1. avatar BLAMMO says:


  2. avatar LMA says:

    Remembering with the utmost appreciation and respect.

  3. avatar SurfGW says:

    For those who have lost friends, even a CrossFit MURPH WOD does not lessen the pain. Hope the dead made it to heaven because they deserve their ale in heaven. RIP heroes!

  4. avatar neiowa says:

    Last Monday in May

  5. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    Let those who have served their country bow their heads in remembrance to those that can no longer serve.

    We took the oath and it lasts a lifetime.

    1. avatar troutbum5 says:


  6. avatar Gun Owning American says:

    All gave some, some gave all.

  7. avatar Ironhead says:

    To those who served, we all owe you a debt that can never be repayed. Thank you for your service.
    To those who didnt make it back, rest in peace.

    To all, you are all brave men and women, moreso than alot of people today. You will always have my respect and gratitude.

  8. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Thank you to the men who didn’t return but served with the Deacons For Defense and Justice. Thank you to the men who served with but didn’t return with the soldiers of a Athens Tennessee revolt.
    May god rest your souls, and protect your families.

    I will not let what the survivors accomplished be forgotten.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      State your f-ing point or gtfo.

      Deacons For Defense and Justice my ass.

  9. avatar kap says:

    Too my brother’s on the wall “non sibi sed patriae”, won’t be too long will see you all!
    For the surviving walking wounded of all the wars, the hard part is living! but do it we must;
    if nothing else to prove our Brothers and sisters did not give their existence for no value! by living
    we are that Value! Remember!

  10. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Remembering today: My grandfather who served in WWI, my father’s brother who was wounded on December 7th at Pearl, my Dad who served in WWII and Korea, and my brother who was carrier Navy and went over for Kohbar Towers, USS Cole, and Iraq. I miss them.

  11. avatar KMc says:

    I never served in any of the Armed Forces but I thank God every day for those who did.
    Your sacrifices gave me the freedoms that millions would love to have, but never will.
    Thank You!!

  12. avatar Jbw says:

    My heartfelt thanks to all veterans, thank you for being willing to defend my freedom and my life. There are no words to thank the fallen. May God bless and keep all veterans

  13. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

    Today my family remembers:

    Flight Officer Ernest Van Houten (Glider Pilot)

    Flt 00 438th Troop Carrier Group (Operation Overlord/D-Day)

    Died June 7th 1944

    We honor his sacrifice and the sacrifices made by all who have served our great nation.

  14. avatar Ret1SG says:

    My Dad was in the Navy, his brother in the 1st Cav in the South pacific. Two great uncles on Mom’s side were in the Airborne, one in the 82nd and one in the 101st. Both made all jumps that the Airborne did in WWII and fortunately both came home alive. My youngest son was almost killed by an IED in Sadr City Iraq in 2006. I thank God for his survival but, it’s a daily struggle for him. I thank them all. from 1775 until now, for what they accomplished for our Nation. I did 22 yrs. in the Army and was privileged and honored to do so. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to do so. May God bless them all!

  15. avatar Roger Temple says:

    The Sheepdog’s Prayer

    The Knights of Olde were Men of Honor who used their Might For Right!
    Today they’re known as Sheepdogs, those who carry on the fight.

    I am a tired old Sheepdog, the guardian of my flock.
    I keep the predators at bay and stand watch around the clock.

    Please stop the Sheep from pulling my teeth. I’ll need them for the fight,
    When the hungry Wolves come calling, some dark and deadly night.

    I pray I’ll never need my gun, but someday if I do:
    May my cause be just!
    My draw be quick!
    And my aim be ever true!

    Heaven holds a special place for those who do the deed.
    Defenders of the innocent in their hour of need.

    May the Sheep someday be grateful. There’s a debt they can not pay,
    To the Sheepdogs who lay it on the line, each and every day.

    I’m proud to be a Sheepdog. I’ve done my very best!
    I’ll stand my watch until my Maker calls me home to rest.

    But when I meet St. Peter, there’s just one request I’ll make:
    “Please let me spend Eternity, standing guard at Heaven’s Gate”.

    Lord, help us bring this ”Age of Sheep” to a rapid end.
    Then fill this land with Sheepdogs, Men of Honor once again.

    This prayer is dedicated, to those who bravely face,
    The dangers all around us to make our world a safer place.

    To the soldiers, cops and warriors- Sheepdogs through and through.
    Thank you for your service and your sacrifices too.


    By Roger E. Temple- revised 2/11

  16. avatar Ret1SG says:

    Thank you Sir for that! Never heard it before but it is now book marked and I will pass it around with your name as author attached. Beautiful!!

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