SWATter Gets 20 Years in Prison

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember our posts on a SWATting incident in Wichita, Kansas that resulted in the shooting death of an innocent man. A Call of Duty gamer in Los Angeles, Tyler Barriss, was later arrested for phoning in phony report of a shooting and kidnapping. Barriss pleaded guilty to making the false […]

CA District Court Ruling May Clear the Way for New ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Sales

Yesterday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez ensures that California owners of magazines with a capacity of over ten rounds can keep them. At least for now. By way of background, selling so-called high capacity magazines had been banned in the state since the beginning of the century, but existing owners of standard capacity magazines […]

Ed Stack’s Gun Moves Cost Dick’s Sporting Goods $150 Million – Is That a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Dick’s Sporting Goods’ CEO, Ed Stack, cost his company a whopping $150 million last year when he made the decision to limit gun sales at Dick’s and Field & Stream stores. Since then, he’s yanked all guns and hunting gear from scores of their locations nationwide. Stack made the moves following […]

Loesch: CNN Should Apologize for Anti-Gun Dog and Pony Show, Not Win An Award

CNN has been given a Cronkite Award (“winners prove facts matter”) for their anti-gun, NRA-bashing 105 minutes of hate televised town hall event after the Parkland shooting. That achievement is right up with there with prestigious honors bestowed on other luminaries such as Walter Duranty, Rigoberta Menchu and Yasser Arafat. Dana Loesch, who was one of the […]