Florida Senator Marco Rubio: “I’m Open to a High Capacity Magazine Ban” [VIDEO]

Gun control advocates have a new hero this morning: Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio. During the CNN Town Hall Debate, Sen. Rubio “refined” his position on a number of key issues. He’s now for . . .

– Raising the minimum legal age of long gun purchases to 21

– Considering a magazine ban

– Enacting “gun violence” restraining orders

Facing an extremely hostile audience, Senator Rubio pandered to the prevailing sentiment by stating “I support the right of everyone here and you to go to school and be safe.” A right curiously missing from the Constitution’s Bill of RIghts.

When pressed — aggressively disrespectfully — by Marjory Douglas Stoneman student Cameron Kasky whether he would accept further NRA money, with the crowd baying for his blood, Senator Rubio ducked and dived as if under literal fire. And disassociated himself from the gun rights’ group positions on a number of areas, including “arming teachers” (a.k.a, removing the barriers to the exercise of their Second Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms without government infringement).

While you have to give Senator Rubio credit for facing an angry mob audience of gun control advocates on such a public stage, the politician’s “evolved” position on gun rights gives aid and comfort to the enemies of firearms freedom.

And should reduce Senator Rubio’s prospects of a successful presidential run. But may not, when he eventually backpedals on his backpedaling. Such is the country we live in.


  1. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    Not sure why he went into ‘The Lions Den’. A CNN organized event with the Bloomburg financed & coached ‘grieving children’, nothing good can come out of that.

    The authorities are using their incompetence, neglect &/or deliberate inaction (shout out to FBI, local police & the school authority) to further de-claw law abiding citizens. This after all is the end game of politicians and governments throughout history.

    As a cherry on top for these folks, it’s distracting attention away from the abuse of power being revealed by the sham investigations ongoing in DC.

    1. avatar Barnbwt says:

      Anyone else notice how CNN has almost exclusive purview over all the gun control coverage, including the kids & families? That school was a ‘farm team’ for that company, and surely not the only one. We need to identify these groups’ means of production and disrupt them, before they are again brought to bear against us. A school that trains professional anti-gun protestors and also does little to protect them is as big a threat in the long run as Bloomberg.

    2. avatar Ed says:

      Lil’ Marco likes the attention…good or bad. Friggin idiot. Fuck him too.

    3. avatar D. says:

      I just sent this email to Marco Rubio,

      Some people may see you going to the town hall meeting on the school shooting as brave, however it would have been brave to stand up to these people who were attacking you instead of pandering to them. These Liberals are never going to vote for you anyway so pandering to them only shows weakness to them and just encourages them to attack even more. It also shows weakness to the people that actually do vote for you. Caving on gun rights is a bad idea for any Republican who wants to stay in office. Magazine bans, raising the age limit to purchase rifles, and not arming teachers makes you look weak to people who put you in office and it will not do anything to stop a madman bent on carnage. It may be a cliche but it is also true, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Stand up for our gun rights and show a little more backbone.

      1. avatar Glen Herman says:

        Was an excellent message to your senator
        The message I emailed him was I am a Republican
        I am against any further gun control laws
        I am against banning bump stocks
        I demand armed guards and teachers in the schools

    4. avatar D. says:

      Well Rick Scott is selling out Florida gun owners. He says he’s for banning bump stocks, raising the minimum age to buy guns to 21, and is against arming teachers. RINO!

  2. avatar Stereodude says:

    IMHO, if you’re stupid enough to go on CNN for this charade you’re not smart enough to be president. You don’t earn bravery points for voluntarily walking in front of a political firing squad and getting squishy when it gets uncomfortable.

    1. avatar Bloving says:

      And that’s why I supported Cruz and not Rubio in the primary.

      1. avatar When Bullets Collide says:

        Cruz would fold like an accordion the moment his money masters tell him to. The guy is bought and paid for. Check out his funders:


        1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

          Who cares who “funds” him. Dig deep enough in any politician’s campaign finances, and you are bound to find something you don’t like. But Cruz hasn’t wavered on the 2A in any examples I have seen. And that’s what counts.

  3. avatar anarchyst says:

    “High capacity magazines” are actually “normal capacity magazines”.

    1. avatar Wzrd says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Are they talking about 100-200 round drum mags? I don’t use them & still say NO BAN! I don’t use bumpstocks, NO BAN! Agreeing with banning items simply bc you don’t use them or don’t see the point is exactly why so many leftists are ok with repealing the 2A. Don’t be a hypocrite my fellow POTG.

  4. avatar Publius says:

    I’m open to a Marco Rubio ban. If that idiot thinks he has a snowballs chance in hell of running for President again, he’s out of his mind.

  5. avatar Oh noes says:

    “considering a magazine Ban”……………….

  6. avatar rt66paul says:

    If a citizen has to be 21 for any reason to have full rights, he should have that protection in getting loans and being legally liable in civil matters. He should be tried as a child and sentenced as a child for crimes.
    That being said, an 18 year old who wants to be adult(not being taken care of by parents), should be able to make out a notarized form that would grant those rights to him.
    I have met many kids older than 16 that were level headed and able to work and maybe even start a family(most of our grandparents and great grands were working and married around that age), but I have met many 25 and even older that never should be let loose with a credit card.
    I feel that 18-21 is a grey area that could allow adulthood if requested, but also could protect many that are not mature enough to handle it.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      If 18-20 year olds can’t be trusted with long guns, then they have no business being in the military either. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote, to drive vehicles. They shouldn’t be allowed to have sex either.

      All far to dangerous for little 18-20 year old children!

      Little Marco indeed! Also little Donnie.

      1. avatar Barnbwt says:

        but military medical folks will spot cadets suffering from delusions and…oh wait, we can’t trample on self-image anymore

  7. avatar JMR says:

    Rubio is a traitor and a coward.

    But more importantly the CNN townhaul showed what we all have been saying for years but everyone said we were crazy for.

    Their goal is a full gun ban, and they do want to take your guns.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Coward and traitor yes, and a fool for going on the CNN town hall.

      All three points demonstrate that he is completely unqualified for leadership.

    2. avatar Brian says:

      Got into an argument with a guy that had said several times no one was coming for our guns when he kept regurgitating the ban semi-autos rhetoric. I told him all that ban would do is ban future sales and asked what he planned on doing with the lot that was currently out there now. His response? Take them away- which I responded to him saying that he said he didn’t want to take our guns away not but a few posts beforehand. He responded that we could have a shotgun, like in Japan.

  8. avatar CalGunsMD says:

    “Thus, to properly defend life and liberty, access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.”


  9. avatar former water walker says:

    Little Marco just kissed presiDUNCE goodbye. What a wimpy weasel😩😖😡

  10. avatar Oh noes says:

    Why don’t we refocus the anger back towards The Local police, FBI, and foster parents?
    NOT on guns, gun rights, and gun owners.

    1. avatar BJI says:

      When placing blame PLEASE do not forget those kids who bully others for being different!

  11. avatar Just says:

    Refocus should be:
    You want to save lives right?
    You want to especially save children’s lives right?
    You want to ban things that kill hundreds of children every year right?
    You want to ban things responsible for causing grievous harm to thousands of people and especially children right?
    Ban private pools NOW
    Pools kill around 300 children every year and cause brain damage to over 2000 kids.
    In addition 90% of families divorced that have children who died from drowning.
    Pools also waste precious resources
    You don’t need a pool
    It’s not a protected right
    This is not a joke
    These are facts
    IF this is truly about saving lives then start by banning pools

    1. avatar BJI says:


  12. avatar Hank says:

    Who’s surprised? This idiot just sealed his fate of never getting the GOP nomination. Good riddance.

    1. avatar Stereodude says:

      I’m pretty sure he sealed it years ago with the Gang of 8 immigration plan’s amnesty for illegals. This is the icing on the cake.

  13. avatar FB says:

    I keep reiterating, they are all not focusing on the core of the problem and all republicans will start caving in.
    Lets refocus on the broken methods for treating mental health. Experimental doses of prescription psych drugs are the problem.
    Are we banning cars because of drunk drivers? Blaming guns and normal capacity mags on mass shootings is like blaming cars on drunk driving fatalities.
    Lets stop looking at it from the top down approach. It doesn’t work.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      “Lets refocus on the broken methods for treating mental health.”

      Are you kidding? The mentally ill are the Democrats #1 demographic!

  14. avatar cisco kid says:

    Republicans including Herr Drumpf are now caving into political reality. Jump on weapon confiscations and bans or lose big time in the elections this fall.

    Those students will soon be old enough to vote and those students right now all have panicked parents as well they should be. Guess who is all going to vote for gun ban and gun confiscation laws and guess which party is soon going to be swept into office because of mass shootings, the new tax rape law and the Republican weakening of health care coverage in the U.S. to fatten the pocketbooks of the drug rape and insurance rape companies.. Its a no brainer. If you were a parent with no adequate health coverage for your family, and bullets flying weekly at your kids that rivaled a Middle East war zone who would you vote for and would you even give a damn about the Second Amendment when only 37 per cent of the people even own guns anymore. Again its a no brainer and the conclusion is already foreordained.

    For those who invested big bucks in semi-auto pistols and rifles and high capacity magazines you are going to take a huge financial hit when they require you to throw them out into the streets under the smiling faces of jack booted black shirted storm troopers as they supervise front end loaders to scoop them up and take them to the nearest smelter to be melted down into ingots of raw steel and melted plastic.

    You had better learn some German fast like . Rouse! Rouse! Hände hoch! ; meldet
    euch! Schnell! Schnell!! Contact Herr Drumpf his old man was from Germany.

    1. avatar Diksum says:

      Wrong, FLAME DELETED. His father, Fred Trump, was born in the Bronx, New York.

      1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

        Don’t feed the troll.

      2. avatar cisco kid says:

        actually Herr Drumpfs Grandfather was from Germany and he was kicked out of Germany for refusing to serve in the military. Like Grandfather , like grandson, Trump did the same. Now thats historical fact. look it up.

        1. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

          “cisco kid” aka Rick Wilson or is it Kurt Eichenwald?

          Haven’t you learned your lesson about messing w “The ‘Right'”?

          Are you hankering for another Craigslist “Yard Sale”?

          Maybe a “sparkly” GIF of some Hentai tentacle porn?

    2. avatar ProfessorManque says:

      You’re the idiot that likens Trump to hitler and then insists on giving him the only guns in the country.
      How are you even able to breath without a reminder?

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      “Jump on weapon confiscations and bans or lose big time in the elections this fall.”

      And your evidence for that conclusion is … ???

  15. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Of course he is he’s been willing to violate the Second amendment in the past,oh that and he’s a RINO.

  16. avatar Shire-man says:

    A magazine ban is even less possible than a rifle ban. Springs and folded aluminum or steel are not exactly difficult to work with. A length of wire, a rubber mallet and a block of wood with a certain shape are all anyone needs. Not to mention the billions of them that are already out there.

  17. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    Limiting magazine capacity is pure symbolism, designed to virtue signal to the anti-gun constituency. We saw the same thing happen during the 55mph era when the NHTSA mandated such stupidity as 80mph speedometers using the exact same logic that’s being used in demanding magazine limits. A magazine ban would instantly make criminals out of millions of American citizens. Rubio knows this perfectly well and just revealed himself to be a progressive gun-controller. And to think, he wanted to be president.

  18. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    Little Marco needs to keep his mouth shut.

  19. avatar bryan1980 says:

    Did they mention the turd that actually pulled the trigger even once?

  20. avatar anonymoose says:

    He should have responded to the brats by asking them if they’d rather have a way to defend themselves instead of sitting under a desk snapchatting their friends’ murder, while the police at all levels did nothing to help them.

  21. avatar John says:

    Let’s Primary that SOB.

  22. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    I’m open to Sen. Rubio being reminding about his oath to support the US Constitution.

  23. avatar John Thayer says:

    I don’t care if people who accept the post-1960 culture of “Weimerica” live or die. I may or may not choose to use 2018 technology, but I do not now nor shall I ever accept the ideologies of liberal social democracy, equality, civil rights, feminism, homosexualism or diversity. W.W.C.D.? (What Would [Jeff] Cooper Do?)

  24. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Yet another worthless “Sunshine Patriot” who runs and hides when the political opposition masquerading as the media turns up the heat.

  25. avatar todd says:

    Once upon a time there was a state called Ohio who decided anything holding more than 30 rounds was too dangerous for the common man.

    Along came a state called Colorado. They were much wiser. They knew that 30 was too many, and they decided 15 was a good safe number.

    California looked at that and scoffed. 15? Heck no. 10 is the safe number. That will prevent all that is bad.

    New York, meanwhile, knew that they ALL were wrong and 7 was the number that would prevent all that was bad.

    Intellectuals across the country now realize they are all wrong. 5 is a safe number to allow.

    I don’t see any pattern here, though, so I’m not worried.

    1. avatar Dan the Man says:

      That law is GONE in Ohio. Believe it or not, Kasich signed the legislation which removed INSERTING a magazines over 30 rounds in a semi-auto from the “dangerous ordnance” definition in 2014.

      In reality, very few people (as well as LE) knew about the law and “hi-cap” magazines were always sold here as it has never been illegal to sell or own them. The law came into effect IF you inserted a magazine over 30-rounds into a semi-auto (.22s excluded). THere was also a Dangerous Ordnance license you could get for $50/year and then you were able to do what you like. The magazine portionm of the law is gone anyway and thanks in part to the Buckeye Firearms Association, Ohio is one of the most pro-2A states in the USA.

  26. avatar BlazinTheAmazin says:

    So fucking sick of this shit. Sorry for the lack of eloquence but I am pissed. We have NO leaders in this country (at least in gov’t). We have a bunch of spineless, COWARDS who barter our rights away for approval from the progressive hoards.





  27. avatar Ret1SG says:

    He needs to go. I live in TX so I don’t have to worry about voting for him. I have to worry about John Cornyn, who needs to go!

  28. avatar Greg Bell says:

    I supported Rubio. Well that’s never going to happen again.

  29. no one in that school was armed , the killer could have used a 5 shot bolt action rifle and kept loading it as he went. high cap mags are not the issue.

  30. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

    As if we needed any evidence that we “dodged a bullet” in 2016, Liddle Marco’s pathetic performance yesterday proved once and for all he’s a “(u(k” and nothing more than the GOPe’s/RINO’s “waterboy”..

    When challenged last night during the Stalinesque show trial by Very Fake News CNN’s Fake Yapper (former spokes-stooge for Vegetable Lasagna’s Ban ALL Handguns cabal), the DNC’s attendees (despicable Ted Douchesch/creepy Bill Nelson), in addition to the Leninist/Marxist activists Liddle Marco should have shot back and said:

    “Unlike Democrats/Liberals/Progressives I believe ALL life is precious (ala Morgan of The Walking Dead), the NRA has never killed anyone unlike Planned Parenthood which not only murdered 652,492 defenseless babies in 2017 ripping them from their mothers womb, some while breathing, then selling their body parts to the highest bidder and who as a matter of practice, nay survival, spends millions on Democrat’s campaigns including the two elected officials seated behind me, so who are the REAL ‘murderers’?” Boom! (mic-drop)

  31. avatar Carl up North says:

    Dear Senator we, the law abiding, didn’t do a damn thing wrong. Punish the guilty not the innocent.

  32. avatar Kyle in Upstate NY says:

    I don’t get why Rubio went there. I applaud him for going into the show trial, but he acted so weak and wimpy and wobbly. If you are going into a confrontation like that, you need to be like stone. And given how the mob there was all for banning ALL semi-automatic weapons, the idea that you could ever barter with those people and not expect more demands is crazy.

  33. avatar Joe R. says:

    We don’t care how ‘open’ you are to it. Lube it up and push harder you ahole.

  34. avatar Sgt Hulka says:

    And I’m open to voting you out of office.

    1. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

      Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa) of “Toomey-Manchin” infamy is at it again too, he’s announced he’s willing to surrender to the antis on OUR 2nd Amendment rights and require us to hand over OUR firearms.

      Make no mistake Toomey is a rat bastard and a sellout, a RINO, a (u(k, he must be “flushed”, Primaried, period.

  35. avatar Gunr says:

    It is beyond me why any criminal preparing to shoot up a school would even remotely consider how many cartridges his magazines held, no matter how many his particular state deemed as unreasonable and unlawful.
    A bit off topic, but I have to share this.
    In our local rag, “The Register Guard”, in Eugene, Oregon, there is a section where folks in the area can write in about topics in the news. About 1/3 of them are printed each day. A lady sent in a short letter about kids growing into a “voting” age, and they would remember what is happening now. Anyway, she begins her last paragraph with, “No one hunts deer, or target shoots with an AR 15”! Can you believe this? I can’t believe the editor would print a letter from a person so stupid and ignorant!

  36. avatar Mitch says:

    The state of Florida has experienced something that they cannot process in they’re minds right now. The death and injury to innocent children. They are grieving, which they should. This was a hard thing for even seasoned police officers to witness They are reacting in a massive knee jerk manner .Using emotion as opposed to common sense that comes with slowing down and processing what has gone on before acting.. The issue politicians will always use is to mask the problem and not irradiate it in order to garner political favor. I believe root cause would show that instead of getting rid of the instrument of harm we should get rid of the causer of harm. Which has been stated on many occasions by more learned people that myself. Those who live by the second amendment, myself included, must now fight even harder to secure our rights before they are taken away by people who live by emotion and not common sense.

  37. avatar FL4Real says:

    The NRA emboldened every 2A fence sitter to come up and offer up their anti agenda.

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