SHOT Show 2019: HK VP9 Long Barreled Slide Kit [VIDEO]

HK VP9 long slide

Luis Valdes for TTAG

All you HK fans will be happy. The Teutonic wizards are importing their long-barreled match slide to the US so VP9 owners can build the target gun they want. According to HK reps, the slide will work with both frames; the European paddle mag release or the newer US-style mag release.


  1. avatar Old Region Fan says:

    H&K…… Suck and we hate you !

    1. avatar Texheim says:

      Isn’t it more about the “girth” of the slide than the length….

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        as long as the grip fills the hand.

  2. avatar James Wilson says:

    5 inches is not a “long slide”. That’s pretty much an average duty gun. At least in America. I hear it’s less in Asia and more in Africa.

    6 inches is where we start talking about a longslide…

    1. avatar JJ says:

      nice!! I get ya brother 🙂

    2. avatar TheUnspoken says:

      If you are talking about 1911s and Beretta 92s, then yes, 5 inch barrels are standard, but for polymer duty pistols, the regular vp9 is 4.”, PPQ is 4″, Glock 19/23 are 4″, 17/22 are 4.5, m&p is 4.25″.

      Longslide versions of the m&p and PPQ are also 5″.

      The HK p30 also had standard, sub compact, and longslide variants, so the VP9 is just using the same nomenclature. Not super duper long, just longer than standard.

  3. avatar little horn says:

    buuuuuut you put out an article saying barrel length doesn’t impact accuracy. soooooo………

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      I don’t think that barrel length does affect accuracy much at normal pistol ranges.

      A longer sight radius does make the gun easier to shoot accurately for most people though.

      1. avatar L says:

        Spot on. Sight radius is where the added accuracy comes from. Barrel length nets you a tad more velocity, that’s all.

  4. avatar Mark says:

    Cool. I like it.

  5. avatar Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    I PREFER the 5-5.5 inch barrel on service/target and even some(flatter design pistols) concealed carry guns . I never considered them ” long slide” either. I DO wish they were more” standard” or common. SOME makers are catching up. CZ, Glock,S&W(I have an M&P 2.0 five inch 9mm I like).
    To me, that barrel length gives me the best balance of sight radius,powder burn/ballistics;carry portability. No I’m not a linebacker or a basketball player (I am a skinny 5’8″ 148).
    Flatness and width of the gun have as much to do with concealed carry/open carry as anything else as far as I am concerned.. never understood this trend of shorter and shorter barrels… like anything else , different calibers have differing efficiency levels in varying barrel lengths.

    1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

      The trend is for compact, or even sub compact, and with the Glock 19, 26, and 43 selling millions of guns, having a short slide and barrel were considered important for concealed carry, or at least a reasonable compromise between a duty gun and pocket gun.

      Now you even have single stack mags and super skinny, less than 1″ width being the preferred style.

      And of course the Glock 19X with long grip and short slide.

      Though I, along with many, find a longer slide and shorter grip conceals better and is a good setup for shooting. My p2000 pulls in closer in my holster than my p30Sk, and I like my p30L for shooting.

      I will probably snag one of these kits, I have a spare vp9 frame as I bought an OD frame to use with my VP9 Tactical slide and barrel, glad you don’t have to buy the whole gun for these… Unless they price them like a complete gun, time will tell. The other VP guns have been priced very inexpensively for HK.

  6. avatar JOSEPH KNAPP says:

    Looks like a direct copy of a PPQ Match to me.

  7. While this new slide assembly by H&K looks very nice but for the cost of 360 dollars to over 400 for it seems costly l know it’s a H&K not saying my Canik TP9SFX is as nice but the whole gun costed 460 dollars out the door price I’ve only had it a couple weeks so l haven’t shot it yet but l can tell you the trigger and reset are very good it feels slightly better than my Walther PPQ and it hasn’t been broken in yet I’ve been dry firing it with a snap cap

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