Taurus .357 7-Round Snubby – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Taurus 617 SS2 Revolver EDC Concealed Carry Snubby

There are those who prefer to pack a light, single stack polymer gun and there are those who are much more comfortable packing something made of steel that packs more of a ballistic punch. And while the .357 Taurus Model 617 SS2 is pocketable, D Rainey Hoopes Jr prefers the more comfortable OWB option in a Tagua OWB rig. Hard to argue with that. 

Everyday Carry EDC CCW Concealed Carry Pocket Dump


  1. avatar Swarf says:

    The hell kind of pockets do you people have?

    1. avatar Papashvilli says:

      Mary Poppins-esque pockets.

    2. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

      Another sign of maturity is when you prefer comfort and utility to style.

    3. avatar Pg2 says:

      Lol, no kidding, I hope the majority of these everyday carry posters never accidentally fall in a pool or any body of water with their clothes in….they’ll sink like a rock.

  2. avatar Bloving says:

    (Looks closely) isn’t that a holster for a Taurus Judge?

    1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Ha, good eye. Look how much frame space the holster has in front of the trigger guard.

  3. avatar MDB says:

    Cargo Pants…with tactical belt….

    All of them.

  4. avatar former water walker says:

    357 out of a 2″ barrel ain’t all that…this thing weighs 28oz. unloaded. Better a small 9mm with +p or +p+ ammo. Oh and Taurus went to a mere 1 year gaurantee. No more Bull for me…

    1. avatar DaveDetroit says:

      I shoot .357 from a 3 inch model 686. The weight makes it easier than my snubby in .38 special. I don’t think I’d get near full power from .357 from the snubby. I’d prefer .44 special in a snubby over .357.

      For carry I use a .38 plus p. Plenty of power in a very concealable package.

      1. avatar Inqurying Minds says:

        Have you ever tried Golden Sabers out of your snubbie? Like you I always carried +P because full power .357 is just too much. I saw a ballistics test and the Golden Sabers clocked at about 1100 fps out of a 2″ barrel, so I tried them. They aren’t bad at all as far as recoil and muzzle flash go. I never saw them marketed for short barrels but they should be. I would describe it as a “.38 +P+” if that makes sense.

  5. avatar Tec's Dad says:

    Taurus will never get another penny from me… still waiting on my replacement gun a mere PT740 for my PT24/7 Tactical OSS .45Auto with 3 magazines…sent it in back in early October they don’t know when they will ship a POS PT740 since they are not in stock at the present time. Taurus and their lack of customer service will be their downfall ; there are too many quality choices…

  6. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Doesn’t Taurus Pistols explode, or their barrels fly off…Originally, I liked the 627-7 Tracker, looked cool and well made…Until I saw barrels flying off the REVOLVERs on YouTube!?!? Is it a real problem with the Taurus Pistols?

  7. avatar Wade says:

    Bruh, Change the name of this goofy stuff to “cool
    Stuff I own that could fit in my pocket.”

  8. avatar little horn says:

    here we go again, more bullshit people claim they carry. i’m not even clicking these stupid posts anymore.

  9. avatar Bob Nichols says:

    Had that same Taurus for a couple of years. Fired fine in single action, but only set off 3 or 4 out of 7 in double action. Unless I’m the victim of a stagecoach robbery, I’m going to be using double action in self defense. The gun went back to Taurus twice to get fixed but they couldn’t accomplish that.

    Never again will I spend any money on Taurus.

  10. avatar RDB says:

    It’s funny three of the items shown to be carried have visible holsters in the picture?
    multitool, light and pistol. I hope all you keyboard tacticool ninjas observe the rest of your surroundings better. There’s even a laynard for the keyring.

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