Signs of Things to Come? NRATV Lays Off Staff Due to $55 Million Revenue Shortfall

According to The Hill, the National Rifle Association’s NRATV media operation has laid off a number of employees due to budget issues. In a twitter statement by NRATV’s producer, Cameron Gray ;

This isn’t exactly shocking, since it has been widely reported that the NRA has collected less cash in the last year. The NRA’s revenue fell by $55 million from 2016 to 2017, leaving the organization with an $18 million deficit. For a full review of their past tax filings, click here.

The NRA’s tax records confirm the drop in member dues by roughly $36 million between 2016 and 2017.

There are no doubt a variety of reasons for the NRA’s lower take.

Following the Parkland shooting, the NRA backed the President’s proposed bump stock ban and then invited him to speak at their 2018 Annual Meeting in Dallas this past May. But while Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that banned bump fire stocks in Florida, he was likely disinvited because that bill also barred anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a long gun. That move angered a number of gun owners.

Secondly, I believe that the NRA is like every major army. It is ready and equipped to fight the last war, not the coming one.

The NRA is facing a number of battles in various states, all while it readies itself for a push by Democrats for a repeat of the 1994 Clinton “assault weapons” ban and, at the same time, brushes off state-level organizations. Much of the membership is angry at some the moves NRA has made such as their their endorsement of Casey Cagle for Georgia Governor during the primary, Marion Hammer’s public statement that bump stocks should be outlawed and her attacks on some members as “the enemy within.”

Then there are political shifts in the country, as well as complacency on the part of gun owners about further gun control laws following the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016. There’s also a perceived decline in influence of the NRA that has some in the GOP openly defying the organization in some cases. That would have been considered unthinkable in the past.

On the Federal level, in the House or Representatives, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy will be the Minority Leader for the Republicans in the next Congress. He’s rated “D” by GOA and “D-” by immigration watchdog Numbers USA. You get an idea where things may be heading there.

The Democrats obviously don’t care to listen to the NRA at all while some Republicans may have learned from Gov. Scott and President Trump not to fear a bad rating from the NRA.

The NRA’s threats to withhold support for or oppose elected officials who defy them are starting to carry less weight. And some gun owners are looking at more aggressive gun rights organizations like Gun Owners of America or state level groups like Florida Carry the and the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Gun owners only have so much money to donate to the cause and it appears that a growing number of them are deciding to donate to other groups or are withholding their funds altogether. In the end, unless the NRA addresses a number of fundamental issues, I don’t see this getting any better any time soon.


  1. i.e. Bad political decisions made by the NRA…

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      ….then there’s that “russia” thing…..

      1. I forgot about that one…

    2. avatar Too Frank says:

      No one in any other major issues advocacy attacks their advocacy groups like the handful of idiots gun owners who attack the NRA

      1. IF they make Bad Decisions, why not!/? Being ~$55 Million in the RED doesn’t sound like a GOOD decision was made…

        1. avatar CC says:

          They are not $55 million in the red. Please use facts before making youself look foolish. The author of this article also doesnt even know how to read a filing, nor doe they know the NRA is five differnt entities. They are projecting a 55 million shortfall if they dont make cuts, so they a making cuts. If you project that you are going to have 20% less income in 2019, and make cuts of 20%, that is not putting yourself in the red it is keeping yoruself in the black

          Moreover non profits virtually always have a budget shortfall or net increase. NRA has in prior years had a net increase.

          This past year the NRA is being outspent by over fifteen to one by Bloomberg’s groups.

          There was a $40 million dollar gun control effort aimed soley at killing corporate financial support of the NRA. The Home Depot heirs alone spent $8 million in six months on a group whose sole purpose is to end affinity programs with the NRA. They got 120 differnt major companies to stop any corporate affinity or donations to NRA

          Bloomberg is not an idiot like some of the NRA criics here who are helping Bloomberg by attacking the NRA. Bloomberg realised he did not just have to spend lobbying for gun control but could also spend directly attacking the NRA funding.

          In less than two years we almost certianly wlll have a Democrat in the White house and a Democrat Senate and Democrat House. You will see what these attacks on the NRA do then. there will be no one standing up for us

      2. avatar Bob999 says:

        If the NRA collapses, the Democratic Party will decimate these other gun rights organizations with hardly a whimper. Don’t believe me? Do the math. Look, if the NRA was such a bad, whimpy gun rights organization that has sold out its members as some claim, the DNC would ignore the NRA and concentrate their resources elsewhere. Instead, the DNC is putting everything they have toward taking down the NRA. If the NRA goes, the dominoes will fall. So, if you guys were really serious about the 2nd amendment, you would be sucking up your petty differences and pride, and form an alliances with all the pro-2nd amendment groups including the NRA, and figh the leftists as allies. Sitting in your armchair criticizing those out there trying to fight for our rights is, well, wrong. Btw, which troll out there convinced you to turn on your own?

  2. avatar 22winmag says:

    Charlton Heston was a globalist spook who infiltrated, undermined, and screwed up the NRA. (the first 4 pages)

    One of the better fake-shooting false-flag papers you’ll read.

    1. avatar Robert A says:

      “Charlton Heston was a globalist spook who infiltrated, undermined, and screwed up the NRA. (the first 4 pages)

      One of the better fake-shooting false-flag papers you’ll read.

      Now that is funny reading reading, 25 page troll job cause no one could actually be that stupid…

    2. avatar JasonM says:

      One of the better fake-shooting false-flag papers you’ll read.
      Is that similar to being one of the better piles of dog crap you’ll taste?

    3. avatar Anymouse says:

      NRA President is mainly a figurehead for PR purposes and has little power. The only real power is the “bully pulpit.” Wayne LaPierre is the real executive power as CEO and EVP.

  3. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    They’ll be offered their jobs back in 2020 when the cash starts rolling back in.

    1. avatar ThisEnd^ says:

      Or Fifteen Members of the NRA’s Board of Directors should do it too…

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    “…me and several colleagues had their positions terminated…”

    Based on this reposted snippet… I’m not surprised the guy lost his job.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      With grammar skills like that, he could get a job as a TTAG editor.

  5. avatar RF s a BFBD says:

    NRATV was getting almost no views, week old videos with less than 700 views. It was a bad expense for the NRA that generated no return. Carry guard is another lemon of a program the NRA should ditch asap, it’s a big liability.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      they’re desperate for cash…seem to be reaching a bit….

    2. avatar Anymouse says:

      I used to watch Cam & Co when it was on Sportsman Channel. I’m a life benefactor, but I’ve never seen it on NRATV. I do still listen to the podcasts occasionally.

  6. avatar Nanashi says:

    Sic Semper Proditores!

  7. avatar LarryinTX says:

    I have no idea about the business plan of NRA TV, suspect they thought people would subscribe to listen to propaganda, pay good money to hear talking heads opine about bullshit. I was never interested enough to take a look, much less pay money. I see no reason to see the demise of NRA TV as in any way important to anyone except those employed by it.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      But Colion Noir won’t have a job.

      1. avatar Red in CO says:

        He’s awesome, if he left the NRA he’d have job offers from half a dozen other gun rights groups by the following morning

        1. avatar frank speak says:

          yeah,..that guy is definitely an asset…and needs to be retained in some capacity…

      2. avatar HP says:

        He’d go back to doing his own videos. He was a gun guy prior to his hiring by the NRA.

      3. avatar Adam says:

        Colin Noir is a lawyer. I’m pretty sure he’ll still be able to get a paycheck via different work if the NRA drops him. He’ll probably even be able to make a bigger difference if he drops the NRA.

        1. avatar FedUp says:

          I’d like to see him work with Allan Gura.
          Gura isn’t getting any younger, and I bet Noir would make a decent protege.

      4. avatar Evan says:

        He could go to BlazeTV and probably get a similar paycheck with more viewership and more freedom to say what he wants and not even have to move since they’re also in Dallas.

    2. avatar CarlosT says:

      NRA TV is free, but it’s really hard to get to work.

      The shows were all right, when I was able to get them to play. Colion’s show was just downright cool. The issue was that it was difficult to watch on mobile devices (where a lot of people watch content) and it was hard to navigate.

      A good mobile experience, and some good regular content, and NRA TV could really work.

    3. avatar Evan says:

      That is the alternative media business model though, which is growing. People want to listen to others who are like them and will confirm their biases, which is just fine. NRAtv just doesn’t do it with any particularly interesting people (except for Colion), and their copy is really boring because they are the least extreme(“extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”) gun rights organization who doesn’t want to step on too many toes.

  8. avatar dwb says:

    This is mostly due to complacency. The NRA haters have always been with us. Remember that time the NRA sided with instant background checks back in the late 90s and everyone predicted doom? Obama was the greatest gun salesman on Earth, and also the greatest revenue generator for the NRA. Now, people feel as though there are no threats and no need to give. WRONG.

    like it or not, NRA plays real-politik. 80% of a loaf is better than no loaf. That is how they have stayed in business for over a hundred years. People who hate “settling” for 80% will always be with us. But the legislative game is a marathon not a sprint.

    That said, NRA’s outreach to new demographics has been mediocre at best. Angry Dana videos may appeal to the core, but do not appeal a wider audience. NRA is pro-law enforcement. Historically, that was because we need law enforcement to reassure the public that public carry of firearms was not a risk. However, law enforcement is none too popular these days, and we repeatedly see failures -From Broward County to the shameful shooting of Philando Castile. Law enforcement is extremely unpopular in places like Baltimore, which are the communites most in need of “community policing” aka some good old fashioned concealed carry by residents.

    NRA will soon have to decide which master they serve. Hint: with carry legal now in 42 states, over 70% of the population can safely carry, we no longer require on the good graces of law enforcement to assure the public its safe. To be clear, I am not anti-law enforcement. But I am 100% pro accountability. Bad actors need to be called out. The NRA needs to grow and adapt with the times, to survive. Another hint: Bloomberg is funding the NRA hate, and is also unpopular with minority communities because of stop-and frisk. Stop and frisk for WHAT? Carrying a gun is a constitutional RIGHT and does not constitute probable cause to stop and frisk someone. NRA needs to get on board with minorities exercising their constitutional right to carry WITHOUT being harassed by the po-po. Unfortunately, the current NRA messaging was good… for the 90s. WLP should have retired about 5 years ago at his peak.

    1. avatar PPGMD says:

      “Remember that time the NRA sided with instant background checks back in the late 90s…”

      You are leaving out the other half of the story. The Brady Bill was going to pass even though the NRA opposed it, so instead the NRA got an amendment that required the FBI to create an instant background, and if such a system was created the 5 day waiting period would go away.

      1. avatar RF s a BFBD says:

        And the NRA got the sunset provision in the AWB, which was going to pass anyway, because dem lawmakers thought that the AWB would be the start of the end for the second amendment. It wasn’t. They were routed in elections that year and ten years later you had a republican president and both chambers of congress. If not for the NRA, we would have 10 round mags, feature bans, and other really crappy stuff.

      2. avatar dwb says:

        Actually, I am not leaving out half the story! The fact that the NRA played realpolitik with the Brady bill is exactly my point. This year, bump stocks were going to be banned no matter what. And after Trump went on teevee and said to get all the guns and go to court later, red flag bills were going to pass too. NRA stopped these where they could, but also wrangled some due process concessions.

        Realpolitik is the art of making the best of a bad situation, and haters are going to hate.

        1. avatar Red in CO says:

          You’re mistaken that bump sticks were going to be banned regardless. Remember the immediate aftermath of the Vegas massacre? Despite the record breaking body count, the usual push for gun control was… anemic. The typical folks were simply going though the motions, but there was no real energy there. And then the NRA decided to give in, which MASSIVELY emboldened the antis. Frankly, I’d argue that their cowardice directly set the stage for the sustained push we saw just a few months later, after Parkland

        2. avatar dwb says:

          People made the same argument about the Brady bill: it was not “really” going to pass but then the NRA caved.

          I disagree with your assessment… By banning bump stocks through the ATF, the Trump admin diffused the situation and headed off further legislation. We all lived to fight another day. The real fight, by the way, is getting conservative pro-2a justices on the Supreme Court. Keep your eyes on the real prize. Bump stocks are just a small distraction.

        3. avatar frank speak says:

          trump keeps up with this anti-gun crap…and there’ll be little reason to vote for him…

        4. avatar RF s a BFBD says:

          Say these words out loud, three times. President Kamala.

  9. avatar daveinwyo says:

    So many causes, so little money. Get out of TV. Old, dead market. Get noses out of state and fed political BS. Stick to defending the 2a. Got political w/B Stocks and POed a lot of people. Don’t have one. Don’t see the point, but not my call. Shall not etc. Also NRA doesn’t seem to have an outreach program in inner cities. ? Y/N?

  10. avatar Quasimofo says:

    Hopefully this means no more ridiculous and counterproductive Angry Dana vids.

    1. avatar daveinwyo says:

      Hey! Don’t pick on Dana. Shes HOT. Course, at my age below fifty looks good.

  11. avatar possum says:

    The NRA reminds me of what our government has become. More about the perks and less about the people. As a governor once said, ” I’ve not got time for what they want, I’m busy being a politician”

  12. I have been a lifetime member of the NRA for over twenty years,
    but I see a problem with the exorbitant salaries that the top
    executives are receiving. The least they could do is manage
    the organization to keep it in the black.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      gotta’ stop coming to those conventions in $500 suits….reminds me of my union leadership….

      1. avatar 16V says:

        $500 suits? Do they have indentured tailors or something?

        Add at least a “1”, in front. And a “0” in back….

      2. avatar Too Frank says:

        The fact that you think $500 suits are out of line for professionals, never mind professionals in DC, shows just how out of touch the NRA haters are.

    2. avatar Craig in IA says:

      As a 40+ year Life member (I think it cost $225 when I became Life) who also went through the entire course from Life, Endowment, Patron, to Benefactor member with none of the reduced-priced offerings, as well as being at both the Founder’s Club and Trailblazer’s Club at NRA Whittington Center, plus huge financial investments in ILA, PVF and other NRA programs over the years, I point any financial problems at NRA at all of the members who think that they’ve already paid their “dues” and sit back waiting for someone else to pay their way.

      My Life “dues” were used up years ago if all I received was a monthly magazine. Maintaining one’s right is an expensive endeavor and truthfully it’s a sacrifice for those of us who support the efforts, not only with rhetoric on sites like this as raft of NRA bashers do, but also with our time and money. Driving, close contact with legislators, working political campaigns, on and on- huge financial costs.

      So, sit on your butts, take anonymous potshots, complain, attempt to gloat, contribute nothing towards the cause and you still reap the benefits of what NRA and its membership has accomplished over the years, always at a huge detriment to its own reputation from politicians and the MSM, whom some of you are now siding with. Whine all you want about NRA, yet the fact is: We still are the perhaps the last place on the planet where one (in most states) can go to stores, gun shows or answer a classified ad in a publication, go put some money down or trade and take home a firearm on the same day with very little intrusion or hassle, and do it all in a legal manner. GOA, NAGR and the other “gun organizations” can take no credit for this, only the general American public under NRA’s banner and leadership are responsible. (And the pols and MSM will echo this as well.) If you believe otherwise you’ve spent too much time with your drinking cronies, the MSM and the internet, where everything is believable.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        God, you brainwashed fanbois are tiresome.

        Learn the truth (from the NRA itself!). It has been a gun control proponent since it’s founding. Publicly supported everything from NFA, GCA, right up to the bump-stock ban.

        They throw you some crumbs on occasion, and lap dogs think it’s a feast. Then, they undermine the crumbs, and set up the self-enrichment cycle again.

        1. avatar Too Frank says:

          Bullshit. you are citing cases at a time when 60% to 70% of the entire US public supported total handgun bans even for guns at home

        2. avatar Craig in IA says:

          It must suck to be you, 16V. Sitting alone in your little basement bunker, taking shots at the people who have preserved your liberties for years and all they get is more unsubstantiated BS. The work of NRA is clear to see, right now. No other group, organization or individual can begin to match what NRA and its members have done to preserve the Constitution. If your state sucks- fix it. Ditto for your county or even HOA. i’d bet you wouldn’t even know where or how to begin. If you or some of the other anti-NRA whack-os around here did they might gain some credibility by offering suggestions rather than just criticism. The fact that about 3 million members and their money could maintain the rights of 330 million people all this time (that was roughly NRA’s number up to obama) speaks volumes for it’s effectiveness as well as the utter BS and lack of real concern for those who sit around enjoying the benefits but do nothing to preserve the rights. The other “gun groups” together don’t make a pimple on Wayne’s butt.

        3. avatar Scoutino says:

          – “Hey look, this huge dam leaks! My feet got all wet! And the water even trickles down through the town, what are we gonna do?”
          – “We sure can’t have leaky dam that lets water seep out of the lake. Tell you what, let’s go get some dynamite and blow this thing up!”

  13. avatar American Patriot says:

    The NRA needs to stop biting the hands that feeds them, and their Extravagant salaries & perks for the few!

    1. avatar CC says:

      NRA perks and salaries run about 20% lower than DC average.

  14. avatar OBOB says:

    have not donated to them in years…since they did not send any money into California to help fight the laws there and even a little would have done great things…
    since they did that, I stopped paying them and started to support LOCAL ONLY and told other to do so too
    I must have personally flipped nearly 30 NRA members into CALGUNS

    1. avatar SouthernJeff says:

      What major gun rights victory has CALGUNS pulled off? On current course you guys will be carrying slingshots in another couple decades. I seem to recall a pro-gun ballot measure that couldn’t even get enough signatures.

      Anti-Gunners have to be LOL, we’re both fracturing and weakening ourselves from within.

      1. avatar OBOB says:

        AND what has the NRA done in cali lately====NOTHING!

        as for signarures…you have to PAY for the most part to gather them and if the NRA can’t or will not ‘pop’ for that ( a few hundred K) then why pay them MillionSSSSSSSSSS in dues form cali???

        and what victories has CalGuns done??

        hummm, the full over 10 rd mag ban AKA TURN it in or destroy it! challenged and won
        Many CCW cases fought for and still fighting!
        Ban on AR’s still running

        only the fact that in cali we have to fight all the courts, then the full 9th circus (that trump will not gut and fix?) then have the hearing go ALL THE WAY TO SCOTUS! to get anything done?

        easy to ‘yap’ from the south???

        1. avatar CC says:

          Cal Guns has done ZERO, they literally have lost every single fight.

          NRA blocked handgun bans, blocked Universal backgorund check, blocked national registraion, took a assult rifle ban that had full needed support to be permenant and had it be sunsetted, has blocked HUNDREDS of peices of leglislation at the state level. They have reversed a score of BATFE regulatory rulings as well.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      Please tell me how any organization can oppose and win against the Democrat SUPERMAJORITY in California.

      The fight in California is analogous to a battle where the “blue” side has 70,000 troops, air support, armor, and fantastic intelligence — and the “red” side has 5,000 troops, no air support, no armor, and no intelligence. In such a battle, it makes no sense to send another 2,000 troops and one tank to the “red” side.

      Such is the case in California. Unless the NRA had $30 Billion at its disposal strictly for California that they could use to handsomely BRIBE every Democrat politician, nothing would change.

      1. avatar OBOB says:

        well then I guess the gun owners of cali should give up fully on the feds help AKA the NRA and seek only funding locally then

        ohh and the dem super-majority is all the fault of the other 49 states ?

        read below! this is fact….we are over run by illegals, THAT ALL VOTED DEM because of Reagan gave them ‘amnesty’ then add all the kids in the last 40 years!
        and now my cut paste on the matter

        I am posting this for those who post that think that California has given up on ever getting the illegals out of California

        — well we tried to end this crud, all the WAY BACK IN 1994 with California proposition 187 it passed by 60%. a big number to pass by in a non-presidential election year and by that size of a number allot of Latino/ Americans voted for it. look it up —( by the way 187 is the murder# in the police code book here)

        it basically stated once passed. No one who was not legally here could get a state service– any at ALLL!!!!!!! that even included education –no green card kiddy don’t go to school –(keep your dumb kid at home we don’t need to educate him/her on our dollar)

        ——-BUT—then the fed’s stepped in and said the whole law was unconstitutional and WE had to educate some other countries kids on our dollar

        Blame the OTHER 49 states, NEVER US
        WE did our part and YOU ALL DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. avatar Matthew the Oilman says:

    The biggest challenge the NRA has is communication. Their strategy for dialogue with the membership is” send us money”. The don’t polling the membership about any issue. The top brass is more out of touch with the grass roots than most Republican politicians.
    Carry Guard was a YUGE mistake. The question is how to unload that dog.
    Their out reach to the general public is pathetic, they won’t go on Gun Talk Radio, the Rush Limbaugh show or Hypercaffinated Hannity.( All three would be happy to have them on) You never hear them on local talk radio either. They hardly have any digital media presence, do they even have a YouTube channel.
    Lastly everything said about outreach to other than the ofwg is absolutely correct. Many black people ( and myself) dislike country music. It is possible that their are some pro 2 A rap or hip hop acts that could be added to the line up at NRA conventions.
    As far as Wayne goes, his best days are behind him. I don’t dislike him personally but as has been said he needs to retire, he ain’t a Pope for God sake.

    1. avatar M1Lou says:

      They have a lightly watched YouTube channel. Most videos seem to hit a few thousand views. I find their content fairly boring myself. I can only hear so many rants about the Democrats before I get sick of it. Not because I am a huge fan, but that I already know the modern Democrat party is anti individual rights and sucks. The republicans are only slightly better. If gun owners were a very tiny minority of the electorate, the establishment Republicans would sell out the 2A for a few bucks in reelection campaign money.

      1. avatar Nanashi says:

        Considering this is what’s on it, I think they prefer it being lightly watched.

        1. avatar Too Frank says:

          That is a repression to a sea change in public attitudes. have you looked at the polls and likely 95% of gun owners completely agree with what cox is saying there.

  16. avatar Shwiggie says:

    They could have saved a lot of money on all the solicitations they sent me over the past few years. I started keeping them in a file folder and quit when it turned into three folders over a year’s time. Now multiply that by however many members they supposedly have. I don’t respond to repetition, and I chafe at harassment. That combined with their anemic efforts at pursuing anything judicially beyond submitting amicus briefs, leaching local funds with little assistance, and doing their level best to preserve the status quo within the organization, and you have a very disillusioned Life Endowment member of the NRA.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      Have you mailed the folder to Fairfax?

  17. avatar Ragnarredbeard says:

    NRA has a TV/media arm?

  18. avatar CarlosT says:

    Okay, so let’s be real about Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. These are good organizations, but they are not replacing the NRA. With all of its financial issues last year, the NRA ran on a budget of around $330 million. GOA has revenues around $4 million and SAF has revenues around $3 million.

    An alternative gun rights organization would need a ton of ramp up time to build to the level of the NRA. So get real people. We’re not going to replace the NRA, so figure out how to make a more effective NRA.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      Burn it, let the functional organizations fill the power vaccum and get the donations the NRA used to get. Easy.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Okay, sure, that’ll happen.

        Or, instead, the NRA will burn, none of the other organizations will have the logistical wherewithal to pick up the slack, and there will be a giant hole where they used to be.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Exactly nancy’s plan. Or rather his handlers plans. One way or the other soros is pulling little nancy’s strings.

        2. avatar Nanashi says:

          The NRA not existing is better than it being a traitor standing there.

      2. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

        Yup. The NRA faithful talk a good game sometimes but end of the day they think their rights come from the collective, they haven’t found liberty within themselves. If they did they’d know they could ditch the NRA and take their political capitol with them. Not that much is left after 2 years of absolutely begging the GOP to do as it pleases, but oh well, spilled milk.

        1. avatar CC says:

          Oh sure you would prefer no NRA and a total lose of the Second Amendment. Good to know.
          NRA’s hundred of victories mean nothing and you would prefer something like Calguns which lost every single legislative initiative.

  19. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Perhaps Negotiating Rights Away since 1934 should get rid of it’s deadwood such as La Pierre and Hammer not to mention another of it’s money drains Mac Ack,return it to the members.
    They might try Stand and Fighting instead of Standing and Capitulating.

  20. avatar SouthernJeff says:

    Go back and review the financials for 10 years and they should be sitting pretty good right now if they had not mismanaged things. They thought the high revenues of 2016 would continue indefinitely. That led to some bad business decisions to get way too deep into expensive adventures of streaming and the Carry Guard mess. Revenues faded after Trump got elected and the balance of SCOTUS shifted back in our favor.

    5.5 to 6 million members and no stronger than they are right now? Hopefully this will wake them up and get things back on course. Plenty of time to recover if they’d get their act together.

    Bump stock anger? LOL, 9 out of 10 of us couldn’t give a rats arse about bump stocks. Pick your battles more wisely.

    GOA? That’s a waste of your money. They have the DC political clout of the save the spotted mouse society. When was the last time they had a seat at the Whitehouse?

    More unity, less fracturing of the 2A community would help.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      Unity? Tell that to the Wayne LaPierre who deliberately lied to gun owners to pass gun control he personally wanted.

      Hell, tell it to Karl Fredrick who supported FDR’s gun grabbing since they weren’t the kind of guns he liked, then said nothing as FDR hauled American citizens he helped disarm to concentration camps. Traitors only call for “unity” when they’re found out.

      We’ve already united in telling traitor like the NRA to get lost.

      1. avatar Too Frank says:

        Your claims have been debunked over and over., You give us citations from 60 years ago and demonstrate you don’t even understand those.

        1. avatar Nanashi says:

          Wayne LaPierre stating he supports a ban on the most common firearms in the world (despite his claim repealing said law was his top priority in 1986) was barely ONE year ago. So was Chris Cox’s support for gun confiscation.

        2. avatar CC says:

          naanshi dozens of commenters have shown your claim is a lie. Keep making it though when you yourself support politicians who support more gun control.

  21. avatar HP says:

    A big part of this might have to do with no one watching NRATV. Do any of you? I don’t. I’m a Life Member, I downloaded the NRATV app for my Roku box, watched it once, and then never bothered to go back. The content didn’t interest me. Youtube firearm channels are far more interesting.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      I mean, an intelligent path would have been spending money to monetize youtube gun channels that were being demonetized by that service & keep them running, and eventually transition to hosting them themselves.

      But no, NRA had some advertisers that needed paying off with a boondoggle platform, or something, and tried to basically compete with many of their biggest fans and advertisers

      1. avatar Anymouse says:

        They can make shows I like, such as American Rifleman, but I don’t want 24 hours of talking heads talking about gun politics. Surfing the web or a 1 hour podcast/web show is enough. I’d recommend a non-NRA branded gun friendly youtube alternative. They could still push their content, but they could also offer community interest shows that aren’t the official voice of the NRA.

  22. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

    Sad. Went all in being republican apparatchiks, pretty much won, and still manage to be out money. Maybe ultimately the republican party abused them, used their political capitol and made them look bad. That would be hilarious.

    More likely it’s a nominal loss, like the money got turned intk something high ranking officials want. Not expanded recognition of gun rights mind you, I mean more like golden parachutes, connections, benefits

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      All that money and lifetime membership dollars from the Obama years? Went toward a super nice shooting range facility near the organization headquarters. The rest to hundreds of thousands a year in housing allowances/etc to select leadership. There’s your sign.

      1. avatar Too Frank says:

        The NRA published its financials for lifetime members, less than 0.2% went to EITHER of those. The range generates a profit since it is continually running with classes where people PAY range time.

        As far as NRA staff and executive salaries they are LOWER than the than the average DC region non-profit advocacy groups.

      2. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:


  23. avatar Kyle in Upstate NY says:

    The two major threats to gun rights right now are Michael Bloomberg and the ballot measures he is pushing for in various states to bypass the legislative process and subject gun control to direct democracy, which makes it where the big cities can then dominate the vote and implement gun control.

    1. avatar UpInArms says:

      Bingo, Kyle!

      BTW– all those ballot initiatives– bad enough most of the shit that gets passed is not constitutional. The process itself is unconstitutional. Refer to Article 4, Section 4:

      “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…”

      Ballot initiatives are direct democracy, a concept that made the Founders cringe in horror, and direct democracy is definitely NOT Republican Form of Government. It doesn’t matter if its backed up by the state constitution, either. States have no more right to institute direct democracy than they have to set up a hereditary monarchy.

      And no, it was not just a case of white privilege on the part of the Founders, as some revisionist historians might (and do) claim. Equating direct democracy with mob rule has a rich history that goes all the way back to Plato’s Republic. The Founders knew exactly what they were doing and why.

      1. i.e. Representative Democracy. The Republican Party DIDN’T exist before 1854…

        1. avatar UpInArms says:

          “The Republican Party DIDN’T exist before 1854…”

          Well, DUH.

          Who knows why Republican is capitalized, but I copied it as printed in my well-worn and dog-eared pocket edition of the Constitution from the Heritage Foundation. The Founders were pretty funky about what and when they capitalized words.

          Yes, when you see Republican in the Constitution, it does not mean the political party.

        2. During “Plato’s Republic” era, there were three Social Classes. “Guardians” or Social Elites, Auxiliaries or Middle Class that maintained and protected the republic and the Labor Class who provided for the Upper Two class. Slaves didn’t even count as a Social class…

  24. avatar Jake says:

    With declining revenue, why do they waste time and money on Republican talking points unrelated to gun rights?

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Because they’ve been co-opted by the GOP as a fundraising organ; basically a Republican version of the ACLU at this point, just a joke of its original purpose

  25. avatar pod says:

    It’s the Trump Slump, and also the NRA not being focused. I don’t care what the NRA thinks about abortion or net neutrality. I only want the National Rifle Association to deal with, well, guns.

    That’s why I consider Noir their greatest asset. When he puts his NRA hat on, he only speaks about guns and the Second Amendment. Dana could be at that level too, but she went off on the media, etc, while wearing her NRA hat. Now I know the difference between Noir and Dana’s relationship with the NRA, but Dana could have spoken up and told them they were going off-mission.

  26. avatar barnbwt says:


    1. avatar cc says:

      You are the one siding with the gun grabbers.

  27. avatar J.T. says:

    I switched from giving my money to the NRA to giving it to the GOA instead. There were three things that caused me to make the switch.

    1. Support for a bump-stock ban.
    2. Marion Hammer calling fellow NRA members “the enemy” because they didn’t agree with her and wanted the NRA to grow a backbone.
    3. They made Oliver North NRA president.

    1. avatar Too Frank says:

      I worked on the hill for three years. And in the Virginia State Legislature for four years. No one knows who the GOA is

    2. avatar Craig in IA says:

      GOOD JOB, J.T. You just helped Larry make his last month’s car payment. As for the real battle, you flushed your money down the toilet,

  28. avatar pod says:

    I won’t go as far as saying the NRA does nothing for gun owners. There’s 6 million members, and whatever you think about them, there’s politicians lining up to to do the detail work when Uncle Wayne rolls up to Capitol Hill in his Suburban.

    However, it does seem from a political action standpoint, they are definitely morphing into a generic conservative action group rather than a gun rights group. They need to focus.

    1. avatar Too Frank says:

      Less than 0.5% of NRA money is political action (PAC) and that is funded separately and ONLY through direct donations to NRA ILA. If you gave to the NRA ILA you know it. None of your normal dues, lifetime dues, nor does any magazine advertising money or funding to the NRA TV, nor donations to to NRA civil rights foundation (a c3), nor tuition for safety classes go to their ILA PAC.

    2. avatar Craig in IA says:

      (pod) “However, it does seem from a political action standpoint, they are definitely morphing into a generic conservative action group rather than a gun rights group. They need to focus.” And you know all of this HOW?? (Oh, probably read it on TTAG… from a Never NRA member.)

      (jimmy james) “I would have been more sympathetic if they had told the truth and if Wayne had given back some of his millions.” Again- you know Wayne’s salary and perks (as compared to the financial and other value he has brought to the organization) HOW?? (Oh, probably read it on TTAG… from a Never NRA member.)

      Too Frank has posted a decent assessment of how NRA dues money can be used above. I posted another further up concerning all of the older Lifers like myself who long ago used up the money they dropped by now if only to pay for the magazines. As if spending $200-$500 bucks is enough to keep Americans free… Yeah- you did your part, now just sit back and let things go to hell, even though the cost of everything has gone up substantially since you paid your “dues”.

      And of course, just to try to get even, the non-members will just sit on their butt, never contact their senators or representative, NEVER give a dime to the effort nor drive to attend any legislative hearing at their statehouse or city council, and shun any invitations to join in the battle other than sit at a keyboard and take cheap shots at the effort. And then, when the right becomes further eroded or goes away completely for their kids and grandkids, they’ll blame the very people they wouldn’t help.


      Get in line behind guys like these, Gomers….

  29. avatar jimmy james says:

    This may have already been posted as I do not have time to read 90 prior responses but the NRA phone bank was in all hands on deck mode yesterday requesting members pony up $125 to combat Nancy Pelosi and push thru national ccw reciprocity. I would have been more sympathetic if they had told the truth and if Wayne had given back some of his millions.

    1. avatar CC says:

      NRA top executive pay is lower than the DC average.

      So you are being unsympathetic to yourself and supporting your own loss of rights by whining about an irrelevancy in order to make excuses for not stepping up.

  30. avatar CC says:

    This article is completely fillewd with errors of fact.

    EG: “Gun owners only have so much money to donate to the cause and it appears that a growing number of them are deciding to donate to other groups or are withholding their funds altogether. In the end, unless the NRA addresses a number of fundamental issues, I don’t see this getting any better any time soon.”

    No. the filings show NRA has got more members, more gunowners, and that their losses are in income from major corporate donors. The Bloomberg groups and especially the Home Depot heirs’ “Kendeda Foundation” spent $40 million in less than a year targeting NRA’s relationship with corporations.

    The way the article author’s conflated increased gun owners support for the NRA as less support tells us what?

    By the way membership numbers in GOA and Calguns are both DOWN this past year. Second Amendment Foundation small member donations are also DOWN.

    By the way this is not a “$55 million shortfall” but an 18 million dollar one.

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