New Book — Gun Control: 101 Reasons It’s Good For America — Draws a Blank

Gun Control 101 Reasons It's Good for America (courtesy

LAKE CHARLES, LA – -(  Paul Glasco, founder of Legally Armed America and Gun District, today announced the availability of a new book he has authored titled Gun Control: 101 Reasons It’s Good for America . . .

According to Glasco, “With the incessant push for gun control by the left, I decided to provide my fellow Americans with detailed reasons why they really need more of it. My plan was to feature all of the relevant answers to questions about gun control and give readers the basic logic of the anti-gun movement in an easy to read, pocket-sized book.”

Assuming that the overwhelming amount of common sense and rational thought the left so often uses to promote gun control efforts was legitimate, Glasco says he wanted to deliver “clarity to the millions of Americans interested in learning more about the anti-gun movement and why it’s positive for us.”

Months were spent conducting careful research and thoughtful soul-searching, and at the conclusion.

“Push me over with a feather, but I couldn’t find even one little reason why gun control is good for Americans,” Glasco said.

Not the type of patriot to give up so easily, Glasco says, “rather than giving in to the twisted mistruths of the left, I published a book featuring 101 blank pages, along with my favorite, the supporting source for this book, the Second Amendment itself.

“The way I see it, every single one of the 101 blank pages represents a failed attempt by the left to distort facts and statistics in order to disarm honest, law-abiding Americans.”

By publishing Gun Control: 101 Reasons It’s Good for America, Glasco says he’s, “adding a bit of comedic relief to a topic that is fundamentally controversial. Get the book and use the blank pages as a dope sheet for precision shooters, notebook, or journal.

If you’re a gun dealer, leave one on the counter and have your customers write all the reasons they think gun control is wrong. There are endless uses for this book, and significantly more than 101 good reasons why gun control is actually a bad thing,” he said.

“Most importantly,” says Glasco, “a percentage of the profits from the sale of Gun Control: 101 Reasons Why It’s Good for America will be donated to a not-for-profit organization that helps disabled and injured active military members through participation in outdoor events. It’s vital to give something back to the Americans who stand for our Anthem, put on the uniform, and fight for our freedoms.”

The official name of the organization receiving profits from book sales will be announced in a live streaming event on Wednesday, January 24 at 3:45 p.m. PST during SHOT Show 2018. For further details on the live streaming event, visit Legally Armed

Purchase Gun Control: 101 Reasons Why It’s Good for America at for $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

For media inquiries, please email [email protected]

About the Author:

A product of SW Louisiana, Paul Glasco grew up with guns being a normal and frequent part of life. As a kid, when pine tree branches needed trimming around the house, he didn’t get a ladder and a saw. A Remington 12 gauge with 4 shot loads was the quickest and easiest way to “prune” the unwanted limbs. Glasco is a Class “C” USPSA shooter who shoots like a Class “D” shooter but loves the competition all the same. He prefers the smell of gunpowder over coffee and enjoys long walks at the range. Glasco is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment, an NRA Certified Instructor, founder of Legally Armed America, Gun,, and Battle Juice Energy Drink.

Disclaimer: Gun Control: 101 Reasons Why It’s Good for America contains 101 completely blank pages. The full wording of the Second Amendment is printed as it was used as source material for the writing of the book.

Gun Control: 101 Reasons Why It’s Good for America
ISBN: 978-0-578-20098-9

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  1. avatar MyName says:

    This is, essentially, an elaborate version of my typical response of late to those who say we need more gun control. My response: Prove it.

    Their retort, typically, crickets.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      I was hoping it’d be the 101 most popular gun-control arguments immediately followed by an insightful and well researched debunking.

      1. avatar BobS says:

        Oh, then you want John Lott’s The War On Guns:

        1. avatar TXGunGal says:

          Thanks for the John Lott link. Just downloaded to IPhone Kindle. Will read it next time waiting for car repair to be done.

  2. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    Such a masterful tome! I’ll take 8!!

  3. avatar Alex Waits says:

  4. avatar Ing says:

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a long time. Gave me a good laugh. Definitely want to buy one.

  5. avatar 2 says:

    Yeah…Michael Knowles did this with his book Reasons to Vote for democrats…it was just blank pages…but he did make a nice sum for it…..

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      I was just going to write that!

    2. avatar Ollie says:

      People SHOULD vote democrat ………if they want to Make America Mexico Again …..and turn in all their firearms, except for muskets.

  6. avatar former water walker says:

    Not an original idea…saw an azzwhole have a similar blank book of “the wit and wisdom of Donald Trump”. I like this better😎😄😏

  7. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    I could use this as my training log book.

  8. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “Disclaimer: Gun Control: 101 Reasons Why It’s Good for America contains 101 completely blank pages.”


    (Why did the article about the guy mugged in DC evaporate?)

  9. avatar GS650G says:

    Perfect gift for that liberal who’s so hard to buy for

  10. avatar Walt Longmire says:

    Hope he makes a bundle.

  11. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    somewhat related:

  12. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    I’m not inclined to give this guy a dime.

    Now if all (and I mean ALL) of the proceeds from sales went to pro-2A groups, I would consider purchasing one.

  13. avatar Frank in VA says:

    Unoriginal and lame. This gag has been done several times before, the most recent in memory being Michael J. Knowles book “Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide”. Nothing but blank pages.

    Before that it was David King’s “Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration”, authored by a liberal, also full of blank pages.

    There have been others. The gag is only notable so many times, and this kind of unoriginality is not really worth rewarding with your dollars just because ‘a portion’ of the profits will go to a good cause. Just give $10 directly to the charity if you are so inclined.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      The reason to buy this, like the other books, is as a conversation piece. So you can point it out to your like-minded friends and watch them chuckle at it.

      Whether that’s worth $10 to you probably depends on how much you need conversation pieces…

  14. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Shooting limbs out of a tree, I’ve done that, ………….. Part of the proceeds, it was 13℅ when I tele marketed, D Trump had money in that company, we ripped off old people and rubes. It wasn’t an honest living.

  15. avatar MarkPA says:

    What I’d prefer to see (e.g., under is a categorized list of claims for gun-control proposals, together with supporting arguments and rebuttals.

    As an illustration, various politicians and organizations advocate for Universal Background Checks. Now, what arguments can we find that this control will accomplish something? Get the quotes including publication, date, page (link) and author. Then, what are the arguments that undermine each such claim? What are the counter-arguments (e.g., make felons out of friends lending guns).

    A book form is not suitable. The book will be out-of-date before the ink is dry.

    We all ought to be able to contribute new citations to a central editor. E.g., “Hay look? Sen. So and So said this about UBC on date and place.” And, “Washington State makes no provision for lending guns for training unless . . . ”

    If we had such a resource we could refer interested people to the site and let them read to their heart’s content

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