Going Old School With a Beretta 92FS – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

beretta 92fs edc everyday carry concealed carry ccw pocket dump

Carrying a big Beretta 92 isn’t for everyone. But as Craig A Wildfeuer Jr tells it, he’s come back to where it all began for him . . .

Sometimes, you just end up going back to where it all started for you. My first carry pistol was a Beretta 92F. After carrying and using an M9 in the Army, I wanted something that I was familiar with, so the 92F was the choice. And it was cheap.

It was always reliable, but the one thing that bugged me was where the safety/decocking lever was. The safety being on the slide never made sense to me. And I wasn’t a fan of a safety on a DA/SA handgun. After a while, I moved onto the Sig P series, because the decocker is in a superior location.

Fast forward almost 20 years, and I decided that I needed a Beretta 92 again, after handling and shooting a Wilson Combat Beretta. After finding out that Beretta sells a kit to convert the safety to a decock only, I was sold!

Lo and behold, the 92FS Compact you see here, has become my go to EDC. It’s not light, but any stretch, and it doesn’t have the tacticool operator street cred that a G19 has, but this is just a helluva lot sexier. And I know it will be reliable. Nothing like going old school when everyone else is going operator.


  1. avatar Sich says:

    Never seen that before! Who makes the Belt Clip Holder from Pistol Magazine?

    1. I have one. It’s made by NeoMag. They’re great, though the clip stands out a little far. Can be a paint scraper.


      1. avatar Sich says:

        @ Dan

        Is the Belt Clip worn Inside or Outside or Between belt and pants.

        1. It’s worn in your off-hand pocket like a knife. It holds the magazine magnetically so you can pull it, leaving the clip behind.

        2. avatar Sich says:

          @ Dan

          Oh, OK! Thanks.

        3. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

          Designed for pocket use. I tried one but it gripped the pants so tight it was tearing them up.

  2. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

    I love the beretta 92, too heavy and big to conceal for me but a great weapon

  3. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Now we are talking a real gun, and check out that knife, no lock fail on that one. Yeah buddy

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    My wife has that same ESEE but in pink. Nice knife. I did a different paracord wrap on the handle for her though.

    I’d like to like that knife but it just doesn’t fit my hand.

    1. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

      That’s my problem with most fixed blades the ones small enough to carry everyday are too small for my hand, those that fit are too big to carry.

  5. avatar Shane says:

    Don’t jack around with what works.

    Simple is better.

    Slow is smooth.

    Smooth is fast.

    Fixed blade is ALWAYS the right choice.

    Best dump in a long while

    1. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:


  6. avatar anonymoose says:

    The M9A1 Compact is a relatively new gun (only been around for 5 years or so). By calling that “old school,” I guess anyone who carries a Gen3 Glock is like ancient.

  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    Very pretty gun. The Inox is hard to find…and expensive. I’ll still end up with a compact Inox like that one day

  8. avatar Cymond says:

    Huh, weird.

    I guess he doesn’t carry a wallet, keys, or cellphone.

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