Why We’re Losing The War on Guns

Face it: the squeaky wheels of gun control –the whining teens, their socialist instructors, their mainstream media cheerleaders and their deep-pocketed enablers — are getting all the grease. That’s how post-Parkland hysteria led to the degradation of gun rights in Florida and elsewhere: they drowned out gun rights supporters’ silent majority . . .

Yes, across the web and society as a whole, gun owners are waving their proverbial fists at government. At the pro-gun control mass media. At the NRA. What I don’t see: gun owners attending rallies at their state capitols, beating down the doors of their elected officials, attending Republican Party meetings.

Bottom line: America’s gun culture is strong, but it’s silent.

Many simply put their faith in the NRA and call it good. Even setting aside the NRA’s open support for bump stock bans and the violation of due process by gun violence restraining orders. They have been showing the enemies of freedom their bellies by rolling over and offering capitulation. Blind support in the NRA is the wrong answer.

The NRA has corruption in its ranks just like the Republican Party and Government as a whole. But just like we need to vote out the corruption in government; we must do the same with the NRA. We need folks like Tim Knight and Adam Kraut on the Board of Directors.

The NRA has about 300,000 members in [what was formerly known as] The Gunshine State. Florida is also home to 1.8 million active CCW permits. There are six times more people who carry guns in Florida than NRA members.

While I’m sure the majority of Florida gun owners believe that the NRA is on their side, they view the gun rights group the way small children view parents: as people who’ll protect them without them having to do anything to help, save casting their ballot on election day. If that.

True story.

I’ve spent a good portion of my time risking my law enforcement career to fight for fellow Floridians’ gun rights.

When I’m at the capitol I run into Marion Hammer of the NRA, Eric Friday of Florida Carry and, occasionally, someone from one of Florida’s libertarian groups.

I don’t see anyone meeting with their elected representatives or Senators. I don’t see them scheduling face-to-face meetings with the Speaker of the House, the Senate President, the Majority Whip or the Governor. I don’t see gun owners speaking at committee meetings when pro- and anti-gun bills are being considered.

Meanwhile, 7,000 gun owners visited the Tampa Gun Show on Saturday to buy more stuff to horde.

Fellow gun owners, stop being sunshine patriots. Stand up and fight for your rights and those of your fellow man and woman. Don’t make boisterous statements like “from my cold dead hands” without actually fighting.

Stop relying on others and do what’s needed before you get to the ballot box (never mind any other boxes). Search out your elected officials. Meet with them, make your voice heard. If I had an army of fellow gun owners making the same “trouble” that I do, we wouldn’t be playing defense. And losing.

Reach down and find the strength of our Founding Fathers. Men and yes women who pledged their wealth, property, lives and most importantly their sacred honor to fight and defend our rights.


  1. avatar BehindEnemyLines says:

    I’m down for peaceful civil disobedience in California. Need a date, time, and location.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Agreed. Because voting Republican, boycotting anti 2A stores, buying from my LGS, paying my CRPA and GOC dues and taking new folks shooting is not making enough of a difference. No planned protests on the Calguns message boards yet.

    2. avatar anonymous says:

      “I’m down for peaceful civil disobedience in California. Need a date, time, and location.”

      “Disobedience” as in breaking the law — such as everyone exchanging boxes with springs in them that hold more than 10 rounds (or whatever the limit is in California)?

      Or “disobedience” as in carrying signs that say “Don’t Tread On Me” and “III %”, which really isn’t disobedience.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Put me down for the former. Some people have been disobedient for decades.

      2. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        Civil Disobedience is how Rosa Parks upgraded her seat assignment on that bus.

    3. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      People of the gun have forgotten history.
      Open carry demonstration always included children and their parents. The CHILDREN CARRIED GUNS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THEIR PARENTS.
      These images scared the Liberal media to death just 4 years ago. The gun grabbers are making this about children. Then we ALSO need to make it about children, who should have guns under the supervision of their parents.
      Always protect the family.





  2. avatar Bob says:

    Monday April 30th
    10 am, state capitol rotunda, Harrisburg, Pa

    Rally to protect your right to keep and bear arms.

    Come join us.

    CNN isn’t paying for the busing in and writing scripts, so some prior organization has to happen. Also most of us have to schedule our protests around work because, well, I’m not a student living at home or an entitled rich kid.

    1. avatar Tony in MN says:

      Saturday April 28
      12:00pm-2:00pm, Minnesota State Capital South Capital Steps

      RSVP at Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus website here: https://www.gunowners.mn/2018_second_amendment_gun_owner_rally?e=a00a588235b325bdfaead181428c6ff01a55fd74&utm_source=mngopac&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=capitolrally1&n=2

      1. avatar Gutshot says:

        Count me in.

    2. avatar Julian says:

      I’m IN for Harrisburg PA.

  3. avatar TexTed says:

    I finally figured out why Florida “republicans” caved. It wasn’t Parkland teens, and it wasn’t wall-to-wall CNN, and it wasn’t the demanding mommies. It was South Florida billionaire Mike Fernandez telling them “vote for gun control or I won’t donate another penny to your campaign.”

    You wonder why this time it’s different? As always, follow the money.

    1. avatar BehindEnemyLines says:

      That asshole likes to boast about his collection of NFA machine guns too.

      1. avatar Nigel the expat says:

        “I’ve got mine, F the rest of you” is pretty much what that sounds like.

    2. avatar Doug says:

      Yes, it is about the $$. Ever wonder why there is no legislation that requires schools to install single points of entry with armed guards, metal detectors, and bag searches, and at least on armed officer for each building on the campus? Like many sporting events? MONEY! The people who are banning guns for the “children” won’t spend the money. Will all those whining parents on TV pay higher taxes?

  4. avatar DaveDetroit says:

    I reject the premise that we are losing on the issue of gun rights. What you are seeing is a whole lotta propaganda that might make you FEEL like you are losing or in the minority, but has only demonstrated a very minor and not very long lasting spike in public opinion. You aren’t in the minority. Most Americans still feel that having a gun in the home makes them feel safer. Here’s my evidence:
    1) Progressive socialists have had to outright lie, and use obviously ignorant and emotional children to score any kind of political traction. These are the actions of desperation and LOSING.
    2) Progressives have finally exposed their true intentions- an all out assault on what is a very important civil right! Calls to abolish ALL GUNS as well as the 2nd Amendment are right out there in the open now and can be used in political campaigns. Progressives can no longer say that they only want certain guns abolished.
    3) The lies of the media are driving membership to all the gun rights organizations in a wave of support. You don’t see it now but it will be felt later by politicians. IDIOT Lefties are being called out and having to back-peddle. Even that school that offered buckets of rocks (no seriously) as part of their school security plan have had to hire ARMED GUARDS- in other words, recognizing that only a good guy with a gun stops a bad buy with a gun.
    4) Progressives are now on record as being Pro-criminal, Anti-worker, and Anti-civil rights (in other words, true socialists). If Trump’s economy keeps improving and offers more opportunity and jobs, they are in for a surreal thumping in the next election.
    5) The Progressive Socialists are just finishing up what may be the largest anti-gun, coordinated propaganda of our century and it may not move the needle. A lot of Dems up for election are mortified at their Party and will be unable to defend it.

    Want to make a difference? Lets all commit to taking just one friend who’s unfamiliar with guns to the range. Teach them about ear protection, range safety, and how the firearm works. Let them see how easy it is to have fun with a sporting semi-auto and how civilized all the other people are. If its an AR-15 make sure they notice just how small the holes are in the target. Let them see that a gun won’t suddenly transform them into a psychotic laser-bullet spraying death machine.

    1. avatar Reggie Browning says:

      Lazyness and arrogance gets you nothing but defeat. Even if we are winning, the war isn’t over until the anti gun movement is thoroughly obliterated. What advantage does acting like you got it in the bag earn you?

      1. avatar mandrake the magician says:

        i concur with both comments;
        you can’t say that we are “losing” the war b’cs we still have the overwhelming majority of the US adult population solidly pro-2A;
        compare that to some-where like AUstralia, for instance, where up to ¾ of the adult population, especially women, are anti-gun;
        the NRA’s solid work over the last decade-or-so to get women ‘on board’ has paid off and yielded big dividends;
        the gun grabbers in the US have to, literally, pour $hundreds of millions$ into increasingly frantic efforts to attack gun rights ….. with very little to show for it….
        OTOH, in a country like Australia, they have to spend virtually nothing….just a few media appearances from noted gun-grabbers of the past like ex-PM John Winston Howard or ‘trotting out’ some faux victims of past gun “massacres” and its done…..the AUstralian public is, once again, duped into believing that “guns are bad”;
        we’re already seeing this current anti-gun push in the US falling into a heap….
        and….people rushing out and ‘buying up big’ …. just that, in and of itself, is “cocking a snook” @ the gun-grabbers…..
        wait until the mid-term elections in Nvmbr …… then we will really see the blow-back…..

        that said: yes…we really do have to ‘bury’ the gun grabbers;
        as long as they exist, they are a danger ….. like a deadly, contagious virus….
        and…you simply cannot risk “compromise” with them b’cs “compromise” means out-and-out surrender;
        they have, recently, made quite plain what their ultimate goals are…..
        Australian-style gun laws if not out-right civilian disarmament
        (only police and military to own guns)
        you don’t “compromise” with that sort of marxist malarkey ! 😡

        1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

          @Mandrake I think you need to go check the voting record of both House and Senate for the recently passed spending bill that had FixNics in it.

          IT DOESN’T MATTER that if what you say may be true, that a majority of people in this country are Pro 2A.


    2. avatar Raoul Duke says:


      What rock have you been living under? We have been going backwards since 1934!!! Merely holding the line (which is cratering considering Fix NICS passed as well as gun control being passed in Florida, Illinois, and elsewhere) is NOT winning. Retreating isn’t winning!!!!

      Winning would be rescinding the machine gun ban, removing every and all import laws, getting rid of the “sporting” clause from the books, and repealing the NFA and GCA!!

      1. avatar anonymous says:

        “Winning?? What rock have you been living under? We have been going backwards since 1934!!! Merely holding the line”

        And the only reason we’ve held the line this long is not because of what our side is doing — it’s obvious that gun-owner-rights groups have no strategic thinking or public relations ability — but simply because our enemies keep f***in’ up.

        But our enemies do keep adapting and changing their tactics, consistently running circles inside our OODA loop.

  5. avatar BLAMMO says:

    We in NY COULD rally on the Albany mall with non-SAFE-compliant rifles slung over our shoulders just to see if anyone wants to do something about it. That’s what they did at Lexington and Concord.

    But we won’t.

    1. avatar The Punisher says:

      Hear Hear.

      We – as a “country” are not even “sunshine patriots” we prefer our velvet chains of soft slavery to any real form of dangerous freedom.

      And what’s all this “attend Republican meetings” business about? Last time I checked Republicans were just as eager to steal from me and curtail my rights as Democrats.

      Republican/Democrat = Two Sides of the Same Coin

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        +1 to both comments.

  6. avatar WARFAB says:

    I New Yorkistan we gathered about 15,000 2nd amendment supporters in the state capital to protest the atrocity known as the SAFE Act. We did this on a Thursday. People got bused in from across the state. There wasn’t a New York state charter bus available for any other use that day. The result: the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association was sent a bill for ruining the grass…. which was already a mess before we got there. We barely even got any media coverage.

    Then we had a similarly sized event at a later date. Donald Trump even spoke at the second event. Nothing changed. The dozen or so anti-gun protesters who were inside the capitol during the protest got just as much coverage as the 10,000+ who were outside. Donald Trump was fined for flying his helicopter over the demonstrators as he left. A protester had his 2D plywood cutout shaped in the silhouette of an AR confiscated by Cuomo’s goons.

    We haven’t been silent. We have held major demonstrations despite us actually having jobs and not getting paid to protest. Yet nothing changes in the communist states of the US. It’s a very frustrating situation.

  7. avatar Sterling53 says:

    I’m just a high school kid living in west Texas and the gun conversations are occurring more than ever. Standing up for what I believe is right and standing up for the second amendment used to be harder but with a national conversation happening more people/ kids are taking my side and realizing these vocal groups and people are basing their argument on emotion. These fields are ripe for the harvest for pro gun Americans we just don’t have enough men and women being vocal or enough people to stand behind

  8. avatar Joe R. says:

    Silence (by the POTG) is not necessarily a bad thing. A LOT of silence (if we all went “dark” / ‘radio-silent’) could even bring about an FBI investigation.

    This country was founded on big chunks of silence.

    “often, in the actions of the governors of the U.S. republic, it is remarked that silence [among the governed] equals consent to the actions of the governor.

    This is not so however. Silence can as easily, and perhaps even more readily, indicate
    equal incredulity. And in their silence, in an effort to shade mounting answer to the perceived threat; individuals are drawing swords.

    Silence, you will remember, is what you receive a little of, from the firing squad, before
    you receive an eternity of it.” [J.M. Thomas, R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 45]

    1. avatar Damned Lies and Statistics says:

      That is an excellent quote Joe! I’m trying hard to find the source though – when I google the citation, I only find an author named John Meurig Thomas, who doesn’t seem to have written anything like that. I’d really love to read the whole book though. Any chance you’ve got a link to it on some online store?

  9. avatar strych9 says:

    So I’m going to point out a few realities here some of it with a semi-Socratic Method. Apologies in advance for the length here.

    “I don’t see gun owners speaking at committee meetings when pro- and anti-gun bills are being considered.”

    And what percentage of such gun owners know how look up such information? Simply saying “It’s not hard” isn’t an answer here. People who have a “full plate” (busy life) actually kinda need this shit done for them. Some people are not very adept with the internet etc. I hate to say it but this is exactly why you think the Left is winning: They do this shit for people.

    “Search out your elected officials. Meet with them, make your voice heard.”

    I’m going to try very hard here not to say “See Previous” a lot. Look, again, this is the kind of thing you have to set up for people. It’s easy to say this but in reality the logistics of actually doing it are a lot harder than you’re making it seem. Especially when just figuring out how to do it has to be scheduled around Sally’s soccer practice and Tom’s dental appointment. Ask yourself what portion of people even know where to start?

    Seriously, if you go out on the street and ask 100 people how they should go about contacting their state representatives for a face-to-face meeting, how many will even have an answer? How many will answer correctly? If you ask them how to figure out how to do this ask yourself those same two questions about this situation. The answer to each of those questions is “Very few if any”.

    The meat & potatoes truth:

    I’m not going to keep going with quotes or beating this horse. Here’s the core issue: Back in the day, whether you like them or not, the NRA blazed some trails on how to organize. The Left has taken those lessons, incorporated what they learned from protesting in the 60’s and 70’s and run with the whole thing. The Left is professionally organized. They have massive databases, tons of workers, data analysts, call banks, organizers on call 24/7, an army of people they can mobilize FAST, political connections etc.

    When the Left swings into action it’s so fucking organized it would make your head spin. It’s a very, very well oiled and very well funded machine that simply waits for opportunities and then goes 0-60 immediately. They have local, state and national politicians and the staff of those politicians on speed dial. When they want to hit the proverbial spice weasel (BAM! Kick it up a notch!) they can do so in 12 hours or less.

    Say there’s “an issue” (like a school shooting) this afternoon. By tonight they’ve had calls into pols and their staff since this afternoon. Probably had responses this evening too. Call banks are working overtime. Local chapters of friendly unions are already in full swing getting ready to put members where the Left wants them when they want them there. Plane tickets for the big-wigs to fly in are already purchased and those people have a “go bag” ready so they can hit that 6AM red eye to be wherever tomorrow morning. Databases are being scoured. The whole machine is now running.

    By tomorrow morning they’re having “war room meetings” and they already have the full schedules and agendas of the pols and legislatures in question printed and sitting next to a cup of coffee for each person around a conference table. They also have data analytics, previous poll (vote) data, polling (non-vote) data, projections etc. They’ve got preliminary messaging data (how do we sell this). They’ve got information from the local unions and whatever other chapters of whatever groups are friendly in the room or on the way along with data from and on them. By the afternoon they have most of their plan either formulated or at least partly formulated and things are swinging into serious motion.

    That’s professional grade organization and it’s something the Left is damn good at and getting better every time they get practice.

    Ask yourself: What’s our response time? Can we even muster this kind of thing? Not right now we can’t and so we don’t really have a response, at least not one that’s visible.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Note: There are also a TON of things I didn’t cover, like moving in people to protest (busing people in) and the logistics of coordinating with friendly groups that might not have the same “agenda” but agree on certain topics or are willing to do a quid-pro-quo action.

      This shit gets deep quick. When they decide to mobilize they actually have calls out to a State Rep/Senator’s office within an hour, sometimes within 15 minutes. It’s really pretty scary. It’s a huge part of why I didn’t take a pretty lucrative job straight out of college.

    2. avatar Joe R. says:

      I read that as ‘they bunch up into large soft targets, and we don’t’. Good.

      We actually LIKE the Left, out there, bunched up in the street, fists in the air, shouting.


      1. avatar Ing says:

        If that’s your only response, you’ve already lost. There’s no “we” without a LOT of organization in the background.

        I’m not sure I’d say we’re losing…yet. But we’re going to, if nothing changes on our side.

        The fact that we’re still holding ground against the progressive machine — the sclerotic NRA, hundreds of isolated small-scale organizations, and a huge number of unorganized individuals, all of whom tend to work at cross-purposes in a crisis — is a testament to the strength of our convictions and the rightness of our cause.

        On the sociopolitical battleground, we’re badly outgunned and stuck on outdated tactics.

        The leftist progressive activists are running a full-fledged nationally networked psyop-style campaign to win hearts, minds, and votes.

        Here in Washington state we’ve already seen what the end game is. They started small with universal background checks, and in the next couple-three years we’ll see voter initiatives for outright bans and confiscation of things you and I own and hold dear.

        You’re not up against masses of easily panicked soyboys in the streets — you’re up against your own friends and neighbors, even your own family, who will be voting their rights and yours away.

        Strych9, right on as usual.

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          “… and a huge number of unorganized individuals, all of whom tend to work at cross-purposes in a crisis…”

          Yup. We don’t have professional grade organization or anything approaching it. While the NRA is sitting there doing whatever it is that they do the Left is saying “OK, what groups do we have in the area and how can we get them in the game?” which is exactly what the NRA should be doing.

          The State NRA chapter should have a fucking database of other organizations and be on the phone with those groups immediately. But before they pick up the phone they should already know what that group brings to the party. How many people can they reliably bring and what time frame do they need to do it? What’s their fundraising look like? Do they need some cash? What other groups can this group bring to the table? How big is, say, RMGO? What are the trends? How’s their door to door? Where are our analytics on that group, with crosstabs? What other considerations are there (like if they’re tinfoil hat wearing nuts for example).

          If the answer to any of those questions (and others!) is anything other than “I’ll have that data bullet pointed and on the table in front of you in five” then we’re losing because that’s how the Left rolls on this shit.

          While that’s going on friendly and fence sitter pols need to be contacted NOW. We need full schedules for these people and the legislative session. NOW. Can so-and-so do dinner TONIGHT? OK, well how about breakfast tomorrow?

          While this is going on a dozen other things need to be going on as well. It all needs to be coordinated and it all needs to be very well organized so that this time tomorrow we can start the process of rallying the troops so we can put together a huge group in front of that capitol building in 72 hours the way the antis do.

          Posting a meeting on CalGuns (saw that elsewhere)? What kind of shit is that? We’re not putting on a middle school play here. What are you gonna do after posting that on CalGuns? Post on MySpace? Jesus, this is like a bunch of parents trying to put together a neighborhood watch and failing rather spectacularly because like two of them actually know how to use the interwebz.

          Professional grade organization. You have it or you don’t. If you don’t you’re gonna get fucking rolled.

        2. avatar Joe R. says:

          “Professional grade organization. You have it or you don’t. If you don’t you’re gonna get fucking rolled.”

          Sounds like the perfect hammer to be wielded by someone else then?

          I received some training once [locally, but through the (DoD) 31st NCR], that showed me how [it had already been determined that] it would take 6 people 24 hours to “take” Oklahoma (without breaking a sweat).The truncated description of the process was a stark eye-opener, and I will be forced to look for the tell-tale signs of it, wherever I go, and from now on. The scariest parts of it are that there are naturally occurring environmental and governmental pendulums poised to do most of the work, and they don’t need to be energized (pushed in to action) they just have to be cut free from their pre-positioning. You could think about it like sinking a military ship using the ships comms and crew. The bridge commander can quietly order the ship be scuttled for cause, then create/mimic a scenario (already drilled on) where everyone rushes to get below decks. You might not think it would work, but you can get mayhem to help quite a bit.

          In thinking about it a little more (re: OK), I thought the time could be halved (then I realized, with slightly more resources, and more time, instead, it wouldn’t take more than one individual).

          What we enjoy here in America, and what humans co-exist on, on this rock, is Societal Agreement. It’s a fragile balloon that will not withstand people chucking little pieces of it, and consequences are dominoes with exponents. I’ve asked people the question here before, “How’d you get to work today?” The only real answer is “Because people let me.” And, you’ll never know, how many people “let” you get to work, or let you get home. Until they don’t.

          You don’t need “organization” or even much in the way of a detailed “plan”. You just have to know what is already poised against your target, and then you go play some pinball.

          That’s one of the reasons I rail so much about our government claiming that they can protect anyone on an individual level. All that “protection” is just pent-up leverage against you, and they can be compelled to use it against you by very simple un-energetic means, and even by foreign actors.

          As far as Oklahoma, nah. I’d focus on blue portions of the red/blue voter map. But that wouldn’t change the means any, and people who live in tight ball-o-snakes cities that complain about the hinterland and their ‘guns’ don’t know how vulnerable they are because of their locus and fellow population. Wealthy people too, IMHO, believe their means can help them ‘rise above’ the fracas, but our government doesn’t care who’s inside the circle if the circle needs to be ‘dealt with’. Just another reason to rail against idiots selling government provided collective “safety”.

          If it sounds inflammatory, it’s only because you’ve only heard it once.

    3. avatar pg2 says:

      Lol, left, right…same animal. Do you believe your own pedantry?

  10. avatar CLarson says:

    You want a large group of pro-gun folks rallying? That’s an excellent way to get called a Nazi, doxed, and lose your job. /partial sarcasm This is where the big pro-gun groups are really dropping the ball. How about some leadership from them. Pick a date and time, impose some rules, and promise some legal coverage if the state/antifa try to screw things up. But instead, crickets.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      That hasn’t been the case at our Southwest Ohio rallies.

    2. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

      If you happily march alongside the guys waving swastikas, don’t be surprised if you’re lumped in with the literal Nazis.

    3. avatar CLarson says:

      John in Ohio, that’s good, but any high profile demonstration sponsored by a big organization will face mainstream scrutiny and leftist mischief. VerendusAudeo, The point of having rules and organization prevents the wrong people from infiltrating marches.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        I say again, that hasn’t been the case at our Southwest Ohio rallies. You are speculating and you might turn out to be accurate. However, it is still speculation. If the alternative is just being silent, then prepare for the approaching very bad day.

        My replies on this subject came about because people are saying things like FB would shut down event pages and that we couldn’t get 1000 people at a Statehouse protest. Neither of those have been proven true in Ohio and someone needed to point that out. They were speculating, aka pulling it out of their asses, whereas we have been living it for years now.

        As for rules, the rallies with the most rules get almost no people here. (Even I don’t attend a rally with a shit-ton of rules; don’t waste my time.) Generally, the simple rule is follow the law. That generates the most participation.

    4. avatar Joe R. says:


      Call the MFrs out. Their monsters that use the Federal Government to rob you to pay to kill babies (for food and medicine) and then scalp the proceeds for their elections. Support bans on communism and socialism.

      Ban the communist MFn evil POS (D). Pick the rinos up by their heals and beat the POS (D) half to death with them.

  11. avatar John Thayer says:

    Thank you for your service, Luis Valdez!
    Given how long it takes to get any pro-gun rights legislation through the Florida legislature, and how fast they passed this gun control crap, I really don’t expect to pay any attention to it myself. I have lost all respect for the Florida Republicans who voted for the gun control package.

  12. avatar John in Ohio says:

    “What I don’t see: gun owners attending rallies at their state capitols,”

    We’ve done that here and continue to do so. We’ve also had a multitude of smaller walks and demonstrations. Many of us do our own “micro-demonstrations” by open carrying everyday, practically everywhere. It won’t be enough. It requires mass civil disobedience. It requires breaking the law to make change.

    “beating down the doors of their elected officials,”

    I’ve done that for years. It won’t be enough. It requires mass civil disobedience. It requires breaking the law to make change.

    “attending Republican Party meetings.”

    I managed a move to take over the local republican central committee and I’m not even a republican. We were very successful. People started making deals before they even got the seat. It won’t be enough. It requires mass civil disobedience. It requires breaking the law to make change.

    The full restoration of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms is highly unlikely to be successful incrementally. Normalization and tendency of all governments to increase power are but two things working against it. Each generation has its opportunity to stand and fight. When it does not, the task is that much harder for subsequent generations. Individuals have one lifetime. Governments often last many lifetimes. Incrementalism only works to subvert liberty.

    It will require mass civil disobedience in this lifetime. It will require breaking the law to make change in this lifetime. If that doesn’t work, it will require the dirty hands of many if they wish to restore liberty.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Government needs a wholehearted bitch slap.

  13. avatar John in Ohio says:

    Patriots Day at the Statehouse
    Saturday, April 21 at 11 AM – 2 PM

    Ohio Statehouse
    1 Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio 43215


    *** If you use fecesbook, please make sure that you click on “going” on the event page so that it encourages others to attend. Also, share the information far and wide.

  14. avatar pg2 says:

    Americans are losing what’s left of their individual liberties across the board.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Yes, they have. Republican and democrat legislators have been responsible for it. Too many POTG beg for those chains as well.

      1. avatar pg2 says:

        Both parties kneel to the same master….its an illusion of choice for the public.

  15. avatar Armed Partisan says:

    THERE IS A NATION WIDE, PRO-2A RALLY ON SATURDAY, APRIL 14TH!!! It is called the Americans for America Rally, it is non-partisan, it is grassroots, it is at YOUR State capital, and you should go!

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Is there a FB event page for it? That’s the best way to get it out to many people. Upon quick look, I wasn’t able to find an event page.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        If you are expecting FB not to shut down any such pages, you are being optimistic.

        1. avatar John in Ohio says:

          They don’t shut down our pages and they are events of the same nature… sometimes even more.

          Still, the organizers ought to set up a page and see if it gets shut down. I’m betting it won’t because ours never get the axe.

      2. avatar Joe R. says:

        It would be good to petition the Governor, and the legislature to allow a one-time, and limited purpose, [long-gun / pistol] open-carry day in the proximate area of the rally. They could say “that’s crazy, how could we protect you?” And you can respond “that’s crazy, everyone but you knows you can’t.”

        1. avatar John in Ohio says:

          I don’t understand. We are openly armed (handguns and long guns) and right at the Statehouse. Why would we petition to do what we already do?

        2. avatar Joe R. says:

          @ J.I.O.

          you Sir, are a lucky bastard. but it’s a National event and I think your ability to do so is actually in the slight minority.

        3. avatar John in Ohio says:

          (Because your reply was directly under one of mine, I thought you were referring specifically to Ohio.)

          I don’t disagree, Joe R. But, blanket statements were being made so I had to set the record straight in that not every state has those same issues. Also, some of what we do here is so common place because small groups of us began doing them and not backing down. Great attorneys are crucial at that stage of the game as well as a tenacity to persevere, even when POTG themselves mock and scorn you.

        4. avatar Joe R. says:

          I wholly agree.

          I think Constitutional OC for weapons should be, and is the law-of-the-land, corrupted temporarily by some of our neighbors who needed a job.

  16. avatar Marcus says:

    Two words– Political Will. Absent a vocal force for a Populist politician we will lose the media war. The NRA is a good ol’ boy drinking buddy of the Beltway Club. Over and over they have blathered only to have caved to the “reasonable” gun Rights restrictionists. Gun owners will not surrender– at least we of older generation’s won’t.

  17. avatar James says:

    I don’t think silence is the problem. We have as much willful ignorance (ie the EXTREMELY WRONG belief that “shall not be infringed” somehow means that all regulation of firearms is unconstitutional), which is espoused by many in our community, including writers for this blog. We also have a whole bunch of intransigent shitheads representing us publicly, loudly, and often. Also often, they resort to racial dog-whistles or outright overt racism or hostility to anything to the left of Goebbels. We are as guilty of being unwilling to have a real conversation about guns as the worst of the antis. In many cases we are our own worst enemies, and frankly the way we handle ourselves, we deserve to lose.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Thank God you speak for yourself.

      What if you thought (slightly) more long-term.

      2 questions:

      When will America end, and who’s in-charge when America ends? Anyone claiming to know the answer to the first one is full of it. Anyone who thinks they know the answer to the second is already working for the next tyrant.

      Keep your guns for the end of America, and yes, ANY gun control means you have some big asshole neighbors already working for the next tyrant.

    2. avatar John in Ohio says:

      “We are as guilty of being unwilling to have a real conversation about guns as the worst of the antis.”

      I don’t have faux conversations with thieves, appeasers, or cowards. The only real conversation is me saying, “Get the fuck off my lawn.”

      BTW: Shall not be infringed.

      1. avatar James says:

        Thank you for illustrating my point. You are the problem. Idiots like you are the ones who are going to cost us our firearms rights, you dope. By immediately painting anyone who doesn’t share your exact ideology on guns as thieves and villains, you abdicate yourself from having to actually think about your beliefs, or discuss them like an adult. By taking yourself out of the conversation, you let others have it for you. You lose. “Get the fuck off my lawn” indeed.

        1. avatar John in Ohio says:

          A thief is a thief. That’s pretty easy to identify. It is MY right. I don’t need to negotiate the exercise of it away. The only way you will get it is through theft. Don’t expect me to hand it over.

        2. avatar Raoul Duke says:

          The only moron here is you!!

          What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

          And here’s a hint, GUN CONTROL DOESN’T WORK!!!

          You can’t point to a single instance where it had any effect on crime or preventing someone who shouldn’t have one from getting one!!

          It is appeasers like YOU for why we can’t get anything done and keep going backwards you Fudd!!!

        3. avatar Pg2 says:

          Nice troll post James. Good luck trying to trick people into shredding their already compromised rights.

        4. avatar Scoutino says:

          So far it has been idiots like you, who cost us our firearms rights. What can we gain by conversating with antis?Conversations with gun grabbers only lead to more restrictions. From 1934 onwards, one “reasonable regulation” after another.
          “Regulations” (read restrictions) indeed are infringements.

  18. avatar Higgs says:

    I have and Idea on a protest that could work.

    it would not require you to take off work. You don’t have to stand in a crowd chanting. You do not need a large crowd to show up at the same time ( it actually work better if they don’t). You do not need to be in the legislators office to be heard. You can not be shouted down by counter protesters. Its something very easy to do and quite effective.

    Set a day (Or week) when everyone honks to support the second amendment. Just make enough time in your day to drive past your local Courthouse, City Hall, or State Capital and honk your horn as you go by.

    This was used quite effectively during 2001 and 2002 to defeat and attempt to create a State income tax. I have friends who worked in the State capitol when this protest happened. They said you could hear the honking in ever corner of the building through the entire day. The Proponents of the bill were shocked at the size and duration of the response opposing a state income tax.

    Any thoughts.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Honking’s good.

      3 cars ejecting brass on the pavement and sidewalk as they go by might be quicker?

      Short straws take one for the team?

      /sarcophagus (where a lack of a sense of humor goes to die)

  19. avatar sound awake says:

    people arent going to rallies because they dont want their faces bashed in by antifa blm and all the other idiots out there while the cops just sit by and WATCH

    doesnt mean were not out there not down with the cause

    were going underground is all…the silent majority thing

    the more they do this the more people that already HAVE guns buy MORE

    the more they do this the people that dont have ANY guns buy SOME

    theres too many guns in too many households now and the numbers are INCREASING

    even the washington post and the new york times are essentially telling john paul stevens to STFU

    what would be really really cool is for some republican politicians in deep red cities in deep red states that are untouchable in the midterms to actually TELL PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND BUY AR-15S:


    something like that

    the more that are out there the more mainstream they are and the harder it is to ban them:

    “In the Heller opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia struck down the District’s ban on handguns, holding that the Second Amendment gives citizens a right to own weapons “in common use at the time.” Justice Scalia said, however, that not every gun meets that definition. “The Second Amendment does not protect those weapons not typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes,” he wrote in Heller.”


    we should all hunt with them if we can

    we should be at the range with them all the time if we can

    when somebody asks me if i own an ar-15 i say “yeah i own five…and im building one more this year in .300 blackout and one more next year in .308”

    ive prodded four people i know in the last year who didnt previously have an ar-15 to buy an ar-15

    2 bought 2 and two bought one each

    THATS how we will win this

  20. avatar NRAisrunbyfudds says:

    A former Supreme Court justice has called for the open repeal of the 2nd Amendment. The time for taking up arms is not now, but in a not so distant future, who knows. We truly live in dangerous times.

  21. avatar anonymous says:

    Why We’re Losing The War on Guns

    My 2¢ worth:

    1) we suck as persuasion

    2) our enemies consistently run circles inside our OODA loop

    3) demographic trends; more people are living in urban and suburban areas, which doesn’t foster a “gun culture” the way rural areas do.

    1. avatar Pg2 says:

      Can we stop pretending the “global anti gun movement” is a leftist, grassroots movement?

  22. avatar Cadeyrn says:

    Time for blunt speaking. The left is running a campaign of intimidation and coercion. They will “SWAT” your house. They will report you to the police as being a “threat.” They will do all manner of things to make your life a misery. Heck, there are some areas (I’m looking at you, both coasts) where you risk damage to your vehicle if you have an NRA sticker on it.

    And you expect the POTG to walk out, show their faces and subject themselves to this?

    Instead, we resort to civil disobedience like the brave souls who put up the road signs in California. But these small actions are not enough to solve the problem.

    The only thing which will solve the problem is to get your (trustworthy) friends and families registered to vote and make double-damn sure they actually go to the polls this November. This is hugely important because the left is expecting a “blue wave” to vote out Republicans, let them take control of the House and Senate, impeach not just Trump, but everyone after him until they work their way down to a Democrat. If that happens, if a blue wave drives out Republicans and lets the Dems take over, make no mistake, they will be emboldened and the remaining Republicans will tuck tail and run.
    Then, make no mistake, THE DEMS WILL COME FOR YOUR GUNS. This isn’t a secret. They’re not even trying to hide the agenda anymore.

    The left only has to win once to take away everything you hold dear. We have to win every single time.

    1. avatar Tony says:

      100% truth!

      1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

        Literally 100% opinion. That’s why you’re losing. The American political right is no longer capable of grasping the concept of ‘fact’ or ‘truth’.

        1. avatar Joe R. says:

          100% opinion.

  23. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Thank goodness some good news. I’m going to be at my capitol 14 April you betcha. At last some unity, ( big sigh of relief) Me Happy.

  24. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    When and I do send letters to both of the Libitard Congress critters in my area here in the Boca/Parkland area.
    All I get in return is an F^&ing form letter and an assurance that they are aware of my concerns.
    They vote for any anti gun measure that comes along.
    They don’t give a shit what their constituents want. They vote the way they want.
    Getting INTO congress here in South Florida is just a guarantee of a lifetime job. Or until they feel like quitting.
    Voting out a representative here is an almost impossible task.
    Has been that way for 40 years Ive been here. Heck the Congress critters kids are running for local offices here too now. Its sickening. How its become generational.

  25. avatar cisco kid says:

    The Far Rights Stupidity makes Neanderthal Man look like a genius.

    Now you Morons lets take a look at how we got ourselves into this mess and less face facts as we face the worst crisis to the Second Amendment has ever faced in its history and its actually that serious. While the Far Right claim all we have to do is put in security guards in reality to do the job right it will cost just in security alarms and other safety devices well over 1 million dollars per school and that does not include salaries for security guards.

    One rich White School was able to do this with smoke pipes that flood hall ways to obscure the vision of the attacking psycho monsters, automatically lock all doors, automatically alert the police just to name the basics.

    Now lets take a look at other schools some of which are so poor they do not even have the money to fix the damn furnace and the kids sit on the floor shivering and forget computers some schools as unbelievable as it sounds have none. And Herr Drumpf the Moron living in a fantasy world had the audacity to call African countries “shit holes”.Some of their schools make some of our poorer schools look like the “shit holes” ours really are.

    When we look at the God awful waste of taxpayers money on billion dollar military jet planes and trillion dollar war ships that leaves exactly ZERO MONEY for Social Programs that would include computers for schools, building maintenance , the installation of security alarms and the hiring of adequate numbers of well trained security guards and I am not talking about 4 week trained ‘rent a cops” who would probably shoot themselves in the foot just attempting to draw their guns.

    Lets face facts “the ruling elite” i.e. the greed monger Republicans despite all their bull shit about hardening schools will never fund adequate money for school security but their “rug rats” go to elite rich schools escorted and protected with heavily armed body guards and they live in gated well defended communities that even Genghis Khan could not conquer with his hordes of Mongolian storm troopers. Is anyone stupid enough to think any of this Republican filth gives a damn about even rich white kids while they are in school?

    Without serious Federal money being spent on school security and with the masses of un-vetted guns out their being sold to any nut case that wants one with no paper work at gun shows and legal private sales coupled with no mandatory safe storage laws that let criminals take guns out of homes like taking candy from a baby or children picking up guns in the home and taking them to school to shoot fellow classmates the shooting will continue to go on and on until the public being fed up AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW will force the Government either at the State or Federal level or even both to simply take all modern guns and melt every one of them down and if you think this is not possible than like most Conservative Morons you know zero about the past history of other countries and how they did just such a thing without nary a whimper from the public even including the hard core gun owners. Gun Owners talk big with rectum farting but when the muzzle of a helicopter gun ship is about to chop your house down complete with incendiary rounds all the bull shit talking evaporates withing a nano second.

    In conclusion its just plain cheaper just to melt guns down than spend the billions it would actually take to stop mass shootings and the Republicans know it and if you think they are actually going to do anything that would really change the situation you are living in a fantasy world and are as ignorant and as delusional as Herr Drumpf himself and everyone knows he is not playing with a full deck these days and probably never was.

    With the royal fking the Republicans have given the American people since they have been in office if you think the blue wave will not seat a Democratic President in 2020 you are as delusional as Trump is and the anti-gun fanatics which comprise now the bulk of the American population just may not have to wait even that long depending how bad the Corrupt Greed Monger Gangster Criminal Republicans get burned in the 2018 fall elections.

    Yea we had our chance to save the Second Amendment many times over and we and the NRA and the Corrupt Republicans blew it each and every time. The Democrats now view all of us as the best friends they ever had in trashing and destroying the Second Amendment and the corrupt Supreme Court today is treating it now as if it does not even exist. Thank Gorsuch too for stabbing us in the back in the Maryland decision as well and when a right wing moron fanatic like Gorsuch has gone over to the enemy our ass is grassed.

    1. avatar bobo says:

      Putin, Bloomberg, or Soros paying by the word now—what is that mess?

    2. avatar Thunderkawk says:

      Yankee Marshall is that you?

    3. avatar Joe R. says:

      Cis – Co isn’t from here, but Cis has adequate Wi-Fi.

    4. avatar ironicatbest says:

      Cisco, a lot of stuff you say makes sense, but then you say no paperwork at gun shows. I couldn’t buy a gun at an Oklahoma gun show because of my out of state residence. So you may be wrong on that.

    5. avatar Tony says:

      That made absolutely no sense. That rats nest of words was both contradictory and nonsensical.

  26. avatar Shire-man says:

    People who want to be left alone are always quiet compared to people who don’t want to leave them alone.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      That should be a tattoo.

  27. avatar Sc says:

    The answer is glaringly obvious. We don’t have paid community organizers like the left. Who do you think put all the recent marches? The kids? Sure. Paid community organizers from a bunch of leftist not-for-profits.

    Now how come the progressive not for profits can afford community organizers and those on the right can’t? Simple, because not for profits on the right take in donations, and use those funds to help people, or for disease research. These are called program costs. The costs to do whatever your organization does for the people they’re trying to help. So NFPs on the right try and keep overhead down so they can spend as much as they can on their actual cause. .
    On the left, not-for-profits exist to shake more money out of the federal and state governments for their pet cause. That’s why they have community organizers. So they can mobilize their constituency, or pay for protesters to go out and apply pressure to politicians. When those on the right stage a protest, it’s a very dear cost to them, and usually it’s to oppose certain legislation that they oppose on a moral level. For the left, sending people to a protest is an investment, they get a return on that investment in government dollars. Those government dollars going to their constituents is what they are going after. So all their donations are used for running the organization, and having people on hand that can gather people up to go and make a scene. They have full on marketing and PR departments in addition to outside marketing and PR consultants.
    This is what we need on the right. Professional political community organizers, much better marketing consultants, and a really good PR firm.
    I keep hearing people ask why Planned Parenthood was involved. See above for your answer….

  28. avatar Jason says:

    I live in Tallahassee and work for the state of Florida. I called and emailed Rick Scott’s office to schedule a meeting, thinking that I would be able to get audience with him because I’m a voting Florida resident and work for the state but his office said he would be “unable to meet with me”. I’ve sent him and our Senators plenty of emails and called their offices to voice my opinion plenty of times but they simply will not listen to logical positions about protecting our rights. Since they won’t listen, the only thing left I can think to do is vote them out but what concerns me is when our so-called ” Republican” representatives are the ones introducing and signing these anti-freedom bills, who should we have replace them? If we can’t trust the politicians that campaign on Republican ideals to stand up for our rights, who else do we have to turn to? I can handle Democrats crying about their emotions but what really scares me is that it’s the “Republicans” who are actively removing our rights.

  29. avatar Ralph says:

    If we are losing, it’s entirely because we’re being widely outspent by Bloomberg, Soros and the rest of the oligarchs.

    We can’t compete with those multi-billionaires when it comes to funding activist groups and outright bribery.

    Those masters of the universe are teaching us an important lesson: They are the reason we need guns.

    1. avatar anonymous says:

      “If we are losing, it’s entirely because we’re being widely outspent by Bloomberg, Soros and the rest of the oligarchs. We can’t compete with those multi-billionaires when it comes to funding activist groups and outright bribery.”

      Conservatives and libertarians have always celebrated the idea that “money is political speech”, therefore those with more money are entitled to more political speech (and anyone who says otherwise is a f***in’ communist traitor to mom, apple pie, and America). Remember the collective orgasm “our” side had 8 years ago after the Citizens United decision.

      Conservatives and libertarian also always celebrated the idea of unrestricted wealth inequality. Anyone who didn’t was branded a communist who hates capitalism and free markets.

      So I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry when gun owners complain about the political process being influenced by the ultra wealthy — aka the 1% — when “money is political speech” outweighs our voices and our votes because wealth — and therefore political influence — is as concentrated, it not more so, than in any dictatorship with a centrally planned economy.

      What’s the saying about “be careful what you wish for”?

    2. avatar anonymous says:

      “If we are losing, it’s entirely because we’re being widely outspent by Bloomberg, Soros and the rest of the oligarchs. We can’t compete with those multi-billionaires when it comes to funding activist groups and outright bribery.”

      In 1990, capitalism defeated communism. By 2010, it had also defeated democracy and free markets.

  30. avatar Raoul Duke says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again revolution is the only answer.

    Like posters above have said we have marched and protested only to be ignored and persecuted. We have written and voted only to be ignored. When will you wake up and realize what the opposition is doing here!!! They are the Bolsheviks who will kill us gleefully!! The sheriff running for office in Asheville, NC should be a wake up call for what they want to do to us!!

    Sooner or later we either fight or end up being corralled into cattle cars to go to Bill Ayer’s death camps where they want to send us!

    1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

      Peoples Option 1776. Refresh that Tree of Liberty.

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