11:55 p.m., the man had a gun in his waistband and was in a parked car in the 6100 block of South Winchester Avenue, police said. The man moved around the car and his gun went off, hitting the man in his abdomen.

The man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition and was later pronounced dead, police said.

As if it needed to be said again, guns don’t just “go off.”  A word to the wise: stuffing a pistol in your shorts and “moving around in a car” with careless disregard for gun safety can result in a hole in your femoral artery. Don’t be that guy.

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  1. A Little early for the 2017 Darwin Awards, but let us add the departed to the list.

  2. You’ll NEVER convince me appendix carry in any holster is ok. Putting a gun in your waist ban just doesn’t sound like a good idea either. Why would anyone point a gun at his junk???

    Didn’t we just have one where the guy shot his penis? Apparently he was sitting on it.

    • Old Tupac became Onepac two years before someone completely took him out. He checked himself out of the hospital against doctors advice the next day, so one in the shorts doesn’t always end the recipient.

  3. I use a ‘clipped’ .380 as a deep concealment option. I’m not worried. Because guns- at least not any guns that I would buy- don’t just go off (and the one I have has a trigger pull about as heavy as me)

    Something tells me he was manipulating the firearm… or something entirely different happened and we’ll never know the entire story.

    • I hear of too many holsterless accidents. Regardless of trigger weight or safety type, cover the dam trigger guard. Layered safety is always wise.

      • Exactly! Carrying a firearm without a holster that completely covers the trigger and guard area is an accident waiting to happen…..regardless of how heavy a pull your trigger has.

    • Why not use a trigger guard? Companies like Clipdraw and Techna-Clip, as well as others, offer a snap-on trigger guard with a length of paracord that you tie or clip to whatever is handy (belt, shoe, whatever); as you draw, it automatically snaps off. Clipdraw also offers a trigger block that sits behind the trigger that you can easily push out without needing fine motor skills.

  4. Unholstered appendix carry is a lot more likely to kill you than holstered appendix carry. I’m not going to have a gun pointed at my favorite barrel either way.

    • Appendix carry is perfectly safe. I’ve been carrying that way for at least 35 years without a single incident. As long as you abide by the rules of firearm safety, have a well maintained firearm, and ensure a proper holster that completely covers the entire trigger and guard area you will have no problems. You also need to pay particular attention when reholstering your pistol, but that also goes for any type of carry position. I know quite a few other people who have been appendix carrying for years who have similarly never had an incident. I will concede however that people who have a hard time paying attention to detail should probably refrain from appendix carry. Then again, those type of people probably shouldn’t carry in the first place. ?

  5. Please, PLEASE, tell me he left no children behind! Where I’m from, no holster and in waist band is called “Mexican carry.”

    • Age 33 in the hood? He’s probably already got eleven kids by at least nine different baby-mamas.

        • It’s a numbers game and Latino’s are making way more babies than white folks.

        • That’s what happened in europe. The educated white folk got to smart to have babies. Then they had to start importing workers. They got muslims. We got Mexicans. The Mexicans are just going to outfuck us. They’re at the tipping point in Texas now.

          The muslims want to blow everything up. I prefer the Mexicans.

        • and if they check ballistics they may solve several crimes….do you think we will ever get those results made public…

  6. Im no fan of appendix carry in any manner.
    But to each his/her own. What works for me might not for you.
    But I wont be shooting myself in the gut or nuttz at least.
    The article makes me wonder if its a “normal” citizen here. Just being stupid. Or one of Chiraqs more upstanding citizens? Who wont be society as a whole.

    • 11:55 PM, no holster, moving around in the car in Chicago. I’m guessing not an upstanding citizen….

    • Do I want to know how long he has held his license to own/carry a firearm? Wonder why that was not mentioned?


    • ” “BAND IDIOTS, NOT GUNS”. ”
      That’s not a typo, actually.
      Idiots should be banded, just like we band birds: So we can identify them.
      A brightly colored band around the wrist or neck, that can’t be covered, by law. (“Here’s your band!”)
      We could even color-code the bands, to indicate just what kind of idiocy was displayed. (Some, I’m sure, would have rainbow bands.)

    • Exactly! Appendix carry is perfectly safe as long as you’re not stupid. I’m reasonably sure that this guy was a Chiraq Banger.

  8. If you are going to carry a gun in your waist-band either carry without the round in the chamber or get a gun with a manual safety. Ideally you do not carry like that, it seems like every other week some idiot shoots himself in the groin, get a manual safety!!!

  9. Exactly why gun “violence” statistics are so overrated, its mostly thug on thug violence or some dumb thug who’s never heard of the femoral artery.

    • Just so you know gun violence statistics include accidents not just violence as defined by webster or oxford dictionaries. But these law makers who are paying one man seven figures just to do a google search with a few items added to the filter are probably those “special kids” who made it through school from being graded on effort. Hell having been in a Sped class i can tell you no one in there was stupid enough to not know the definition of violence. So by reasonable deduction my dear watson I can honestly say these are an inferior subhuman species of the lowest form from 60-70’s circa still wanting pacifism and drugs while preeching free love.

  10. Only gun I ever carried without at least a minimalist holster to cover the trigger guard was a P7 PSP.

    Squeeze cocker had a lot of arguments in its favor. Too bad that gun heated up after 20 rounds or so…

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