Wilson Combat 40th Anniversary Boxed Set – Just In Time for Christmas!

Wilson Combat 40th Anniversary boxed set

The five-star Wilson Combat EDC X9 is one of my two everyday carry guns. It’s not as pretty as the one in Wilson Combat’s 40th Anniversary boxed set (above). My all-black double-stack gat is worn around the edges, thanks to a too-narrow Commander-sized .45 caliber 1911 holster (since replaced by a custom Hell-Bent Holsters‘ holster). And it doesn’t have the words “40 years of innovation” on the slide. Which is just as well as . . .

Wilson Combat EDC X9

I’m 58-years-old. But enough about me . . .

Wilson Combat 40th Anniversary boxed set Hogue knife

The Wilson Combat 40th Anniversary boxed set includes an EDC X9-themed locking folder labelled “40 Years of Cutting Edge” — ’cause it’s made by Hogue and WC only started making/commissioning knives in the last decade.

Wilson Combat 40th Anniversary boxed set Supergrade 1911

The set also features a full-size Supergrade .45 labelled “40 Years of tradition.”

One thing the webpage doesn’t include: the price. If you have to ask you can’t afford it? Well I can’t and I asked. “You’ll have to talk to your dealer,” the nice man at WC answered. “We didn’t put a price on ’em.”

Wilson Combat boxed set on gunbroker.com

My dealer’s closed for Christmas. So I found a boxed set on gunbroker.com going for $11,025. I assume Wilson’s two guns, knife and coins combination retails for $11k. So now you know.


  1. avatar Carson says:

    Pretty guns. But this set is art. Eleven grand for a piece of art that will hang on a wall or sit on a table. The Mona Lisa and these nice firearms have the same chance of seeing the inside of a range. I’d be fine with a nice framed picture instead so I could use the money for something else.

  2. avatar RV6 Driver says:

    I don’t get paying thousands of dollars for an unreliable, low capacity safe gun. Not bashing 1911s but buying one for thousands is just retarded….

    1. avatar Red in CO says:

      That’s like saying it’s stupid to pay thousands for a canvas with some colors on it; you’re missing the point. And if you buy a custom 1911, you’re not buying a gun, you’re buying a a piece of art

      1. avatar RV6 Driver says:

        Don’t go kidding yourself with the whole “my gun is art argument.” Your just rationalizing an elaborate purchase. See what your return investment is on an $11,000 1911 compared to a Jackson Pollack painting. There’s lots of expensive 1911’s in the display case at the pawn shop but never saw any, Monet or Picasso paintings there……

        1. avatar MyName says:

          Well, to be fair, there is kinda a pawn shop for a Picasso or a Monet – it’s called Sotheby’s

  3. avatar Jon in CO says:

    The commander is absolutely gorgeous. I want that one by itself. The knife, meh. The full size super grade? It’s nice, but doesn’t speak to me.

  4. avatar Gunwrites says:

    Only anti-2nd Amendment politicians will be able to afford this sweet brace of pistols. As with all their stance on guns and gun Rights, not for mere commoners.

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