New from STI: DVC Omni

STI DVC Omni (image courtesy of JWT for

I got so tired of writing the same thing for STI — great accuracy, spectacular reliability, smokin’ fast, five stars (or thereabouts) — I quit reviewing them. Copy and paste for whatever gun they send me. The thrill was gone. The new STI DVC Omni rekindles my interest . . .

STI took fast, accurate and reliable, and turned it to 11.

For 2018, the STI DVC Omni comes with many of the same features I loved in the previous DVC series: the grip, the sights and style. The Georgetown, Texas pistol maker added a factory compensator and cut the slide for the Trijicon RMR.

The DVC Omni is blazing fast and super easy to shoot. I can’t wait for our T&E sample. Hitting up RF for new metaphors . . .


  1. avatar EGB says:

    JWT – Wondered how long it would take to get one in your hands after the announcement. Does TTAG plan to test any of Accuracy X’s 1911/2011 offerings? Steve Huff’s team has been rolling out some slick features lately. Price points are comparable to STI, WC, etc if you’re looking for another high-end option…

  2. avatar Turd Furgeson says:

    Where is the 10mm love? Why isn’t that taking off more? Only saw 1 or 2 new offerings for the big10

  3. avatar Dan Gleeballs says:

    In for $3k+ street price lmao

    1. avatar Rumblestrip says:

      Some of us don’t work at 7-11 slinging Taquitos and aren’t restricted to “what’s cheapest”

      1. avatar Adak says:

        And some of us can actually shoot something besides our mouth.

  4. avatar DetroitSounds says:

    I’ve had a few RMR STI’s, ran around 20k rounds through em. Never had any failures. Easy shooting and smooth. Had some bad customer service and so have some friends of mine. Recently shopping for another class gun I went to STI looking for full size, compensated, 9mm, RMR, railed. They had a gun with each of the features but none with ALL of those features, until now. I may check out this Omni when available.

    1. avatar DetroitSounds says:

      Omni is actually 4.15″ barrel, not full sized

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