New From Fix It Sticks: AR15 Maintenance Kit

fix it sticks

Fix It Sticks makes compact, handy little tool kits for shooters. Pre-set torque wrenches, bits common to firearms, etc., all in neat cases to keep ’em organized. Conner reviewed their Ultimate Kit a year ago to the tune of 4.5 stars. Now, they’ve launched an AR15 Maintenance Kit with gizmos just for keeping America’s favorite sporting rifle in ship shape. Fix It Sticks’ press release follows . . .

NEW FIX IT STICKS AR15 Maintenance Kit

Available with Hard or Soft Carrying Case

Comes with two Fix It Sticks, Twelve 1/4″ Bits, Carrier Bolt Group Scraper, Bronze Scraper, Castle Nut Wrench, Metal Pin Punch, Plastic Pin Punch, Cleaning Brush, Metal Pick, Set of Brass Cleaning Rods and Bit Adapters (accept any standard 8-32 threaded attachments), Hard or Soft Carrying Case.
The entire 2018 Fix It Sticks catalog can be seen HERE.


  1. avatar GunzGunzGunz says:

    This thing is the best AR tool ever invented in the history of AR tools. It’s worth 10 times the price of what they’re asking for it. It’s that good.

    Order now before they run out.

    1. avatar Shill Hunter says:

      Paid spokesman for Fix It Sticks

  2. avatar Howdy1 says:

    The article leaves out a lot of info
    – The right address
    – The AR15 and Glock kits are pre-order
    – AR15 kits are $65 – $70
    – Glock specific BITS only are $13
    – Cannot find warranty details

    If you don’t already have these tools, I would think these prices would make it a worthwhile purchase.

    Not sure who GUNZGUNZGUNZ is, but the kit is certainly not worth 10 times the asking price.

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