Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attacks the NRA Over the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

In response to the horrific attacks on two New Zealand mosques by a radical anti-immigrant, eco-fascist nut job, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has decided the best course of action is to somehow connect the terror attack to…the National Rifle Association on the other side of the globe.

The famously under-informed freshman Congressperson apparently thinks the term “thoughts and prayers” was coined by the NRA’s PR operation.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter

Dana Loesch struck back.

aoc alexandria ocasio-cortez nra thoughts prayers


The NRA doesn’t appear to have issued a statement yet on the New Zealand shooting, but details like that aren’t really important when the goal is scoring political points.

In the manifesto he published justifying his mass murder, the New Zealand shooter stated that he specifically chose firearms to prompt a greater push for gun control in the US and a repeal of the Second Amendment. It appears that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez would like to oblige him and isn’t letting this crisis go to waste.



  1. avatar Tracy says:

    If only I was as ignorant as AOC, I could be a congressional representative too. Damn….

    1. avatar Scott says:

      I know right. It sucks to be over qualified for a job these days

    2. avatar Sir Tri says:

      That there comment pretty much DQed you from her “job”.

      1. avatar AnglsNW says:

        by DQ’ed she’ll probably think you meant Dairy Queen and be offended because they serve burgers there

    3. avatar Kenneth says:

      Sorry, that part has already been cast:
      You didn’t think they call it: “political theatre” by accident, did you?

    4. avatar KS says:

      I’m not sure why anyone gives this moron a second thought, any attention for that matter. Hopefully she’ll shoot her mouth off enough and that will be her demise. These people are out of touch and uninformed. They need to think before they stink.
      I’m sorry but I’m sick of having to hear about how everything about the gun/shooting/hunting activity is the NRA’s. They don’t make people do these things
      they’re too busy counting their money and managing their investments.

      1. avatar Chris says:

        Why are you anti-NRA posters such bold faced liars? NRA spending is running slightly more than its income according to its 990 the last couple of years since its corporate affinity and corporate donations have been targeted by gun control groups

        By the way, NRA executive compensation is about 1% of expenses whereas GOA is about 12%.

    5. avatar Kirk says:

      If you voted for trump.. guess what? You are definitely ignorant..congrats

      1. avatar Draven says:

        because voting for Hillary (!) would have been sooooo much better!

      2. avatar Ad Astra says:

        If you think an ellipsis is a substitute for commas and periods in your punctuation, then congrats you are ignorant.

      3. avatar Yeti75 says:

        Because voting for Richard Nibbler would’ve been so much better, right?
        Trump haters blow.

      4. avatar Chris says:

        Hillary (like every single upcoming election Democrat presidential candidate) opposed the Heller decision meaning she supports bans of even revolvers.

        And Trump has made some missteps, but they are only noticeable because in the big picture he is he most positive president, or even candidate with any decent numbers, when it comes to Second Amendment issues.

        Are you aware that virtually every Democratic candidate running for the upcoming primary has expressed support and interest in the “Australian model” which is mass confiscation?

      5. avatar Ron Thomas says:

        Well I can tell that you voted for Obama. Make America Great vote Trump 2020, He is the best chance to put God back in America and in our Schools where he belong. Think God and pray for our country because we are in trouble more that you can imagine.

    6. avatar Craig in IA says:

      Well, you’d have to be an idiot with a lot of money…

  2. avatar rc says:

    AOC won’t be the only one pushing for the end of the 2A as a result of this. They’ll come out of the woodwork and this will be the only thing the media covers for the next month. The fact that this happened in a ‘massive gun free zone’ won’t be mentioned at all.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “The fact that this happened in a ‘massive gun free zone’ won’t be mentioned at all.”

      Huh? For not being in the USA, NZ gun laws are fairly decent. Someone at the second mosque returned fire…

      1. avatar OBOB says:


        a gun saved lives….I bet we will NOT heard that on CNN>>>MSNBC or insert LEFT lib media here name

      2. avatar Martin Buck says:

        I saw a report that a mosque worker ( a humble man who helped with parking cars and such) grabbed the shooter from behind and made him drop the gun. When the shooter ran away, the mosque worker chased him with the gun, but was unable to get it to fire. The shooter jumped into a car with two other people and drove away. There were eight deaths at that smaller mosque. Possibly many more were saved by this brave man’s actions.

  3. avatar Cruzo1981 says:

    I can understand that NZ is an ally, but why are our government officials so quick to comment? Like most of what goes on in the world, that’s none of our business. Let’s see how many people say racists, even though the attack was based on religion making a case for sectarianism having happened. We have no business cooperating with any investigations going on, but we are there already cooperating…

    1. avatar Cory C. says:

      I can see how one might think that if we didn’t have his manifesto to go by, but his manifesto is explicitly about white people vs. the rest of the world. He’s not anti-Islam, he’s anti everything that isn’t white European.

      1. avatar Reason says:

        If you read his manifesto he is a racist LEFTIST. He was looking to cause trouble in the U.S.A. by using guns. Hoping to cause an eventual civil war here.

        1. avatar tdiinva says:

          He represents the modern mash up of what we call left and right. Portland had a lot of people like him. White Nationalists who support the green-red agenda. I call it Socialism for white people.

      2. avatar Chris says:

        Cory, his manifesto has extreme right and extreme left. But like all these mass killers what you are going to find is he is simply insane. Putting a political label on him is just part of the disinformation, because we know if the manifesto were outright left, the media would be marking this down and pitching it as insanity only. That is a double standard. Fort Hood shooter hated Christians, yet that became workplace violence. Pulse nightclub was an Islamist, but that became just “crazy” with no Islamist motive in the mainstream media.The unibomber’s manifesto was anarcho/environmentalist left, pretty much like Antifa. That that was spun as just crazy.

        Anders Breivik, the perpetrator of the larges shooting of students anywhere after Beslin (Islamist killing of christian school children) was found insane by all three original court appointed pychiatrists who examined him. That was politically incorrect. So the Norway government forced the court to have him “re-examined” and found sane and ‘polically motivated” even though by all Norway criminal insanity standards, he was simply insane.

        This killer in New Zealand’s manifesto is likely not so much about what he believes, but constructed to get the most press notice. It is “red meat” for the media to give him what he really wants, which is fame. These mass killers are insignificant people who deeply feel they are ignored by society. They know the media will make them famous. They know since Breivik that throwing out a political angle gets the media drooling and more likely to

        1. avatar Kenneth F. Walendzik says:

          AOC is a product of a wasted education, and it shows greatly! The NRA is a GRASS ROOTS representative organization of Americans to defend the First and Second Amendments, and the Constitution overall. AOC would do well to refocus on Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton, C.A.I.R who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, and terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas; Linda Sarsour, Omar and Tlaib who are haters, misogynists, racists and Anti Semites. AOC may want to focus on the 14 million slaves in India, and the genocidal tribal wars in Africa – like the TUTSIS and HUTU in the 1990’s.
          Currently slavery is common in the African nations – Sudan Chad, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Northern Uganda, Congo and Niger. Sexual slavery including child sex trade is practiced in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Ethiopia; forced labor slave trade is very healthy in Cape Verde, Sao Tome, in the Congo by the Bantu; In Mauritania hold 600,000 black slaves, many of which are children. Genocide – currently being practiced in the Sudan: Dinka’s committing genocide against the Nuer people; ISIS genocide against the Yazidis, Iraqi Shiites; and Assyrian Christians; and Muslim groups in Darfur committing genocide against the Fur people; and 120 Nigerians murdered and 140 homes destroyed by Muslims in the 3 weeks preceding the shooting in New Zealand. Bigotry, racism, sex slave trades, slavery is still alive and well in Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, China, India and Uzbekistan and practiced by Muslims and Africans. AOC would do well to refocus there!

    2. avatar DavidB says:

      Do you remember 9/11? The world wept with America. New Zealand wept with America. I was there in NZ and I saw it happen.
      Well, this is, as a percentage of the population, about the same scale for New Zealand as 9/11 was for America.
      360,000,000 people in the USA – 9/11 killed almost 3,000.
      5,000,000 people in NZ – 3/15 killed 49.

      So it’s right and proper for us to comment and condemn this attack.
      And AOC has a right to make whatever… commentary… she deems fit.

      1. avatar Eric Dehn says:

        Get over yourself. Why aren’t you decrying the thousands being killed everyday in Africa or the slavery if woman in Islam. Literally drawing a reason to drag ourselves into another countries bullshit is folly of the highest order.
        The fact you go so far as to use a math equation shows what stretchs you are willing to go to make us responsible.
        AOC can shut her mouth about this as
        We HAD NOTHING zero zilch nada to do with it..
        ffs you victim playing git,
        why don’t you just leave the US if you are that sure we are the cause of all the worlds Ills and anything that happens with firearms is our fault.
        Guess what genius, it was the Chinese who invented gupowder and europeans that perfected modern firearms, so if we are running retroactive blame games let’s move that bar back a bit.

      2. avatar Chris says:

        And AOC has a right to make whatever… commentary… she deems fit.

        She is suggesting shredding the Constitution. This isn’t about people ‘weeping” or expressing sympathy or support, the article is about Cortez suggestion that the US tear up the Bill of Rights.

        The “commentary” AOC is making is a despicable fascist response: “a person committed a crime, let’s shred everyone else liberty.”

    3. avatar Rusty Shackleford says:

      They do it to obfuscate New Zealand’s role in the 2016 attempt to overthrow an elected government of the US through the FVEY coup. This attack will give NZ that lucrative victim status, as well as act like a springboard for “Austrailian style” gun control in NZ and the US.

  4. avatar Michael says:

    In one news report, armed men drove off the attackers. Bet that won’t be in any lead paragraph of any MSM outlet. -30-

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      Sssshhhhhh! That won’t fit the leftist narrative.

      1. avatar -Peter says:

        Check out the cover page of the shooter’s “manifesto.”

        He is a proponent of “workers’ rights,” the “environment,” and “responsible markets.” He is also “anti-imperialism.”

        This guy was a racist xenophobe, but he was also a LEFTIST. Not that this small detail will receive media coverage either. I’ve already heard him described as a “right wing extremist” on at least one mainstream news channel.

        1. avatar Strength & Honor says:

          “I’ve already heard him described as a “right wing extremist” on at least one mainstream news channel.”

          Technically, he IS a ‘right wing’ extremist, because anyone to the RIGHT (e.g. towards a fantasy political “center”) from the perspective of Social Democrats (aka Communists) or openly Communist (more like Marxist) groups is, from THEIR vantage, ‘right wing’, e.g. to the right of their ideology.

          Keep in mind, ‘right wing’ when discussing extremism does not correspond with US political parties as we identify ‘left vs right’ or Communists vs Constitutionalists… er I mean Democrats vs Republicans. A fantastic article to review on this topic specifically the segment:

          “To be clear, the terms “right-wing extremists” and “left-wing extremists” do not correspond to political parties in the United States, such as Republicans or Democrats. Opinion polls in the United States show that most Republicans and Democrats loathe terrorism. 3

          Instead, right-wing terrorism commonly refers to the use or threat of violence by sub-national or non-state entities whose goals may include racial, ethnic, or religious supremacy; opposition to government authority; and the end of practices like abortion.4 As Bruce Hoffman writes, right-wing terrorists generally criticize the democratic state for “its liberal social welfare policies and tolerance of diverse opinion—alongside its permitting of dark-skinned immigrants in the national labor force and of Jews and other minorities in positions of power or influence.” 5 Left-wing terrorism, on the other hand, refers to the use or threat of violence by sub-national or non-state entities that oppose capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism; focus on environmental or animal rights issues; espouse pro-communist or pro-socialist beliefs; or support a decentralized sociopolitical system like anarchism.6”

          The distinction is clear, however in the US, all of those ideas tend to fall under a leftward leaning ideology.
          We need not knee-jerk respond to the right wing label because ‘right wing’ is correctly a euphemism for national socialism (NSDAP, NAZI) or groups associated with their hybrid socialistic, state controlled ‘free market’ ideology… often indistinguishable from their racist ideology.

          In context, this means that the media (Democrats), organizations such as the SPLC and their ilk, and officials representing the Democrat Party in the US, regularly misrepresent the term ‘right wing’ as a slander against US Conservatives and Republicans party members, or anyone who stands in the way of their view, goals, or agenda. This is simply information warfare designed to shut you up by inappropriately attempting to group you in with people your parents and grandparents shed blood to beat in the 40s. People you consider evil. They are literally describing all Republicans or Conservatives as Nazis, when the contrast couldn’t be more stark. It is just that all of these groups (national socialists, centerists, republicans, conservatives, constitutionalists, etc.) are, ideologically, to THEIR right whereas from the perspective of anyone to the right of center on the US political spectrum, one might easily categorize ‘right wing extremism’ as ‘left wing extremism’.

          For the sake of clarity, please note that for whatever reason, they continue describing left vs right wing in the same context as left vs right in the Weimar Republic, which does not at all align with US politics. It’s nothing short of libel and slander the way they used to try to segregate blacks, round up Japanese citizens, and refuse Jewish refugees from Europe. This time, Republicans are their target.

          Further info:
          “It was common in those days, as it is in ours, to identify the Communists as leftist and the Nazis as rightists, as if they stood on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. But Ludwig von Mises knew differently. They both sported the same ideological pedigree of socialism. “The German and Russian systems of socialism have in common the fact that the big government has full control of the means of production. It decides what shall be produced and how. It allots to each individual a share of consumer’s goods for his consumption.”

          If friggen Ludwig von Mises calls them out on their similarities, you know something is fishy.

          I’m struggling to find it, but there is a reference out there by a bigwig Nazi member, either mr mustache himself in his stupid screed about his personal jihad (jihad sorta translates to struggle…) or another propaganda personality who plainly states that National Socialism is for all intents and purposes identical to Communism, save for a few select nuances such as all men are not equal, the facade of a free market, and several other distinctions. If anyone can identify that quote, please reply with it. It is seminal to understanding this issue. Political scientists will pitch a fit saying that these ideologies are NOT identical because of a few opposing descriptions, but if if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck… its probably a goose stepper of some sort.

          In conclusion, leftists (whose ambitions are clearly described above by CSIS) are just pissed their side didn’t sweep the entire European continent and crush us by beating podiums with their shoes.

          Post Script: I’m fairly certain I, and my family, will languish in a Gulag if the left ever really takes control and someone finds this comment.

        2. avatar Reason says:

          Replying to Strength & Honor

          “Technically, he IS a ‘right wing’ extremist”
          Umm NO. In his own words he is a leftist.

          “As Bruce Hoffman writes, right-wing terrorists generally criticize the democratic state for “its liberal social welfare policies and tolerance of diverse opinion—alongside its permitting of dark-skinned immigrants in the national labor force and of Jews and other minorities in positions of power or influence.” ”

          Don’t believe everything you read.

          And no the Nazi” were not “right wing” That is BS spread by the left not wanting to be associated with them. They wish to paint the right as being the Nazi.

          History shows that the left are the ones that are terrorists, despots, dictators and are the first to resort to violence to get their way.

        3. avatar oldandshaky says:

          Von Mises’ disciple, the Nobel prize-winning economist and social philosopher F.A. Hayek, wrote “The Road to Serfdom,” (1944) which has as its chapter XII title, “THE SOCIALIST ROOTS OF NAZIISM.”

          “What, then, caused these views held by a reactionary minority [Naziism] finally to gain the support of the great majority of Germans and practically the whole of her youth?… [T]he support which brought these ideas to power came precisely from the socialist camp.”

          Chapter XIII is entitled “THE TOTALITARIANS IN OUR MIDST.” Hayek was warning classical liberal societies, particularly England, to beware the totalitarian impulses that he saw emerging even then. The welfare states of Europe and the U.S.A. followed.

      2. avatar Reason says:

        You will not hear much at all about that. Tough to get permit to own a hand gun in New Zealand. Probably near impossible to get permitted to carry one. So what was a refugee doing carrying one?

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          Having lived in NZ I can tell you that getting a gun license is not as hard as you might think. It’s a PITA to be sure, but it’s not like Cali in terms of carry.

          A Firearms license in NZ works like a lot of driver’s licenses do in the US. It has an endorsement. You can have hunting rifles with the Type A license which is the general license for “sporting configuration” arms. Paying $200NZD and applying through the police can get you a B,C,D or E endorsement (each one costs $200 and you can have them all if you want).

          B covers pistols and E covers what we’d call MSRs (They call them MSSA’s Military Style Semi Automatics). Sporting competition is considered a “lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose” for an endorsement to be issued and B and E endorsements can be given to visitors from oversees.

          Those with a B endorsement can carry a pistol, subject to some restrictions that vary by location. There is no “permit to carry” but rather you carry and potential use must have a “lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose” which is determined on a case by case basis if you get caught with the gun or you use it outside a gun range.

          I suspect that, based on my interactions with NZ Police, the cops will have no trouble determining that this guy had a “lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose” in shooting back provided he had a B endorsement and an A license, which there’s no reason to think he didn’t since any of us could get one if we had a valid visa.

    2. avatar Ed Schrade says:

      Don’t recall which liberal outlet I was reading this morning but they reported that at one mosque , an armed man fired at the shooter when he arrived and drove him away. They reported that the defender used a shotgun, maybe Biden loaned him his.

      1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

        Left out the difference and success of a gun free zone versus a gun friendly zone, they will refuse to make this comparison.

  5. avatar Shire-man says:

    Isn’t “thoughts and prayers” the essential funding mechanism being her green new deal?

    Watching the attack video should be a wake up call to all the banners out there. As they watch go over each proposed policy from both sides from mag bans to carry reciprocity and ask which ones would have resulted in a better outcome in reality not fantasy.

  6. avatar D says:

    Funny how someone so stupid could be so arrogant.

    It’s not AOC’s fault. The blame rests on the stupidity of her voters.

    1. avatar bryan1980 says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth. The only ones dumber than her are the ones who put her in office.

    2. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

      She’s the perfect example of a useful idiot.

  7. avatar enuf says:

    Yeah, she takes cluelessness to new heights. An otherwise dim bulb, she’d better serve her constituents by enrolling in a gym, working on her bikini body and moving someplace with some nice beaches to show off on.

    Yes, that would at least be a socially redeeming thing for her to do.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      The internet is full of opportunities to make big bucks at home with nothing more than a web cam.

  8. avatar B says:

    AOC = AssClown

    1. avatar Big E says:

      That’s a cheap-shot at Assclowns. She is dumb, but her failing is her Communism (a choice) not her stupidity (a function of genetics).

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      No, her name that we must apply with gusto is:

      Occasional Cortex

      This is such a great fit with her sporadic use of higher-level brain function so evident in her countless silly ramblings.

      Now we just need an appropriate first name that is similar to Alexandria and befitting of her infrequent use of higher-level brain function.

      Come one people! We need suggestions for a similar first name for Miss. Occasional Cortex!

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        “Feckless Twat” is accurate, but doesn’t really blend well with the rest…

      2. avatar Carlos says:


  9. avatar Warren Neville says:

    There has to be at least one nut in this country that will take care of this piece of crap and the muslim whore.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      No one appreciates you trying to defame the site this way. Peddle your papers elsewhere, please.

      1. avatar M1Lou says:

        It would be interesting to track who posts shit like this, and cross reference it to other posts on the Internet. This could be a professional paid troll spewing stupidity. Or someone who’s mom turned the Internet back on in their basement.

  10. avatar GS650G says:

    I don’t see why i need to empty my gun safe into the back of a waiting patrol car because someone in NZ shoots up a mosque.
    Actually I don’t think I’m required to do that in the first place. They know this and hate the fact it’s an enumerated right.

  11. avatar JMR says:

    She took the bait of the dude hook line and sinker. What an idiot.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      She is waiting for someone to read the manifesto to here after it has been translated for her intellectual level.

  12. avatar Willis K Smith says:

    AOC in a certifiable nut case and should be put away.

  13. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Man, TTAG has a “fuck you” list one after the other today. China, the shooter and AOC can all pound sand.

  14. avatar Ark says:

    Other side of the planet, in a country with strict gun control, a terrorist attack is still somehow the NRA’s fault. Okay, cortex, whatever you say.

    She’s also apparently too ignorant and lazy to have done five minutes of research and found out that the shooter specifically chose guns over all other tools available to him in order to trigger people like her and set people like her on the warpath of confiscation. AOC is providing material support for terrorism.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      She’s also apparently too ignorant and lazy to have done five minutes of research and found out that the shooter specifically chose guns over all other tools available to him in order to trigger people

      Do you actually believe that Occasional Cortex would share the facts even if she knew the facts? My money is on Occasional Cortex spewing whatever narrative is necessary to advance her agenda, facts be damned.

      The famous line from Blazing Saddles comes to mind where the villain says, “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” Applying that to this case, Occasional Cortex would say, “Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts!”

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        That famous line was first uttered in “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” starring Humphrey Bogart, and was one of any number of lines “borrowed” for comedic effect. Another is the song sung by Lilly at the end of the movie with the drunk German soldiers–it came from Mel’s “Springtime for Hitler.”

  15. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    As a Christian my thoughts and prayers do go out to the victims in Christchurch. And my thoughts and prayers also go to the family that was assassinated by the Houston Police Department. Most recently in a no-knock raid with apparently a warrant that the police lied about to get it.

    Atheists have always had a problem with flyover country they stated so publicly. Interestingly it’s also where most of the Firearms are individually kept in the United States.

  16. avatar Keifer says:

    I should, like, totally move to New Zealand, you know, so I can join the NRA and lobby to, like, protect my rights as, like, enumerated by the Constitution of the United States of America… or something.

  17. avatar TXGabe says:

    From Corbin Trent and Saikat Chakrabarti’s lips to AOC’s ears.

  18. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    I think A O C would fit in better with a job in a Tijuana house of ill repute.

    1. avatar LoL says:

      Si….On a stick!

      1. avatar edward kenway's ghost says:

        Viva Jose Jalapeno!

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      But then how could she live on a dollar a day?

    3. avatar Ogre says:

      She’s probably got the necessary language qualifications. The rest, I’m not so sure of.

    4. avatar 4808 N says:

      Boston University has a lot of explaining to do.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Maybe her mother did the hollywood mom thing and bribed them?

  19. avatar Wiregrass says:

    Isn’t AOC an eco-fascist nutjob herself? Explains why she falls directly into the script that this murderer is using to justify his motivations.

    1. avatar Draven says:

      yep pretty much.

    2. avatar That One Guy says:

      I had to read that line a few times to figure out if “eco-fascist nutjob” was describing the shooter or AOC…

      but then i thought, “porque no los dos?”

  20. avatar Ogre says:

    Gee, I wish I’d lived a saintly life, like AOC, so I could look down my holier-than-thou NYC nose at “the little people” out in fly-over country and tell them and their organizations how putridly immoral they and their beliefs are, and how to fix that. As it turns out, I’ve lived a pretty normal life as a guy, and as a result probably have enough skeletons in my closet to prevent me from being elected dogcatcher in this day of political “researchers” outing all opponents of social democracy, even those whose childish transgressions were committed half a century or more before now.

  21. avatar jwtaylor says:

    A radical leftist racist shoots people while they are praying.

    In response, the darling of the Democrat Party attacks people for praying.

    I can make this stuff up.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      A defenseless* mosque is annihilated, and the next one the shooter arrives at drives him off with a firearm. Democrats propose disarming houses of worship.

      *it’s a bit early yet; it’s possible the killer took out an armed guard(s) in the first moments

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Every day I thank the powers that be for AOC. She is going to almost single handed land either Trump or another gop candidate in the white house come election time.

      If I knew there was an actual plot afoot to kill her I’d put my fat ass between her and the killer(s).

      At the risk of calling down Godwin’s on my head I will state that she is this generations hitler. He almost single handed lost the war. Without him there could maybe have been another outcome for Germany. Or at least it would have cost the allies more years, blood and tears if he had dies early in the war.

      AOC is fracturing and destroying the democrat party and their future. Man, these are exciting times.

  22. avatar Emilia says:

    In our Constitution it is our right to bear arms as American citizens. This woman needs to go back to bartending because her ignorance is disgusting. Trying to take away our rights so that only criminals have rights? For a vote she risking American citizens rights.

  23. avatar edward kenway's ghost says:

    When your job depends on having a certain political mindset and the godless people around you share it as well, AOC’s ignorant commentary isn’t a surprise. Who’s truly surprised this leftwing dingbat wouldn’t get around to tying the NRA, terrorism, and firearms together?
    I’m not.
    It’s a standard Progtard response. Anyone else with common sense would be a bit more circumspect casting blame.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Edward Kenway’s Ghost,

      If only it were common for people to have common sense!

  24. avatar barnbwt says:

    One of the houses of worship was safe; they had a gun & fought back, saving dozens of lives.

    The other house merely ‘felt’ safe, and its members paid dearly. There’s only one lesson to be learned today.

  25. avatar ANG Pilot says:

    I guess that dim bulb AOC missed the part of Brendon Tarrant’s manifesto where he said he hoped these murders would provoke a civil war in the United States by promoting a further crackdown on gun owners there.

    The NRA and its members had nothing to do with these murders or any of the murders AOC referenced. She’s a bigot who has no problem scapegoating hundreds of millions of innocent people because she hates them.

    Leftists like AOC don’t trust normal people. She and her ilk feel we’ll only live our lives properly when we’re “guided” or forced into it by our betters – people like her. Private gun ownership puts incredible power – for both good and bad – into the hands of the masses, and that’s a huge problem for her. It gives the masses a credible means of resisting her agenda.

  26. avatar Sian says:

    You keep the pews safe

    By always having your pew with you

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “By always having your ‘pew-pew’ with you.”

      FIFY 😉

    2. avatar Manuel Hernandez says:

      That was clever. All I’m sayin’. Pew-pew was also very good.

  27. avatar WI Patriot says:

    “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attacks the NRA Over the New Zealand Mosque Shootings”

    How typical…just waiting for omar to blame jews…

  28. avatar Pacer says:

    I really try to stay away from political discussions, but I cant help myself on this. It’s scary how uninformed AOC is on…just about everything. What’s equally scary is the amount of followers she has who will believe anything she says. Any rational debate with her absolutely impossible. I’m constantly amazed by this.

    For example, if you don’t agree to her New Green Deal then you are automatically against the environment. No, it’s just a poorly thought out, ridiculous idea. And that’s what passes for politics today. Half baked ideas.

    She’s definitely not popular for her intellect. If she was an OFWG you’d never hear of her. Her qualifications: Latina, 29 years old, reasonably attractive. That’s it. Her economics degree obviously hasn’t helped her other than put her on the finance committee.

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      “It’s scary how uninformed AOC is on…just about everything.”

      That’s just a typical liberal, they know not of what they speak, so the regurgitate what they’ve been told, or what they’ve been instructed…In other words, they’re just parrots, some are junior parrots(aoc, omar, etc), and some are senior parrots(pelosi, etc), but all parrots nonetheless…

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Pacer and Wisconsin Patriot,

      My reply to a similar comment above:

      Do you actually believe that Occasional-Cortex would share the facts even if she knew the facts? My money is on Occasional-Cortex spewing whatever narrative is necessary to advance her agenda, facts be damned.

    3. avatar Richard Johanson, Sr. says:

      Her own credit score is said to be in the 400s

  29. avatar former water walker says:

    Dumbazz gets more publicity. Way to go TTAG😄😊😏

  30. avatar M1Lou says:

    I have a feeling the Kiwi’s are about to get fuct without lube on guns by their parliment, which would mean mosques like the one that had someone armed would most likely be disarmed. But that’s OK to governments because, guns!

  31. avatar WhiteDevil says:

    Is that her, “I have to take a shit,” face? Hawt.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Notice the black gal in the white jacket just over Occasional-Cortex’s shoulder: she has a slight smirk, probably because she is thinking, “Oh yeah, we can REALLY use this to seriously advance our agenda.”

  32. avatar pg2 says:

    AOC is a manufactured socialist entity out of nowhere. Where we have seen this script before….Obama?

  33. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Remember, liberals love to wave the bloody shirts and push their screwed up logic that more bans will prevent another mass shootings.

    Also, it is our fault to allow another massacre.

  34. avatar Bradley Carpenter says:

    Several of the statements he made do have some credibility involving that Democracy can result in mob rule not by a rule of law; you need law with equity and law with grace. That you can not obtain equality with the notion that equality means equal outcome and results; but equality of worth; equal protection under the law; and equal opportunity.

    Also, more people during the last century were killed by their own governments by disarming their intended victims in a ghetto and a concentration camp than by all of the street thugs that have existed.

    Finally, every society of man on this planet must governed by the power within or the power without; by the word of God or the power of the state; by the Bible or the bayonet. All of the things that we suffer from crime; envy; hatred; slavery; are the result of ignoring the precepts and principles of the Bible. !!

  35. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Well now the Marxist brain dead have weighed in on the subject,next petty tyrant.

  36. avatar tdiinva says:

    New Zealand must be one of the 57 States.

  37. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    I wish I could this dummy but she’s far too stupid to take that chance. Somebody should tell her advocating repeal of the 2ND is in keeping with the spirit of the oath of office she took. If I was rich I’d hire a couple of good attornies and go after those in the national legislature who are anti-2ND and attempt to get them tossed from office for not adhering to the oath to support the Constitution.

  38. avatar strych9 says:

    AOC might, might have finally stepped in it this time.

    Her comment here serves no real purpose and, given where this happened and what the guy who did it had to say about why he was doing it, scores no political points. In this case it’s just a divisive and derisive remark by a stupid woman who should shortly be seen as such by nearly everyone worldwide.

    Hopefully she goes farther with her comments and advocates some gun control so that someone with clout/name recognition asks her “Why are you taking the side of a deranged lunatic who shot up a mosque? He said you’d do this and he said it would lead to more division and maybe even conflict. Why do you support a second civil war Ms. Cortez?”.

    I’d love to see her explain how “morally correct” she is when she’s wrong on that one.

    1. avatar Pg2 says:

      She’ll never “step in it”. You dont seem to understand what she really represents.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        I understand that she’s exactly the kind of person who’s going to force people like you to get vaccinations or kill you over it. I also understand that that’s just the tip of the spear.

        Fortunately her popularity with the general public is plummeting, overall she went from 2 points ahead to more than 10 points underwater in the last 30 days.

  39. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Well, they say you can’t fix stupid. I guess she proves it.

  40. avatar Nanashi says:

    “The NRA doesn’t appear to have issued a statement yet on the New Zealand shooting”

    We already know what it is: “Do whatever you like, just grandfather in existing items so our investments are safe”.

    1. avatar Martin Buck says:

      Sadly, just like the shooter intended, our Prime Minister (who resembles AOC in many ways, but has a MUCH better speech writer) bit hard on the anti gun bandwagon, saying that the days of semi automatics are over in NZ. Again, like all hoplophobes, she doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. The shooter was able to obtain a NZ Firearms License, so he must have been able to convince an experienced Police Firearms Officer that he was reliably sane. He had shotguns as well as some form of AR15 – do they ban shotguns as well? The licensing regime will probably be hardened up. Interesting that she first addressed only her thoughts to the victims – atheism is the chosen religion of the far left – but later added prayers as a political expedient. Guns are going to become very unpopular in these parts – just in time for hunting season! That shooter was an Australian, who are notoriously racist in NZ eyes. In NZ we trust Muslims more than we do Australians. This is an embarrassment for our intelligence and security personnel, who were beating the wrong bushes for terrorists. Racist skinheads have taken over organized crime in Christchurch, and the Police who tolerated their depradations will have to be replaced. There is probably a much wider conspiracy yet to be found.

  41. avatar possum says:

    Thoughts and prayers? ESAD how’s that for a thought.

  42. avatar Eli2016 says:

    We really need this woman to run for president. She could bring the entire democratic party to their knees with her commentary.

  43. avatar Harry G. says:

    The new role for this young actress is simply too big ! She can’t handle it ! Besides, she just not bright enough to read the script, she tries to adlib and comes across dumber than a bag of rocks.

  44. avatar Crabbyoldguy says:

    I thought I read the dirtbag was Australian. So, does NZ have an immigration problem?

    1. avatar Martin Buck says:

      We have had a big immigration problem for many years. The problem was the right wing National party selling citizenship for contributions to party campaign funds, the same problem you have in America. Except those rich new citizens are Asians, Americans, wealthy people from all over the world. And they have been busy hoovering up the residential property market, so that now we have increased house prices and homelessness. And the (mainly Muslim) refugees allowed in via UN mandates, who are given social housing, are increasing homelessness from the other end. Poor Kiwis are living in their cars. Our new Left wing government are like deer frozen in the headlights, seemingly unable to take any useful action to correct the problem. There has always been free movement between NZ and Australia (except for felons), but this guy left no trace of his intentions other than on social media, which our intelligence and security people are apparently unable to access. There was a TV series made in Australia called Romper Stomper, which shows the growing tensions between Muslims and skinheads, and the violence this generates. There have been a few race riots in Oz, but nothing at all in NZ. This guy was apparently trying to bring Aussie style racism to NZ. It did not work. We do not blame blame Muslims for the problems caused by greedy incompetent politicians. We deeply sympathize with the Mosque attendees who had such a bad day yesterday. One idiot will not change our minds.

  45. avatar RGP says:


    Originated from a portmanteau combining bimbo + robot, meaning shallow, polished female who has attained a level of superficiality beyond that of the common or garden-variety bimbo.

  46. avatar WI Patriot says:

    “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attacks the NRA Over the New Zealand Mosque Shootings”

    Of course she does, as the newest kneejerk liberal, it’s her job to, once again, become the idiot for the left…

  47. avatar Ron Curtis says:

    Ms. Cortez
    Are you suggesting that this mans behavior be rewarded by giving him what he requests? If you are I think that would be sending a very interesting message to others who may be considering similar actions! I know what happens to children when they are raised to believe that when big brother gets a new baseball and little brother doesn’t want him to have it so he throws it through a window. Very often both end up in prison if they live long enough. Sadly many don’t get the opportunity to see the light so to speak. I think you have a really bad idea. Good day. God bless America.

  48. avatar Wally1 says:

    You are looking at this all wrong. We need to support AOC and let her keep talking, With every word she is securing a Trump win in 2020. We need to let the dem’s make her their voice, she exemplifies just how unhinged the dem party has become. Trump 2020, make liberals cry again!

  49. avatar Kife33 says:

    Your link to the manifesto is dead. I have been searching everywhere to find the actual manifesto so I can read it all. Please fix that

  50. avatar Dale Piotrowski says:

    This btch is absolutely nuts! Anyone listening to her should be strung up by thier toes.


  51. avatar Will Howard says:

    So… tell me exactly how a US institution, the NRA, controls anything in NZ?

    You are SO stupid.

    Dumbass. How did you get voted in? Moron.

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