Only in Massachusetts – Roommates Demand Landlord Evict Harvard Student Over Legally Owned Guns…and He Does

Harvard student evicted legally owned guns roommates


According to the Washington Free Beacon, roommates searched Harvard grad student Leyla Pirnie’s room in their shared apartment for firearms. When they found that she does, in fact, (legally) own guns, they then pressured their landlord to evict her form their Somerville, Massachusetts apartment.

Ms. Pirnie was targeted by her roommates because, as they put it to her, she owns a MAGA hat. And is from Alabama.

“When I asked them why they were in my room to begin with, they each came up with completely contradicting stories (none of which made any sense), but one comment struck me in particular: ‘We saw that you had a MAGA hat and come on, you’re from Alabama… so we just kind of assumed that you had something,'” she said. “I asked why they didn’t just call me and ask me before intruding. One of the girls responded that fear took over her body and she felt compelled to search my room until she found proof… I cannot make this up.”

A number of emails from the roommates to the landlord reveal how she was treated.

Courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon

Courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon

Ms. Pirnie further stated to the Beacon:

“What I find uncomfortable is coming home to find out that six people I barely know went into my bedroom without permission and went through every single one of my drawers, without any regard to my privacy whatsoever,” Pirnie said. “My landlord’s e-mail, though carefully crafted, showed tremendous prejudice against my right to legally have firearms.”

After proving to the police that she had not broken any of Massachusetts’ onerous gun control laws, she now faces the problem of having to find new housing in the middle of a semester. So much for respect, inclusiveness and diversity.


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    I think she’s got grounds for a lawsuit against both her landlord and her roommates.

    1. avatar former water walker says:

      Yep a very winnable lawsuit. Except mebbe in Taxachusetts. Ralph should weigh in…

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        As long as the Second Amendment is treated like the red headed step child of the Constitution there’s no guarantees.

      2. avatar Ralph says:

        FWW, if she has a lease she probably can’t be evicted, since she did not breach a substantial obligation of her tenancy.

        If she has no lease, she’s a tenant at will and she probably can be evicted at any time for no reason at all. It’s called a “no fault eviction,” and it is legal in MA.

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          This might be pertinent.

          Pirnie also said Sunday that nowhere in her lease did it state she wasn’t permitted to keep guns in her apartment.

          “I have had a bunch of attorneys reach out and say they’d like to help out, so we’ll see where it ends up,” she said. –

        2. avatar Charlie says:

          She could sue them for the moving costs, the costs to secure a new place etc.

        3. avatar Icabod says:

          Massachusetts law says if you break a lease you are responsible for the rent until the lease is terminated. The landlord’s claim the the roomates could move out and she’d be stuck with the rent is a lie.

    2. avatar ThisEnd^ says:

      Or NOT! Landlord/Tenant Rights vary fro State to State and over many issues. But a Tenant can be evicted if their deemed a Risk of Safety to the Welfare of the Public Good. In most States it’s from 30 to 60 Days, but in Arizona and Wisconsin it can be as short a 5 Days and in some parts of California even less Three Days…

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        They’re, and legally possessing fi rearms is quite different than cooking meth in the kitchen.

        1. avatar ThisEnd^ says:

          When was the last time you were Shot At while Sleeping in a Closed Bedroom by your Roommate in the Next Bedroom. I had a 30-06 round go through my bedroom wall at just 6-inches above the height of my bed while I was sleeping. Because my Knucklehead Roommate decided that a Midnight Cleaning of his Firearms was necessary at that moment in time. And without bothering to Check that any of his firearms were still loaded…

        2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          a) Bullshit!

          b) I once had a head on collision on a motorcycle with a car at a combined closing speed of 85mph because a 73 year old woman couldn’t keep her car in her lane. By your logic, everyone over the age of 65 should have their drivers licenses revoked and their cars seized because they’re a danger to themselves and others.

    3. avatar American Patriot says:

      I think some room mate needs an A$$ beaten, just my personal opinion.

    4. avatar Russel A Helmers says:

      She can charge her room/housemates with burglary! She should state how much cash was stolen while such burglary took place and that now “SHE” suffers from PTSD among many other things now that she knows she’s no longer not safe from unlawful entry. Seems to me she has both a criminal case and a civil suit!

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        She almost certainly has neither, unless something was literally stolen. Unlawful entry in its various forms rarely (if ever) applies to rooms in a house and suggesting she perjure herself by saying they stole something if they did not is foolish (and nearly impossible to prove anyway in this circumstance).

    5. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      “One of the girls responded that fear took over her body and she felt compelled to search my room until she found proof… ”

      And maybe an involuntary commitment order for the roommate with uncontrollable fear issues.

    6. avatar William W. says:

      Wouldn’t “trespassing “ fit in there somewhere? Rummaging through her possessions has to be another charge against the morons.

  2. avatar Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    My former state has an incredible problem… ideology shapes their perceived reality as opposed to experience and reality shaping their perception and ideology.
    Cradle of Liberty my @$$… Somerville used to be better than that.

  3. avatar Just Sayin says:

    I hope she’s a law student…
    The impending lawsuit might be her doctoral thesis.

    Now go kick their ass(es)!!!

  4. avatar Aaron Walker says:

    I’d get ahold of an attorney, immediately! Or contact GOAL.ORG

  5. avatar anarchyst says:

    This is a prime example of woman acting out on “emotion” rather than logic and common sense. I hope the criminal element doesn’t react to the fact that these stupid women just “outed” themselves as being defenseless. They will be “easy prey”, having announced publicly that they are defenseless.
    The woman gun owner does have a case against both the landlord and her room mates. Her room mates can be sued for “invasion of privacy” and her landlord for “deprivation of civil-rights. Firearms ownership is a “civil-right”, and a Constitutional right.

    1. avatar Aaron Walker says:

      Obviously the local PD didn’t bother to take a criminal complaint…Massachusetts is full of corruption anyhow…Full of DemoCommies, GOP RINOs, and STASI want-a-be’s….

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        If she’d locked the door when she left, the cops could have arrested them for B&E.
        I can’t imagine living in shared housing with virtual strangers like that and not have a real lock on my bedroom door.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          … And a gun!

        2. avatar Mike says:

          In most places it is against fire code to have locks on inside doors in rental units unless they’re those cheap “privacy locks” you can open with a paper clip.

        3. avatar Hannibal says:

          State laws vary, but breaking and entry usually refers to property or dwellings, not rooms. If they broke a lock maliciously (i.e. without permission) the victim would generally be the owner of the property, not the renter. In other words, without locking the guns up with her own lock she may find it difficult to charge them with an actual crime as written in a statute.

          Regardless, it’s important to remember that you really don’t want to room with people you don’t trust. Better to be in a tiny little apartment where the fridge is three feet from the bed.

  6. avatar Ransom says:

    I hope they force her out, after which thugs break in and rape them. Sorry but you were all thinking it too.

    1. avatar Excedrine says:

      Sorry, but, we actually weren’t you sick fuck.

    2. avatar S.Crock says:

      No, actually I was not thinking that. That is a repulsive way to think! I hope she wins a lawsuit and her roommates have to find a new place to live while realizing what immature hoplophobes they are.

    3. avatar Joe says:

      I’m with ya, brother. I hope they get raped so hard the room stinks. Hillary Clinton too.

      1. avatar S.Crock says:

        You two remind me of the leftist actor who wished Barron trump would be put in a cage with pedofiles. What classy advocates for our side🙄

        1. avatar Joe says:

          Why do you have to bring Trump’s son into it? Not cool, man. Maybe you should do some self-reflection before claiming to know who best represents our side. And what is our side? The patriarchy? Rape culture? Capitalism? You’re a hypocrite, bro. Next you’re probably going to say something about my .40 cal. Glock.

          Honestly, I feel sorry for you.

        2. avatar Alex says:

          Honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who owns a .40 cal glock…

    4. avatar Sig516 says:

      That’s all just bad juju. She needs shake the dust from her feet on the way out of that place and find a house full of like-minded folks. Her whole college experience will be better for it.

      I am very old, and have had a very successful life in all aspects. I would never waste my time with a lawsuit for such a thing. Regardless of how solid of ground I was on, the days of my life are way too valuable to waste on such a fruitless pursuit.

      Even if she prevailed on her law suit and could force them to let her live there, guns and all. She would be living with a house full of people who despise her. Or, say she won a money judgment. It would be very difficult to collect on a judgment like that on a college student, they have nothing to levy against to force them to pay.

  7. avatar Aaron Walker says:

    No…Not really…But a large lawsuit against multiple parties would be a good start. Maybe a “GO FUND ME ” PAGE for the victim….

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    If she’s a tenant at will — no lease — she’s screwed.

    1. avatar Karl says:

      I would bet she has one, most student housing does so if something happens the landlord can keep getting the rent.

      Also… violation of civil rights… seems a lot of people got convicted of that crime during and after the civil rights era.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        violation of civil rights under color of law is one thing- but private citizens have much more leeway unless they run afoul of written laws (i.e. Civil Rights Act)

        1. avatar cawpin says:

          True, but the landlord is using a lawful eviction process to kick her out, which is the government removing her. It is a violation of her rights.

  9. avatar Qwerty says:

    And Mass takes another step towards becoming a British colony once more.

  10. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    You kind of buried the lede (well, really, didn’t actually even get to it). The landlord’s email is nothing more than his stated opinion on the matter, that it would be best if she moved out.

    The actionable part is found in the linked article:

    When Pirnie and her father rejected Lewis’s request that she move out in the middle of studying for finals, Lewis responded by saying his request “was based strictly on practical and not idealogical (sic) terms.” He then warned that if the other roommates moved out Pirnie would have to pay their rent.

    “If the other roommates were to move out, Leyla would need to find roommates to share the place or foot the entire $6000+ monthly rent herself,” Lewis wrote in an email to Pirnie and her father. “Obviously it would be much easier for the others to stay and just fill one room (and I’m confident—were this to happen—that the remaining housemates will release Leyla from any further responsibility under the lease) and that’s why I proposed what I did.”

    As Pirnie states:

    “I’m still very much so being threatened out of my apartment,” she said. “Either I leave and incur moving expenses or my roommates move and I incur their rent expenses… Doesn’t seem right.

    “Not only is this a blatant violation of my privacy, but it’s also a violation of my rights.”

    IANAL, and I haven’t seen the rental contract, but it sure seems like she could have legitimate claims that her roommates violated her privacy (in the common law sense, if not in explicit breach of contract), and are threatening breach of contract (i.e. breaking the lease) over lawful conduct and exercise of a protected right. The landlord is likely similarly acting outside the bounds of the rental contract as well. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if the rental contract held the remaining tenants responsible for the share of rent owed by other tenants who broke the lease, the landlord’s email and comments clearly indicate prejudicial treatment against Pirnie.

    It surprises me not one bit that this is happening in Somerville.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Sounds like she has a lease and Dave is violating it. I also do not see where Dave can charge her others rent if they decide to leave. He can’t justify I dress I g her rent based on that.
      Unless mass allows such crap.

      1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

        Of course she would be required to pay the full rent. It’s one unit. She’s not renting a single room, she’s renting a full apartment as part of a group. That’s how it works everywhere. If she ultimately decides to move out, her roommates will have to cover her share until they find someone else to fill the room.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Refuse to move out, clean your guns every week in the common areas, when roommates move out (very unlikely) pay only your own rent until you are evicted. Then *EVERYBODY* loses, rather than just her. Maybe somebody applies the brakes a bit, next time.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      She should have stayed and sued the other lessees for their share until the apartment could be filled. In the meantime she could either pay the difference or refuse to pay and let the landlord try his hand at eviction. It usually takes quite some time and a court may simply tell him that he has to fill the other rooms instead.

  11. avatar S.Crock says:

    *Only in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, and probably any anti gun metropolitan area even in pro gun states.
    I think it is very dangerous to talk about incidents like these as if they could only happen in anti gun states, even if it is said jokingly.

  12. avatar Michael says:

    Please, get to a free state, (any that have Constitutional Carry). I left the occupied states over thirty years ago. It cost me time, money, career path placement and even a few friends and relatives. I’ve never regretted moving, only that I actually thought I could do something with my life that at the time was neither mandatory or prohibited, and inadvisably waited so long. “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could!” Grab some Freedom while there’s still some left. -30-

  13. avatar GS650G says:

    I think they are jealous of her good looks, charm and values.

  14. avatar 2aguy says:

    This is a lesson…..should this happen to someone else…call the police and have them arrested…..they can prove to a court they weren’t trying to rob her…let them spend the night in County, or force them to post bond….

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Yeah, I was thinking she should claim that her $200 in her underwear drawer is missing, after they already admitted to searching through her drawers, while the cop is present. Good clean fun!

  15. avatar Napresto says:

    Millennials really seem to think that if they SAY they are being respectful, that is the same thing as ACTUALLY being respectful.

    “Respect. You keep saying that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  16. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

    I would argue that she is NOT a responsible gun owner. By her own admission, her roommates are, “six people I barely know”, yet she wantonly leaves loaded and unsecured firearms in her room. That is EXTREMELY irresponsible. It may technically be legal, but she lost a lot of sympathy right there.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Somebody told you they were loaded and unsecured?

      1. avatar Huntmaster says:

        The whole of what has been presented in the media is really not much more than click bait…

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Victim blaming leftist. We expect nothing less from you.

  17. avatar Michael says:

    There was a time when…things were different. This is so wrong in so many different ways. What the hey, lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for. -30-

  18. avatar CZJay says:

    Those girls be protecting the patriarchy and rape culture by demanding women can’t be armed.

    The lionesses should protect another lioness from the dogs:

    1. avatar Yarbles says:

      Could’a made a meal but just like sniveling Democrat Cowards, sniveling dogs don’t taste very good OR have very good taste.

    2. avatar SoBe says:

      Interesting to use hyenas as examples. Since the males are characteristically so violent against the females and will rape any available female if they could and since Mr. Gaston maker of Horus’, Baal’s, Zeus’, Ywh’s and God’s pistols did not naturally grace them with a firearm they could use to defend themselves, Mr. Darvin provided a novel defense, a clitoris as long as the male’s penis, which the female must voluntarily retract if the male is to have his way. Only humans would think of making our females defenseless against unwanted attack.

      1. avatar ThisEnd^ says:

        Hyenas are Natural Born Hermaphrodites, and the male/female sex is determined by the availability of food…

        1. avatar pg2 says:

          You’re either intentionally lying or repeating lies you’ve heard. All too common here. Let me guess, Bill Nye is your source.

  19. avatar Bucephalus says:

    John Adams and our other founders from the once free state of Massachusetts would turn in their graves at what their state has become.

  20. avatar RGP says:

    Massachusetts, and Harvard, are overpriced and probably beyond redemption. The only thing Harvard is actually good for is if you want to become a politician.

    She does have a potential lawsuit, but she’d have to file it in a Massachusetts court where the socialist judge would probably throw it out.

  21. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    I’d like to know the names of the roommates and landlord. The innocent victim is probably getting trolled while those scumbags get off scott free.

    Those @sshole roommates should be charged with breaking and entering.

  22. avatar Ark says:

    My god, and to think some politicians think these people should have the ability to pick up the phone and order the police to kick their door and steal their guns.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      But she had a MAGA hat, she’s white and was from the country side of America. She is dangerous, that was proven after they found the weapons she had. That’s why the government gave itself the power to confiscate guns. Without those laws how else is the government supposed to remove the threat?

  23. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    I remember when the landlords were stopped from evicting couples who were not married. In fact the ACLU sued property owners on the renters behalf.
    The ACLU has already stated they will not defend the civil right to Keep and bare Arms.

    The times have changed.

    1. avatar Huntmaster says:

      I tried to rent a rather large apartment with my girlfriend around 1976. The landlord and his wife were upset when they realized we weren’t married. They called me and said as Christian’s they couldn’t in good conscience rent to us. Instead they ended up renting to a group of five very nice young men. One was working part time as a drag performer. Oh well!

  24. avatar Icabod says:

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense. All roommates “should be” on the lease. If one breaks the lease and moves out, MA law requires:

    “Tenants are legally bound to pay rent for the full lease term, typically one year, whether or not you continue to live in the rental unit—with some exceptions, as follows”
    “If you break your lease and move out without a legal justification (described above), try to work something out with your landlord. Don’t just move out and hope your landlord gets a new tenant quickly and doesn’t charge you for the remaining time on your lease. Provide your landlord with as much notice as possible and write a sincere letter explaining why you need to leave early. Ideally, you can offer your landlord a qualified replacement tenant with good credit and references to sign a new lease.”

    Unless we don’t know all the details, the roommates are responsible for the rent, even if they move out.

  25. avatar Aaron Walker says:

    I’m sure GOAL.ORG would respond if TTAG sent them an Email….

  26. avatar Patrick says:

    “…recently lost her best friend in a shooting there and suffers from PTSD.”

  27. avatar Alan says:

    Who was that leased the apartment? If it was the gun owning student, she should tell the others to Piss Off, and possibly institute legal against the landlord.

  28. If this young lady has to move out, we as a nation are almost beyond the point of no return. Everything about this stinks. According to her roommates she has no rights but they do. Sorry but you can’t teach Stupid and that’s where we are heading if the people of this country do not stand together for any deprivation of our rights, which were founded by every man and woman who have died for this belief that we are the government and not the politicians and governors and mayors. Read history what did Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Hussan(ms) and all the other countries of this world did took their weapons and then did what ??? , the countries against us , whom they call us all these foul names- but for some reason they want to migrate the USA. If our leftist citizens don’t wake up we will be like our for fathers when England could have troops walk in arrest you for anything they wanted to. We are hated by so many, but we are the first to try and help the other countries when catastrophes hit. But how many come to our aid. This young lady should stand her ground and fight with everything she has to make a point that she as the RIGHT to keep and Bear.
    Now for those Stupids that wish these other young ladies get raped and whatever, these people are sick and they are why we need to have the right to keep and bear our guns. I can’t believe what the differences are, wishing that on any lady of any age is against everything we as a Nation stand for. Let’s MAGA as a nation bond together under God for one Nation. Our Freedoms are being taken away slowly and we are setting back letting ever mayor, governor, even police come in and take our firearms because they can shoot more then 10 rounds or shoot fast. If we stand with these and not fight for our rights, we will have something like Hitler had a police that had All authority and if you didn’t like it. You simply just disappeared.

  29. avatar Coolbreeze says:

    The problem is, she is a student who is studying. She doesn’t need the distraction of a roommate/civil rights trial. Life sure can throw some crap your way when you least can afford it. I advise she stay put, agree (verbally, respectfully) to lock the guns (triggers, safe, etc.), then put a deadbolt lock on her bedroom door for her roomates’ “protection”. Then, if they break in, call police, press charges, and sue. She’s not violated the lease. If they move out, refuse to pay their share. Make the landlord start eviction proceedings. By the time the school year is over, she can move out, and counter-sue the landlord, et al. She could use some monetary support, no doubt. Go fund me? ACLJ?

  30. avatar Coolbreeze says:

    The problem is, she is a student who is studying. She doesn’t need the distraction of a roommate/civil rights trial. Life sure can throw some crap your way when you least can afford it. I advise she stay put, agree to lock the guns (triggers, safe, etc.), then put a deadbolt lock on her bedroom door for her roomates’ “protection”. Then, if they break in, call police, press charges, and sue. She’s not violated the lease. If they move out, refuse to pay their share. Make the landlord start eviction proceedings. By the time the school year is over, she can move out, and counter-sue the landlord, et al. She could use some monetary support, no doubt. Go fund me? ACLJ?

  31. avatar james says:

    Don’t have a copy of the lease, here in NC our daughters rent a bedroom in a four bedroom apartment, each BR has full bath, the lease with the management company is individual and all four young ladies have their own lease. If one leaves the other are not responsible.

    If they did enter her room they violated her privacy, if they handled the firearm that is another problem.

  32. avatar skiff says:

    I’m sure that none of the roommates remember Richard Speck. He is the guy who murdered 8 student nurses in their apartment in Chicago in 1966. It’s unfortunate that one of the student nurses didn’t possess a handgun for self defense. I remember reading about one student nurse hiding under the bed and lived to tell about it. It’s also unfortunate that no one possessed a handgun in the Parisian music hall.

    1. avatar 22winmag says:

      Those dumb shits at Harvard don’t know what happened in 2006 let alone 1966.

  33. avatar Scoutino says:

    Moving is a nuisance, even if it is just one room. But living in an apartment full of dumb snowflakes who hate your guts is worse. I would not stay in there if they begged me.

  34. avatar Forlorn Hope says:

    Why weren’t those idiot roommates charged with trespassing? They had mo right to go into another person’s living space regardless if it were a house, an apartment, or even a single room.

  35. avatar Ogre says:

    Mean girls who require discipline. CYA landlord who needs to be sued for allowing this incident on his property. Uff da!

  36. avatar SShink says:

    Leyla Pirnie is a hottie, THAT’s why the roommates (most likely leftie MA hags) have done this – plain and simple, jealousy.

  37. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Doesn’t look like she was evicted. It looks like he politely asked her to leave, and if she has a lease, she has a right to tell him to fuck off.

    An eviction is where he goes to Court and obtains an order for her to vacate the premises.

  38. avatar pg2 says:

    Socially isolating and stigmatizing a certain group of people….hmmmm, where have we seen this before…..

  39. avatar ToddR says:

    Lot’s of attorneys on this thread.

  40. avatar BDM-Brat says:

    Right, I’d be more than happy to keep my firing-pin-less, trigger-guard locked gun in a locked container to make you feel safer. Antis ultimate goal is to make every place a gun-free zone whether there are guns there or not.

  41. avatar Alan says:

    Essentially the same story/facts are repeated on various sites, without any information on what finally happened. Such information, assuming that there is or has been a determination might well be interesting.

    1. avatar cawpin says:

      The last I heard is that she was talking to attorneys.

      1. avatar ThisEnd^ says:

        According to the “The Washington Free Beacon”, the reason that “Leyla Pirnie” moved out was because of the Expense of maintaining the Apartment by herself. “Leyla’s” father simply couldn’t afford the ~$6,000+ rent per month for the apartment…

        1. avatar cawpin says:

          What are you talking about? She was evicted.

        2. avatar ThisEnd^ says:

          Landlord gave her two choice’s, either find two roommates to help pay for Rent or Pay the Rent herself. She left instead, because neither her and her father could afford the ~$6-K Plus rent per month. It sometime pays the read the Local Press for helpful information. Note that “The Washington Free Beacon” Newspaper is a “Conservative Owned and Operated News Organization…

          ( )

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