Florida Republicans Caving on Gun Control

Since February 26, 2018; I’ve been on the ground here in Tallahassee fighting the forces of civilian disarmament. It’s been an uphill battle thanks to the Florida Republican Party. On Feb. 21, SB 7026 was introduced to the Florida Senate. It’s a wicked piece of legislation.

It makes anyone that possess a bump stock or similar accessory a felon. It completely violates the due process of gun owners through Gun Violence Protection Acts, it strips the Second Amendment from all Floridians under the age of 21, makes a three-day waiting period mandatory for all gun purchases, and it pushes the false narrative that to fix the failure of government; more government is needed.

It pushes a $400 million boondoggle that puts more school resource officers in schools when we already know that when seconds count, the police are minutes away and furthermore; it goes against the idea of ending gun free zones.

This is what is being pushed by Governor Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran. All of them are Republicans and all of them shot down Senator Baxley’s bill that would make Campus Carry legal for all teachers and staff with a CCW permit and end gun free zones.

Lastly, instead of letting teachers and staff be armed through their CCW permits, it creates a system that requires more firearms training than what Florida Law Enforcement is required to have and it makes it voluntary in that the School Board must allow it; not the teachers themselves. So the School Boards for counties like Miami-Dade, Broward, Leon, and Orange for sure will never allow their teachers and staff be to armed in the first place.

This bill was scheduled to be read and debated by the Rules Committee on the 26th. It was and that is where I come in.

The SB 7026 was scheduled to be debated at 2:30pm, so I contacted Eric Friday of Florida Carry that morning and asked him if he was attending. Of course, he was rushing from Jacksonville, FL to make it on time. Arrive he did as did I and Marion Hammer of the NRA.

The scene itself at the Capitol itself was one of chaos. I parked at the Florida Museum of History by the State Supreme Court and this is what I was greeted with as I walked up the hill to the Capitol.

The entire area was flooded with orange shirted astroturfed gun grabbers. Inside the Capitol and the Knott building was no better.

They were yelling “DOWN WITH THE NRA”, “REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT” and “GUN OWNERS ARE TERRORISTS”. The lobby in front of the committee chambers were jammed packed and the over flow was directed to the Senate building so they can watch on closed circuit television.

Luckily, I made my way to the front of the mob and waited to be admitted. The whole time I was polite and respectful with the Senate Sergeant at Arms and even with the gun grabbers while waiting. They on the other hand were pushing and screaming “LET US IN, THIS IS OUR HOUSE, YOU CAN’T BLOCK US FROM SPEAKING! WE KNOW THE NRA IS PAYING YOU!”

While waiting, I asked the orange shirt mafia who they were. I got numerous answers from them. Some were from small liberal women’s organizations, others were teachers’ unions, and others were from a number of various community organizations. But their signs, shirts, talking points, and buses were all externally funded. Many stated that current Mayor of Miami Beach and Democrat candidate for Governor, Philip Levine was their bank roller.

While I was waiting inside, this was going on outside.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine in Tallahassee.

Mayor Levine was outside of the Capitol holding a Anti 2nd Amendment rally.

The actions inside the Capitol were tied directly to the events outside. Finally, I was admitted into the committee chambers. It was a circus.

Sen. Benacquisto (R) as committee chair couldn’t keep the gun grabbers under control. They were constantly yelling (you see this repeating, right?) and making demands that the rules be thrown out. It got so hectic that the normal procedure of completing a speaking slip before the committee started was thrown out the window because the gun grabbers were demanding to be heard. And heard they were.

Numerous amendments were submitted by Democrat Senators. They were adding things to the bill like an Assault Weapons Ban, Universal Background Checks, the ending of Private Gun Sales, Mandatory Registration, and the Repeal of State Preemption so cities like Philip Levine’s can pass their own gun bans.

Marion Hammer and Eric Friday both spoke against the numerous amendments and the issues with the main bill itself. Marion Hammer even spoke against the banning of Bump Stocks and that it goes against the 2nd Amendment.

I also spoke against this bill and the travesty that gun control is.

I mentioned how California has had gun control in place since the late 1980s and how it doesn’t prevent or reduce any of their crime. I mentioned how Florida already has a number of laws in place and none of them were followed or prevented anything.

How Broward County amended their waiting period as allowed under the State Constitution to be five days for long guns and hand guns and that it didn’t stop Cruz. Lastly, I mentioned how gun control always leads to oppression. I told the committee members the history of my family and how the Cuban State took their arms away, then their property, and finally their lives.

During that time, the gun grabbers behind me laughed and snickered. After I spoke and returned to my seat. The orange shirt mafia told me “HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL”, “WE’LL FIND YOU CAN KILL YOU”, and “HOPE YOU DIE”. Yet they call us the violent ones.

When the amendment for the AWB was voted down, the crowd shouted “SHAME!”

In the end of that day; the Senate’s Rules Committee was majority Republican and passed SB 7026.

On Feb. 27, The Senate’s Appropriations Committee brought the bill and again, it was the same show. The Democrats tried to load it with Amendments that would give us an Assault Weapons Ban, Mandatory Registration, etc… The Republicans voted against the Amendments and passed the bill in full. Mind you the Bump Stock Ban and the Age Restriction is the core component of this bill. So they are backing gun control. Just on a slower pace than the Democrats.

On March 3, I went back to the Capitol. SB 7026 by this point was now on the Senate floor being debated. The public is not able to comment at this point but can watch from the galleries. So I sat down and watched as my civil rights were possibly being voted away.

A small congentent of Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action were in the galleries too.

The folks wearing the Red Shirts are members of Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action.

During the second reading that afternoon; an Amendment to place a two-year moratorium on the sale of AR-15 pattern rifles was brought up for debate. Senate President Joe Negron (R) called for a voice vote. The Yeas according to him outnumbered the Nays and he considered the amendment passed and part of the bill. Clearly, when as I watched and listened; the yeas in no way out weighed the nays.

At that moment, history rushed back to me and I recalled when in Congress back in 1986 when the Hughes Amendment was passed in a similar method.

Luckily, for a brief minute. Sen. Baxley (R) demanded that a recorded roll call vote be done and thankfully the tally showed that the majority did not approve of the two year moratorium. The danger with that amendment was that after the two years, a permanent ban was to be voted on. It was to be a mini-version of the Clinton AWB.

On March 4; through a true grassroots effort. A rally was held at the Capitol and about two hundred 2nd Amendment supporters from across the state showed up to speak against SB 7026. I of course was there and spoke.

Pro 2nd Amendment Rally at the Florida Capitol.

Hank Strange (YouTube Gun Personality) speaking to the crowd.

The names of all the victims of mass shootings were read and a moment of silence was given for them. We told the media that we respect and honor the victims and at the same time understand that the restrictions of the Second Amendment is not the correct course of action. That the expansion of gun rights and the ending of gun free zones is the right choice.  We did this in the hope that the Florida Senate hears us.

Alas, on March 5 the Florida Senate did not listen and the Republican majority minus a few patriots voted to pass SB 7026 and strip millions of Floridians of their 2nd Amendment Rights and make us felons.

On to the Florida House of Representatives SB 7026 goes. The same song and dance was done was done on March 6. The Democrats submitted amendments  that wanted to make Florida a state equal to California in terms of restrictions and the Republicans fought it. On the 2nd reading, the final floor vote happened. A glimmer of hope emerged. 49 yeas against 67 nays!

Today is the 3rd reading. Right now as we speak, the House is debating the bill. And the fear is that the Republican Majority Whip and House Speaker will pressure the Republican majority to vote in favor of the bill and pass it.

If this passes, it will surely go to the Governor’s desk and Rick Scott will sign it into law. I’m asking that you, the readers take action and contact the Governor’s office and inform him and his staff that you in no way will vacation move to, or invest in Florida if he signs SB 7026 into law.


SB 7026 is the bill that is threatening our rights, pushed by the Florida Republican Party.


  1. avatar Bloving says:

    Ive seen good sausage being made and the sight does not offend me.
    That sausage looks disgusting.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Political “sausage” is made, feet first, through a wood chipper.

  2. avatar GS650G says:

    Y’all didn t think the left wasn’t going to go away, did you?

  3. avatar dwb says:

    Republicans are shooting themselves in the head voting for this.

    What looks good now wont look so good in Nov.

    1. avatar When Bullets Collide says:

      I really doubt Republicans are committing political suicide with this bill.

      Seriously, outside of the echo chamber, nobody cares about bump fire stocks and raising the age limit from 18 to 21yo. People have already been there when raising the drinking minimum from 18 to 21. No blood in the streets. The pro-gun rally got a hundred or two participants in Tallahassee last week. The left is bringing thousands.

      I personally am a one more inch kind of guy, but I’m not going to look like some king of fringe lunatic arguing that bump fire stocks are the Second Amendment.

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        Except Bump Stocks ARE the second amendment. As are machine guns, the sale of which should be unregulated.

      2. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        I essentially agree with Patrick. While I don’t give a rats ass about bumpfire stocks (i would never own one) I do not support any reduction in the rights of the people to obtain such things. I do not support any reduction in the rights of POTG at all. I’m done with seeing them continually chipped away. This Florida gun bill is just that and it’s very existence can be laid at the feet of our president. Comments that he made signalled his support for such a thing.

        I am done with Trump. he owns this and he has failed the POTG. Trumps response to Steve Scalise at a meeting on 2/28 “We want to get something done.” is totally unacceptable. Trump doesn’t have our back and I fully expect him to cave on other campaign promises.

  4. avatar Nanashi says:

    “Arrive he did as did I and Marion Hammer of the NRA.”

    Oh great, she’s there to sabotage my rights again. With “allies” like her who needs Bloomberg?

    1. avatar Bob says:

      I watched the live feed. She defended bump stocks

      1. avatar Nanashi says:

        Only when she knows we’re watching her.

      2. avatar Jason says:

        Did she release another press release denouncing her earlier press release?

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Here trolling again Mr Gore?

  5. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    So let California burn? Who cares about that leftist commie state? Now that the cancer has spread you may wish to rethink that position! We said that all along California needs everyone’s help.

    1. avatar WARFAB says:

      New York is in the same boat. There was very little concern or support from the national 2A organizations when the SAFE Act was rammed down our throats. Millions of law abiding citizens were deemed felons overnight.

      Perhaps I need to get more T-shirts printed for Foridians.


      1. avatar former water walker says:

        Illinois is screwed too. Unless RHINO Rauner steps up. ANY republitard who votes for gun(people) will get a scarlet letter…

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Fl is overrun with failed NY (and NE) progs, not former Californians.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:

        We should deport them to the Republic of Cuba.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      CA…NY…NJ….MD…HI… now FL… next PA and VA…

      pretty soon the whole “they deserved it, let em leave if they don’t like it” line is going to run out of states to leave to.

      1. avatar Uh-huh says:

        WA, & OR

    4. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

      Dan. When we have a federal awb where will the ‘just move’ crew go then?

      Here in sunny CA we’re used to not having those evil black rifles. Other folks are going to cry alligator tears when they have to give them up.

      Time for a fresh batch of popcorn.

    5. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Dan (and others),

      What would you have everyone else in the other 49 states do to eliminate the unconstitutional laws in California? We cannot vote in California’s elections. We have no ability to tell California’s courts or the Federal 9th Circus Court or Appeals how to rule on lawsuits. We could pour trillions of dollars into the campaigns of conservative candidates and the SUPERMAJORITY of Democrat voters will install Democrats into all the positions in California’s legislature and governorship anyway.

      As it is, the other 49 states put a Republican in the White House and maintained a slim Republican majority in the U.S. Senate which was instrumental in installing a conservative justice on the U.S. Supreme Court — and should be able to install yet another conservative justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

      At least three times in the past few years I suggested that 1 out of 10 firearm owners in California could unleash a coordinated avalanche of certified U.S. mail, e-mail, and phone calls on their politicians demanding elimination of the existing garbage laws. Twice, no one responded at all to my suggestion. And the third time, two responses indicated that the politicians in California would not care about that avalanche of petitions and probably even pass more gun laws to spite firearm owners.

      If the firearm owners in California cannot be bothered to even try the coordinated avalanche of petitions that I already suggested, why should everyone else pour guaranteed-to-fail efforts into California?

  6. avatar Stereodude says:

    “49 yeas against 67 yeas” ?

    1. avatar anonymoose says:


  7. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Marion Hammer’s involvement does not instill confidence in the outcome.

  8. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    So the campaign financing threats got Gov. Rick Scott’s attention?

  9. avatar Not stated says:

    The truly disturbing thing about this is how eerily similar this all is to the 2016 “gunmageddon” in CA. Down to the flood of astroturf “activists”. We didn’t have protesters and the NRA was not being called “terrorist” although one committee member came close.

    1. avatar When Bullets Collide says:

      Big difference: Republicans easily control this state.

  10. avatar TheUnspoken says:

    The bill doesn’t just ban actual bump stocks and make you a third degree felon and send you to jail for five years if you buy, sell, import, or possess them, at which time you will have also lost your other gun and voting rights… But any kind of kit of device that increases the rate of fire is will make you a felon.

    Florida Republicans are about to ban rubber band possession, punishable by jail. Office Depot is now the largest importer/dealer of bump stocks in Florida. I think we should start mailing thousands of rubber bands to “turn in” to the government.

    I couldn’t find a pro second amendment rally, glad they had one, if I had known I would have tried to go. I have been contacting the Senate and representatives but they have sold us out. Not only do they act against open carry and campus carry, they are straight up against us. Vote against them all. We are on our own now.

  11. avatar Oliver Queen says:

    I’ve been watching the stream of the FL House all day and the number of people on both sides who have come out and basically said “I’m voting for this because it’s SOMETHING and that’s better than nothing” is staggering.

    This is going to pass. Sorry FL, you’re fucked and you’re helping to fuck the rest of the country.

    1. avatar Hank says:

      They’ll be in your state next. Domino Theory is real. If Florida goes, so goes the South. After the south, the remaining western and mid western states will stand little chance.

    2. avatar When Bullets Collide says:

      We are not “fvcked” in Florida. Not even close.

  12. avatar Shire-man says:

    They need GVRO’s against all the flaming tards in that best of video. Those people can;t be trusted to flip burgers or drive safely nevermind own guns.

  13. avatar john says:

    Your right, these leftists are not anti-violence they are anti-constitution, anti-democracy and anti-human rights.
    Case in point, I was assaulted when I spoke out in a public my views on gun control. The police that were present ask me not to pursue charges against these violent teens. I refused! Several others that were there volunteered statements. The three were arrested and date has been set.

    1. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      Good for you to do so.

  14. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    If passed it will be challenged in court and overturned as unconstitutional. All these gutless RINO”s need to be removed. Does Florida have a recall statuate.

    1. avatar Jared says:

      Courts haven’t helped us at all. They’ve upheld every AWB and magazine ban and with 2 exceptions, they’ve upheld may issue.

  15. avatar Oh noes says:

    Our 2nd A rights are being Sniped 1-,2-,3 at a time, slipping through our fingers like sand.
    Our representatives are not hearing us, the NRA is doing jack.

  16. avatar Rokurota says:

    Holy Krishna in a pakora basket. Don’t any of these lefties have jobs?

    1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

      Nah, they get free public school, free college scholarships and grants, free welfare, trade it in for votes!

      1. avatar Mack Bolan says:

        Dont forget they get paid and free transportation to these events.

  17. avatar J.T. says:

    “Marion Hammer even spoke against the banning of Bump Stocks and that it goes against the 2nd Amendment.”

    After being one of the loudest voices on the right saying they should be banned? It’s because of her and the NRA that Republicans are supporting this crap.

  18. avatar Jason says:

    Florida Rs have been terrible on gun Rights for years. We’ve have zero progress in years despite a super majority NRA A+ rated Legislature and a Governor who said he’d sign pro gun bills. It was pretty easy to see they’d go anti if given an opening.

    1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

      It is crazy, I keep thinking Obama is president, with Democrats controlling Congress and the State. Oh wait no supposedly we won the election last time. Clearly we did not.

      1. avatar Jason says:

        Pro 2A and small government people haven’t won an election in a long time.

  19. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    “Lastly, I mentioned how gun control always leads to oppression. I told the committee members the history of my family and how the Cuban State took their arms away, then their property, and finally their lives.

    During that time, the gun grabbers behind me laughed and snickered. After I spoke and returned to my seat. The orange shirt mafia told me “HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL”, “WE’LL FIND YOU CAN KILL YOU”, and “HOPE YOU DIE”.”

    Everybody reading this had better take this to heart. These people are communists; they intend to commit genocide if and when they have enough power. Don’t let them; never give up your guns.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      To the leftist progressives, the final solution for gun control is rendition, enhanced interrogation for confession, and survivors herded into the showers for delousing.

  20. avatar Hannibal says:

    You can vote for the guys that say they’re gonna screw you, and then do

    Or vote for the guys who say they won’t screw you, then do anyway

    What a great two party system we have here.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      You nailed it.
      There is a right wing and there is a left wing and both are connected to the body of a bird of prey.
      These new gun control laws do not have jack crap to do with school safety.

      1. avatar SQWRLZ says:

        There is a third way (Indiana Tom, if you’re really in Indiana, they appear in the third column of your ballots):

  21. avatar Parnell says:

    How can any politician with balls take seriously any bill espoused by eople who run around shouting “repeal the Second Amendment” and “gun owners are terrorists”?

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      They’re called Democrats. And RINOS. They love gun control, and they vote early, often, and without voter ID in many cases.

      To them, “We’re better than this” constitutes a legitimate moral and political argument.

  22. avatar fuck you says:

    as for “gun violence protection acts” ie, ERPOs, until you, blog writer, have had ANY GDAMN EXPERIENCE dealing with untreated mentally ill people, I strongly suggest you just STFU

    get a clue, you fucking dweebs are ridiculous

    go poke around NAMI.ORG to get some idea of just how stupid your whining is

    1. avatar Raoul Duke says:

      Here is an idea, put them in an insane asylum and stop fucking with my rights especially when your bullshit does fuck all to stop them.

      Go fuck yourself right back you commie scumbag!!

      1. avatar f-u says:

        here’s an idea raoul

        why not educate yourself on the history of mental illness treatment in the USA ?

        back in the 1970’s new miracle drugs were invented that, if actually taken correctly by mentally ill people, reduced their symptoms back to very managable levels, ie. they were mostly somewhat normal people with some quirks of course

        medicine kept advancing, and ditto the lawsuits about abusive treatment in centralized locations for nutters, ie. insane asylums. so what happened ? fed gubbmit decided to close all the hospitals, and push the nutters back into the community, where the libbies decided they would receive better treatment and get rehabilitated.

        sadly only 1 part of this approach worked, the nutters stayed in the community, but of course, DID NOT TAKE THEIR MEDS, and just got worse. so now instead of the nutters being quarantined and everybody else safe from their b.s., the nutters are running free and everybody else is at risk, because the patient has “civil rights” and cannot be forced to take their meds, and the civil bar to involuntarily commit somebody has risen very high

        so, again, GET A FUCKING CLUE and STFU until you have a single iota of knowledge about what you are spewing

        for the record – my sis & pops are nutters, both of whom are despicable, disgusting human beings, whether they are on their meds or not


        1. avatar f-u says:

          and if anybody wants to read more about this messy topic an excellent author is –
          Dr.E Fuller Tory, do internet search, he has lots of books, noted doctor etc

    2. avatar Bob says:

      I believe the author is full time cop in Florida. He’s mentioned it a number of times. So he probably deals with nut jobs on the street as a cop often.

    3. avatar Thunderkawk says:

      We will eventually do more than whine. We are a bit peaceful at this point. Now go eat a tide pod you pigshit commie scumbag

      1. avatar f-u says:

        good – get off your fat asses and instead of spending $1000 on range toys & ammo, educate yourself about the issues and contact your representatives and educate them too

        seriously – untreated mental illness is a very difficult problem to deal with politically and humanely

        1. avatar Mack Bolan says:

          It needs to be treated with a lobotomy followed by putting them on a hamster wheel to generate power.

    4. avatar Hsnk says:

      The solution to mental illness is quite simple. But, society abhors what’s evolutionary necessary. Unless we’re talking about gun owners of course. You phycopathic liberals would love to exterminate all conservatives in death camps. Just admit it.

  23. avatar anonymous says:

    It pushes a $400 million boondoggle that puts more school resource officers in schools when we already know that when seconds count, the police are minutes away…

    Minutes away standing right the F outside. But despite that they weren’t minutes away, they still waited four minutes before doing anything. And it took the shooter 6 minutes. But whatever, we need the ever-so-reliable government to enforce more gun laws and put more “resource” officers at schools. Allow people in the school to carry? Nope. A teacher allowing another teacher to carry? Nope. The gov has decreed, you don’t need freedom, the government will take care of you.

    1. avatar W says:

      One student hid with his friends in a closet. After the shooting stopped, it was 2 full hours before someone opened the door and told them it was safe.

      It seems like the more black ninja cop gear they get, the less timely they are.

      1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        It seems like the more black ninja cop gear they get, the less timely they are.
        …and more military toys does not mean more effectiveness.

  24. avatar anonymous says:

    During that time, the gun grabbers behind me laughed and snickered. After I spoke and returned to my seat. The orange shirt mafia told me “HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL”, “WE’LL FIND YOU CAN KILL YOU”, and “HOPE YOU DIE”. Yet they call us the violent ones.

    Don’t worry about it. They’re p******. They’re afraid to take responsibility for their own safety. For their own families’ safety. For their countries safety. Leftists couldn’t embrace the idea of fighting for their own families and country. So they delegated that task to “someone else.” Which they continue to do today. They talk s*** and vote to take away your freedoms, but I guarantee you right now, that when it came time to go door to door to pick them up, they wouldn’t be that guy.

  25. avatar W says:

    Democrat astroturfs (Unions, abortionists, etc) yelling, “No NRA money.”
    What a joke.

  26. avatar David Farrar says:

    How can the state deny any U.S. citizen (after reaching the age of consent) their natural right to life, and to its protection?

    1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      They can’t. But will vote for it anyway. Me. I do care what they end up voting for. But. I have no intention of obeying anything I don’t agree with. Which is none of what is being voted on. If the state wants to make me a felon. So be it.

    2. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Government has disregarded “shall not be infringed” for a long time now. Everything since the first instance should be no surprise. The full exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms will never be realized incrementally. Destruction of the exercise of the right is all that can be accomplished piecemeal.

  27. avatar CLarson says:

    And the replacement of our Founders vision continues… America squandered it’s inheritance by giving it to others who spit on it.

  28. Every one protesting for gun control has not the slightest idea why the Second Amendment was included in the Constitution. The Second Amendment is to protect Americans from tyranny at the hands of their government run amok of the Constitution and trying to take the power of self-governance from the people and rule lover us as slaves to their every whim and want. The same way the people before, and at the time the Constitution was framed (following our separation from England under the Declaration of Independence) suffered tyranny at the hands of the King of England and the Church of England who worked hand in hand to control every aspect of people’s lives.

    The Second Amendment provides that the militia (who are we the people) be well trained and ready to take up the best arms that they can afford and, should the need arise, bare them against our government should they attempt tyranny over the American people. In the case of the United States, tyranny by our government would be actions that are intended to destroy constitutional protections and our system of laws, founded therein.

    Americans have become so self-centered that they fail to realize that we all are responsible for acting in defense of our Constitution without which we would not have its protections and guarantees of freedom and liberty to lawfully live our lives as we choose. The Second Amendment provides us the power to preserve and protect the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Every person elected to serve the people while acting as government must take an Oath-of-Office in which they swear to God they will do all in their power to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, so help them God.

    The power of the people lies in our responsibility for electing only those that have demonstrated the highest moral and patriotic attributes for serving us as they must swear they will and as they promise to do while campaigning for office.

    WE the People must refuse to elect anyone that does not strictly adhere to their Oaths and promises no matter what pressures are put upon them and no matter how much they could profit from the unguarded temptations to which they will be exposed, over time having no penalties for abuses.

    We the People decide who is elected to serve by voting. We the People must also decide who will not be reelected by voting for someone to take the place of the persons that have failed to keep their promises. We the people must regain our sense of community and work together, unselfishly, to hold those we choose as government to their promises.

    Vote but vote intelligently. Never pull the party lever! Doing so gives power to the undesirable elements that are also on that ballot. Vote for candidates because you know their qualifications to serve. Never because they may have a pretty face, a good family relationship, live in a certain place, drive a certain car, worked for a certain organization, etc. None of those attributes provide a person with good moral character and unshakeable patriotism necessary to provide for the success of us and the United States of America.

  29. avatar Richard says:

    Why didn’t our side have activists there during the Senate Rules Committee and Appropriations Committee meetings? If we are not organized enough to even show up as our politicians debate whether or not to take our rights away, we’re going to lose them.

  30. avatar TOP says:

    WARNING: I just went to the Governor’s website and sent in an email protesting these new laws.

    I had to put in my name and email address, and to show I was a legit citizen, I also put in my home address. AFTER I sent the email in, I was informed that my just sent electronic mail in full, with name, email address, and my unfortunately added home address will be sent to a public website for anyone and everyone to view!

    I’ve never heard of Missouri politicians doing that, so don’t know if it’s common? But I guarantee that if I’d had that information first I would have called to protest, as now every anti gun zealot in the world has my information and can add it to every spam site known.

    I just wanted you all to be aware of this. I am proud of my letter, but I’m certainly not happy to have given the crazies/haters my personal information like that.

    1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      Which is why I didn’t complete the email. I don’t want to be on public record telling my Gov what I think of him and all the other RHINOs in our state. Who lied to my face during their campaigns. Giving in to the loudest screamers. Instead of following their oath to obey the Constitution of the country and our state.
      Some of the representatives of this state are 101% Republican in name only. We knew who they were.
      To many North Easterners have brought their cancer here and its spreading.
      While many who cant get permits in their resident states are more then happy to get one from here. Buy their guns and then tell anyone who asks. How anti gun they are. Lying bunch of turds all of them.

  31. avatar John in Ohio says:

    POTG who thought that this time was no different than the last time, take note. Something is different this time around.

    1. avatar DrDKW says:

      It’s called ‘Mob-rule’.
      Coming to a state capitol near you!


  32. avatar Kyle says:

    For the “”umteenth” time, the repubs don’t want the civilians armed any more than the dems do.

    No Government wants its civilians armed for more then 30 seconds longer than it takes to kick out the last government.

    Period, then end.

    1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      I agree its always been about control and none of those POS will give up any of it. At least what they think the power they have over us is anyway.
      Edit: Future voluntary felon here it might seem. I wont obey any laws I don’t personally believe in now or ever.

  33. avatar stateisevil says:

    The Republican’s/Trump gun control bill has passed. Once signed, all “bump stock” owners and binary trigger owners will be automatic felons.

  34. avatar J says:

    The Whitehouse.gov petition web site has a lot of pro-2nd Amendment petitions that need people to view and sign if possible. Please help save our 2nd Amendment rights. Look at these and decide which to sign. There are too many to link here.

    A lot of anti-2nd Amendment petitions are post there also.


  35. avatar DrDKW says:

    Yes. It used to be called ‘mob – rule’.
    Coming to a state capitol near you!


  36. avatar davzway says:

    Own an AR rifle; however, personally believe ‘bump stock’ or ‘goofy trigger items simulating Rapid Fire guns’, etc are stupid gadgets and have never considered owning any of those accessories.

    That said, I totally deplore and VOTE my beliefs on all this political grandstanding to take advantage of a crazy person who commits mass murder of our children (it happens because we let it happen. Why can’t CCW or specially trained and licensed people carry guns on school property to defend our children? There will never be enough LEO to be on the crime scene to prevent that form of tragedy. Never; so why prevent a common sense solution to protect our children and instead work to pass idiotic legislation which STILL will not protect the children. Why?

    Why allow Billionaires and Left Wing folks who KNOW BETTER than the rest of us on how our society should be run? Why allow these power mongers use their money to enslave the rest of us and pass these totally idiotic Laws that ‘Change Nothing’. It was October 1, 1987 when Florida made the ‘Shall Issue’ CCW laws went into effect; all the ANTI-GUN folks used the SAME arguments of ‘blood in the streets’, ‘gunfights on every street corner’, will be constant ‘OK Corral type shootings. It’s 30-years later, some 1.4 MILLION CCW permits are out there and … What happened? NOTHING. What did in fact happen, was Crime went DOWN as gun sales and more CCW permits were issued; yet, all the Anti-Gun folk are still spouting the same nonsense and false Facts and expect the ‘Sheep’ and voters to listen and believe.

    One of the scariest or saddest parts in this nonsense is Legislators in State and US Congress are educated people who should know that you CANNOT pass a Law that will prevent a Felon/Criminal from breaking the law and/or doing a violent act (they ARE criminals who don’t care a whit about the law- why they are called criminals. Also, same Legislators are smart enough to KNOW that NO LAW will prevent a crazy person from committing an insane act like mass murder at a school or anywhere else. These are POLITICIANS who are looking to get a ‘Sound Bite’ on TV or news media that proclaims “look at me, I’m concerned and doing something to protect you; don’t forget to vote for me by the way in next election.

    So you must ask the question: WHY? Blaming a knife or a gun or any inanimate object for a crime is ludicrous; absurd on so many levels that it is patently indefensible in any Legal Court. When the day comes that ANYONE can accuse someone else that they ‘might’ commit violence with “oh horrors, this man owns guns and LOTS of ammo AND leads to that persons arrest along with confiscation of his property WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW (i.e being accused, arrested by Law Enforcement officers after they investigate and find probable cause, which results in a JURY TRIAL in Legal Court of Law WITH CONVICTION OF A CRIMINAL ACT), then this country is no longer America, Land of the Free with a Constitution and Bill of Rights protecting it’s citizens.


  37. avatar Jason says:

    LUIS VALDES what is your email?

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