NRA on Raising Age Limit for Florida Long Gun Sales: Wait and See

Responding to the spree killing in Parkland, Florida, Sunshine State legislators are considering raising the age for the legal purchase of a long gun from 18 to 21.

The anti-freedom legislation is excepted to be unveiled this Thursday (Feb. 22, 2018). The proposal is being advanced by incoming Senate President Bill Galvano (R).

What is known is that Mr. Galvano wants to restrict all long gun purchases across the State to 21-years-of-age and create a mandatory three-day waiting period for all long guns purchases, ban bump stocks, and he wants to remove the exemption Florida Conceal Carry Permit Holders have on the State Waiting Period and make all permit holders go through a three-day waiting period.

Marion Hammer, current NRA Lobbyist for Florida and past NRA President stated; “We cannot take a position on a piece of legislation that we have not seen . . .We have not seen a draft. We have not been told officially and, until we know, we cannot take a position.”

As a NRA Member and a Floridian, I wonder why the NRA hasn’t declared its opposition to the legislation which, as we’ve previously reported, contains a laundry list of measures that make a mockery of American’s gun rights and due process protections.

The NRA could have released a statement as simple as; We do not support any legislation that restricts the rights of the law abiding due to the actions of a criminal. Numerous laws already are on the books and none of them were enforced to be effective. In fact they were side stepped and all information thus far has shown that numerous faults lie with the Broward County School Board, Department of Social Services, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Thus, any additional knee jerk reaction with the restriction of Floridians’ civil and Constitutional rights is something we do not support or approve of. 

Back in October, 2017, NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer supported the banning of bump fire stocks. Will the nation’s oldest civil rights organization once again sacrifice gun rights on the alter of irrational political expediency?

Watch this space.


  1. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

    Don’t jump to any conclusions prematurely. It’s all a brilliant facade to buy time, redirect blame and run out the clock!!!

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      A ‘ruse’ one might say…surprising considering the cleverest thing the NRA ever did was shut their hole for two weeks after Sandy Hook

      1. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

        A ruse, by the NRA? Bite one’s tongue!!! The mere suggestion is an apostasy that only a heretic could concoct.

        On another note: Oftentimes silence speaks wonders.

        1. avatar BLAMMO says:

          How about the old adage, “Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

      2. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        @ barnbwt

        “A ‘ruse’ one might say…surprising considering the cleverest thing the NRA ever did was shut their hole for two weeks after Sandy Hook”

        Too bad they couldn’t follow suit,time for a leadership shake up at Negotiating Rights Away since 1934.

    2. avatar B-Rad says:

      It’s fundraising, they’re about fundraising.

  2. avatar barnbwt says:

    The NRA is about to experience a massive leadership change, or self-immolate. The NRA is dead! Long live the GOA!

    1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      As much as I appreciate another 2nd amendment defending organization, the GOA’s legislative record when compared with the NRA’s is not at all impressive.

    2. avatar rman says:

      Long live GOA…well yeah…when you don’t do anything you do live for a while..

  3. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Wait and see…….Isnt that what Hitler said when asked what his intentions were?

    Maybe not….but it bodes ill either way.

  4. avatar Kurt says:

    I’d trade this (at a federal level) for national concealed carry reciprocity and HPA.

    1. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

      What would Kurt trade his left testicle for?

      Just curious.

      1. avatar Kurt says:

        Dunno. What are you offering?

        1. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

          How about a vasectomy?

        2. avatar John in Ohio says:

          A vasectomy is pointless when the dog is already neutered.

      2. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Does someone who would trade what is already theirs for something else that is already theirs have any testicles… or brain?

  5. avatar Mike123 says:

    Here comes the NRA’s “we must sacrifice more of your rights, to save a smaller portion of your rights”

    The most effective gun-control organization in America is the NRA. That sounds like hyperbole but look at all of the major gun control legislation in the past and you’ll see the NRA supported it. Heck, sometimes they even wrote it .

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Yep. The truth about gun control.

  6. avatar Ross says:

    I renewed my NRA membership and joined GOA this year for the first time but if the NRA doesn’t pull their head out of their a$$ I will not be renewing my membership.

  7. avatar TruthTellers says:

    I don’t expect the NRA to ever come out and say we should pass a bill that restrictions guns until someone is 21 as long as that bill also allows national reciprocity, but for them to NOT BE AGAINST an age restriction law shows that they don’t give a shit. They could care less if it was passed or not, they’re still gonna be in business no matter what.

    Fuck the NRA, these people are pathetic for the 2nd Amendment. They’re Not Real Activists.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      The NRA, if you don’t know, was the organization that fought (although unsuccessfully) to overturn Texas’ restriction on handgun sales to 18-20 year olds. And the NRA has been quite active in California, but I have yet to hear of any litigation filed by GOA on the left coast.

      1. avatar Garrison Hall says:


      2. avatar rman says:

        Is it because GOA is irrelevant..

  8. avatar Ed says:

    It’s depressing to see full-grown adults caving to irrational demands of petulant children. These poor-little-rich-kids probably never gave a thought to the violence that plagues places like Chicago, nor even the poor areas of Florida. But shoot up the affluent white school (boasting its own TV studio, no less), and all of a sudden, it’s a “crisis” the anti-gun media fall all over themselves to indulge.

    Their school system, local cops, and the FBI all basically allowed this bat-guano-crazy nimrod to shoot up their school. Even so, the screaming children would rather harass and oppress the law-abiding, than hold the incompetent adults who are really to blame to any kind of account.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      “The government failed us! Give the government more power!”

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Yup. It defies logic.

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          Not even logic. It defies common sense (which is intuitive, unexamined, thinking. As I pointed out yesterday, common sense is great for decisions involving peanut butter and burning witches, but not important decisions).

  9. avatar Oh noes says:

    All of the “reasonable” measures proposed:
    raise age from 18 to 21 to buy long guns
    ban bump stocks
    3 day wait for all gun purchases

    how do those thing stop a mass shooter, it don’t because none of the shooters met those criteria.
    kill family or friends and steal their guns if under 21
    bump stocks are already out there, can use a rubber band on trigger
    mass shooters usually own their firearms for weeks, months or years B4 they go postal.
    here wer are bartering our rights in exchange for good “feelz”

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Why drop the exemption for CCW holders? It isn’t as if Cruz had one.
      And the three day wait is silly. There is no evidence to suggest that they deter crimes, and especially not ones that have been planned over a period of time. In fact, reports suggest that he’d had his AR for a year.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Why not? Once y’all start the compromise, there is no limit.

        1. avatar 2004done says:

          John in OH: What compromise? We’ll give up our rights, so our rights (speech, voting, 2A, sovereignty, et al.) won’t be contested? Alinsky-Marx would be proud of the ease.

        2. avatar John in Ohio says:

          Please clarify.

          (I offer no compromise. I don’t negotiate with thieves.)

  10. avatar W says:

    “As a NRA Member and a Floridian, I wonder why the NRA hasn’t declared its opposition to the legislation which, as we’ve previously reported, contains a laundry list of measures that make a mockery of American’s gun rights and due process protections.”

    Here’s why. If they want to have a credible leg to stand on, they have to critique something they have read. Otherwise, they will get hosed by the press and the independents. They need to see it and evaluate it.

    To everyone who believes passionately in 2A, thank you for fighting the fight.

  11. avatar John in Ohio says:

    A wealthy old man: Will you sleep with me tonight?
    A beautiful young woman: No!
    Man: Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?
    Woman: Umm…Yes.
    Man: Will you sleep with me for a dollar?
    Woman: No! What kind of woman do you think I am?
    Man: We’ve already established what you are. Now, we are negotiating price.

  12. avatar wrench says:

    At the tender age of 18
    I fired M-16’s,laws and fifty/sixty cal’s.
    Then moved on to 115mm….

  13. avatar Uh-huh says:

    why in the F**K would they remove the exmption (sic) on licensed CPL holders?
    We jumped thru the f**King hoops, Enhanced BG check, fingerprints, classroom time range training. Fees. I have to wait 3 days like a G-D criminal, F**K you and F**K NO!

    1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      Symbolism. The politicians will happily sell rights guaranteed by the 2nd amendment just so they can give the appearance of “doing something”. Even if it accomplishes nothing, they can claim to be “doing something”. And that’s all they care about.

  14. avatar rt66paul says:

    As far as I am concerned, people that are 18 and are on their own ahould have to file to become an adult by law. Most under 21 are not really able to manage their affairs and can be victims of predatory lenders who are glad to lend them money on things their parents won’t buy them.
    We have all seen 13-17 year olds tried as adults and that is also wrong. When most states consider 18 year olds to young to purchase and drink alcohol, they should also consider them not really adults.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Exactly. When they have the legal responsibilities of an adult, they ought to be able to exercise the liberties of an adult. Responsibility without the same exercise of liberty is messed up.

  15. avatar rt66paul says:

    A 3 day waiting period for those who already own a firearm? get real!

    1. avatar Oh noes says:

      sarcasm>/ Well if you registered your firearms then the state would know that you own firearms and what firearms your own, then they’ll do ya a solid and waive the 3 day waiting period>/ sarcasm off

  16. avatar Hank says:

    Well I gave up on the NRA after Vegas. Can’t say I chose poorly. I’ve never seen so much “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” by another group like I have from the NRA and GOP.

  17. avatar Tactical Dad says:

    So if we raise the limit for long arms possession to age 21. What will our young soldiers carry when on duty in Florida?
    Will Florida LEO go on base and arrest the armed forces for carrying mass assault rifles?

    I guess those students have not met a very good recruiter

    1. avatar ORCON says:

      I don’t know if it works that way. I had a military issued concealed carry card at 19. Can’t get badge and creds til 21 but you can CC apparently.

      1. avatar Luis Valdes says:

        In Florida, you can become a cop at 19.

    2. avatar strych9 says:

      “Will Florida LEO go on base and arrest the armed forces for carrying mass assault rifles?”

      If they’re on base then they’re on Federal property and State law doesn’t apply in this context.

  18. avatar strych9 says:

    I am reminded of something I said the last time I was actually in Florida.

    I walked into a gun store in Key Largo, Kiffney’s IIRC, (a great store with great customer service btw) and asked around a bit. Ended up buying some mags.

    Anyway, like I said, asked around a bit and was informed of some of the laws in Florida. During that conversation I was really rather astounded at how shitty and backward Florida gun laws actually are compared to some states that are supposedly terrible for gun rights. The same thing is still actually kinda true about Texas but at least Texas is moving in the right direction.

    As we walked to the car I said to my wife “Gunshine state my ass. You can scratch this state off the list of places we’ll ever live”.

    1. avatar Hank says:

      This is 100% true. Unfortunately with FL we’re pretty much stuck at status quoe into Infinity or even regressing.

    2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      “The same thing is still actually kinda true about Texas but at least Texas is moving in the right direction.”

      Based on recent history, soon we’ll be allowed sticks. (Not even joking, except we won’t be allowed sticks anytime soon).

      1. avatar 2004done says:

        Is it true that if you whittle off the bark, you then have an ‘assault stick?’ Just the storyline of one, makes my ‘Depends’ stock worth much more in BlueState, USA.

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          No, but you do have a club if it was whittled for the purpose of hitting people. Better not have it in public.

        2. avatar 2004done says:

          TX_Lawyer: Mirandize a dead tree before cuffing it? Automatic ‘resisting’ for the ‘mowed-lawn’ crowd. I SHOULD HAVE expected that in URBAN-BASED USA.

    3. avatar Docduracoat says:

      I am at a loss to know what you don’t like about Florida’s current gun laws
      We have “ shall issue” concealed carry
      State pre emption prevents towns from passing any gun laws
      You can have a private gun range on any property that is over an acre and local officials cannot harass you using noise or zoning laws or they will be removed from office
      Full auto, sbr, and silencers are allowed and are only subject to Federal law
      Go buy all the assault rifles and ammo you want load, up your hi capacity magazines and blast away!
      I like Okeechobee shooting sports range as they allow tannerite and full auto shooting in their gallery range

  19. avatar Ogre says:

    If at the age of 18 a person is legally able to make a contract, vote, get married without parental permission, join the armed forces without parental permission (and fight and die for his/her country if need be), and (in some states) have a drink, why should they not be able to purchase a rifle or handgun. If a sub-21 year-old’s mental or emotional abilities are considered inadequate, then he/she should not be able to do any of those things. But state legislatures and the federal government have approved most of those things for decades. So why the FL government is considering pulling back to age 21 based on some emotional snowflakes who can’t even vote yet is beyond me. If it does, then if I was an 18-21 year old, I’d definitely hold back on joining the military and continue living in my parents’ basement until I was old enough to do everything without being treated like a child. This reminds me of when New York rammed the SAFE Act through. Either all or nothing.

  20. avatar dwb says:

    Id like to play poker with Luis Valdes , because I would win a lot.

    It’s foolish to telegraph your position on an unwritten bill with unknown support and sponsorship. Its always good to be in position to see everyone else’s bet before you make yours. Even if you are 100% opposed, having a seat at the table means at least the pretense of an open mind. And you cannot win if you are not at the table.

    1. avatar dwb says:

      Also, Florida Carry is opposed to some of these suggested changes and called them a “non-starter.” There is a lot of member overlap between these groups. Sometimes it pays to play good-cop-bad cop.

  21. avatar Ralph says:

    I support the right of 18 year-olds to buy a rifle or shotgun, even though most teens that I know are dumber than a box of hammers.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      To be fair, most people I know are dumber than a box of hammers.

  22. avatar J says:

    Palm Beach County, just north of Parkland has a 5 day waiting period.
    The thing about Parkland to remember is that it is the most affluent and bluest part of Broward County. That is Debbi Wasserman-Swindler’s backyard.

  23. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

    Murderer in Vegas was old. Guess we will have to take guns away from everyone on social security too. We know you old ones Are still operational operating operators that were tactical before I was even born.

    But, It’s for the GRAND children!

  24. avatar Paul C says:

    I might be ok with restricting purchases of firearms to 21 and up, but only if the age to vote was raised to the same.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      “If it’s ok for voting” is a common refrain I use just to infuriate liberals.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. If we’re going to infantalize 18 year olds, let’s do it all the way. If you’re not old enough to enjoy the rights of the Constitution, come out and say it.

      “But voting isn’t as dangerousssss” they say

      Then I say… “really? So you don’t mind Donald Trump in office, right?”

    1. avatar Sad Trombone says:

      No, you’re wrong. Pwrserge laughed in our faces for us thinking Trump would actually capitulate ( aka surrender ) our gun rights.
      This is just more of Trump’s “4 D chess” strategy. It’s just a nothing burger “kiddoe”. Nothing to worry about.

      1. avatar DoomGuy says:

        Perception is reality.

        And I perceive he’s capitulating.

        Until I see him do otherwise, I pay no mind to trumpkins like him.

        Republican gun control is still gun control. Only it’s worse because they’re supposedly on “our side”.

      2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

        Sarah Huckabee Sanders did say, in her official capacity, that an AWB is on the table.

  25. avatar John Thayer says:

    Anyone who has earned the privilege of becoming an elector should have his or her right to keep and bear arms recognized by the government. The same government that grants the privilege of voting.

    1. avatar FlaBoy says:

      So…raise the voting age! As someone else pointed out, the Democrats (and Bernie) would loose a lot of votes.

  26. avatar James Earl Hopper says:

    It really really really really looks as if the NRA are actually anti-gun agents with all the crap they are involved in. Time to close the door on this chapter of supposedly gun rights activism! Screw the NRA!

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      NRA,Negotiating Rights Away since 1934 !
      With friends like that who needs enemas.

  27. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Heard of a van that’s loaded with weapons,vpacked up and ready to go, heard of some gravesites bout by the highway a place that nobody knows.

  28. avatar Geoff says:

    So Florida wants to make their own gun laws more strict than Federal Law.
    Didn’t Arizona try that with Immigration Law?
    And got shot down by the Courts?

    1. avatar DoomGuy says:

      Except that illegal aliens are the real constituents of the federal government, gun owners are the government’s target.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      NY… NJ… MD… HI… CT… CA….

      somehow it seems the courts haven’t been all that interested. And when you think about it, handguns (protected already under Heller) cannot be purchased by an adult until they are 21.

  29. avatar JMR says:

    Their simply playing chess and we’re all playing checkers.

    I mean they keep sacrificing pieces and not getting anything, they’re down to like a king and a pawn and haven’t captured a piece. But dang it they’re still playing chess!

  30. avatar Marcus says:

    If you’re going to raise the age limit to own weapons then they should with voting and military service too!

  31. avatar Jack Moore says:

    The age to buy a gun can not ever be higher than the voting age. I you are too young and stupid to have a gun you are too young and stupid to tell me what to do.

  32. avatar Oxygenthief says:

    You know what, I am ok with a 21 year age limit on the Right to Keep and Bare Arms. I say make the change so that every citizen gets the right at the same time they are able to vote. I.E. Raise the legal voting age to 21. Ensuring that we place the same restrictions on voting that we do with firearm purchases.

    “Oh sorry snowflake, you can’t vote on the same day as the election… There is a 10 day waiting period.”

    “What’s that? You aren’t a citizen of the US, no vote for you.”

    “Oh, you don’t have a concealed voter registration card that requires you to visit a sheriff’s office and undergo a background check? no vote for you!”

    In the mean time, all of the would be democrat voters between 18 and 21 now have no political voice. This is almost too good to be true!

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      “I say make the change so that every citizen gets the right at the same time they are able to vote.”

      I don’t think that word (right) means what you think it does.

    2. avatar John in Ohio says:

      “In the mean time, all of the would be democrat voters between 18 and 21 now have no political voice. This is almost too good to be true!”

      Right up until the point that this “injustice” is corrected but infringement on the individual RKBA remains. By that point, you’ve already conceded that the 2A doesn’t actually mean “shall not be infringed.” This is the same nonsense that had gotten us so far down the path of tyranny already.

    3. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      @ Oxygenthief

      That works,what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  33. avatar Texas Gun Gal says:

    All this due to a batshit crazy 19 year old whom was telegraphing his intent months or weeks ahead of time on Facebook? FBI dropped the ball on this!
    Gun Free School Zones kill kids, no metal detectors at all entry points kill kids! We all pay a lot of tax dollars for public schools and then let kids decide a major change to The 2nd Amendment? Tell me why well paid teachers can’t monitor a Metal Detective?
    Tell me why the 19 years old guardians didn’t know about his intentions? I had a 16 year old stepson come to live with his dad and me. I occasionally cleaned his room to see what was going on with him.
    He no doubt thought I was the stepmother from Hell but now is wonderful husband and dad, stepson.
    I refuse to be dictated to by High School girls what my rights are.
    Is it tragic all the people murdered, yes it is but this must be decided by adults who took an oath to uphold The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  34. avatar Wally1 says:

    Gun free zones represent a dangerous workplace, it’s that simple. It infringes on your right to defend your life.

    Raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21 would also require to raise the goverment’s requirement of citizenship and voting to 21. Raise the rifle/shotgun purchase age to 21 and leaving becoming an adult age requirement at 18 would cause a lot of legal issues, being an adult without a right to own a firearm, clear violation of rights.
    Although this may not be a bad thing, By raising the voting age to 21, democrats would lose a significant voter base.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      @ Wally1

      More so if Illegal Aliens had to 21 .

  35. avatar Joe R. says:

    This is a POS FL born and bred problem that they are attempting to foist upon us. F FL and

    F the NRA.

    Sometimes freedoms have to be stood-up-for, even when the aholes don’t deserve them.

    Either way, err on the side of protecting freedoms, and F all the stupids attacking them.

  36. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    I just watched the remarks by students at the Fl. school where the shooting occurred and two things come to mind.

    What compliant Leftists the government education system are turning out,from what I just witnessed I’m thinking 21 isn’t enough perhaps age 25.

  37. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    So you can’t have alcohol as a 17 year old but you can serving in the military and kill people. They lowered the age to vote from 21 to 18, I think , in the early 1970s. But they want to raise the age to have firearms????

    In the mean time there are some people working to lower the age of consent to 14. Because the age of consent is different for gay sex compared to straight sex.
    People do have their priorities.
    And they do not include second amendment civil rights.

    People who hate the traditional family like having the state determine at what age a child should have a firearm.

  38. Sometimes in the political world, you have to decide what defeat you can live with. The NRA is being politically smart. I am sure they are counting votes right now. If they have the votes to stop anything from passing in Florida, I am sure they will stand against any increase in the purchase age.

    However, if it turns out that they are determined to pass SOMETHING, if it cannot be stopped, it makes sense to try to make that something as little as possible. For instance, our cause can tolerate an increase in the age to purchase a semi-auto centerfire rifle much better than we can tolerate a total ban on semi-autos. If that is the choice we face in the end, I think the former is a much better option.

    Furthermore, at least in the eyes of the courts, such an increase in the age requirement is likely constitutional. The 5th Circuit has ruled that the age requirement for handguns is not unconstitutional. SCOTUS did not hear the case. I make this point only to say that such a law does not establish a new precedent – something that is very important.

    Put another way, if the antis pull out all the stops, spend hundreds of thousands (if not more) and only get an increase in the age for the purchase of semi-auto rifles, they will have laid out a lot of money and resources for little return.

    Again, if we can stop anything from passing, that would be the best outcome. If not, let’s make the loss as small as possible.

  39. avatar Scott C. says:

    “We do not support any legislation that restricts the rights of the law abiding due to the actions of a criminal.”

    That is utter insanity. What do you think regulations are for???? Are you completely incompetent? Driving laws. Food prep and distribution regulations. Airplane safety. Chemical handling. Construction. EVERY SINGLE REGULATION IN HISTORY IS DUE TO A CRIMINAL OR NEGLIGENT ACTION. Your statement defies all known logic. People (and especially businesses) are stupid and cannot be trusted and THAT is why there are laws and regulations.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      Your all caps statement is different from the statement you quoted.

  40. avatar Mike M says:

    Your gun rights end over the body of murdered child. Got it idiots?

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      @ Mike M

      Perhaps you are confused however in a Constitutional republic the person who committed the murder of said child or children sacrificed some of his rights by committing said act.,not the civil rights of the whole.

      1. avatar Joe says:

        In the 60s in California – then Governor Ronald Reagan – pushed to pass legislation to ban open carry. This super conservative did so and NO ONE contested it – except left-wing activist. This is because Black people decided to open carry, lawfully, because it was their right to do so.

        In this case – the rights of the whole was abridged because of a group of people acting lawfully – at a time when racism was the norm.

  41. avatar Joe says:

    The NRA didn’t stand up for Philando Castile when he was killed by a police officer after, courteously and politely informing the officer he was a licensed to carry and had a firearm in the car. They just put out statements on supporting police. You can support the police and stand up for lawful gun-carriers too – the two aren’t mutually exclusive. The NRA supports banning bump-stocks – all while blaming Obama Administration for ok’ing bump stock sales.

    Whether we like it or not – gun rights has become a partisan issue – and the NRA has picked a party. If they can support eroding gun rights by blaming democrats, they will.

  42. avatar Bridgette Moore says:

    How do they feel now that the governor has stated he wants all sales to be limited to 21 and older?

  43. avatar Chelsea says:

    I support the 2nd amendment but I can’t support the NRA anymore. A three-day waiting period does not restrict the right to buy a gun. A minimum age of 21 is reasonable and isn’t comparable to voting.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      You are not supporting the Second Amendment. You are, in fact, supporting gun control.

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