KRISS USA Launches Edelweiss Arms Selling Direct-to-Consumer European Relics and Curios

Press release: March 1, 2018 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – Today KRISS USA, manufacturers and developers of the KRISS® Vector family of firearms, launch Edelweiss Arms, a new division focused on the import and sale of C&R (curios and relics) and antique firearms, with a specialty on Swiss firearms, to collectors in the United States . . .

Edelweiss Arms is a direct to consumer e-commerce business that leverages strategic partnerships in Switzerland, and throughout Europe, to source only the highest grade and historically significant collector’s firearms.


“This is an exciting new venture for our business, and we’re looking forward to providing some value to the collector’s market in the United States,” states KRISS USA Marketing Manager, Tim Seargeant.

“Edelweiss Arms is positioned to provide the discerning collector in the United States unprecedented access to some of the most pristine condition antique and C&R firearms from Europe. Additionally, our Edelweiss Arms website is designed to streamline the decision making and ordering process, to reduce the guess work that is traditionally associated with shopping for collector’s pieces.”

Edelweiss Arms’ initial offerings include a wide variety of Schmidt-Rubin rifles. In addition to long arms, Edelweiss Arms also boasts a selection of Lugers in different variations from Waffenfabrik Bern (W+F Bern) and Deutsche Waffen Munitions Fabriken (DWM).

Edelweiss Arms

Other handguns include several SIG P210 semi-automatic pistols as well as the P49, the Swiss military version of the P210. Edelweiss Arms also specializes in antique firearms, as defined by 27 CFR 478.11, which can be transferred in the United States without a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

For more information about Edelweiss Arms, or to view the current inventory,

About Edelweiss Arms
Edelweiss Arms is a division of KRISS USA Inc., specializing in the import and resale of antique and collectible firearms, with a strong focus on Swiss firearms. Edelweiss Arms specializes in offering premium quality collectors pieces to the discerning collector in the United States. Leveraging on strategic business relationships in Switzerland and a wide network of partners in Europe, Edelweiss Arms’ aim is to import only the highest grade and historically significant collector’s firearms. Edelweiss Arms is headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, where all of our pieces are inspected, cataloged, and vaulted.


KRISS USA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and provider of small arms, training replicas and accessories for commercial, military and law enforcement users worldwide. KRISS USA is part of a group of companies that focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the firearms industry, enabling more efficient solutions and corresponding to the 21st century security requirements.


  1. avatar M1Lou says:

    I wanted a Luger, and then I checked the prices… Classic Firearms has had these in stock twice for under $2000. I of course had just made a different gun purchase right before they were in stock. Oh well.

  2. avatar DrewR55 says:

    Since watching the C&Rsenal video on the French Chamlot-Delvigne revolver I have had the urge to try and track one down. I will keep an eye on this site to see if any show up.

    1. avatar DrewR55 says:

      After browsing their website I can say they have some beautiful 7.5 rifles but dang those Bern 1882 revolvers made my wallet pucker up.

  3. avatar jwtaylor says:

    No one look at that website. Go away from it now. Nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids you are looking for.
    2 rifles have been sold while I was looking at them already. P stamped pre war rifles going for $700 and under.

    1. avatar MyName says:

      Yes, I agree, go away, there is nothing for you here. I will solve this problem, you need not be involved, return to your work, I will handle this.

  4. avatar ColdNorth says:

    If the Euro firearms are anything like the ones we’ve been getting in Canada, you’re in for a treat. The Swiss Lugers are especially nice. Ammo prices not so much.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      .30 Luger isn’t exactly a common cartridge.

      1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

        I bought a p89 Ruger 9mm about 20 years ago. It came from the factory with a .30 Luger barrel in the case. I bought the kit because the already cheap Ruger was on sale.

        That .30 Luger was still new and unfired when I sold the gun years later. When you could find .30 Luger it was very pricey. In comparison I was getting 9mm, surplus, for as low as 2 dollars a box.

  5. avatar Nick says:

    The rifles look nice, but some of the pistols are at terrifyingly high prices.

  6. avatar Specialist38 says:

    I am an accumulator of firearms.

    Obviously not a collector looking at the price of the pistols and revolvers.

    Oh well, hopefully someone will enjoy them.

  7. avatar Mark N. says:

    Damn, I was h oping for a reasonably priced Hi Power. But a Swiss K rifle would be nice…

  8. avatar The Rookie says:

    Neat site. All wayyy too rich for my blood, but I enjoy “window shopping” the site.

    In other news, I’ve never seen The Sound of Music. Or any musical, come to think of it.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Based on a true story, doncha know. And the villa where it was filmed was actually the Von Trapp family estate (until Hitler seized it after they fled to the US).

    2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      i suggest you start with “earth girls are easy.”

      1. avatar raptor jesus says:

        And the family started a fantastic little resort in Stowe, Vermont – which I am rather fond of.

  9. avatar anarchyst says:

    There will be “import stamps” on the firearms, as required by the ATF. If we could get them to relax this requirement in the case of “curios and relics” firearms, we might have something here…as import stamps will reduce the value of the firearms.

  10. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Boy howdy do I ever want a P210.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      as do i. having trouble posting link so search up “larvatus prodeo p210” and enjoy.

      on the edelweiss site under rifles, filters, there is a choice of .41mm vetterli. that’s less than half the bore of the formidable .9mm! perhaps the extra barrel length lends some advantage…

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I’ve always got my eye out for a P-210.
      Got all excited till I saw the price…Yikes!

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