Maxim Defense, Radical Firearms Collaborate on 4 New Pistol Models in 5.56, .308 and 300 BLK

Radical Maxim collaboration

courtesy Radical Firearms

Maxim Defense and Radical Firearms are teaming up to produce a new line of AR platform pistols in three calibers featuring the Maxim CQB Brace. Here’s their press release . . .


St Cloud, MN – Radical Firearms and Maxim Defense are announcing their collaboration to deliver exclusive weapon systems in pistol format to RSR.

“This is our first collaboration with Radical and we’re thrilled to be part of this exclusive build for RSR” said CJ Dugan Director of Military and LE Sales for Maxim Defense. “The Radical team is great, the collaboration and teamwork to get these weapons off and running has been groundbreaking!”

The initial weapons will be offered in the following formats and dealers can place orders directly from RSR today.

  • Radical Pistol 308WIN, 12.5” M-Lock and Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Brace – MSRP $1284.95
  • Radical Pistol 5.56 NATO, 7.5” M-Lock FCR and Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Brace – MSRP $750.95
  • Radical Pistol 5.56 NATO, 7.5” M-Lock MHR and Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Brace – MSRP $792.95
  • Radical Pistol 300BLK, 10.5” M-Lock and Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Brace – MSRP $750.95

radical maxim pistol collaboration

courtesy Radical Firearms

Pictured – Radical Pistol 308WIN, 12.5”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to offer these exclusive systems for RSR.” Said Stanley Smith General Sales Manager at Radical Firearms. “Being able to couple the unmatched precision and quality of Radical’s firearms with the duty-built Maxim CQB Pistol Brace offers enthusiasts one of a kind builds that won’t disappoint”. Dealers can order directly from RSR and expect products to ship quickly.

About Radical Firearms:

Radical Firearms is a Title II NFA Gun Manufacturer with a complete—and growing—lineup of pistols, rifles, shotguns, silencers, and machine guns. The company manufactures a line of custom-built AR-15s, AR-10s, bolt guns and silencers in-house. Radical is a true manufacturer, not an assembly shop, with a fully tooled and operational gunsmithing facility. Radical Firearms is headquartered in Stafford, TX. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @radicalfirearms

About Maxim Defense:

Maxim Defense is a development company aiming to provide the Military and First Responders the next generation of tools and equipment to succeed in today’s most extreme environments. The company primarily engages in small arms manufacturing focusing R&D on producing better, lighter, and more reliable weapons and accessories. As an industrial-design-centered organization, Maxim seeks to improve and enhance existing weapons platforms alongside developing cutting-edge technologies for redefining the future. Maxim Defense is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @maximdefense.


  1. avatar Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    It’d be nice to see them offer an 11.5 inch 5.56 ,.300 BLK or 7.62×39….the latter two would get me to buy one. Or both.

  2. avatar James Banish says:

    I am all for self defense. There is only a question of practically. I love novelty guns, they are a lot of fun. I not on board with it being a self-defense weapon.

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      OK, I’ll bite. Which of the above described weapons are inadequate for self defense?

      1. avatar Anymouse says:

        A 12″ .308 is a flamethrower, not a rifle. 7″ is a bit short in 5.56 for the same reason. .300BO would be fine at 7″, but they chose longer for some reason.

        1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

          I was having a difficult time understanding their barrel length choices as 300 AAC sweet spot is 7.5 to 9″ and personally I wouldn’t care for a 5.56 any shorter than 10.5″,but that’s just me.

        2. avatar strych9 says:

          They probably figured most buyers would suppress the pistol and SBR it.

          At least that’s what I figure. .308 pistol seems like a bit much for most people. 5.56 makes sense with a 7″ suppressor on the end of it.

      2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        None are actually inadequate, but there are many that are better it begs the question: Why?

  3. avatar possum says:

    I’m happy Americans can purchase firearmzz such as these. I myself cannot see the benefits of a short barrel on a ryful based cartradge. I’ve always thought the 5.5sixes claim to fame was it’s speed? Hydrostatic shock @ 2000 fps right, without that it’s just a boolit

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      If you see no benefits to short barrels for rifle cartridges, then you have not done your homework. Purposely giving up barrel length will provide a number of advantages. I have both long and short barrels…different tools for different jobs. Both have earned their place in the toolbox.

  4. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Luv me some AR pistols,if overall weight is a consideration the Maxim brace while the toughest manufactured is also one of the heaviest on any said pistol.

  5. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    An AR pistol. Sigh. A bad idea made worse.

    1. avatar Joel IV says:

      Every deer and hog I kill with mine has the same lament. “He really shouldn’t have used a gun that has had 60 years of refinements. He should have used a totally different, perhaps newer, longer firearm in a larger caliber with a different gas system, because then I would be more dead.”


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