NRA 2018 Board Candidate Adam Kraut to Marion Hammer: I Am Not the Enemy of Firearms Freedom

Adam Kraut is a candidate for the NRA board of directors.

NRA Board candidate Adam Kraut writes:

Yesterday, I became aware of Marion Hammer’s commentary on the 2018 NRA Board Election. After reading the editorial, it was clear that she believes I am the “enemy”. For those wondering how that conclusion was drawn, allow me to explain.

Marion states “…some of the candidates on this year’s ballot were not nominated by the Nominating Committee, but rather they placed themselves on the ballot by collecting petition signatures. Petition signers had no way of knowing the real motives or qualifications of these petitioners.”

Almost immediately, Marion downplays the significance and dedication of individuals who collected enough signatures to appear on the ballot, despite the recent bylaws change, which made it increasingly more difficult to do so by requiring candidates to collect almost 700 signatures from qualified members this year.

At the same time, she insults those who signed the petitions of candidates, like myself, insinuating those who signed did no research into the qualifications of the individual for which they submitted a petition. This year, there were only five individuals who successfully collected enough signatures to be nominated by Petition of the Members.

Of those five, three were also considered and recommended by the Nominating Committee.

Just so there is no confusion, I did not submit my name to the Nominating Committee. There is only one individual, other than myself, who was nominated only by Petition of the Members. To my knowledge that gentleman has not been very vocal as to his positions, at least that I’ve seen.

Thus, it seems logical to infer that Marion is referring to yours truly in her remarks.

As this is my second attempt at running for the Board, I have been subjected to scrutiny from individuals for the past two years. When I first decided to run, I set up a website, made videos, and wrote articles about my thoughts, views, and opinions on various issues the NRA and gun rights advocates face. From Day One, I’ve been open about my position on issues and accessible to the members to discuss those positions.

During the past two years, I’ve spent countless hours speaking with members of the NRA in person, answering their emails, and responding to their comments on YouTube, Facebook, etc. in an attempt to ensure that my position on various issues were clear or known to the person asking. There are a variety of ways in which a person can inquire of my position on the issues. I even have a contact form and email address listed on my website for people to do so.

Yet, Marion Hammer has not once reached out to me to inquire about my positions, thoughts, or aspirations for the NRA. If she believes it is some secret, she hasn’t been looking for any answers.

However, I’m not the only one who has been vocal about their positions. Marion Hammer sent an email to other Board Members, shortly after the NRA received criticism of its statement about the Las Vegas tragedy, which stated that “the bump-stock circumvents federal law” and that bump-stocks “[convert] a semi-auto rifle to a full-auto rifle”. She also claimed that “[i]f it were not for ATF’s wink and nod to the manufacturer of the bump-stock, it would already be regulated under federal law.” The problem with her statements is two-fold.

First, ATF did NOT wink and nod to any manufacturer. It examined the sample submitted and determined that it was not a machine gun. It’s a pretty straightforward process, especially when the law specifies that a machinegun must be able to “to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.” Second, it would appear that she does not believe bump-fire stocks are something that you or I should possess absent regulation.

Marion also mentioned the Cincinnati Revolt of 1977. What is unclear, from her one paragraph blurb, is whether she agreed with the individuals staging that revolt. She simply labeled them as an “activist group” and then proceeded to explain how she stopped a purported rebellion that was “bad” for the organization.

However, it is possible to derive her true view on those individuals by looking at comments she made about one of the men who was responsible for the planning and execution of the 1977 Revolt, Neal Knox. Marion has been quoted as saying that “Knox had an arrogance like I’ve never seen, so we chopped his head off.”

While I’m no Neal Knox, I too have introduced proposed changes to strengthen the organization and start the process of returning control to the members. I’ve introduced proposed by-law changes which would institute an attendance policy, prevent directors from repeatedly running without being nominated by petition, and form an Honorary Board.

You can learn more about the proposed by-law amendments on my website ( I also created a form that allows members to more easily contact the Board of Directors in an effort to facilitate communication between the members and the individuals tasked with controlling the polices of the organization (

While we’re on the subject of Marion Hammer, perhaps she can pen an editorial explaining to the members why she has not attended a single meeting in the past three years (since January 2015 – for attendance of all Board Members, see – For what it’s worth, she was nominated by the Nominating Committee last time she ran, which might give some insight into how important the Committee believes showing up to do your job is.


Adam Kraut
“The Enemy Within”


  1. avatar R says:

    Excellent rebuttal. I think Ms. Hammer’s no-show record says a lot.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      I would weigh the members thoughts and ideas more than their attendance. Ted Nugent and Karl Malone didn’t show up either.

      But credit should be given where due. Marion has been around forever and has pushed these rights a temendous distance. If she is wrong on a topic, there should be a debate and her views intellectually destroyed. We shouldn’t go on a childish witch hunt because we got offended by something she said. If she is wrong, prove her wrong, and if she is proved wrong then she should accept that. Ultimately this is about the direction we should be taking the NRA, and we should convince her why this direction is better.

  2. avatar Big Sky says:

    While all you keyboard commandos were busy playing video games in your parent’s basements yelling “Maa, Meatloaf”, Marion Hammer started the conceal carry and Castle Doctrine movements. Maybe she has a point.

    1. avatar Removed_californian says:

      She looks down on a sizable portion of the shooting community just because they like something she doesn’t like. I fail to see how the age of the community supporting kraut has to do with the validity of our complaints.

      And while I respect the things she may have done in the past, those actions are just that: in the past. I question what value she has on this board currently seeing as she has been absent from the BoD meetings.

      1. avatar Big Sky says:

        Might as well say George Washington don’t matter because he hasn’t done squat in centuries.

        1. avatar Removed_californian says:

          He also didn’t say that slidefire stocks are basically machineguns that needed to be banned.

        2. avatar Other Tom in Oregon says:

          I wouldn’t elect George Washington to anything in his current state.

        3. avatar FedUp says:

          I wouldn’t elect George Washington to anything in his current state.

          …or Hammer in her current state.
          Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.
          I’d trade her for the governor of NY, VA, CA, or CO, for example.

      2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

        I’m sure some Fudd somewhere looks down on you if you own anything with a magazine above 10 rounds, is semi auto or has one of those evil “assault weapon” features you like so much. I’m also sure that they would frown on the idea of you having castle doctrine or concealed carry too.

        1. avatar Hank says:

          Those do exist. I met some fudds exactly like that. Who honestly think duty to retreat would cut down on gang violence because they think stand your ground causes people to be more upiddy or something. Yeah. A lot of dumb in that line of thought.

      3. avatar Anonymous says:

        Ultimately, this is about the direction of the NRA, and we should convince her why this direction is better. We need a debate, not a witch hunt.

    2. avatar Sampson says:

      Her contributions to the cause are certainly appreciated, and I respect her for them. However, unless we are acknowledging that the NRA board is merely ceremonial, showing up and continuing to do the much-needed work is a basic requirement for remaining on it – especially since there are many qualified and motivated members that are wanting to serve.

      I’m sorry, despite his celebrity status, Ted Nugent’s gotta go.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Apparently, and typically, many of you don’t understand what a board of directors IS. Get some business experience.

        And respect your elders. Read some history. Marion Hammer was one of those the STARTED the fight while you were trying to figure out how the sippy cup worked.

        1. avatar Marco says:

          So? She did something good in the past.

          Great. Should Lincoln have continued to allow McClellan to lead the Union army instead of sacking him because of his experience?

          If you’re not moving things forward now; I don’t care. Join the “NRA Hall of Fame” then.

          Let the board members do important continuing work to make the NRA relevant and fighting the real fights.

          Hammer has also apparently failed to keep Florida in check too. Just because someone was effective before doesn’t mean they get to take crucial posts and squander opportunities for civil rights movements.

          Move over Amarion.

        2. avatar Roymond says:

          A board of directors is there to give direction. If you fail to ever show up, you’re not fulfilling that purpose. They;re not confined to business, either, BTW.

        3. avatar Ryan says:

          Respecting your elders and bowing to them are not the same thing. Lots of people do exemplary things early in life and then coast the rest of the way.

        4. avatar Anonymous says:

          A board of directors is there to give direction. If you fail to ever show up, you’re not fulfilling that purpose. They;re not confined to business, either, BTW.

          Where does the meeting take place? Is the attendance sheet for people there actually at the meeting? Does it include the call in Skype people, or the apple facetimes? Does it include phone-in calls? Is there a meeting of minutes that is debated by email by all the members afterward? We shouldn’t make assumptions about their level of communication that we know nothing about.

        5. avatar jimmy james says:

          If the NRA BOD is anything like my gun club’s BOD then I don’t want to know anything more about it. Unfortunately that is what we have come up with to run certain types of organizations. It’s either that or something like a monarchy. Neither is a very good choice but it’s all we got to carry out day to day business. I see 3 types of people on BOD’s. Ones that truly care about the organization and it’s health and growth. Ones that are just trying to push their agenda and ones that don’t have anything better to do.

    3. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      The Castle Doctrine is an exception to the Duty to Retreat rule. Legislatures have recently gone about calling not Duty to Retreat or, as we called it in law school, the majority rule, Castle Doctrine because they are made up of morons. Stand Your Ground laws is a step beyond the no duty to retreat laws giving additional procedural protections to those involved in self defense shootings.

      The Castle Doctrine is older than the United States of America. If Marion Hammer had something to do with it, she should probably be burned as a witch.

    4. avatar Bob says:

      Adolf Hitler proudly served the German Imperial Army in WWI and then slaughtered innocents.

      Fidel Castro freed Cuba from a dictatorship snd then brutalized it with his own.

      Past actions does not erase current events.

      1. avatar Anonymous says:

        Adolf Hitler proudly served the German Imperial Army in WWI and then slaughtered innocents.

        Fidel Castro freed Cuba from a dictatorship snd then brutalized it with his own.

        Past actions does not erase current events.

        Someone who fought so hard for an ideal, like Marion, is suddenly going to change their mind and direct themselves in the opposite direction??? Past progress and history is a good gauge for future performance. Hitler and Castro didn’t change their minds. They were always going in the direction of their ideology, and this is incommensurable as an analogy with Marion. Marion fought for stand your ground and concealed carry so she could what? Implement mass government regulations over them?

        Marion may be wrong in this regard, and if she is so, then a debate and discussion should be employed to set her direction right. Resorting to retarded Nazi comparisons to an individual that advanced our goals to such a degree is absolutely ridiculous. Respect is earned Marion has my respect.

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          Respect must be earned constantly.

          Marion Hammer’s response to debate is to go negative. She doesn’t respond to people’s ideas. She attacks with, usually false, sometimes irrelevant, ad hominems. She is doing this to Adam Kraut. She did it to Florida Open Carry. She doesn’t defend her ideas because she is everything that is wrong with the NRA.

          She supports the NFA. Adam doesn’t. If they were going head to head, that last one would be enough for me.

          In her letter attacking member chosen candidates, she suggested that the bump fire stocks were only ruled legal by the ATF because of some sort of shenanigans between the ATF and the manufacturers. On the contrary, the ATF just read and applied the statute. This leads me to the conclusion that she is either dumb or a liar. I have no use for either.

    5. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      I’m fine with recognizing Ms. Hammer’s achievements. But as far as her position on the NRA Board, it’s obvious she hasn’t shown up for work in a while, and ought to step aside and let others participate.

    6. avatar Defens says:

      The state of Washington pioneered shall-issue concealed carry, and although not codified, recognized the unlawfulness of Duty to Retreat, long before Florida adopted those concepts. Hammer didn’t dream those up – she merely copied a good idea.

      At one time, she may have been a powerful advocate. Now, looking at the absentee record, and the Fudd-like bleating over bump stocks, she’s perhaps reached the end of her useful contributions.

    7. avatar Jared says:

      She didn’t “start” the “revolution”.

      Maine, North Dakota and South Dakota passed shall issue in 1985.

      Washington passed it in 1961.
      New Hampshire passed it in 1959.
      Rhode Island passed it in 1927 (was Vermont style).
      The territory of Hawaii was shall issue as well, I believe it was repealed in 1974, maybe earlier.

      Not taking anything away from Marion, but it’s not like she woke up one day in Tallahassee and decided to pass shall issue.

      In fact, her original idea was to make permits issued by the county commission valid statewide instead of just within that county. It evolved into shall issue, but that was after looking at WA, ME, NH, ND, SD, RI, and CT.

    8. avatar Aaron J Franklin says:

      She did not start the conceal carry movement. She wasn’t even the fourth person to start it. She has resently let pro-gun legislation die in Florida with the whole Anitere Flores problem. She has stated that people should not be able to own full-auto guns. If this is one of the people “helping” me to insure my rights, then I think I would rather not have her kind of help.

    9. avatar Rattlerjake says:

      Really? She started these two movements? I don’t think so! It is lawful gun owners who started these movements, she may have used her “position” (doggy style or otherwise) to help the movement. But what have we really gained? Very little. Both concealed carry and castle doctrine are RIGHTS and we don’t need a law (and in some cases a tax or other fees) to “give” us our rights. The NRA spends a lot of time helping to get “laws” passed instead of proving that laws are what are restricting our rights, and getting them repealed/rescinded!

  3. avatar rc says:

    Adam Kraut has my vote this year…first year I’m eligible to vote, BTW.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:


    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Not mine. I will not vote for a GD fast talking lawyer for ANYTHING. A cockroach 1st.

      Apologies to Ralph

      1. avatar Aaron J Franklin says:

        Watch one video of his before you go all lawyers are scum.

  4. avatar John in TX (Was CT) says:

    I’m not a five year member yet.

    But Hammer had a point, she just put it extremely poorly.

    I don’t think a shoestring should be a machine gun and I would be thrilled if the ATF went back and reconsidered that ill-conceived decision.

    But if the shoestring is a machine-gun, how do you justify Slidefire’s products not being considered as such?

    (I also think that people should be able to own machine guns, not subject to any licensing or taxation, but that’s a third topic).

    1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      “But if the shoestring is a machine-gun, how do you justify Slidefire’s products not being considered as such?”

      It’s really, REALLY simple … The shoestring allows you to fire with a single action of the trigger (definition of MG), while the Slidefire stock requires you to pull the stock forward for each shot.

      1. avatar John in TX (Was CT) says:

        Finger pressure was still needed to keep the string taut, the difference is merely that there was an interface between the trigger and the finger (the string).

        By that reasoning, you could argue that gloves constitute machine guns because they, too, provide an interface between the trigger and the shooters finger. Put on glove, use gloved hand to pull the trigger. Take off glove, pull trigger again.

        Congratulations, you just achieved two shots with one trigger pull and have an unregistered MG.

        1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

          I can only assume that you had a logical thought about this, but it certainly didn’t make it into your comment.

        2. avatar Rattlerjake says:

          I think you need to stop eating tide pods!

          If you pull the trigger with the glove on and then pull the trigger with the glove off, exactly how is that ONE trigger pull?!

    2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      Hammer did not have a point. At least not a credible legal one. Or a factual one regarding bump fire stocks operations. Or the ATF’s process of approving them as not illegal.

  5. avatar Removed_californian says:

    Super moose is best moose.

    Keep at it, Mr. Kraut.

  6. avatar Hank says:

    This internal infighting drama with the RKBA movement is so goddamn annoying. It only serves to stifle our agenda and our cause. For once we have a POTUS who will likely sign any pro RKBA bill we send across his desk. Let’s get together. The second amendment expects each of you to do his duty.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Yet you have “pro gun” folks like Marion Hammer supporting gun grabbers. The NRA should be aggressive and instead they’re sitting on their asses.

      Across the country the NRA is not picking up the banner for the hard fight. They are playing status quo and collecting money.

      1. avatar Removed_californian says:

        Constantly fighting an uphill battle is much more profitable.

      2. avatar neiowa says:

        Do tell. How many elections were held in the last ______ months? How many legislatures were in session in the last ______ months? Stop hyperventilating.

  7. avatar Joe says:

    You have my vote. Career NRA politicians are as bad as congressional career politicians.

  8. avatar Kevin says:

    Personally, I don’t care what Marion Hammer thinks of you. I care what NRA members think of you.

    What will YOU do to promote gun rights to the citizens of California (and other states taking our 2nd amendment rights away)?
    Will you fight against new federal regulations?
    What regulation would you find acceptable and which one are not?
    How will YOU fight for our second amendment freedoms (ads, lobbying, public awareness, PR team)?
    What regulations are you willing to compromise on and which ones are you not willing to compromise on?

    You win an election based on YOUR principles, not the principles of your opponent. Focus on what matters (you), and ignore what doesn’t matter (your opponents). Saying that Maron said bad things about you (or you saying bad things about her) will never get you my support and probably not many other peoples support either. Focus on what really matters to NRA members and you can win.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Ms. Hammer has done Mr. Kraut a big favor.

      I had never heard of the guy until today, and now he’s all over the firearms blog-o-sphere. In a few paragraphs she a) Gave me reason to research the “non-anointed” candidates, and b) gave me reason not to vote for Ms. Hammer.

      1. avatar Rattlerjake says:

        If you’ve never heard of Adam until now then you must be living under a huge rock! Adam has produced dozens of videos pertaining to the legal aspects of everything from gun laws, the 2nd amendment, to what to do in certain gun-use situations; something I haven’t seen the NRA do. What Hammer doesn’t like is that he also has given the pros and cons of legislation supported and not, by the NRA. Look him up on Youtube, you won’t regret it!

  9. avatar Kevin says:

    Who else is running? This came off as pretty whiny, and I am not sure I want someone whiny fighting for my 2nd amendment rights. Way too NRA procedural, and no 2nd amendment substance in it (Board meeting attendance, really?). I know nothing about Adam Kraut or his history fighting for our rights, but as this is my first time hearing his writing, I am not impressed and not sure that he could be a good leader of the NRA and the fight to get back the rights we have lost.

    1. avatar Aaron J Franklin says:

      Watch ONE video of his on YouTube.

    2. avatar Insipid Moniker says:

      You consider the fact that the incumbent on the board of directors has not attended a board meeting in three years is irrelevant and whiny? He should have led with that and rested his case, IMO.

      The guy was called an enemy of freedom for having the audacity to run a grass-roots campaign Vs: being annointed by an insiders club.

      1. avatar Rattlerjake says:

        Well said. Kevin votes for senators and congressmen without looking at their attendance/voting record.

  10. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Im not giving the NRA another cent of my money. Im paid up until 2022.
    When an executive board position becomes a non salaried position. Maybe Ill give a few more bucks.
    The salaries they get are outrageous. They are no different then any politician. Making a career of what should be a service job. Do your time and move on.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      The Board is a non paid position. Marion Hammer draws her income via Wayne LaPierre pet projects as a lobbyist.

  11. avatar former water walker says:

    Well I can’t vote(I am an NRA member)and doubt I would anyway. Get rid of Wayne and the old biddy. I too was annoyed with the bumpstock BS. They handled Newtown well. Las Vegas not so much…

  12. avatar Chadwick says:

    Go Adam go!

  13. avatar Pliablemoose says:

    Anyone declaring Adam an enemy of the NRA is woefully out of touch, and it explains the NRA’s tone deaf responses to so many issues important to today’s gun owners.

  14. avatar henry bowman says:

    Adam/Tim 2018

  15. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Once upon a time Marion Hammer was at the forefront of pushing gun rights. Now she is content to support the NRA political establishment which in turn is largely practicing go along to get along with Republican Senators and Congressmen. The NRA needs new blood to get it moving again, it has become a sluggish moribund organization long passed by the more dynamic Gun Owners of America.

    If you haven’t commented on the ATF slide fire proposal, please do! Less than 5000 people have done so and we need more pushing against this horrible rule![email protected]

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    Anyone who thinks that this tempest in a teapot is about gun rights is silly. It’s about money, just like every other proxy fight in the history of American business. Marion has the hammer (see what I did there?). Kraut is the insurgent who wants it.

    The fact is that they are both deserving, but I do think that the NRA — and us — would benefit from some new blood.

  17. avatar Harold Carson IV says:

    I see guys Tim Knight running on a platform like he is running for the Senate. Like a true politician he gets nothing done because he is more focused on his next election. Honestly what do the petition seekers have to offer on running a business except spreading a steamy pile of misinformation on some platform they are claiming to be running for

    1. avatar Bayrunner83 says:

      Have you gone to his website? Have you gone to and watched his videos?

      Do black rifles scare you?

      Kraut was called out in all but name and has responded, as is his right.

  18. avatar MiserableBastard says:

    As far as I am concerned the NRA can FOAD.

  19. avatar Stan says:

    Interesting. M Hammer didn’t mention names yet someone got their ass so chapped that they’re going full frontal. Classy with a K.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      When you’re running for office, and your opponent slanders you without mentioning your name, and you have the opportunity to use that opponent’s own words against her, you pounce on the opportunity.

      Kraut is beating her at her own game.

    2. avatar That One Guy says:

      She didn’t mention names because she didn’t need to….there are exactly TWO people who fit her definition, and one of them hasn’t made enough noise to be her intended target.

      It’s like Obama or W not specifically referring to Trump by name….when Trump was the only possible person they could have been referring to.

  20. avatar Porkchop says:

    Forty-year NRA member here — I think that I will vote for Mr. Kraut this year.

    1. avatar 4808 N says:

      30 year member. Right there with you Brother

  21. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I spent a little time looking over Adam’s site. I have to say there are some aspects of his platform that I think should be in the NRA’s future, particularly education and public perception. For whatever reason, since I’ve been active with firearms training and shooting sports over the last 10 years, I’ve noticed less emphasis on efforts to reach the community through promoting these activities at the local level. Training has gone online, with less exposure to local instructors, and not much effort promoting NRA qualification programs in local clubs except through certain clubs that know how to play the “Friends of the NRA” grant game. I think Adam has some better ideas for changing the public perception of the NRA than the current scheme that’s more concerned with promoting the perceived conservative political view (a lot of which I agree with) than actual firearms freedom.

  22. avatar art sweisfurth says:

    The newly elected governor of New Jersey will prove to be the bane of sportsmen. Once the pendulum swings back and there’s a Democrat in the White House, there will be heck to pay! The ‘gun-n-ammo shortage’ panic will return with a vengeance; stock up now, time flies, as Ben Franklin said!

  23. avatar 4808 N says:

    The publicity Marion gave Adam is priceless. He should send her a thank you note. I’ve read Adam’s work and seen his videos for two years. He’s the new blood we need.

  24. avatar Chris T. says:

    Nice rebuttal to a fascist article by a swamp creature. Adam is not the enemy he is for the people. I truly wish Ms Hammer had the guts for a face off with Adam in a debate. That would be delicious.

  25. avatar Bayrunner83 says:

    Adam Kraut and Tim Knight are the only people who will be getting my vote this year. I want “average joes” on the board, guys who want to continue the fight and get more of our freedoms back, guys who won’t compromise our rights away, and guys who won’t line their pockets with our donations. I also want guys like Obama voting Gunny, crazy Uncle Ted, and Tom Selleck off the board. I want Wayne and Cox replaced.

    We need to drain the swamp on Waples Mill Rd and guys like Kraut and Knight are the way to do that.

    – Life Memeber who is tired of “compromising” and watching the NRA be a fund raising organization instead of a civil rights organization.

  26. avatar Jim Bremer says:

    I am thankful for what Marion did in the past. But I’m sorry….her current track record and the way she acts tells me her time has come to get out of the way. She has done nothing for Florida currently in our fight for Open Carry and other reforms.

    So for 10 years or more Republicans have controlled the Governorship and both houses by wide margins. And in that time nothing has been done.
    For the past 10 years or more here in Florida I’ve heard Hammer say the same thing when Open Carry and other reforms die in the REPLUBICAN CONTROLLED Florida Senate “Oh…don’t worry…session isn’t over yet! We’ll get this passed!”. Then the session ends…nothing passes….and she and the NRA(and Republicans) are there next year saying that I have to support them….get them elected..give them money….because THIS TIME they PROMISE to pass the bills. Marion even says she’s got personal assurances that this time will be different!


    Not joking….it’s been the same story with her, the NRA, and Repupblicans every year here. And if anyone dares to questions WTF is going on….contacts Senators demanding anwers to why they are going back on promises….they are called nay sayers and haters and the such. Hammer as even accused the biggest pro-open carry group of being responsible for the failure of open carry to pass last year!

    Her accusations are outrageous. She blames a little organization with probably a few thousand members as being the reason gun reform laws die here. She stated:

    That worked well for concealed carry license holders until 2011. That’s when Florida Carry arrived on the legislative scene and effectively killed open carry for CW License holders.

    Florida Carry’s folks, using Florida Carry’s name, made a barrage of threatening and bullying phone calls to Senators. They screamed profanities and threats at Senators demanding full open carry for everyone, not concealed carry license holders.

    A bill that we could have passed in 2011 to allow CW License holders carry openly or concealed and prevent abuse of license holders, died because of Florida Carry. If it had passed then, we might well have full open carry today but we’ll never know.

    So Marion would have us believe that some phone calls from a small group of people was what killed the bills…..really? Wouldn’t these same Senators..who are soooooo scared by a few phone calls be MORE terrified of Hammer and the NRA telling them to support the bills or next election cycle they’d lose the NRA support? Huh…almost sounds like Marion didn’t make those threats……so the real question is why the [email protected] does the NRA keep supporting the same people year in year out who basically lie to Marion’s face?

    Oh..and to top it off the current and last Senate President whol killed these bills along with the committee chairs who killed them were ALL NRA A rated! And continued to be A rated even after killing the bills. So either the NRA is incomptenent or they don’t really care about their rating system.

    SO yeah..while I appreciate her past work I have to go by her current deeds and actions….and logically looking at those Marion Hammer is useless. And I don’t trust a thing she says.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      “Her accusations are outrageous.” – She fails and goes on the attack. That’s what she did in Florida, and that’ what she is doing now. Her rants are unprofessional and, like most rants, insane.

  27. avatar joe says:

    I am amazed there doesn’t seem to be any effort like there once was to get Grover Norquist off of the board and ballot. That man helping to indirectly destroy the Second Amendment with his pernicious advocacy of wide open borders and liberal immigration policy promotion.

    He and the other libertarians fail to recognize that open borders means eventually too many people who do not respect or accept responsible gun ownership. How many recent arrivals, legal or otherwise, vote in favor of second amendment policies or thinks nothing of supporting candidates hostile to it? How long before the first amendment suffers the same treatment courtesy of new arrivals favorable to big government?

    Once enough people from incompatible cultures moves in and either votes the wrong way or worse – commits acts of terrorism using guns (legally procured or otherwise), you can be sure restrictions on the Second Amendment will begin to steamroll.

    Grover Norquist is living in an alternate reality and abets the opposition through his views. He cannot be accepted as a helpful pro-Second Amendment voice until he stops drilling holes in the bottom of the boat.

  28. avatar Marco says:

    I cast my vote for Adam yesterday! Here’s for hoping you get elected.

  29. avatar bill shadrick says:

    I asked her why she did not put Julie Golob on her recommended list. She said she did not meet her criteria. No one works harder at promoting the NRA and shooting in general. She might even have a few good ideas on how to makes guns more “mainstream”. Ms. Hammer talking scary, makes her product (guns) look scary. Just my opinion.

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