SHOT Show: Hands on With the New SB Tactical SBA4 Pistol Brace

Chris Heuss for TTAG

If it looks like a stock and feels like a stock it isn’t a stock, it might be the new SBA4 adjustable brace from SB Tactical. Yep, that’s a brace, legally, technically and every other way that counts.

The prototype I handled at SHOT Show felt great. It’s a significant update to SB Tactical’s SBA3 (read our review here) with a more comfortable cheek weld and wider rear profile. It looks and feels much like the standard M4 stock we have all used and love, complete with dual QD mounts at the front of the brace.

Chris Heuss for TTAG

Like the SBA3, the SBA4 will come complete with a 5-position mil-spec buffer tube. Look for them to ship in late spring and we hear the MSRP on the new unit will the same $169 as the SBA3.

Chris Heuss for TTAG


Chris Heuss for TTAG


Chris Heuss for TTAG



  1. avatar Sean says:

    At this point, are they seeing just how close they can get? Not that I’m complaining, I love it!

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      My exact thoughts.
      I’m loving it. This will go nicely with a .300 blackout pistol I’m building.

      1. avatar Chadwick says:

        If we can’t change the laws then we might as well bend the definitions. I’ll let the free market decide what shall not be infringed means when it comes to arm braces.

        1. avatar Grumpy F’er says:

          Here in WA we are about to get D-screwed with a law that says a pistol is a one handed gun that weighs LESS THAN 50oz.

          Brace or stock or just buffer tube, it magically becomes an SBR. And an assault rifle. And limited to 10 rounds. And specifically banned. And and and…

        2. avatar MLee says:

          Us poor slobs in Washington State. Now there is a bill to ban dwarf tossing. Yes I’m serious. A representative has introduced a bill that would ban picking up a dwarf and tossing them.

          As far as the other idiotic gun laws should they become law, I reject them.

        3. avatar JayT says:

          Grumpy F’er – is Wa really adopting a 50 ounce rule for pistols that would include AR pistols?

  2. avatar Grant. says:

    Awesome! That looks much more comfortable. Good job, SB Tactical.

  3. avatar Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    I like it. I am interested in an AK pistol version for my M92

  4. avatar CalGunsMD says:

    Does it actually work as an arm brace?

    1. avatar SouthAl says:

      That’s funny. And, a great point.

    2. Yes, it does. What some aren’t aware of is that the ATF approval was for the brace to be used with the arm inside the molded slot OR strapped to either side using the Velcro.

  5. avatar George from Alaska says:

    Great… braces are already in Feinstein’s list. Can’t we make them a little more qietly without all the fanfare that only shows antis how close to violating the NFA we actually are. Maybe the bumpstock ban with get an injunction and after that maybe be overturned… I’ve always thought Trump was that smart and not a traitor… But, if the bumpstock ban holds look for other bans… braces, binary triggers… semi-auto ugly looking rifles. It’s not like we are actually winning much lately…

    1. avatar Some guy says:

      Benedict Scott already made binary triggers illegal in FL.

  6. avatar Shire-man says:

    Looks like it has a wider base and better cheek weld than a CTR. Cheek weld on a brace. That’s some funny shit. The NFA is a meme. Just abolish it already.

  7. avatar Anon in Ct says:

    This is going to end badly.

  8. avatar possum says:

    SBR’s no Thanx, my possum girlfiend likes the extra inches on my gun

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