Winchester Recalling Some .38 Special Ammo

The good folks at Winchester have announced a recall on some 100-round boxes of .38 Special 130gr. FMJ ammunition. Three lots may have rounds loaded with extra powder.  And if you’ve ever fired an over-charged .38 Special round, you know that can make for an exciting experience. We just published a story about the benefits […]

About Face: Baltimore School Police Will Carry Guns After All

Back on January 22, the Baltimore School Board voted unanimously to forbid Baltimore School Police officers from carrying weapons. Of course, what could possibly go wrong with that kind of misguided thinking, right?  After all, the Baltimore Schools CEO Sonja Santelises proudly proclaims that “confrontation and weapons have no place” in her schools. Somehow, though, […]

Gun Review: Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle in Stainless

The weather here in Michigan has been pretty nasty this year. We’ve had absurdly low temperatures, tons of ice and snow, barely any sunlight, and bad outbreaks of cabin fever. While that seems bad, it is, in fact, the ideal conditions to test the stainless steel Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle. The rifle is built for […]

How Did That Happen? – Florida VA Doctor Shot by Patient In a Gun-Free Zone

Hospitals in virtually every state — particularly federally-owned hospitals — are designated gun-free zones. There are signs posted everywhere letting everyone who enters know it. And yet… RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A double-amputee Army veteran shot and wounded a doctor just before a mental health evaluation at a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital […]

The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry…Still

In today’s world, the semi-auto pistol reigns supreme. Seems people today often turn their noses up at small-frame revolvers. Make no mistake, though, small-frame revolvers still have their place in deep cover applications. Especially in non-permissive environments, for those who choose to carry anyway. Sure, some will no doubt scoff at the idea of carrying […]

House Passes HR 8, Bill That Would Outlaw Private Gun Sales

The Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives passed what they’re optimistically calling a universal background check bill today. But there’s much more to HR 8 than just mandated FFL transfers. The bill would also ban handgun sales to adults under 21 years old, allow for unlimited transfer fees, and criminalize handing a firearm to another person […]