Crimson Trace Announces New Line of Riflescopes

Crimson Trace Riflescopes Series 5

Following on the rollout of a new line of electro optics, Crimson Trace has just announced a complete line of eleven new riflescopes for tactical and sport shooting.

Crimson Trace Announces New Line of Riflescopes

Crimson Trace Announces New Line of Riflescopes

Crimson Trace Announces New Line of Riflescopes


  1. avatar Removed_californian says:

    Looks like they’re asking real money for unproven glass.

    Wonder who makes them.

    1. @ Removed_californian.

      Manufacturer is GSO German Sports Optics GmbH & Co. KG. of Wetzlar, Germany…

      1. avatar Bearpaw says:

        Nothing against Germany, but we have fine high-dollar optics makers right here in ‘Merica. No need to bring jobs back home if we don’t support the companies already here.

        just say’n

        1. S&W owns Crimson Trace! IF Crimson Trace was to open a Scope Optics Line to their catalog, and S&W was the owner of the company with the New Catalog Line of Products. It would stand to reason, that that new catalog line of product would buy from the SAME supplier of the Parent Company S&W…

        2. avatar FightFireJay says:

          Is there someone other than Leopold/Redfield that makes glass here in the U.S.?

        3. Meade Instrument Corporation in California. The produce Telescope Optics…

        4. avatar timbo762 says:

          I believe U.S Optics is 100% made in the USA. Actually, some of the best optics in the world are made here. Unfortunately, only the U.S. Government can afford them.

  2. avatar timbo762 says:

    Seems everyone is getting in the scope business these days. And why not with the high markup with products made in Asia.

  3. avatar PROUD chicano says:

    Whoa to much money for unproven products. Back of the line you go CT.

  4. avatar Nanashi says:

    Yeah, more cheap red dots is fine if they work, and you can easily put a red dot on every modern longarm you own that doesn’t have a magnified optic. Plus business wise there is plenty of market opportunity in bundling an optic with a rifle (sell a pencil barreled freefloated upper with a red dot and light pre-installed). With mid-end magnified glass the differences in quality are far more obvious/important/known to the buyer and most people are one and done.

  5. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    The 5-25 x 56 has me wondering.
    I think I’ll wait for some impartial reviews. (Dan… I’d love to review that if you could make it happen. I’d stick it on my RPR in 6.5 CM and give it a good workout. )

  6. avatar TomC says:

    What label is the factory putting on their scopes before (or alongside) Crimson Trace.

    I doubt Crimson Trace is going to gamble their reputation by selling junk under their name, but like many others I think I’ll wait until I’ve seen some real reviews — NOT the usual firearms media “reviews” that start out They-Loaned-Me-One-To-Try-Out-For-A-Few-Days.

    1. I suspect the same way Smith and Wesson does, considering S&W bought out Crimson Trace in January of 2018…

  7. avatar Docduracoat says:

    I certainly love my Crimson Trace lasergrips!
    I have them on all my pistols, including my Bersa Thunder cc.
    Turns a gun with minimal iron sights into an accurate little shooter.
    Their customer service has been excellent the one time I had a problem, they just sent me new item.
    Don’t forget one set of free batteries per year for life.
    They seem to have a budget line in the $500 range, a midlevel at $850 and a top end line at $1,500 msrp.
    Nothing wrong with German glass.
    I am certain they will sell for less than msrp at optics planet.

  8. avatar Carlos says:

    Even some European optics use japanese glass, it is made to their specs.

    A good video about the subject, start at 25:00 mark for glass manufacturing

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