New from Phoenix Weaponry: Integrally Suppressed 338-06 Rifle

Phoenix Weaponry integrally suppressed rifle

I’ve got a integrally suppressed rifle wielding monkey on my back. If I wasn’t rushing around like a blue arsed fly (British expression), I’d have one by now. Because a rifle is not a porn penis; at some point too long is too long. An integrally suppressed rifle keeps both the noise and the muzzle length down. OK, yes, just by an inch or so. But every inch counts right? And what’s not to love? The tax stamp and federal permission slip, of course. But don’t worry . . .

It’s not like there’s been a mass shooting to put a damper on the damp squib known as the Hearing Protection Act. Oh wait . . .

I’m sensing that the #enough reaction to the Parkland spree killing is enough to jump start sales for items the antis would ban in a New York minute. So get your “controversial” gun stuff — bump stocks, “assault weapons,” “high capacity magazines” and integrally suppressed rifles — while you can. Press release:

Introducing Phoenix Weaponry’s integrally suppressed hunting rifle

This is your opportunity to shoot the heavy loads and high velocities in the field without paying the price with your hearing.  None of us like spending the next three days wondering if there is a phone ringing somewhere.

This rifle has been developed around the venerable and highly tuned Remington 700 action with a PTG fluted bolt and a tactical bolt knob.

[NB: Other actions can be used in this build, and can be requested and quoted at time of order.]

At the core of this integrally suppressed assembly is an air gauged 24” custom Douglas barrel blank which has been mated with a titanium suppressor core and sleeve in order to maintain the lightest weight and highest durability possible for a functional hunting rifle that has been designed to be comfortably carried in the field all day.

Overall weight of the rifle as built in .338-06 is just under 8 lbs., less optics.

This rifle is built for long range delivery and as such is supplied with a 20 MOA rail and a custom Bell and Carlson stock that has been inlet and glass bedded for superior accuracy.

Not only is the rifle quiet, it is remarkably accurate, and consistently shoots sub MOA.  Available in just about any caliber imaginable.

While this is a standard rifle, we will be happy to custom build it any way you would like, or likewise convert your current rifle to this integrally suppressed platform just by contacting us directly so we can help you realize your dream.  You can reach us here during normal business hours at (720) 340-2496, or submit an inquiry to [email protected]

You can read more about our Integrally Suppressed 338-06 rifle HERE

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  1. avatar TexTed says:

    Trump could cut the balls off of the #enough protest — actually make the conversation about SCHOOL SAFETY and then implement measures that make schools SAFER.

    No more school shootings, no more emotional appeals.

    But he’d better do it and do it soon. People are pissed off about this Florida thing — and they should be. If we don’t give ’em real answers, they very well may start listening to the people who are at least trying to do SOMETHING — even if it’s wrong.

  2. avatar jwtaylor says:

    I love the 338-06. Great cartridge. I also love my intergrally supressed rifles. But the 338-06 likes barrel length. Integrally suppressed or just with a detachable can, there is no way around a long barrel for that cartridge, if you want any real performance from it.

  3. avatar Joe R. says:

    I like the idea of an integrally suppressed weapon, although, I like the idea of being able to swap a suppressor between weapons (optimally even between pistols and rifles). Plus I like the idea of being able to clean them.

    You tend to gain MV with a suppressor on a rifle, do you lose Muzzle Velocity with an integrally suppressed rifle due to internal gassing?

  4. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I am not buying any gun ,because they are mindless kilkers, and I don’t want to be responsible. I think everyone should do the same, buy no more firearms or ammo. Suffer

  5. avatar George from Alaska says:

    Is it offered in .458 Socom so that I can truly shoot quietly?

    1. I don’t see why we couldn’t do it in .458. But I can tell you that on a hilltop, when you shoot the 338-06, all you hear is the action and the bullet smack the target.

      1. avatar euronam says:

        And the bang from the sonic boom but it’s not that bad I wouldn’t think. I haven’t gotten to shoot a rifle with a can yet but you can’t escape basic physics or well the sound barrier.

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    The more I think about this rifle, the more I want it.
    Going to look at the ballistics.

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