Marines Select Integrated-Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder (I-CUGR) for Artillery, Airstrikes

Integrated-Compact Ultralight Gun-mounted Rangefinder (I-CUGR) (courtesy

That doo-hickey on the side of that big *ss sniper rifle is the U.S. Marines’ latest tech: the Integrated-Compact Ultralight Gun-mounted Rangefinder (I-CUGR). They USMC selected the small, lightweight, tough-as-nails device for their Sniper Range Finder (SRF) program, so a Marine can call in precise artillery and airstrikes without . . .

taking their hands off their rifle. Safran Optics 1 Inc. won the contract; starting with a 2018 Q1 delivery of 315 units. If all goes well, Uncle Sam plans to buy an additional 1,524 more systems this year.

Safran’s building the I-CUGR in the good old USA, at the company’s New Hampshire factory. The defense contractor has lots of experience building less portable military “pointers.” One assumes they’ve incorporated proven tech into the rifle-mounted unit.

While there are plenty of civilian laser rangefinders, I reckon it’s only a matter of time before Safran’s system hits the civilian hunting/plinking market. Not to mention the market for mil-spec-seeking operators operating operationally.


  1. avatar Blaine says:

    A Corpsman is a medical position within the Navy. The word you are looking for is a Marine, whether they be man or woman.

    1. avatar Frankly says:

      It isn’t a politically correct thing to say, but nonetheless true.

      There shouldn’t be female combat soldiers or marines.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        There are not any actual combat chicks. Only affirmative action placeholders. And they will get good young men killed and wounded.

        Son is in Combat Eng AIT now. Several gals average 4’8″ 150lb can do 5 pushups. And the spinless Obumer appointed lackies at DOD aren’t going to do anything to reverse course.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Only place I disagree is pilots, having been a military pilot. Army, Navy, and Marines, as well as AF, women in combat as pilots should be able to do the job without problem.

    2. avatar JasonM says:

      I was about to post the same thing.
      Apparently RF has never seen a movie or TV show with Marines. Or maybe he just figured Marines are so bad-ass, that when they get wounded, they call out their own title, rather than calling for a medic.

    3. avatar Tom in NC says:

      Beat me to it! At least he didn’t use “corpse-man”!!

  2. avatar Lurch says:

    A ’Corpsman’ can call in arty or air Strikes?? Aren’t they busy tending to the wounded? Or are we talking about ‘corpse-man’, as Obama pronounced it.

  3. avatar TommyJay says:

    I bought a Simmons rangefinder for $100 a year ago, for no earthly reason other than it’s so cool and cheap. (I don’t hunt.) I read out the standard target distances at my local range, 25, 50, 100, and 200 yds; and they were spot-on +/- 1 yd. It is rated for a max. range of 400 yds for a weak optical return and 600 yds. with a strong return, which is not enough for genuine long distance shooters.

    Can’t believe that you can get two sizeable germanium (IR) lenses, an IR laser, and the timing electronics for $100.

  4. avatar maynard says:

    I was thinking iCougar was the latest Apple offering in… ahem… companionship aids.

  5. avatar adverse5 says:

    I hope they are not required to spell that.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Spell USMC???

  6. avatar Falcon 12 says:

    If you’ve ever carried the “man portable” SOFLAM, This device is a dream come true.

    1. avatar Binder says:

      This is a rangefinder, not a painter. What would make a lot of sense is if it had built in gps and a way to directly transmit the target data back for real-time fire support. Then it would make sence to have it mounted to the rifle.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    On the long list of military acronyms, I-CUGR comes up small compared to FUBAR, SNAFU and my personal nominee for Best Acronym in Military History Since the Dawn of Time (BAMHISDOT), namely BOHICA.

    1. avatar skoon says:

      My favorite is MANPADS (man portable air defense system) i definitely know alot of people in need of some serious MANPADS.

    2. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

      Back in 1969 my favorite was FTA.

  8. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Military weapons advancements certainly have come along way since “pink filter”

  9. avatar Ian says:

    It’s not made of crayons, so it should last the Marines for decades.

  10. avatar Steve says:

    “…I reckon it’s only a matter of time before Safran’s system hits the civilian hunting/plinking market…”

    Assuming these have a price tag of around $35k+ like the L3 STORM-PI that has been in use for years with the Army, etc., I doubt we’ll be plinking with these any time soon.

  11. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Looks like one I had, with a range of 500 meters. Not much use to a sniper, I would think. So, like, what is this thing’s range, and do I want to know its cost?

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      1,500 meters. Not even a mile. That makes no sense. Several commercial models already exist at that range and beyond.

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