New From B&T: GHM9 Compact

B&T has so many 9mm sub-guns on the market I’m starting to loose track of them. The newest member of the B&T family is the GHM9 Compact. I reviewed the full sized GHM9 earlier this year and really liked it…other than its inability to feed hollow points (an issue that has since been resolved).

The compact version has a much shorter barrel and handguard. It sports a tri-lug adapter as well as 1/2×28 threading. From the picture above you can see it has a folding charging handle on its right side. If you look closely you can see a slot for a charging handle on the left side. A new folding stock will be available soon as well.

As for specific features, B&T is being a little vague. All they’re really saying is that it will have some surprises. One rumor is that it will take GLOCK magazines. Seeing as how B&T mags cost an arm and two legs, if true, many will see that as a big plus.

Another that has been confirmed: B&T is working on a GHM45 in, you guessed it, .45 ACP. Yes, please.



  1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

    Is that the aimpoint nano on a riser? That would be new.

    Also, will b&t be offering a monthly subgun subscription? They roll them out so quickly I think it is the only way to stay up on them. Maybe a lease program?

  2. avatar Vitsaus says:

    Just promise you won’t do a daily B&T article, like some other blogs I could mention.

  3. avatar little horn says:

    seems like the real purpose in these would be PDW, and would need to be automatic.

  4. avatar Stateisevil says:

    I would love a real sub machine gun. They would make excellent self defense weapons, maybe even better than shot guns for small framed people and women. Unfortunately, because of unconstitutional laws that we can’t even discuss being repealed, it doesn’t really matter. I’d take one of these in full auto with a suppressor.

    1. avatar SFvet81 says:

      you haven’t fired machine pistol in a self defense situation or you’d in no way suggest a small framed person or – jesus christ – a woman would benefit vs. a shotgun.

  5. avatar TheUnspoken says:

    I had to check the dimensions, so the GHM9 compact is about 14.6 inches with a 4.33″ barrel, the APC 9 is 15.2″ folded with 6.88″ barrel, and the regular GHM9 is 17″ with the same 6.88″ barrel.

    So the APC 9 is already shorter than the standard GHM9, and almost the same length as the compact, but with a longer barrel, which seems to be an advantage. I wonder though with the APC 9 receiver being taller if that allows for a shorter, taller bolt group vs the ghm9, plus the overhead spring. Of course the GHM9 wins on price, so if you want shorter and cheaper then this new model makes sense, but you lose barrel length, where a large handgun may well have a longer barrel.

  6. avatar ironicatbest says:

    That’s a funny looking Mauser

  7. avatar Johnny108 says:

    I always remember what someone aid about the old MAC-10.
    That it was designed to “Take out a room of very surprised generals.”
    Which I always thought would be the most effective use of an SMG…

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