Four Guns That Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the Clinton AWB

Diane Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Gun Control


September 13, 1994 is a date which will live in gun rights infamy. As a child of the 1980s, I grew up in an era of amazement and rapid change in the gun culture. In my house alone, we went from wood and blued steel rifles, shotguns, semi-autos, and revolvers to plastic fantastic (read: GLOCK) and modern lightweight rifles like the Colt SP1.

It happened fast, too. My father, being a plainclothes state investigator, was one of the cops on the front lines during the war on drugs in Miami. At the time, the police were definitely outgunned, but my father, a cop who was a bona fide gun guy, wasn’t one of them.

When he saw new tech and tactics, he latched on quickly. He was one of the first in Florida to carry one of Gaston’s guns, which made me one of the first on my block to shoot a GLOCK.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

Here are two snapshots from the distant past. The first photo (above) is from the early 1980s. If you’ll notice, the main self-defense long gun was the tried and true classic Remington 870 Police with an 18″ barrel. The main handgun wasn’t a semi, but a Smith & Wesson revolver.

The only semi-autos we had were the classic single action trio of the period: a Colt 1911, a Browning Hi-Power, and a Star PD 45. The idea of a double stack, double action, high-capacity wondernine hadn’t yet hit the scene in our house.

Now, let’s take a look at the photo below.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

This picture is from around 1993. The 1911 and S&W revolvers are still there, but the GLOCK second generation pistol series has crept in; G19, G21, and G23, to be precise. The plastic fantastic compact and its newfangled brother in that hot new cartridge — .40 S&W — along with the amazing .45 ACP bruiser, the G21, were in the corral. Alas, I don’t have pictures of the long guns from that era.

Around that time period, the humble 870 Police was being retired, and new, high-speed, low drag guns were coming into the collection. Then, suddenly, President Clinton got out his pen, scribbled his name, and made things a wreck for law-abiding gun owners.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

But the bill never would have passed if it included a turn-in or confiscations. So Feinstein and her pals grandfathered in previously owned guns that were banned for sale after the law went into effect.

Here’s a good representation of some of the popular guns of the era that, thanks to the Senator from California, we couldn’t buy once the Clinton AWB became law.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

A “corrected” 1994 production Norinco MAK-90, a 1989 production Ruger Mini-14 GB, a 1987 Daewoo MAX-II, and a 1980 Colt SP1. All are pre-Clinton AWB production guns, and all are guns folks would have been lusting after when the ban was signed into law.

All were affordable before the ban, and all but one went to stupid-high prices post-’94.

Norinco MAK-90 in 7.62x39mm

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

The Norinco MAK-90 was the last version of the Chinese-made AKs to come into the US before the ban. Starting in the early 1980s, importers brought in one version or another of the venerable Chinese AKM Assault Rifle.

MAK-90 stands for Modified AK of 1990, because in 1989, President Bush passed an import ban on “non-sporting” guns. Things like pistol grips, folding stocks, bayonet lugs, and threaded barrels were no longer a go.

So, the enterprising Chinese made them with thumbhole stocks, ground off those bayonet lugs, and never finished the barrel with threading. That left it simply crowned and slightly smaller in diameter than the rest of the barrel, so a gunsmith couldn’t thread it for the 14x1L pitch that standard AK barrels used.

Even though the MAK-90 was ugly, it was still a pre-ban gun, and you could add a folding stock, bayonet mount, or threaded barrel without violating the law. Mine has a pin-on slant brake, and there’s a Romanian wire folding stock somewhere in the parts bin for it, too. The full wood stock just looks classy.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

The Norinco never really climbed that much in price, but demand for them rose, met by legal pre-ban AK magazines and parts flooding in from the former ComBloc after the Cold War. Brand new-in-the-wrapper East German magazines were $5.99 each and were sold in four-packs with a DDR Rain Drop camouflage mag pouch for a discount.

Also, since a MAK-90 was a normal AK pattern rifle, all the standard stocks fit it with little to no work. During the ban, at gun shows in Miami that MAK-90s would be sold new-in-box. And for an extra $30 you could get a bag with an original surplus ChiCom Type56 stock set. That’s exactly what’s on mine.

As for pricing, I recall them along with the newer imported Romanian SAR-1 AKs go for just under $400 out the door at the ban’s height. It was like the second golden age for AKs. The overall choices were fewer, but prices and quality were pretty good. The Chinese and later Romanian SAR-1 guns were affordable and 100% built-in military factories.

Ruger Mini-14 GB in 5.56x45mm

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

The Ruger Mini-14 was the go-to 5.56x45mm rifle back then. They were affordable and available with good customer support and of decent quality. They went for around $399-$450 before the ban depending on configuration.

Factory built guns with folding stocks stopped being sold directly to the civilian market by Ruger in 1989 as a response to the Stockton, California school shooting. But you could still get them as an accessory through your FFL without a problem. If you grew up during the 1980s, a stainless Mini-14 in a factory folder holds a special place in your heart.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

The gun was also, of course, prominently featured on the hit show The A-Team. Who didn’t want to be like H.M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock, B. A. Baracus, John “Hannibal” Smith, and Templeton “Faceman” Peck? I know as a kid I did.

Anyway, during the ban Mini-14 GB prices soared and the 20- and 30-round magazines went to hard unobtainium levels. I recall 20-round magazines were $80 a pop and 30-round magazines were easily over $100.

As for the rifles themselves, the GB models were the only ones affected due to their threaded barrels with flash hiders and bayonet lugs. The factory and aftermarket folding stocks with pistol grips made them that much more attractive.

The Mini-14 was always compared to the AR-15, but I always viewed it more as America’s answer to the AK pattern rifle. They both use a similar bolt design, both use rock-in magazines, and both were affordable at the time and well-built.

Daewoo K2/AR-100/MAK-II in 5.56x45mm

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

The Daewoo K2 was and is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Cold War era service rifles that most people have never heard of. It took everything that was great from the FN FAL, Colt M16A1, and Soviet AKM and blended it all together into a finely crafted machine of South Korean exceptionalism.

It has a 1:7 twist barrel, uses standard AR-15 magazine before STANAG compatibility became a thing, a folding stock, a nice birdcage-style muzzle brake/flash hider, and a crisp trigger.

Just like the Norinco AKs, the Daewoo was targeted by President Bush’s 1989 import ban. The one shown here is a pre-ban import gun before all the great features were removed. Before the ’89 ban, Daewoo made them under three different names. The K2, the AR-100, and the MAX-II. Mine is marked as a MAX-II on the receiver.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

Before the ban, Daewoos were competitively priced with the Ruger Mini-14. After the bans, prices naturally rose. They were in demand, but hidden at the same time.

Everyone wanted the AK, the Mini-14, and an AR-15. The Daewoos just sat in the corner being picked up by the intelligent gun buyer. They were more affordable than the pre-ban AR-15s and had all the features Sen. Feinstein didn’t want you to have.

By the mid to late 1990s, Daewoos were fewer and farther between on the gun show circuit. Sure, a post-import ban Daewoo DR-200 with its ugly thumb hole stock and stripped bare barrel could be found, but at that point, no one was making accessories to convert them like what could be done to a MAK-90.

So those lingered until long after the ban ended. But the original K2 and MAX-II marked guns went quickly into gun safes and gun cabinets. In an era of iron sights and folding stocks, the Daewoo was king and the prices matched too, usually over $900 for one in good conditioned.

Colt AR-15 SP1 in 5.56x45mm

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

The Colt SP1 in its rifle and carbine forms were the hottest tickets at that time, other than rare oddities like the Steyr AUGs and Valmets. The SP1 was prized for a number of reasons. It was an actual AR-15, of course, and that’s what Pres. Clinton and Sen. Feinstein said red-blooded Americans should no longer be able to buy. It was also extremely customizable.

The lowers alone were worth their weight in gold for some since they were pre-ban lowers. You change the upper and stock on a SP1 rifle and make it a clone of the then modern Colt M4.

Four Guns That Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hated That You Had During the '94 Clinton AWB

courtesy A. Valdes

Pre-ban AR-15s were priced around $800. After the ban was signed into law, you could find them as high as $1,500 and folks gladly paid that. Used 20-round and 30-round magazines averaged $30-$40 a pop and a 100-round Beta C mag went for close to $1,000.

Folks couldn’t get enough of the AR-15 and demand skyrocketed. Nothing makes people want something more than someone telling them they can’t have it.

Companies like Bushmaster, DPMS, and Olympic Arms, once small players in the AR game, suddenly grew to massive importance. Their pre-ban guns were in demand and even after the ban went into effect, their neutered guns were, too since they were much like the AK pattern rifles.

No threaded barrels, flash hiders, or folding stocks, but for the most part they looked similar to the pre-ban guns and, more importantly, they weren’t molested design-wise like the Daewoo was with the DR-200. And magazines were fairly affordable compared to some others.

But what folks really clamored for were the pre-ban ARs so they could get the latest and greatest modern setups with accessories like a Fiberforce CAR-15 stock, M7 bayonet, Lone Star Ordnance Stowaway grip, and an A2 flash hider. That rifle was some styling and you could still do that back then if your lower was pre-ban.

Fortunately for America’s gun owners, the Clinton “assault weapons” ban had a sunset. It termed after ten years, and in 2004, when that happened. George W. Bush was in office. Despite dire predictions from all the usual suspects about blood running ankle-deep in the streets if the law wasn’t renewed, the AWB was allowed to slip into the dustbin of history.

For some in states like New York, Massachusetts, and California, however, the horror continues.

Stay tuned. Coming soon we’ll have a shootout between these four AWB-era warriors. We’ll pit the Norinco vs. the Ruger and the Daewoo vs. the Colt. Then the finalists will go head-to-head to see which was the best pre-ban rifle. Just because we can.




  1. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Neat article. I remember seeing Daewoos in Shotgun News and Gunlist. Never was a rifle guy.

    Next you need to do an article on the morphodite, chopped-down pistols that emerged due to the 10 round limit.

    I guess the 26 is the only one still around. Maybe some Para Ordinance pistols.

    1. avatar Zhang says:

      The .45 ACP CZ-97B/BD was designed specifically to comply with the AWB requirements, hence its “97” designation, being released in 1997.

      I’ve long had a feeling that was the major reason why it was never a big success for CZ, especially since they have never designed a >10 round magazine for it either. Nobody likes a gun that was designed for appeasement purposes, the same reason people bitch about the FiteLite SCR.

      1. avatar Specialist38 says:

        Forgot anout the CZ.

        Agreed on the FiteLite. I like it but a little too expensive for me.

  2. avatar Greg says:

    I bought my MAK90 because of her lol. Still got it.

  3. avatar rc says:

    That was an awesome trip down memory lane, Luis! So cool you have these. We may be there again soon or something worse. I’m hoping not.

  4. avatar Boba Fett says:

    Hey Dianne, if it’s “gun safety” you want, maybe you can start by taking that finger off the trigger. Thanks.

    1. avatar Spock says:

      Not only is its finger on the trigger, but it has a magazine in place, the bolt is closed, and it looks like (the pic is dark so it’s kind of hard to tell for sure) the safety is off.

      1. avatar Boba Fett says:

        Haha I love that you refer to it as “it.”

      2. avatar Scoutino says:

        My first thought was – you would get yelled at and kicked out of any shooting range if you did what ‘it’ did.

        1. avatar Martin Atwood says:

          What is it, about a weapon, that is capable of “full auto” that upsets people so much? I was at a range and decided to “rock and roll” so I let loose a 30 round magazine. It wasn’t 30 seconds later that I had the range master telling me I couldn’t have that weapon there, I had to leave immediately or he’d call the police, and to never come back. For crying out loud, it’s a shooting range! That’s what you do there. Not once was I asked for the paperwork on this weapon. I had a fu#@ing machine gun and I had to leave immediately. Lesson learned. If I want to rattle off a few rounds I’ll just go out in the desert

  5. avatar Donkey Lips says:

    Correction: Dianne Feinstein hates all guns except those in the hands of law enforcement, military or her security detail.

    1. avatar Laserbeam says:

      Or her personal firearms. I’ve read that she has a CCW permit. Not certain that is true but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

  6. avatar ollie says:

    California conservatives should vote for DeLeon in November. Just do It. For Spite.
    Send Feinstein home.. It’s a One Party State, so why not ?

    1. avatar Terry Story says:

      I would save for the fact the Kevin DeLeon is an order of magnitude worse than Diane Feinstein is, and that is going some. I can’t bring myself to vote for either of them so I will simply not vote for that office on the ballot. This state is driven by progressives that have not a lick of common sense or even any sense of fairness, they are about winning and maintaining power in their hands and the fools that vote for them are sure that they will never be hurt by them because they are them. They will probably learn at some point, but unfortunately I will probably not live long enough to enjoy the spectacle.

  7. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    What delicious irony that by ‘banning’ those rifles their popularity *exploded* and planted them firmly into ‘common use’, and thusly eligible for explicit constitutional protection status…

  8. avatar Cz Rider says:

    First rifle I ever bought was a MAK 90 made in 1994. Thankfully I picked it up used in 2011, so there were plenty of options available to replace the original planet of the apes stock with.

  9. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Ms. Feinswine has no idea how little I care for what she feels,thinks or hates,the Feinswine/Clinton AW ban was and remains UnConstitutional.

  10. avatar TruthTellers says:

    AR’s today are priced like Mini-14’s were 30 years ago. The only Mini’s I can find for lower than the lowest price AR is at Walmart when on Clearance while AK’s are in “fuggit” price territory. When it costs twice as much to buy a crappy AK over a budget AR, I can see why the AR is so popular.

    I’m just glad I got my AK before Obama back when they were under 500.

  11. avatar LibertyToad says:

    One correction. 30rd mags are actually “standard” capacity, not “large” capacity. We have to be careful to not let the antis make up/change the definitions or we are just enabling them.

    Interesting article.

    1. avatar Don't Fan the Fire says:

      Agreed, and while we are at it there is no such thing as a semi automatic assault rifle. Just because DF thinks there is does not mean that we have to fan the fire. I repeat, the definition of assault rifle includes select fire. The senator can define a sunflower an assault rifle, but that does not make a sunflower an assault rifle. I can define her nonexistent, but that still will not make her go away. Please, let us be careful in our choice of words and let us adhere to the correct definitions.

  12. avatar Defens says:

    My second rifle chambered in 5.56 was a Daewoo K2, purchased NIB in 87 or 88. Although heavy, it was an accurate beast – I recall shooting dime sized groups at 200 yards with the iron sights.

    I sold it for $1200 a couple of years ago. I think the reporting on the barrel twist is in error – mine was a 1:12 twist, which was okay for 55 grain standard bullets of the time, but didn’t stabilize anything heavier very well. Other than that, it was a solid gun.

    1. avatar SkorpionFan says:

      Some were 1:7 and some 1:12. I was going to buy one at a gun show in 1996, but the seller could not confirm the barrel twist on his new in the box rifles. I wanted 1:7, so I passed.

  13. avatar W says:

    Use that DiFi pic for “caption this.” I double dog dare you.

    1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      I think the responses would be enough to offend George Carlin (RIP).

  14. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    You had a Star PD also? Thing was a POS, didn’t survive 200 rounds for me. Great concept, poor quality of execution.

      1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

        I use to have a Star PD, bought it shortly before I got married. Great little gun, sorry I let that one get away. Kept the wife and she still puts up with me though I don’t really know why!

        If I ever come across one in good shape for a reasonable price….

  15. avatar darkstar says:

    Isn’t it time for ‘ol DiFi to just ride off into the sunset?

    1. avatar VieteranGunsmith says:

      Most of her contemptible contemporaries in the upper echelon of the liberal democrat party are nearing their expiration dates, but we have a whole second wave like Gillibrand to deal with once that occurs. These people are on borrowed time and lots of young people are seeing the hypocrisy of these morons, barring a large dose of common sense and a real sense of obligation to duty for the sake of the people the democrat party is going the way of the Tory’s and Whigs.

      I don’t see that the west coast or the east coast or the great lakes states will suddenly become conservative strongholds but their relevance in regard to the electoral college is waning. We can only hope those who live in those states will become tired of all the problems that the liberals have created and continue to feed to this day.

  16. avatar Wayne says:

    Now the libs want to ban my tube fed 22LR because it holds more than 10 around and will be an assault rifle, according to THEM.

  17. avatar Jean-Claude says:

    The first rifle I bought was a thumbhole stocked MAK-90. Mine came with the slant cut receiver and AK wood stock sets were straight cut, so I sold it and found a straight cut MAK-90 with AK furniture at a gun show. My second rifle was a Bushmaster AR with no flash hider or bayonet lug.

    The PITA with the Norinco was the requirement that a certain percentage of parts be domestically made in order to “legally” mount the pistol grip furniture. I’m sure everybody did that…..

    The AWB as written was useless. The price on that Norinco is exactly right. I believe I got mine for under $200 at a gun show. Cases of Chinese ammo were $75!

  18. avatar Doc Samson says:

    That ban was instrumental in turning me from a long-haired, ignorant, socialist hippie into the discerning and cultured conservative minded libertarian that I am today. Prompted me to buy a Beretta 92 w/ a few 15 round mags and that gun, with the OG barrel, still shoots “lights out” today after many, many thousands of rounds!

    Thank you, Mr. Clinton!

  19. avatar kap says:

    forgot the Norinco SKS

    1. avatar Raoul Duke says:

      Only models that were modified to take detachable mags.

      Stock SKS’s were left alone.

      1. avatar Defens says:

        Except, for some arcane reason, it was illegal to mount the bayonet. Which came in the box, unmounted. I had a Norinco SKS for several years – I think it was under $100, new. Much preferred the NIB Yugoslavian SKSs, though – bought a couple of those with my C&R license.

  20. avatar Geoff says:

    So the prices shot up when the Clinton ban went into effect. Just like the price of transferable machine guns went through the roof when the Hughes Amendment to FOPA was signed by President Reagan on May 19, 1986, and that put them out of the reach of anyone but the rich and banned the sale of any new ones to the public. M16 on May 18 – $900. M16 on May 19 – $15,000.

    1. avatar john says:

      M16 on May 18 – $900. M16 on May 19 – $15,000.

      But how could you not have noticed the blood that stopped flowing in the streets from May 18th -19th???


      Repeal the NFA and Hughes Amendment!!!!!!

      1. avatar VieteranGunsmith says:

        I like the cut of your jib, but until all the idiocy stops there isn’t much chance the NFA or any other firearms regulations will likely not change. The Congress has proven themselves gutless and the Supreme Court had denied many cases and referred them to the lower courts when it comes to this subject. While the Court may change, I wouldn’t expect drastic alterations in their actions any time soon. As far as the lunatic fringers who sit in the halls of Congress they will keep up their efforts as long as they hold office. Ultimately the Supreme Court has the power to act in these cases, but the big question is will they?

  21. avatar DD says:

    Good job,brought back some fun memories of hitting every gun show in missouri to snag hi cap mini 14 mags during the AWB.

  22. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    Your final four legal choices for guns could come down to cap, caulk, Nerf, and squirt guns and the Wicked Senator of the West still wouldn’t be satisfied.

    1. avatar Laserbeam says:

      Correction, five. Don’t forget grease. Maybe more that neither you nor I can recall.

    2. avatar Scoutino says:

      Wait, no nail guns? I will have to go back to hammer? Oh humanity!

  23. avatar AlanInFL says:

    The few things about the ban: I learned to build AR platform and I managed to find a unicorn weapon.

  24. avatar Tec's Dad says:

    This is why there needs to be term limits, these POS politicians are willing to sell out the citizenry to advance an agenda…F’ DiFi, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, etc, etc.
    I still have my pre-ban SA-85M, AR-15, K1A1, Mini-14GB,
    and my STEN MkII bought in 1986 for $350. We need to confirm Judge Cavanaugh and have these magazine bans and firearm bans overturned as UNCONSTITUTIONAL…

  25. avatar MAJ Mike says:

    Well, owned/own three out of four.

  26. avatar BRUCE CLARK says:

    Hmmm Diane Feinstein, who cares about what that yesterdays news liberal cares about. Her gun views are radically to the right of the 50% of the Communists that now call themselves Democrat Congressmen/women. I think they’re a much greater threat than she is.She’s the least of our worries now. Or did we suddenly transport back to the late 2008 when she was still relivant? Lmfao.

    1. avatar VieteranGunsmith says:

      She’s been at the forefront of gun control in Congress for two and a half decades. She is not about to consider retiring at age 85, so any progress on term limits would be a boon to mankind. No one should serve in Congress past the Social Security retirement age of 72, nor should they serve more than two consecutive terms. Without this kind of limitation we get the stagnation and gridlock along party lines that comes from individuals seeking reelection term after term and excludes a large talent pool who just might be innovative and obedient to the Constitution at the same time.

      For that matter, no unconstitutional measures should be brought up for a vote, the committee review process is supposed to eliminate this from possible consideration by the Congress. That way no bill gets sent to the Whitehouse for signature that in any way violates or misconstrues the meaning of the Constitution. This should be the aim of all ethically and morally grounded politicians do the job of representing the people of this country in spite of personal ideology.

      This has been going on for nearly as long as we have existed as a republic. It needs to change, and the voters can change it. Never reelect multiple term incumbents. By the time they get to where they have become senior members of Congress in both houses, they have been taking lobby money and campaign contributions for years. None of these people are poor, and they will not join the ranks of the poverty stricken by losing a bid to be reelected. We need a general house cleaning, and it needs to come from the people that term limits are mandatory. These careerists are not going to voluntarily leave unless they are made to.

      In my 60 + years of living in the USA this has become apparent to me and I’ve held this position for half of that time. WE THE PEOPLE need to declare an end to careers in Congress. They waste time because they think their time is unlimited. WE need to emphasize to these members of Congress that this is not the will of the people. These people all increase in net worth in the multiple millions of dollars once they get elected. If you want that to stop, and if you want a return to the Constitution, we need to eliminate this practice of reelecting familiar names over and over. Congress is not supposed to operate by the Peter Principle.

      Do you like seeing the collective tantrum going on in the halls of Congress right now? These radicals who have all but neutered the security inside the Capitol building are being assisted from within to gain access to the gallery of the hearing chambers, and the offices of Senators involved in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. This is a dangerous situation and it begs the question what has happened to the security force in the Capitol. This harassment is not demonstration or peaceable assembly – it is verbal violence and physical intimidation, and should not be tolerated. Why are non vetted members of the public allowed to sit in the gallery when all this insanity is ongoing? At times when there is priority business being attended to by Congress, televising the proceedings is already being done by CSPAN and the large commercial news media outlets. Clear these demonstrators from the premises and hold the line against their efforts to gain access to the inside of the building. We need to protect the politicians from being harassed and intimidated by mobs of robots screaming chants and shaming them in the elevators in the Capitol. These things should never be happening. There is no justification for allowing this to happen.

      It’s past the time to protect the Capitol from these mass wave attacks of paid protesters who are resorting to in-your-face confrontations to force their will on individual members of Congress. This is a loud and obnoxious display that is intended to intimidate, and if the Capitol security can’t do the job, there needs to be an effort to counter them. Where the hell is the Capitol and Congress’ security? As soon as the chanting and taunting with screams of “SHAME” begin, those people should be removed, or arrested if necessary to maintain safety and security of the hearings and other business going on in the Capitol. Perhaps we need to fence in the Capitol hill area to exclude these people. They can’t have any permits to do this, and if there are permits I am sure that the extremes to which these protesting mobs have taken their “demonstration” have to be violating the terms of any permit issued for the purpose.

      Move the National Guard in to protect the Capitol. Establish a perimeter and arrest anyone who attempts to get inside. The way to discourage these people is to deny them the use of the area. They’ve earned some firm resistance to their activities, so let them have what they have worked so hard to earn.

  27. avatar VieteranGunsmith says:

    I just thought of another way to counter these protests, let CSPAN be the only televised coverage of hearings from now on. Much of the grandstanding done by members of Congress in these media saturated events is being treated as free campaign publicity for these Senators and Representatives, for them to gain public name recognition and to create a campaign persona – which in the case of Richard Blumenthal blew up in his face after his repeated calling himself a Vietnam Veteran, when he never set foot or had any orders to be in the country. Despite that, he has taken to the camera multiple times to cast aspersions and repeat rumors against Judge Kavanaugh… the hypocrisy of this man flows like the Niagara River over the Horseshoe Falls.

    So take the commercial media outlets access out of the equation. The CSPAN coverage is sufficient for transparency purposes. This would also remove the protester’s access to their allies in the news media as well as making it appear they constitute a large proportion of the population – a false image that occurs when the media incessantly broadcasts the protesting robots 24×7.

    Also, since George Soros has been linked to these astroturf protesting mobs by his “charitable organizations” funding their activities, why hasn’t the Attorney General’s office done anything in regard to making him unable to continue with his acts of sedition and treason? If anyone else was actively doing what Soros is doing they would have been investigated and prosecuted long ago. No good purpose is being served by allowing him to continue.

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