Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Mag Carrier?

Travis' pocket dump (courtesy everydaycarry.com)

Oh God. Here come to the anti-Springfield Armory crowd. So be it. Bed made, lie, etc. Meanwhile, let it be known that I share Travis’ belief that 7+1 rounds of .45 caliber goodness isn’t good enough, should push come to ballistic shove. Besides . . .

your semi-automatic pistol’s magazine is the most likely bit of your firearm to malf.

Having a spare mag is a good idea for 1911 carriers both because no one ever ended a gunfight wishing they had less ammo, and nobody expects the entire Spanish Inquisition (or something like that).

NeoMag with Ruger LCP II mag (courtesy thetruthaboutguns.com)

So when I carry my Wilson Combat X-TAC — or any other gun (Ruger LCP II mag above) — I always bring along a spare mag. I do so with a pricey NeoMag, which has less to do with The Matrix than it does comfort and convenience.

I mean, it’s hard enough hiding a gun in an outside-the-waistband holster. A dual mag carrier? Fuhgeddaboutit! Or am I wrong? Meanwhile, click here to see which holster Travis uses for his 1911 mags (or order your very own Pilot G2 retractable pen).

If you carry a JMB meisterstuck, what holster do you use, do you carry an extra mag and if so, how?

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  1. Some states all you can carry is 7 in the gun.

  2. avatar Ross says:

    It is my believe that failing to carry an additional magazine & or ammo in your daily loadout is irresponsible.

  3. avatar S.Crock says:

    If you already owned Springfield products don’t take a loss and sell them now. But idk why anyone who supports liberty would buy a new product from Springfield.

  4. avatar T78 says:

    Carrying a extra mag or mags is just common sense.

  5. avatar Walt Longmire says:

    Screw springfield.

  6. avatar DrewR says:

    I’m not worried about the gun or the ammo carrier, I’m worried about that paddle holster. Paddle holsters of any type make it far easier to disarm someone from behind. If someone grabs the grip and twists down sharply the paddle will generally snap off.

    Just say no to paddle holsters.

    1. avatar common sense says:

      Right. They’re going to grab your gun, then apply 100lbs of downward force on your gun to disarm you. They definitely won’t just pull up on it once they grab the gun.

      1. avatar DrewR says:

        Some have retention doodads, and it is a lot less force than you would think. Heres a video.


  7. avatar Paul in TN says:

    JMB Officers Model – 2 Safari dual mag pouchs and LOVE (repeat – love) my Stoner pancake with body shield. When I absolutely have to go IWB, it’s the Bladetech Phantom. 5.11 reversible nylon belt

  8. avatar Snatchums says:

    I like that neomag that he mentioned. I’m thinking about picking one of those up myself. I’ve been trying to find a mag carrier that doesn’t suck and that looks like it really fits the bill.

  9. avatar Jack says:

    Love 1911s, but deep carry a Glock 30. More capacity, very reliable and very concealable.

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