New From SIG SAUER: 1911 We The People BB Pistol

SIG SAUER has a complete line of airguns and accessories. And now the Austrian-owned American gunmaker’s making an airgun version of the real deal .45 “We The People” 1911. It’s a beautifully made if more-than-slightly kitsch pistol. At  $1,422.21 it’s a bit dear. Pulling the proverbial trigger on the $119.99 BB gun version would be an easier choice, especially with its cool features such as a last round slide lock. SIG’s press release . . .

SIG SAUER® Introduces the 1911 We The People BB Pistol

Newington, NH (January 15, 2018) – SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the 1911 We The People BB Pistol – its newest semi-automatic, CO2-powered airgun and first air pistol with a functional takedown lever for field stripping.   Modeled after the exceptionally popular 1911 We The People full-size centerfire pistol, which is inspired by a rich, patriotic history, the BB pistol version of this uniquely-American handgun features the same custom grips adorned with 50 stars (25 per side) that represent each state of the Union.  A distressed finish on the stainless-steel slide and frame includes patriotic engravings, such as 13 stars atop the slide and “WE THE PEOPLE” and “1776” on the slide flats.

“This new 1911 We The People BB Pistol is as close to an exact replica of its centerfire counterpart as possible,” said Joseph Huston, Vice President and General Manager of the SIG SAUER Airgun Division.  “The weight and feel are virtually identical, and this BB pistol version features our first drop magazine in an air pistol.  It is also our first model that is field strippable, for maximum authenticity.”

This high-performance air pistol also features a full-metal slide and frame with realistic blowback action of the slide and a 17-round, drop magazine which holds 4.5mm steel BBs.  The slide remains open after the last BB is fired.  The 1911 We The People BB Pistol also fits in current 1911 holster systems and has the same weight and controls of a traditional 1911 firearm, making it ideal for training.  It also has a functioning grip safety.

The 1911 We The People BB Pistol is single action only (SAO) and has the same skeletonized trigger as the centerfire model.  The front and rear sights are fixed, and the 12gr CO2 cartridge is housed in the drop magazine for quick and easy reloading.  The 1911 We The People BB Pistol shoots up to 340 fps; however, velocity results may vary depending on temperature and altitude.

MSRP: $119.99

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  1. avatar Ralph says:

    My store sells a lot of BB guns to people who I would never sell a “real” gun. I wonder how many of them have been used to knock over the local 7-11s.

    1. avatar BLoving says:

      Did’ja have anything to do with the previous article (the Texas pizzeria)?
      We don’t sell airsoft/BB guns to unsavory types at my shop… those losers simply tear the packages open, shove the fake gat into their sagging pants and saunter out the door.
      I’d be lying if I said I’ve never fantasized about what I’d do to some young thug who made the mistake of shoving an airsoft gun into my face – I’ve worked with them long enough to feel confident I’d spot the fake pretty quick. The hypothetical thug might not be able to eat solid food for some time afterwards, though…

      1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

        I would not be willing to make that call. There are .22 LR 1911s. An airsoft gun fires 6mm bbs, and .22s are 5.7 mm. I’m not willing to bet my life on 0.3 mm, especially if I were working a menial job at a cash register.

  2. avatar JasonM says:

    Shouldn’t 1776 go with When in the course of human events… and We the People go with 1789?

    Also…can you get it with a few of the stars removed?
    Also, also…should we point out that the gun celebrating American ideals has Made in Taiwan prominently on the frame?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Also…can you get it with a few of the stars removed?”

      25 stars per side, for 50 total…

    2. avatar BLoving says:

      Jason, are you suggesting we cut a state or two from the group? (not that you might not have a point…)

    3. avatar jwm says:

      Shouldn’t there be 57 stars?

      1. avatar Chadwick says:

        That’s democrat math right there.

      2. avatar anonymoose says:

        49+2 Ohios+6 Californias+DC+Puerto Rico+Guam+UK+Japan+Albania+Iraq=64 states if we’re going to just make shit up, President Obama.

    4. avatar little horn says:

      just another tidbit that shows these companies see us as morons.

  3. avatar How_Terrible says:

    Nothing says that you are a proud and patriotic American quite like a US Declaration of Independence themed BB gun that is made in Taiwan…

  4. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    So. Just to recap.

    An all-American 1911, that notes the year “1776” with a quote from 1787.

    Made in Taiwan. By a company rooted in a Swiss-German manufacturer.

    Talk about your melting pot…

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Talk about your melting pot…”

      Since they proudly proclaim it has a similar weight to the real one, it’s probably made of some cheap zinc alloy pot metal…

  5. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I’m going to buy one for practice. I don’t care where it’s made. I wonder if they have a plain Jane version, I’d like that better. It did not say, is the barrel rifled?

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      They make a few. Plus a couple P226 versions, P230, etc:

      I have their quad target in my backyard. I like the airgun targets line even more than the guns I think haha:

  6. avatar pieslapper says:

    Sell one in gold or cashpat and they could corner the hood rat market. Perhaps call it the Glockq Fawty.

  7. avatar anonymoose says:

    Hide Austrian posts, ignore Austrian posters, report Austrian threads.

  8. avatar raptor jesus says:

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  9. avatar GunDoc says:

    This is a joke, right?

    If not, Sig has officially lost their minds. $1400 dollars is getting into medium high-end territory for rifles and pistols.

    REAL rifles and pistols.

    Shark. Jumped.


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