Enter to Win a QuietKat Electric Bike

Now’s your chance to win one of the coolest outdoor tools you’ve always needed, and probably never realized it.

QuietKat is an advanced Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) company who manufacturers electric fat-tire mountain bikes and all-terrain e-trikes.

The QuietKat line of heavy-duty products is built for better access to the “Great Outdoors,” and geared towards those who want non-obtrusive access to the backwoods for hunting, fishing, and camping. QuietKat vehicles enable people to access the wilderness in a fast, fun and sustainable way.  

QuietKat is giving one away and there are many ways to enter.  To throw your name in the hat, go here.



  1. avatar Sich says:

    Does it come in a “Wheelchair” form?/!

    1. avatar john y says:

      Appears to come in 3-wheeled version

      1. avatar Sich says:

        Hummm? A “Good” wheelchair will set you back at least a couple of grand. And road and sidewalk infrastructure repair is pretty “Pathetic” in Northern Virginia. Not to mention Handicapped Accessibility, have to see the design to make sure. Thanks.

  2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

    $2,000 – $4,000+? Wow. That’s outrageous.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      It’s electric, Danny.

      This is for the fat and lazy hunters.

      In all seriousness, with a kiddie trailer on it for your gear, you could cover some serious ground with it…

      1. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

        And I want one for the “walk in only” WMA’s.

        1. avatar Sich says:

          Both the Apex 1000 and Warrior 1000 have a maximum load capacity of ~300-pounds w/Rider depending on you’re “Girth”. The Apex 1000 sells for ~$4,199.00, while thw Warrior 1000 is ~$400.00 Cheaper…

    2. avatar Bloving says:

      Yeah, no kidding, Geoff…
      Why couldn’t they find a dumpy, balding model for their publicity photos? Yknow, someone we can relate to?

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        “Why couldn’t they find a dumpy, balding model for their publicity photos? Yknow, someone we can relate to?”

        Like, I dunno, maybe *you*?

        (I’ve seen your pic, the one with your sh*t-eating grin.)

        *snicker* 😉

    3. avatar michael in ak says:

      even non-electric fat tire bikes are expensive…unless you buy a wal-mart version…

  3. avatar Geoff PR says:

    No gun rack on it?

    No PTO to run a progressive loading press on it?

    Not interested… 😉

  4. avatar jwtaylor says:

    How much does it weigh? How long does the charge last?

    1. avatar Defens says:

      Don’t know specifically about the QuietKat, but my wife and I bought RadRovers earlier this year. 750 watt motor, and set at a moderate boost with basically mild pedaling will get us over 20 miles, and still showing over half of the battery charge remaining. This is on logging roads and up some fairly steep hills.

  5. avatar mark s says:

    I’ve already researched these and other electric bikes and scooters . This one was in my top five list already , so I’m all in on this one . These things are built strong , have great reviews , good battery life , great motors and fat tires are the best .
    Wife and I used to go to a lot of Blue Grass Festivals until we got to broken down to walk around and visit like we like so we stopped going to most of them , but if we had a couple of these we could do a whole lot of things we are limited with now .
    These tires do well in beach sand too and trails in WV are abundant .
    I’ll stick with my ATV for hunting and gathering .

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    This bike seems useless. If you’re way out there in the woods, where would you plug it in?

    1. I suspect “Snowmobilers” face the same problem, when trekking through the snow in forested areas. Not knowing if Zigging just cost you 1 hour of travel time, instead of Zagging preplanned routes.

      1. avatar Mantitude says:

        To be fair, if the battery loses the last of it’s charge, you still have a perfectly capable fat tire bicycle.

    2. avatar Hasaf says:

      I rode an electric trike from Kansas to Utah last summer. The route I took had me crossing two high passes. I never plugged in on the entire trip.

      Yes, I used solar panels.

  7. avatar TheUnspoken says:

    I don’t want to win a bike, I want a gun! This isn’t the truth about bikes! Or for those who ask, how many Glocks could you win?

    This is like when the NRA sends those “win this truck or fishing boat…” I don’t want a truck contest, I want the 13 firearms grand prize plus 3 bonus guns if I send in my entry now, except I won’t win anyway and actually I only wanted 3 of those guns and already own two of them, but winners can’t be choosers so maybe I will GunBroker them… But I won’t likely win so what does it matter anyway?

    So after I win the bike and sell it, which gun (s) should I buy? AA12? Scar? Wilson 1911? 7 Glocks?

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