Hands on with the new Ruger Precision .22

I got to handle the new Ruger Precision Rimfire yesterday at SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range. For my fingers’ sake let’s call the rifles the RP22. So what’s so special about the RP22?

The non-folding butt stock is adjustable every which way. The stock is solid and the adjustments are secure.

The trigger is a standard RPR trigger. You can even use your 10/22 mags.

The 18″ long 1” thick barrel at the bore tapers down to about .75” at the threaded muzzle.

The barrel is mounted via a barrel nut. DIY gunsmiths can swap barrels easily. The aftermarket will produce countless options. I bet someone is already working on an RP22 suppressed barrel.

The RP22’s bolt is the coolest bit.

The RP22 is clearly meant to function as it’s big brother’s trainer: the bolt is 3” long. Thats way longer than needed for a .22, but it does simulate the bolt throw of the full sized RPR.

Not using the RP22 as a trainer? Then remove half of the bolt and make it 1.5″ or 3″ long. Even if you don’t use this feature, respect. MSRP is $529 and is available now. 

The Ruger Rep I spoke with said the RP22 was extremely accurate. Whether that statement is or not remains to be seen.


  1. avatar John in TX (Was CT) says:

    This is the best SHOT show I’ve seen in some time… this is an awesome little .22 rifle (I may buy one), the Tavor 12ga is hilarious (I will almost certainly buy one), the Franklin Armory thing is weird and I don’t want one… but it’s still awesome, etc.

    Walther’s little PPQ-SC is a bit of a disappointment. One of these tupperware companies really ought to come out with a “fullsize”-formfactor single stack 9mm for concealed carry purposes, rather than continuing to try to make their own G26/M&P9C/whatever. Yeah- I could buy a 1911 Commander-type in 9mm for that purpose, but that’s expensive (to buy one worth owning) and has a single-action trigger/requisite manual safety.

    1. avatar Roman of Texas says:

      This guy gets it. It would be awesome to have a light weight, full size, single stack. Even for fun!

    2. avatar TexPat (still in Ct, but leaving ASAP says:

      John in Texas (formerly CT), I am 5 weeks from making the same move. All native Texans must return home.

      1. avatar Chris Heuss says:

        Hope you aren’t moving to Austin, we are full.

    3. avatar Shyster says:

      Kahr makes multiple, full-size, single-stack polymer guns in 9 mm that would appear to fit your requirements. Look at the TP9, CT9, and ST9. All of those guns are 8+1. The CT9 can be found for around $300.

  2. avatar Chadwick says:

    Looks to have just about everything you’d want in a solid rimfire bolt gun. It is almost crazy how many features Ruger can pack into their new offerings. The prices are also reasonable in my opinion. Honestly this isn’t much more expensive than the American 22lr with the threaded barrel. Different guns I suppose and the American is probably lighter and more handy.

    1. avatar Chris Heuss says:

      The Savage B22 is worth checking out also. Its the most accurate gun I own and costs about a tenth of some of my guns.

      1. avatar Dave M says:

        My Ruger American with a 22″ barrel will reliably, consistently, pick off 1/4″ objects from 50 yards with bulk ammo (Remington Thunderbolt, Federal Auto Match, etc). Makes me wonder how much more accurate this gun can be; might have to buy one & find out. Ruger is really on a roll, one great product after another.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I’ll wait for it in .22 Mag.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      .17 wouldn’t be inneresting?

      (Say “interesting” fast, you gets “inneresting”…)

  4. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I really don’t like the way gun manufactures are designing their new firearms. All kinds of stuff to hang up on brush, collect dirt, and stocks that prevent fast target acquisition. It seems it’s looks over function.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      It’s got a bull barrel. It ain’t for hunting. It’s for making cloverleaves at 50 yards, if you spring for the expensive ammo.

      1. avatar Dave M says:

        My American does that with cheap ammo.

  5. avatar doesky2 says:

    Made comment that on second thought may not be applicable.

  6. avatar Ben says:

    A precision .22 LR?

    At what, about 25 yards? That caliber is rather limited in the precision rifle department.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Precision rifle matches in .22 start at 50 to 100 and go out to 200, a few even farther. High end .22s easily shoot less than 1 MOA, and the limiting factors are bullet drop and wind. CZ and Anschutz build very very accurate .22s.

      1. avatar Chris Heuss says:

        People don’t give .22 enough credit. My Savage B22 is a damn near a same hole gun at 50 yards with match ammo. That kind of accuracy is more rewarding in a $300 rifle than a $3,000 rifle.

        1. avatar ironicatbest says:

          Yes it is. ….Redoing my quip about the looks of the gun, for some reason every firearm I see, I see it as for hunting or combat, the target shooting is to hone those two entities.

    2. avatar JeffR says:

      I have shot sub-0.2″ five-shot groups at 50 yards with CZ .22 rifles. And, with good ammunition, they will average under 0.4″ at 50 yards. I call that “precision.”

  7. avatar PistoleroJesse says:

    Cz 455 thick barrel $373
    KRG 180-Xray $599

    This price on the RPR .22 passes the wallet smell test.

  8. avatar AnOregonian says:

    My only sticking point with the Ruger is the price. I can already get (or in my case have gotten) a Savage with threaded barrel and amazing precision for half that price.

    Granted, once the supply chain fills up Rugers don’t typically sell for MSRP, and at about $100 less than MSRP, I might give it a try.

  9. avatar Eric inMichigan says:

    I already have a Ruger Precision Rimfire I ordered for $359/shipped. Add $10 for my dealer & how can anyone complain about the price?

  10. avatar Rob says:

    So you didn’t shoot it? Can anyone comment on trigger? Feel? Bolt?

  11. Ok it looks like a pretty good 22 rimfire light weight and etc,, but I don’t have any use for it and it’s over priced, just paying for the Ruger name,

    1. avatar Eric from Michigan says:

      $369 out the door for a heavy barrel, change barrel, threaded barrel, fully adjustable stocked Brand name rifle with a 30 MOA scope base already installed in a chassis stock is too much? How’s the $99 Mossberg Walmart Plinkster doing for you? You’d have $1500 without the action building this with any other brand. Ruger has done a wonderful job for the money IMHO.

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