VIDEO: This Is Why We Have Range Safety Officers

The vast majority of gun owners practice safe gun handling on a regular basis. The four rules of firearm safety are easy to memorize and simple to follow.

four rules of firearms safety

You have to break at least two of them for something bad to happen.

But with 330,000,000 people in the US, the law of averages means there will always be a few idiots out there who the rest of us will have to keep our eyes on.

You have to tip your hat to the RSO in the video above for being alert and stepping in so quickly. FYI, this cringe-worthy event reportedly occurred at the Top Gun range in Houston.




  1. avatar Centuriator says:

    Good God…. that RSO ought to get a medal for quick action and for not beating up the two morons.

    1. avatar Bearpaw says:

      You see, this is exactly why selfies are not protected under the second amendment.

      1. avatar Nitel the expat says:

        Terminal stupidity is definitely not a protect right.

        No matter how much progressives (and ‘hold my beer’ types) would like it to be 😉

    2. avatar Chris T in KY says:


  2. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Ive seen alot of stupid moves in ranges before. But to point a loaded gun at your friend!! Yourself hell it might only kill you so no real loss there.
    Big thumbs up for that ranger.

    1. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      And another example of why people hate going to public ranges

  3. avatar CharlieKing1 says:

    I’ve seen a lot of stupid stuff on ranges, but never that STUPID!!! These two clowns need to be removed from the gene pool. Let’s just hope if and when they self correct their problem, they don’t hurt someone else along the way…

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      The RO should have just let that dumbass shoot his dumbass friend. Two birds with one boolit.

      1. avatar Aaron says:

        yeah, that’s some excellent legal and fiduciary advice for a business right there, anonymoose!

  4. avatar Chadwick says:

    I would have had a hard time not slamming the idiot’s head against the partition. Damn some people are just dumb.

    1. avatar Larry says:

      They would have kicked your butt so stop talking smack on the internet.

    2. avatar MLee says:

      The only reason some people are alive is because it’s against the law to kill them!

  5. All I can say is “WOW”!!!!! What an idiot for pointing a gun at another person. These two idiots, and I use that term lightly, just give the anti gun nuts more narrative to have us disarmed. Thanks morons!!!!!

  6. avatar former water walker says:

    Yeah I’ve seen stupid…I have NEVER been to a range with a range officer hanging out. Mostly indoors but I went to the NRA range in Bonfield,IL ( near Kankakee) as a lad. No ear/eye protection then…

  7. avatar dwb says:

    Holy shit. Ive seen some idiots and knuckleheads but that tops it.

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Wow. Just wow.
    That RSO was quick.
    Ban the idiots from the range, and buy that RSO a beverage of his choice. (After work of course).

  9. avatar Alex Waits says:


  10. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    Great work by the range officer!!!

    Yes, those two committed a stupid act. Yet, how are we supposed to learn, through osmosis?

    Rather than bash the violators, I would prefer that they be instructed on proper gun handling…as a matter of fact, I wish it were mandatory in schools.

    1. avatar kahlil says:

      I’ve been thinking on a response too along those lines. Initially I wanted to say, ban them, but as I thought about it more I realized it was a good learning opportunity. I’d still ban them from the range until they took and passed a class on safety, etc, etc. If the range offering classes (and I was the owner) I’d offer them a discount on a safety and gun use class. Pending they pass the class and show their sincerity I’d let them back on the range. If they messed up a second time they’d be gone for good.

      1. The problem is that the 2nd time they could kill someone other than themselves. There is no grey area here, foreigners or not, if you do stupid shit like they did, your gone……….. Period.

    2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Sorry, no.
      You can’t fix stupid.

      1. avatar Ron says:

        They almost did !

      2. avatar Mike says:

        As we say in the hospital “You can’t fix stupid, but you can medicate it”
        I have seen many GSWs, most of them are drug and gang related, but some are from stupid behavior.

    3. avatar Ron says:

      I’m with you on that !

    4. avatar EffTheSystem says:

      You mean like a required safety course before you enter a public range? A verbal set of instructions from a safety officer and range control before entering the range?

      What range does NOT require that? And what idiot would attend one that does not?

      I am all for trying to lend a helping hand, but these two idiots had to have skipped paying attention somewhere in life to make it inside the actual range then do this… fuck em… fuck em all. I’d rather have them removed from the gene pool as well.

      This is a perfect example of why Spartans dropped deformed babies off a cliff. Don’t give them a chance and show no mercy when stupidity is shown. Our society gives these people too many chances and caters to their inability to pay attention. The video would have been amazing if the range officer just popped em both, while maintaining muzzle awareness and keeping the splatter down range.

      1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        We require motor vehicle safety education before people are legally allowed to drive on public roads. We require health and sex education in the schools, too. Yet, I read in the paper once that sometimes people still get into wrecks and die; other people still screw and get knocked up and/or infected with an STD. Soooo…..

        Now, that’s not to say that gun handling and safety education is worthless, any more than driver’s or sex education is worthless. It’s just that these aren’t panaceas. In people’s lust and haste for an instant solution, you’re apt to cause more problems than you solve. By the way, how would you enforce such an education rule, anyway? Require a national database of everyone who has taken a gun safety course? What could go wrong with that?

  11. avatar RA-15 says:

    Dumb & Dumber unbelievable !! 2 less knuckleheads at that range. The question is , do they have Cary permits ? If so , they absolutely shouldn’t.

    1. avatar anonymous says:

      It’s not that they shouldn’t have carry permits, or that they should be stricken their freedom to protect themselves by carrying. It’s that they likely didn’t have a father who taught them to respect the capabilities of a firearm. In this case, it is our responsibility to address this adequately. The range officer did everything right:

      1) He got them out of the range, protecting others from their lax attitude and foolishness.

      2) By kicking them from the property, they will realize that it’s not a joke. It’s not funny. It’s inappropriate. It’s not safe for them, or others. And hopefully they’ll learn that, and hopefully it’s something they won’t forget. And if they don’t forget it, that brings them one step closer to a person we wouldn’t mind carrying in public. We shouldn’t bar them from carrying. Instead, we should teach them how, properly.

    2. Do you have a High School Diploma?. Learn how to spell.

      1. avatar Brainman says:

        Says the guy that doesn’t understand correct capitalization or punctuation.

  12. avatar anonymous says:


    It’s not a toy.

    What if it had been loaded? What if you had a brain fart and honestly believed it was unloaded when it wasn’t? The rules are to protect you and others from yourself. Brains get old and memories fail. This is reality. If you can remember, never to point it at anything you wouldn’t destroy, then you can possibly spare yourself tragedy by enforcing this protective policy on yourself.

    Zero respect here. You have to respect, what it can do. If you don’t have any respect for it, then you will invite tragedy.

  13. avatar BluesMike says:

    Yikes – have seen some bad stuff but wow, that is the worst. We still work with newbies on not picking up guns with their finger inside the trigger guard. Hollywood has taught everybody that you must always have your finger inside the trigger guard. I sometimes think there should be a required disclaimer on every TV show and movie that has that kind of stupidity in it. Oh, and I second the motion on required gun safety training in High School (real gun safety, not that renamed control stuff).

  14. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Not saying this wasn’t a staged event, but do RSOs usually wear latex gloves all the time?

    Time was WE policed our own at ranges and I still get in people’s faces when they pick up any firearm at a gun show, range and especially shotgun club and cover me with their muzzle. Some of them get pretty “insulted” and nasty at first until I offer to do the same to them with whatever I happen to have at the time, then they’ll usually loosen up. Up until recently, though, anyone showing any unsafe handling at any range was usually kicked off and told, not asked, not to return.

    That accidental shootings have declined to a point where they don’t even show up as a serious cause of injury or death in the major statistics is probably more a testament to how safe firearms are than the owners…

    1. avatar binder says:

      Anyone who works at a range should wear latex gloves. Lead exposed is cumulative and there is lead coveing everything at a range.

      1. avatar Craig in IA says:

        If this is true then the shooters should have to wear the gloves along with the eyewear and ear protection. Most of the indoor places I’ve used in recent years only allow TMJ or “plated” bullets with no exposed lead.

        1. avatar MyName says:

          Typical shooter is there for maybe one hour maybe once a week or less. That RSO, he could be there for 40 hours each week. Slightly different exposure level.

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      “Not” saying it “wasn’t” staged means you “are” suggesting it “was.” Why would you lead with that? Made the rest of your comment less credible.

      1. avatar Craig in IA says:

        I could’ve led with it or closed with it, either way you wouldn’t have been happy. None of the indoor ranges I’ve used have latex-gloved RSOs.

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    Way before Jeff Cooper admonished us that the muzzle should never be allowed to cover anything that we didn’t want to destroy, my dad told me that more people have been killed with unloaded guns than with loaded ones.

    Tongue in cheek, sure, but it’s a point that I’ve never forgotten.

  16. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    So, RSO story time. I was out at Buffalo Range Shooting Park in Ottawa, IL and Billy Badass RSO starts giving me shit about my barrel sticking out of my case. Then he proceeds to check my rifle for clear WHILE POINTING IT AT THE JUNK OF HIS FELLOW RSO. As you can imagine It’s gonna be some time before I end up going back between that and them keeping my 243 brass.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      r.i.p. sparky, et al.

  17. avatar LKB says:

    I’ve shot at Top Gun (Houston, Tx) many times. It is a first-rate facility, and their RSO’s are very good without being “Range Nazis.”

  18. avatar FedUp says:

    If you’re going to shoot each other, you have my full support, but I can’t let you do it here…

  19. avatar The Rookie says:

    I would love to have heard the conversation that took place here. And after the RSO got these two off the range…

  20. avatar el Possum Guapo Standartenfuher " they think we're making pizza's Oberst von Burn says:

    The RSO’s reactions looked Marine. I’d have liked to have been a fly on the wall listening to his conversation with those individuals

  21. avatar Kevin says:

    5th Rule of Firearms Safety

    Absolutely no selfies while holding a firearm.

    This actually needs its own rule.

    1. avatar MyName says:

      My Grandpa told me rule 5 is “Don’t be an idiot”. Turns out to be good advice in many areas of life.

  22. avatar spitfirerobinson says:

    This is pretty common with foreigners, especially indians which these two appear to be. As an RSO I think I had to kick 90% of foreigners off the range because no matter how much of a safety brief they sat through or how dangerous you explain firearms can be when mishandled, they did whatever the fuck they wanted.

    1. avatar MyName says:

      Interesting. What types of things were you typically kicking people out for? (Seriously, I’m curious. Were these typical newbie errors in judgement or disregard for the rules or, … or?)

      I really am curious. I won’t go through the whole long story but I have taken several people, foreigners, to the range (both formal and informal ranges) over the years and have had some interesting, bizarre, wonderful and just plain odd experiences – so, I am curious about your, possibly similar, or different, experiences.

      1. avatar spitfirerobison says:

        It’s actually this exact thing. It was almost always this selfie pointing the gun unsafely while taking photos. Even after repeatedly being instructed on safety, they always had this “fuck you American” attitude and were hence forth kicked out. Always muzzle discipline, walking out of the lane pointing the gun randomly and finger always on the trigger. We even used to do one on one safety instruction with these guys and they would just disregard any and all safety as soon as they were on the range. It’s specifically people from India or the middle east. Now here’s what’s really weird. In a decade of experience, if these same people were folks that immigrated to Canada and were down here for a visit, never an issue. It’s only if they were here on holiday or immigrated straight to the states.

    2. avatar Hornylady Critical Defense says:

      Foreigners are trash, that’s why we need walls! People from India are weirdos, they smell, they have their kamasutra and weird religions, they eat rice with their hands, they throw dead bodies in the river. The Brits failed to humanize them.

      1. avatar Mike says:

        Hopefully you are being sarcastic. I am sure people say the same about Americans at gun ranges. I know I have seen plenty of crazy people of all nationalities acting crazy

      2. avatar Rop Pincus says:


        Shush. You’re an embarrassment to Gun Owners and America.

  23. avatar MyName says:

    I’ve probably related these tales on TTAG before but I’m sure it has been a while.

    The worst range safety violations I have ever seen both occurred at the same range (on different days) and, no, I don’t go there anymore.

    This particular range is an outdoor affair, attached to a somewhat infamous gun shop, with a 100 or so yard rifle range and 20 or so yard pistol range adjacent to each other. The pistol range has a nice little roof covering it and several shooting stations with chairs and tables and a boat load of pallets for target stands. Between the rifle and pistol ranges is a hut with a loudspeaker that the RSO lives in and from where he or she calls the range hot or cold.

    One day, on a hot range, a couple of 20 something dudes with a NIB Hi Point came strutting down behind all the pistol lanes, chose a shooting position and promptly took their targets and walked out past the firing line – On a hot range! The RSO screamed “Cease Fire!” so loudly into the mic that it sounded like he blew the speaker. These two were promptly removed and, it appeared, dressed down in fashion that made me assume the RSO had been called “Drill Instructor” at some point in his life.

    The other incident took place on the rifle range. A friend and I were there sighting in a couple of muzzleloaders (there tend to be limited formal ranges that will allow you to get out your smoke pole) and a dude showed up in the next lane with one of those ARs that looks like it is an advertisement for a rail mounted accessory manufacturer. He was apparently having some kind of FTF or FTE problem because he would fire a shot or two and then turn the rifle parallel to the firing line and stare into the ejection port while fiddling with the thing. The first two times he did this, my buddy and I just jumped backwards and didn’t say anything because we were near the end of the range and nobody was beyond us. Later, however, more people had set up and he did it again. At that point I said something like, “Please be aware of where your muzzle is pointed.” He just shot me a nasty look and carried on. The next time he did it, I picked up my big ole .54 cal rifle and said, loudly enough for people to hear me over their ear pro and stare at him, “If you point your rifle at me again, I’m going to point mine at you!” He packed up and left pretty quickly after that.

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      D*****’s is a place you shouldn’t go, regardless of the staff. My experience has been less than stellar with the staff, and there is absolutely no discretion on who steps foot there. Best bet is to go west/northwest and hit the mountain side.

      1. avatar MyName says:

        Wow, well done detective.

  24. avatar Republicans are Traitors says:

    Just a couple of Republicans doing what they do…

    1. avatar MyName says:

      Yeah, right, now that I look closely, that was Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at the range that day. The RSO must have been Maxine Waters. You are brilliant.

      (In case the sarcasm wasn’t clear enough, let me spell it out for you: You are an idiot.)

    2. avatar GS650G says:

      Check.your browser. You clearly are.on the wrong page. It’s spelled

    3. avatar Hornylady Critical Defense says:

      Did you than a demoncrat today for…..well, for…..hum, I don’t know…..for the “free stuff” they want to give you in exchange of your taxes?

    4. avatar David Kledzik says:

      Says the marxist/liberal/demorat, whose party wants to disarm the public. Doesn’t your kind believe all guns are scary, and yucky. Go play with your airsoft gun, scary antifa guy. Lol

    5. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Stupidity holds no political affiliation.

  25. avatar SouthernShooter says:

    I nominate them both 4 Darwin awards!!!

  26. avatar Koolhed says:

    In that video, I saw two (very likely illegal aliens) Mexican or Central American men that had not grown up around firearms but were a little too excited to finally be shooting pistols in the USA.
    It’s an excellent bet that they didn’t speak English and the R.O. did the right thing by removing them A.S.A.P.

    Language barrier x intelligence barrier = potential catastrophe

    1. avatar Hornylady Critical Defense says:

      They might have been morons from SW Asia. Some shiithole country like India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan.

  27. avatar Hornylady Critical Defense says:

    Looks like the Range Officer is sporting a cap with the Czech flag. The two Darwin award contestants seem Indian/Pakistani, maybe Hispanic. White>non white, period.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      Philippines flag.

    2. avatar Queens says:

      Right. White people are never stupid. Then there’s you.

  28. avatar Matt says:

    I go to this range quite a bit. One of the reasons is that they are attentive and take action. Got to hand it to them, outstanding job of handling those two toolboxes.

  29. avatar Phil LA says:

    Bye Felicia.

  30. avatar California Kid says:

    Many years ago I was at an outdoor rifle range where a guy was shooting slugs in his pump shotgun. He was sitting at the bench and his arms where to short to pump the shotgun at the bench so he would turn the shotgun 90 degrees from the target and pump it will covering everyone to his right with the muzzle. We all started to yell at him when someone saw him doing this and he was removed from the range.

  31. avatar Keyword Spam says:

    I got muzzled at a public outdoor range a few years ago. There was no RSO (there usually wasn’t, as this was a State-run firing range) to yell at him. The first time he did it, I was polite. “Please be more careful where you point that thing.” Mistakes happen, even well-practiced veterans of firearms slip up occasionally, and his fingers were out of the trigger guard. Hopefully lesson learned, and no harm no foul right? Wrong. Second time he did it, maybe 10 minutes later, his finger was on the trigger. I was a lot less polite this time. “DO THAT AGAIN AND I”LL SHOVE THAT THING DOWN YOUR F****** THROAT!” I think that got his attention. He quit doing it after that, and left shortly afterward.

    I don’t go to this range anymore.

    1. avatar Dwayne says:

      You are so tough, who would want to mess with you? Next story please I am bored.

  32. avatar Rudolf says:

    I had a very similar thing happen at the CELEBRITUS shooting range in Budapest.

    The guns were supposed to be empty but they had a large group of UK stag party attendees, just silly English people with no experience with guns.
    They allow them to take pictures of their guns and stuff and what do they do?

    They point it in their mouth..their heads…they play pretend shoot me up.

    At the end of their escapade……one of the guns had a bullet in it…..that they forgot to check.

    luckily….it was on safe and they didn’t know how to put it back to fire.

    1. avatar Dwayne says:

      We all know you went to Budapest to get laid, not for the shooting range experience.

  33. The problem with guns is…the cool factor. Guns ARE cool. But some people when expose to so much coolness act giddy as if handed the keys to a brand new Lamborghini. These derps were acting a fool because they were overwhelmed by the experience.
    Reminds me when I bought my dad, a Marine corps veteran, his longed for .357 magnum. We were in a restaurant parking lot after his birthday dinner when I presented him with the gift. My sister in law put her hands up jokingly saying don’t shoot. Dad poked the gun in her belly and made the gun sound pow pow pow! Everyone was laughing but me. I felt about how that range officer must have felt.

  34. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Wish all Range Officers where that sharp… Well done!!!

  35. avatar Qwerty says:

    At a match, another competitor covered me twice trying to unjam his Glock. Buh bye! But how do you jam a Glock!

    1. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

      You flip it upside down, keep muzzle down range, and using the front site pushing at a 45 degree angle down on the shelf in the lane, usually wood, and smack the grip downward at 45 degrees.
      Had a few Underwood hard cast in a lone Wolf barrel jam on my GLOCK 30S, not fun.

  36. avatar Flamingo says:

    Y’all need to post your boring story if you have not done it yet. “when I was a child uncle Charlie took me to the range…..Billy pointed the muzzle…..Billy was removed from the range….and that’s all…oh no sorry, on the way back we saw a fox!”

    And don’t forget to be tough, always “I would have punched him in the mouth, and then I wuld break his buddy’s arm, and I would make them clean the range and cook me some Indian food”.

  37. avatar Ruther says:

    Part of the outrage on TTAG is explained by the fact these two are not white.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      Maybe it’s a reflection of the rampant rise of anti-white racism that is all over the Leftist TV shows, ANTIFA, BLM, and the Democrat isles of Congress.

      It’s quite possible that the racist comments here are from the same batch of people saying the anti-white stuff on TV…..Leftist agitators.

    2. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      Other than in a throw-the-dart-at-the-wall-and-then-draw-the-Bull’s-eye-around-it sense, how does the ethnicity of the two individuals depicted explain the TTAG community’s response?

      For that to be valid, there would have to be examples of reckless white gun owners which elicited no such response for the readers. We know that is untrue, however, since this site has carried an “Idiot Gun Owner of the Day” feature for years. Most people featured have been white and public ridicule is the regular reaction.

    3. avatar Chris T in KY says:


  38. avatar Defens says:

    Try being an instructor! I’m an NRA instructor, teaching people who presumably want to learn about safe gun handling. In pistol courses, despite the constant preaching of firearms safety, it’s not that uncommon to be swept at least once per class. I take the first sweeping as a teaching opportunity to firmly engage in a discussion about the rules.

    Second sweeping by the same individual gets him or her walked to his car, packed up, and sent on his/her way. No yelling or cussing required, just a professional separation from the class.

  39. avatar manny says:

    This is exactly why I stopped going to public, enclosed shooting ranges many years ago. Saw a lot of kids walking around with their daddy’s guns, people loading on the back table and turning around lazing half the people on the range, while nobody said anything about it. Too scary for me.

  40. avatar Alexander says:

    Sad thing is that if the guy would have accidentally shot his friend in the head, they and the media would still be blaming the firearm.

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