TTAG Daily Digest: Dickeying Around, Getting a Grip, Trump Slump Chump? And More . . .

We aren’t having an evidence-based debate about guns – Vox dances around the fact that the Dickey Amendment only blocks federal funding for firearms-related research designed “to advocate or promote gun control” . . . But there is more or less a federal prohibition on government dollars being spent on public health research about firearms. It is known as […]

BREAKING: Teacher “Opens Fire” in Georgia Classroom

Apparently a teacher in Dalton, Georgia barricaded himself in an empty classroom before firing a shot through an exterior window. We all need our privacy sometimes, but it’s hard to explain this one. More details as they become available. For now . . . It appears one Jesse Davidson, social studies teacher, locked himself in […]

Who’s Winning The Post-Parkland Gun Rights Battle? Question of the Day

“For Democrats to keep their red-state senators — and reclaim purple-state governorships — in 2018, they would need to over-perform in rural America, where NRA members disproportionately live,” Eric Levitz writes at under the banner Why the GOP Might Finally Pay a Price for Its Pro-NRA Extremism. “So why start a losing fight on guns, […]

Gear Review: Rugged Suppressors Obsidian45

RF is on the prowl for a .45 ACP pistol suppressor. Narrowing down the list, three cans came to mind: the Rugged Obsidian45, the Dead Air Ghost-M, and the Liberty Cosmic that I previously reviewed (and own). RF wants a modular can with a “K” or short configuration option, so the Liberty is out. As the […]

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Gun Control Teen’s Editorial: Ban “Assault Rifles,” Kill FOPA, Create National Gun Registry

This generation ‘will not be silent ever again’ the headline at proclaims. Is that a threat or a promise? Yes! And after much self-righteous victim card-waving petulance, five Florida teenagers — only one of which is a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Victoria Mejia above) student — get down to the business of civilian disarmament […]

At The Very Least The NRA Should Support a Ban on “Assault Rifles” Quote of the Day

“The NRA is fighting back, blasting the corporate boycott as ‘a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.’ Actually, it’s just the opposite. These companies are taking the courageous step of saying the NRA is an embarrassing, immovable obstacle to passing common-sense gun legislation. At the very least, a reasonable approach starts with ending the […]