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More than a million Americans say they’ve had a gun stolen in the last five years. Guns are quick to disappear during home burglaries, and they’re also one of the most common things stolen from vehicles. Since you can’t take guns on a plane along with other valuables, some people have landed at an airport only to find that their firearms hadn’t made it there.

At the same time, your gun is likely the most valuable object you tote around on a daily basis. For that reason, the people at Collectibles Insurance Services have created an affordable insurance option uniquely tailored to gun owners.

Unlike other providers we’ve come across, Collectibles Insurance Services offers:

An easy, privacy-conscious documentation process. You know that phone you have, the one that records video? Grab that, hit “Record,” and take a nice, slow look at your arsenal through the camera lens. Collectibles Insurance Services will accept that video as proof of ownership. Importantly, you NEVER need to report the serial numbers of your firearms. Only individual items worth $25,000 or more need to be scheduled (easy one-line listing – make, model, and estimated value). Homeowners’ policies generally do require scheduling, which is not only a bit invasive, but also tedious.

A painless claims process. Here’s where you can easily file your claim 24/7. You can also call them on the phone, of course (888-837-9537). Collectibles Insurance Services will respond within 24 hours or the next business day and gives you up to 90 days from the date of the incident to file your claim. Have your proof of ownership ready.

Collectibles Insurance Services also has the broadest coverage, including:

Ammunition, gear and knives. This is one of the biggest advantages of Collectibles Insurance Services. As far as we know, they are the only provider that will include ammunition and “loose” gear (e.g. a scope that’s not attached to your rifle) as part of your collection.

Theft from a vehicle. Car insurance almost never covers personal property.

Accidental damage. Homeowners’ policies are usually limited to burglary or fire. In contrast, if a shotgun accidentally meets its doom at the bottom of a lake, Collectibles Insurance Services can provide protection.

Shipping loss. If you’re moving to a new home or shipping guns for any other reason, you don’t have to depend on the post office to protect your valuables.

Off-site theft/loss. No homeowners’ policy will reimburse you for something that gets stolen at a party, restaurant, or other place outside your home. Collectibles Insurance Services offers that coverage.

Any firearm, not just antique/collectible ones. Unlike other insurance policies, Collectibles Insurance Services does not have any stipulations on types of firearms.

Essentially, Collectibles Insurance Services can properly protect your arsenal at any time, in whole or in part and including munitions and gear. They’re honest and good at what they do, and they’ve been doing it for a while. Here’s where you can get a quote.

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    • put in a claim…they paid…’nuff said!….[even if they do like to get a little “cute” by trying to work in your homeowner’s policy into the mix]

    • And make sure you 550 cord your gun to your nutsack for ultimate operational security.

  1. I’d rather invest the money in a good safe , avoiding statements of ownership. Then again, there is that leaky boat I’ve been meaning to fix.

  2. I’m sure my safe doesn’t fit someone’s idea of a “good” safe, and its way cheaper than I expected it to be, but for $1100 I got a 600 lb safe bolted to the concrete slab in a closet, big enough to hold maybe a dozen long guns and a dozen handguns. May not be the be-all to end-all, but its better than guns and gold and jewelry and papers like titles and wills scattered all over the house. Added steel shelving beside the safe, and guns are in the safe, ammo outside, dehumidifier in the closet and chemical driers in the safe, I’m right happy with it.

      • As the extra “friend” drafted to help move a BIGUN (twice) screw the damn things.

        There aren’t enough people who I would want/allow knowledge of my (potential) firearms ownership to move the safe needed (if not for the boating inceident).

      • I arranged delivery and installation at the time of purchase, paid for with the safe (included in the total $1000). On delivery the guy doing the install asked if I’d like to pay $100 extra to have it bolted to the slab, which I’d been wondering how to do. Total $1100, took probably a week to find correct source, installation about an hour or 2. Like I said, I’m right happy, wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. For example, I was paying $44/month for a safe deposit box at the bank to store stuff now in my safe, by this time several years later, the safe has already paid for itself.

    • Bolted down is important. So is locating your safe someplace awkward so that removing it takes a professional mover with experience handling heavy stuff. A guy went on vacation and returned to find everything gone. The safe, not just the guns inside. Best guess is the burglars realized he was gone for a while, backed a pickup into his garage where the safe was located, and hauled it away to be opened at their leisure.

      Those little handgun safes you keep on your nightstand? The typical burglar, who is in and out in under 5 minutes, will stick it under his arm and keep going.

  3. This is a “Sponsored Content” article that I really appreciate. I will seriously consider a policy now that I know my home owner’s insurance probably does not provide meaningful coverage of firearm theft/damage.

  4. NRA membership gets you $2500 worth of coverage “free,” and you can upgrade that to the value of your collection.
    Separately, you should make a log of all of your firearms with make, model and serial numbers, as well as the cost. Put that list in a safe deposit box, just in case your house burns to the ground and you need to make an insurance claim. We had a 297,000 acre fire up here this summer that burned through neighborhoods leaving nothing but ash and a few brick or stone chimneys. The fire moved so fast that many were forced to flee with nothing but their pets and the clothes on their backs.

    • Wildfire are not a surprise in the areas where they occur. A plan a defense and use it will save your ass.

    • I had the NRA expanded coverage for a while. Then found out how $$$ it is compared to other reputable collection insurance plans that cover everyday guns (not specifically high-value guns).

      Shop around before you pay for NRA expanded coverage. There are reputable, affordable plans out there for a lot less.

  5. This Sponsored Content guy is very prolific here on TTAG. I wonder if he’s a friend of Staff Writer.

  6. Some how me-thinks videos of guns and weapons of any kind…Legal or Illegal would be used to “self – incriminate yourself…” If something goes wrong in this current post- authoritarian atmosphere….

    Burglary and Robbery are crimes…They are already against the law…..

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