The Stealthiest Disguised EDC Knives We’ve Ever Seen

You can assume that if a knife can somehow be concealed in an otherwise unassuming pocket-sized object, someone’s selling it. By combining these remarkably sneaky knives, you could easily have upwards of ten separate blades on your person at all times. If you’re into that.

The Gerber Zip Blade: $15 via Amazon

Although some of the knives on this list are more like fun collectibles than legitimate tools, the knife makers at Gerber have put real thought into the stealth EDC knife concept. One of their coolest and most practical knives is a zipper pull (or keychain). For $15 and at the featherweight of .32oz, you get this extremely discreet .68-inch stainless steel utility blade. Not bad.

The Gerber Money Clip Knife: $25 via Amazon

“Phone, keys, knife, wallet, gun…” could be “Phone, keys, money clip, gun” with this money clip. Not for everyone, but a neat little tool.

Titanium Wedding Ring “Knife”/Escape Tool: $62 via Amazon

Apparently, you can use this thing to get out of handcuffs, or for other miscellaneous emergency applications. Your mileage may vary.

Carabiner Knife: $16 via Amazon

A keen-eyed fellow ‘operator’ will notice this is a knife, but it’ll fly under everyone else’s radar. A clever thing, especially for the millions of people who use a carabiner for keys anyway.

Para-Claw Paracord Wristband Knife: $20 via Amazon

If you’re going to be ‘that guy’ with the paracord bracelet, you might as well be this guy.

SOG Key-Shaped Folder: $8 via Amazon

Can you put enough knives on a keyring to make it qualify as a collection in itself? “Challenge accepted,” says SOG.

Covert Nickel Knife: $37 via Amazon

From the same people who brought you the wedding ring escape knife comes this weird gadget. For nearly $40, the thing seems overpriced. Then again, it does have a novelty appeal. Perhaps a stocking stuffer for someone who’s going for EDC wizard rank.

Kubotan Knife/Glassbreaker: $13 via Amazon

This blade-fitted variant of the classic Kubotan self-defense tool isn’t quickly deployable as a knife, but it could definitely serve as a glassbreaker in a pinch, plus the concealed blade component, because why not?

JJMG Credit Card Transformer Knife: 3 for $10 via Amazon

You can’t make a list of EDC tools these days without something credit-card sized. There are dozens of different card knife designs out there, but these guys seem to do it best.

Coin-Shaped Knife Gizmo: $5 via Amazon

This bizarre knife design looks like something out of Bladerunner, which, depending on your style, could be a good thing.

Ladylike Leaf Keychain Knife: $8 via Amazon

Last but not least, this one makes a nice little gift for your tacticool sweetheart.


  1. Never been in a TSA Airport Holding Area (Jail) before! And like to keep it that way…

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “Never been in a TSA Airport Holding Area (Jail) before! And like to keep it that way…”

      Agree. TSA people have no sense of humor. At the KC airport, had the chance to just “chat” with a coupla screeners. Was curious about what constitutes a knife. At home, the law excludes blades less than 2.5in. My keyring has a vintage P-38 on it (very useful in a bunch of circumstances, but the “blade is only .5in. The scanners at KC said they would have no issues with that, but since the can opener blade is pointed and can be used to cut tape, string, paper, cloth, I was running a risk elsewhere that any cutting instrument is considered a “knife”. Thinking some of these mini-knives will prove problematic at some point. (TSA elsewhere had already confiscated my Victorinox credit card tool carrier, with two inch blade)

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        When I tried to enter the immigration office in Tacoma Washington they had complete security at the doors because it was also a holding jail for illegals waiting for deportation.

        They spotted the P38 on my keyring immediately and informed me I could not enter the building with it because of the tiny cutting edge. I had carried the thing for 20 years since I got out of the army and was not pleased, but I gave it up.

        The annoying thing was that I had carried on the same keyring all the way to St. Petersburg and back and passed through at least 6 airport screenings without any issue.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          I have loved my P38 since I was a kid, but I don’t carry it any more.

        2. avatar Don from CT says:

          You shouldn’t have given it up. These days, I’ve taken to just stashing my knife in a planter or generally hiding it within 50 feet of the door I’m going in wher eknives aren’t allowed.

          Most recently it was at the statute of liberty. I wasn’t allowed to bring a swiss army knife with roughly a 2″ blade. So I walked outside, located a tree that would be easy to find later, and stashed it in the plants at the base of the tree. Problem solved. Never give upa knife. stash it.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      some of this stuff sails through…some doesn’t…depends on the operator…recently got busted for one of those “credit card ” knives…shows up real good on the x-ray…

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Yeah, I had one of those in my wallet–unused because it is useful for nothing but cutting paper–and had forgotten all about it. They took it. whatev. I halso lost a waiter’s corkscrew to some idiot at O’Hare because it has this tiny little blade on it that is used for cutting the foil. Pot metal. I’d tied to sharpen it a bit because all these bottles were coming with plastic instead of lead foil, and they were much harder to cut.

  2. avatar Scott says:

    And yet while running security for a major event I spotted at least two of these trying to slip through. YMMV on stealthiness.

  3. avatar Nanashi says:

    Seeing this makes me think of all the cool Any Other Weapons we’d have if the NFA didn’t exist.

  4. avatar Ed Earl says:

    My son carries a SOG key folder on his key ring. He travels by air all the time. He averages about 8 flights before TSA confiscates one and he has to buy another. He considers the cost an acceptable trade off.

  5. avatar stuartb says:

    This would be more appropriate on your sister blog The Truth About Knives – except your new overlords shut that down a few months back without notice! Its ironic, given that gun and knife channels are being threatened by the MSM, yet here we see ‘our own’ turning on us – keep up the good work

    1. avatar dph says:

      This. I really liked ttak.

      1. avatar Prudiikal says:

        ttak is still up……..

        1. avatar stuartb says:

          Read Chris Dunn’s obit’ in the last string of comments. They pulled the plug, it’s a zombie site.

    2. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Start your own. It was too much work for the 9 people that read it.

  6. avatar Mark N. says:

    I don’t consider any of these to be edc “weapons”, more like novelty toys. Give me a Kershaw speedsafe folder instead.

    And by the way, you missed the hidden belt buckle knife (perfectly illegal in CA.)

    1. …No…CRKT with IBS ball bering system…Love CRKT…Kershaw has slumped…

  7. avatar Swarf says:

    As much as I despise the TSA and their idiotic security theater, I do have to give them credit for trying to do a sane thing and rescind the ban on small pocketknives.

    I’m still not sure how a handful of hysterical flight attendants were able to override common sense on that one. Oh wait, I know. We kowtow to the shrillist.

  8. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Speaking of knives….

    Any recommendations for a knife sharpener that doesn’t require talents of a blade master to use successfully?

    1. avatar Paul in TN says:

      Check out (even has pretty good videos). Multitude of options and fairly good guard / guide systems. Bought a few for holiday gifts and were well received.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        Great. Thank You,

      2. avatar chris says:

        + 1,000,000 on Lansky.

      3. avatar jwtaylor says:

        I got my Lansky Sharpening System in about 87. Still using it.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “I got my Lansky Sharpening System in about 87. Still using it.”

          Which item?

        2. avatar Paul in TN says:

          to “Sam I Am” the best I have found is “Deluxe Controlled-Angle Knife Sharpening System” on their web site. There are good YouTube videos on using. Follow the directions and you will be happy. I don’t know Mr. Taylor’s system but imagine it is an older model of the one I am referring to. I have the older 5 stone system from about 2000 time frame. Be sure to use the oil from them to clean – also, they have an eraser stick that is great for cleaning ceramic sticks. The Tennessee sharpening sticks ( might find on eBay) are the only thing I use once teh knives are sharpened by the Lansky products. Once or twice a year I pull the wife’s $400 kitchen knives for the sticks and if that doesn’t set them up. out comes the Lansky – best stuff I’ve ever found.

        3. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Once or twice a year I pull the wife’s $400 kitchen knives for the sticks and if that doesn’t set them up. out comes the Lansky – best stuff I’ve ever found.”

          Thank you for taking time to assist.

          We have a kit with ceramic rods and an Arkansas (always wonder why there is an Are-ken-saw, and a Kanse-es; why not Ar-Kanse-es?) stone (with oil). Just never can get an edge worth a darn because I can’t keep the angle correct (I guess). The recommended devices the use a “V” slot seem more promising than another kit of rods and stones.

    2. avatar Jon in CO says:

      If the Apex Edge isn’t your cup of tea (did take me a while to get really good with it) and it’s expensive, the spyderco sharpener is a fair price and does a really good job. If you’re not looking to do secondary bevels and high polish on the edge and what not, Sharp Maker is a good buy.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        More good information. Thank you for submitting those ideas.

        I am looking for something that I can drag a blade across several times, and have a sharp enough edge to cut paracord, thin leather, things like that. It has to be so simple to restore an edge that even a caveman can do it.

        1. avatar dph says:

          The biggest problem with the Lansky and the Sharpmaker is maintaining a consistent edge angle. I have both and I prefer the Sharpmaker due to ease of setup, both are fairly inexpensive so there’s that. Here is an inexpensive alternative to the Sharpmaker I think my next sharpener will be something like this

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          Good stuff !

          Molte grazie.

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Used several through the years, quit looking after I bought a set of Cutco kitchen knives, sharpener came with them (can be purchased separately) is just excellent. Fast, easy, simple, and your blade ends up like a razor.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “I bought a set of Cutco kitchen knives, sharpener came with them ”

        Saw the video. May be just what I need.


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