New from Lucky Shot: .308 Coffee Mug and 75MM Howitzer Beer Tanker

Lucky Shot drinkware

Lucky Shot is ready for SHOT, unveiling their new .308 Coffee Mug and 75MM Howitzer Beer Tanker ahead of that blessed ballistic bonanza. The company responsible for the World’s Largest Shotgun Shell Fla​g​ is promising to reveal more “crazy new ideas” for jobbing  journos tired of slightly modified “new” guns, 1000-yard-stare booth babes and soggy expense account sandwiches. TTAG’s team of alliterative adventurers will be sure to score a LS mug for a lucky reader. Watch this space . . .


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    The howitzer looks cool. Time to start early Christmas shopping.

    1. avatar When Bullets Collide says:

      Must buy anything even remotely firearms-related.

  2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

    At least these have a handle. When I grabbed Robert’s aluminum tactical mug full of hot coffee it was less than pleasant. I ended up putting a bipod on the mug’s Pic rail so I could pick the thing up hahaha. Too bad there wasn’t an M-16 carry handle laying around.

  3. avatar Bob says:



    noun: tankard; plural noun: tankards

    – a tall beer mug, typically made of silver or pewter, with a handle and sometimes a hinged lid.
    – the contents of or an amount held by a tankard.
    “I’ve downed a tankard of ale”

    1. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

      Tanker –
      A soldier with bad hygene who’d rather ride than walk.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        DAT – to dumb to operate lace boots have to have strap ons

        1. avatar jsallison says:

          Much more stylish than today’s combat tennis shoes. Just don’t try to do a 12k forced march in them.

        2. No, tankers are just too stylish to wear standard-issue boots worn by all the crunchies.
          And why walk when you can ride? “Death before dismount!” has always been our slogan!
          The smart soldiers roll along inside 60-70 tons of steel, while the dumb ones are the crunchies walking behind us, carrying 90 pounds of gear on their back while breathing our dust.
          One tank can inflict more fire, fury, death, and destruction on the enemy in an hour than an entire company of Infantry can do in a day!

  4. avatar BLoving says:

    A proper container for your Black Rifle Coffee flavor of choice.

  5. avatar GS650G says:

    Don’t even think about getting on a plane with this in your bag.
    Regulated by NJ as a dangerous weapon.

    1. avatar Snatchums says:

      Sadly, you’re not joking are you?

  6. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Do the 105 mm still have spun sheet brass? I haven’t touched an arty since 73 and don’t want too

  7. avatar Pencotron says:

    Did you see the 30MM A-10 round shot glasses? Before you take a shot you can go BBBBRRRRRRRPPPPPPP !

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