Florida Primary Elections Results From a Gun Rights Perspective

Florida’s primary elections were held today and the results — some surprising — have significant potential impacts for gun owners. So let’s look at the results. First, lets looks at the Republican side.

Ron DeSantis winning the nomination for governor is a big win for Florida gun owners. He has the congressional background and pedigree to fight the gun-grabbers here on the state level. He has fought as a strict constitutionalist and that’s what gun owners need in the governor’s mansion.

Matt Caldwell won a four-way race and would be a good pick for the office of Agriculture Commissioner. He had upset the NRA’s Marion Hammer because he’s been aggressive and was told to tone it down. For our non-Florida readers, the Ag Commissioner is in charge of the agency that processes and issues conceal weapons permits.

As the nominee for attorney general, Ashley Moody is not the best choice for gun owners. She’s known as a Pam Bondi clone and someone that Florida Carry could not support. She backs Bondi’s actions in fighting open carry in Norman v. State and also supported the requirement that the NRA name their defendant in their law suit against the age restriction as part of the SB 7026 gun control bill.

Governor Rick Scott, who signed Florida’s gun control bill SB 7026 into law won by a landslide. His victory is a bitter pill to swallow. A Republican in the Senate come November would be good because it would mean unseating incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. But a Scott win would mean rewarding his anti Second Amendment actions. Floridians are stuck between a rock and a hard place with him. If he wins, President Trump gets another seat to help confirm SCOTUS appointments. But again, he would be rewarded for betraying gun owning Floridians.

Now on the Democrat side . . .

In a surprising upset,  Andrew Gillum, the current Mayor of Tallahassee, upset Gwen Graham by two percentage points to take the nomination in the governor race. Jumping from last place to the lead in a five way race, he defeated Graham and her belief that it was her turn since her father was once governor, too. Gillum is very much an anti-gun politician…

And he even has Bernie Sanders’ endorsement and support.

Sean Shaw is currently a Florida State House Rep and now the Democrat challenger for attorney general. He has based his entire legislative career on attacking and reducing Second Amendment freedoms and if elected, he’d make Florida gn owners pine for Pam Bondi.

Nikki Fried, the nominee for Agriculture Commissioner, is a relative unknown and a South Florida native. She backs gun control and wants to make concealed weapon permits much harder to get. She backs removing state preemption and favors allowing cities to pass their own patchwork of gun control laws.

Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson ran unopposed and will fight to keep his seat against Rick Scott. He’s no friend of gun rights and there are currently more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida.

Gov. Scott won the governor’s office by one percent for his second term against former Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist.

President Trump won Florida by only two points over Hillary Clinton.

Floridians who support gun rights have a tough battle ahead of them come November.



  1. avatar jwm says:

    The punishing of scott can wait til a better time. Best to continue helping the dems destroy themselves. Increase the R’s hold in DC.

    Better to have DC full of R assholes than D assholes.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      Yeah, good luck primarying him in 2024. Do you realize how rare and hard it is to primary someone in a statewide office? They have to screw up BAD for it to happen. Look at John McCain, who never got primaried despite total opposite of party ideology. Hell, look at Bob Mendenez who was LITERALLY on trial for corruption till just before election day and he STILL kept his nomination.

      You’re rewarding betryal to have a senator who isn’t going to vote for Republican positions ANYWAYS. Might as well go with the Democrat who will be dead in a decade.

      1. avatar rosignol says:

        Party affiliation matters. If Chuck Schumer becomes Senate Majority Leader, all of the committee chairs switch from being Republican to Democrat, a bunch of crap that’s been plugged up for the last few years is going to start flowing downhill.

        We’re downhill. This will not be good for us, Chuck Schumer is no friend of the 2nd A, and with a Senate majority, he will be in position to make demands instead of just making noise.

        We will revisit this in a couple of years when the margin in the Senate isn’t quite so thin.

        1. avatar Nanashi says:

          Your argument is based on the false premise that Democrats will keep every seat they have or flip a Republican seat for everyone they lose.

        2. avatar rosignol says:

          My argument is based on the fact that a RINO would be less bad for us than Senate Majority Leader Schumer.

        3. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

          Nanashi? That isn’t a “false” premise; it’s just a premise.

      2. avatar New Continental Army says:

        As much as I want to see Scott punished, it’s not worth punishing the nation with a democrat senate. That fact far outweighs my disdain for Scott. As much as I hate it, I’ll vote for him over any democrat. There are other issues Scott is good on, like SCOTUS, taxes and regulation as well. We’ve got to play the long game here,

      3. avatar neiowa says:

        Nanashi knows diddly squat.

        McCain has been a bitter swamp dweller for YEARS. Core part of the Washington establishment. The “maverick” BS was ALL BS. His only core belief was the TV camera.

  2. avatar Hannibal says:

    It sounds like the short version would be “Florida’s @#$%ed.”

    Maybe something to do with all those NYers that end up down there.

    1. avatar Jay in Floiduhhhhhhhh says:

      Might?? Maybe??
      Try 101% defiantly.
      The slave state transplants have us [email protected]#$ked here.
      Its all up to us Independents. Always has been.

      1. avatar george lortz says:

        Hey, I came to Fla. 31 yrs. ago, as a full-fledged conservative from N.Y.; Queens and L.I. specifically. Having lived with the dung heap that has only gotten worse, there is no way I want that here in the Gunshine state.

    2. avatar RedTide says:

      If they manage to ruin FL with their nanny state ideologies from up north, all these azzholes will keep moving south to Puerto Rico and we can make FL great again. We just have to be very patient, because it will take a while for these useless idiots to realize they are getting in FL what they fled in NY, NJ, Masshole, IL, PA etc, minus the cold and snow.

    3. avatar Chip in Florida says:

      Just look at the election map. The Major Metro’s are solid blue, everywhere else in the State is solidly red. The big city clusters are pulling the rest of the State around by the short-hairs.

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        Yes, that’s that way it is in most blue and purple states.

  3. avatar Sleestak says:

    Will never vote for a gun control republican. All that does is reward them for bad behavior as stated in the article, and encourages others in the party to support anti-2nd Amendment proposals. Will wait for another candidate.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      Don’t forget his love of illegal aliens.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Scott obviously has no core will go wherever the winds of the moment are blowing. He will figure out the country is trending Conservative and blow back the right direction. Just keep stay alert as you can never trust such of a SOB.

      You can bet that SOB Nelson is not going to move to the Right. If Nelson wins in 18 he will be back in 24 Even though he looks like they just dug him up the twit is only 75. The progs aren’t going to let him die.

  4. avatar RALPH says:

    Liberal Gainesville, now liberal Tallahassee with liberal Miami. Im getting a little bit scared Florida is going to be mostly Blue along with Texas. If that happens it wont be pretty for years! If i see this Florida go Blue it will be He77 on laws and Gun owners. Hunters beware, CCW beware, Gun shops and Shows beware. We NEED to come out in Force! We need a Red State Ticket! Any of these Democrats in office will be failure.

    1. avatar RedTide says:

      You are right and it WILL happen. Too many idiots in the main cities. You forgot Orlando btw. Then the libtards who moved to FL from NY, NJ, IL etc will realize nanny states suck so they’ll move on and go ruin another one with their same stupid ideologies. What a bunch of azzholes, as if their horrible driving, loud mouths, and obnoxious attitudes were not enough. I cannot wait for the winter, I already want to puke! I can already see them going 75mph left lane on the interstate, cutting you off from a stop sign to then drive below speed limit, yapping about how in NY or Boston they do it better (yet here they are spending months in FL). Some of these idiots buy properties near the woods and they constantly call the cops because they heard gun shots lol. You also see them standing like idiots only feet away from wild gators who find their way into subdivisions.

  5. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    Turnout was surprisingly heavy for Gillum.

    That could be a problem in November…

  6. avatar Nanashi says:

    Sucks on the AG, but at least we got 2/3 of the statewide races. District 6 also gets Mike Waltz. Bigger problem is Arizona thanks to Sherif Joe splitting the non-RINO vote and sallying them with yet another Democrat in state-wide office.

    ” If he wins, President Trump gets another seat to help confirm SCOTUS appointments.”

    Like Songbird McCain helped repeal Obamacare? Why do people think the pro-illegal alien, anti-gun democrat will suddenly reverse course if elected? Do they think Cornyn is literally going to break out a Cat o’ nine tails and flay Scott’s skin if he doesn’t keep the party line? The only disciplinary actions they have are
    1: Committee appointments, which freshmen senators with questionable loyalties don’t get so can’t have taken away
    2: Funding from RNC, which doesn’t matter if people vote for him regardless of how awful he is
    3: endorsements from other Republicans, which is the same as 2

    Only difference between him and Nelson is Nelson means there’s a Republican on the ballot in 2024.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      With a 49-51 split in the Senate right now, electing ANY Democrat is retarded. Hunting RINOS is for primaries. For the main event, your alternative is an actual communist.

      1. avatar Nanashi says:

        You’re forgetting that estbalishment RINOs like Scott conspiring to throw the Albama senate race, demanding a Republican resign over allegations that were proven false, is the reason we have a 49-51 split in the first place.

        Funny how we didn’t have any of those same Republicans eager to attack Moore attacking Scott for his anti-2A moves.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          … and yet, a Demokkkrat would still be worse.

        2. avatar L says:

          Listen to yourself. You’re trying to rationalize voting for a democrat.

  7. avatar The Batman says:

    Anyone notice Nikki Fried, the nominee for Agriculture Commissioner, has the Jack Nicholson smile when he played The Joker…. *shudders*.

    1. avatar Sean in Tampa says:

      I had to go back and look… holy cow, you weren’t kidding.

  8. avatar Sora says:

    We need to do more than keyboard typing in forums.

    Get your fliers printed, I suggest effort here on this website to link ready made fliers for each candidates and each locals.
    Stick those fliers on gun stores with permission.
    So many gun owners who say “My vote won’t count” have no idea how elections are won under ONE Percent of votes. Tap into the millions of gun owners in Florida and other states that have high gun ownership like AL that just flipped over for some Democrat when they could have recalled Roy Moore later and replace him.

  9. avatar TruthTellers says:

    That picture of Bill Nelson makes him look like one of the Thin Men from XCOM.


    1. avatar Mr Lizard says:

      Ya my people skin-suited him and Rick Scott a while ago. You’ll be witnessing a reptile vs reptile election this November.

  10. avatar Sprocket says:

    The Republican party is about mouthing platitudes and cashing checks. At thing point I consider the Republican establishment controlled opposition. All they’ve done is undermine the president and sandbag every issue the base cares about.

    You can turn on any cable news show and find Democrats calling conservatives racists and fascists. I’ve yet to see a Republican call out the left for being traitorous socialists who loathe their country and it’s values. If Republicans went after Democrats they way the Democrats go after conservatives, you wouldn’t see the garbage from blue states moving to red states. They would know they weren’t welcome. The Republicans want to get along to go along till Trump goes away and they can return to the days of easy graft.

    1. avatar HP says:

      This is correct.

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        I’m afraid it might be, at least for most of them.

  11. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    “he even has Bernie Sanders’ endorsement and support.”
    But how does Ocasio feel about him?

  12. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    “His victory is a bitter pill to swallow.” You said it right there. Would be nice if Fla woke up and slammed him with a write in. Otherwise all we get is a 1 to 1 trade for McStain.

    Up here in Maine we need Eric Brakey to unseat Angus King who plays the independent card in order to obfuscate his real alliances. Brakey gave us constitutional carry as a state legislator and would be a nice backstop against Collins who I’m sure will continue her troublemaking. Coming from the 2nd District you would think she would listen to her constituents but it seems too many women legislators are soft on implementing real solutions to the problems that plague our country.

  13. avatar Docduracoat says:

    I see that anti gun Republican Brian Mast won his primary.
    He will run for the U S House of Representatives again
    He is for banning AR 15’s and bump stocks
    We need to primary out these RINO’s!
    Come on fellow Floridians!
    We should not allow anti gunners to claim they are Republicans

  14. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    “..He’s no friend of gun rights and there are currently more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida.”


    But also no.

    Yesterday was a Primary and Florida uses a Closed Primary system so if you are a Dem you get a Dem ballot, if you are a Rep you get a Rep ballot.

    For the big show this November all those people are are Non-Party Affiliated (NPA, or otherwise known as Independents) will get to vote too. If even half of the NPA voters go to the Republican Side then the Dem’s are going to get crushed. Provided, of course, that even half of the NPA’s even bother to vote. Take a look at the voter turnout for yesterday, it makes the ‘big winners’ seem like anything but.

  15. avatar ATTAGReader says:

    Surprisingly the Comments section in the NY Times article on this election was rational. It noted (while of course the article did not) that Gillum only got 34% of the D vote because the other candidates split the non-Proggie vote. And that the R turnout was greater than the D turnout in the primaries. The conclusion of many who wrote comments, especially mainstream D’s, was that DeSantis would win the general election. Many thought by a landslide, as Gillum is an extreme advocate of tax and spend (anathema to retirees no matter where they are from), was openly financed by Soros and other out of state liberal donors, and is under investigation for running a corrupt city hall. If it is DeSantis by a landslide, all the D candidates below would also be trounced. It is all about turnout, especially of those registered as Independent, as well as DeSantis and his supporters slamming home the above messages about Gillum.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      under investigation for running a corrupt city hall.

      Someone divuge the info that the “ruskies” were in town and the lead twit/persecutor Mueller will come a runnin to take a look. Will have the FBI leak some novel to the MSM.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Hey, if it works …

  16. avatar DDay says:

    Adam Putnam is just a pro 2A as DeSantis for Governor. There was no difference in that race re:2A issues

    1. avatar Sean in Tampa says:

      Putnam absolutely refused to meet with Florida Carry at the Sunshine Summit. DeSantis eagerly met with them, and discussed at length his support for open carry and the 2nd.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Well, gee, that’s almost the same as “no difference”, right? If you’ve got your head where the sun don’t shine?

    1. avatar Chip in Florida says:

      Not really.

      His comment is going to get a lot of air play in the next day or two but like most out-of-context things the left promote it fades quickly as more and more people actually go and read/listen to the transcript.

      Case in point…. I already had two leftist-idiot-coworkers come to me today and try and lay racism at my feet as if I am somehow personally responsible for what he allegedly said. When I pulled up the actual statement on youtube and played it for them they simply harrumphed and said ‘well he’s still a racist in my book’ and stomped off. They haven’t told anyone else about the ‘racist dog whistle’ since I shut them down so this won’t last long.

      1. avatar Anonymous says:

        Don’t forget, he also called Gillum articulate. What a racist!

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