RangeTech Shot Timer From Shooter Technology Group

RangeTech Shot Timer

Shot timers are expensive. Like, $125 and up. I’ve tried to use a couple free smartphone apps but they sucked. Worthless. New from Shooter Technology Group is the RangeTech Shot Timer, which plugs into your phone and works with its own app. Not only does it have “more features than any other shot timer,” it’s only $30. Excellent. I’ve already charged one to RF’s card and will put it through its paces soon.



  1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    This thing has potential, if the software is good. And if it can beep loud enough to hear through ear protection.

    Still, I like my Pocket Pro II with its belt clip and a big button I can press without looking at it.

  2. avatar Bil says:

    Jer, I think you need to test the performance limits of that RF charge card. It really needs expanded range to enhance the envelope of exciting engagement with enthusiasts, ergonomically.

  3. avatar W says:

    Hope it works. My experience is the same. Many smartphone timers, in the past, were disappointments.

  4. avatar Tim says:

    The limitation with smart phone shot timers is in the hardware from what I gather… this, however, may work around that nicely. Very much looking forward to a hand on review 🙂

    1. avatar Ing says:

      I’d love to have a shot timer, but I don’t have $150 to sink into one, and I don’t have time to waste fiddling with free/cheap crap that doesn’t work. If this little dingus works, then yeehaw!

  5. avatar Json says:

    I just purchased one after struggling with the abysmal performance of the free phone apps for a few weeks. If it’s even mostly as good as advertised it will still be way better than the stuff I’m currently using.

  6. avatar Francis Marion says:

    Sooooo, what about phones with no headphone jack?

    1. avatar Sig says:

      You will need to use a 3.5mm adapter and hopefully it will work lol

  7. avatar Sig says:

    I just ordered one!

  8. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

    If this thing’s function is somewhere between decent to, or above really, well, then it’s going on the birthday/Christmas list. (That’s where cheaper things that I don’t need now go).

  9. avatar Jake says:

    I have Shot Timer for IPhone, it’s a paid app and it works perfect. I shoot outdoors and only use it by myself of course.

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