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A defensive knife, a good utilitarian blade and one of the most popular handguns in the history of the world ever. Mike’s simple, functional gear is no-nonsense and, best of all, affordable. Nothing here that you’ll cry over if you lose it. Plus, if you knock it around or ding it, who really cares?



  1. avatar PeterK says:

    Need a pen, Bruh. Maybe a pokka?

    Nice loadout, though.

  2. avatar Art out West says:

    The Glock 19 is a great all around pistol. I’ve got one, but usually carry my S&W 642 instead.

    1. avatar Bitter says:

      Yup, got me several good auto loaders but always gravitate back to my snubbie.

      1. avatar Blkojo says:

        Makes three of us. The Battlefield Green Glock 19 stays home (the few times I carry) and the Ruger LCR goes with me.

  3. avatar John in AK says:

    What?! You can’t go wrong?! Butbutbut. . . there’s no external safety! No grip safety! No decocker! No exposed hammer! It’s made of plastic! You can’t carry it cocked-and-locked! The magazines are too wide! The trigger is icky! It’s all square! It won’t fire when you drop it, which everyone who is an Operator Operating Operationally KNOWS is a cool tactical feature, because you never know when SMERSH could get the drop on you and force you to drop your pistol, so that when you DO drop it, it goes off and shoots the SMERSH guy and you escape to Operate Operationally another day! It’s not a copy of anything! You’ll shoot your leg off! It doesn’t come in pink! Smith&SIGettaKochfields are MUCH more better!

    1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

      He ain’t an operator. No Field Notes brand Field Notes.

      1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

        Or Dude Stick.

      2. avatar B.D. says:

        gimme a break… We all know you wore or still wear a patch hat. I cant stand people like you. You are the entire reason I buy field notes, because it makes you cringe.

        I just bought another 3 pack, and a new Fisher Space Pen.

        Suck it.

    2. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      SMERSH? Seriously? Didn’t they go out of business when Obama stopped subsidizing them? 😜

    3. avatar James says:

      whoa- take it easy

  4. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    But will it take GLOCK brand GLOCK magazines?

  5. avatar Ken says:

    When IBM was the king of computers, it was said nobody every got fired for recommending IBM, even though there were cheaper and better alternatives. It’s the same with GLOCK.

    1. avatar michael in ak says:

      In regard to Glock…cheaper alternatives, yes, better, yes, cheaper and better, maybe. As the advertisement says: when it absolutely, positively has to go bang….

  6. avatar billy-bob says:

    Who needs keys? With a gun and a couple of knives, I reckon you can get a ride anywhere you want.

  7. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I am biased against polymer framed sidearms, with that said, I give the Glock 19 five stars

  8. avatar Duncan says:

    I have owned a couple of Glocks. Glock’s are B-rated firearms at best. Before all you fanboys get your panties in a wad and start crying your eyes out over me not drinking the Kool-Aid; Glocks have crappy triggers, no safeties, tiny little controls, and are not ambidextrous.
    FN makes better pistols and I would still only rate them at a B+.

    1. avatar Lhstr says:

      Well I guess I will throw my 6 Glocks away per you, yeah right. I’m Left handed and they are ambidextrous, and not like my Rugers (different mags. for each one , not interchangeable period) and others require different mags. for different mdls. , I can shoot my mdl.26 with a 10 rd mag, and my mdl. 19 mag. with fit in my 26 and shoot 15 rds, my mdl. 17 and shoot 17 rounds or even shoot a 33 rd. mag.. duh. YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH S&W, RUGER AND ETC. I guess you are a real shootest and you know this already, get real. Basically I’m saying is, Its ambidexious and Idon’t require different mags. Sorry to break your bubble

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