Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Josh

Springfield Armory XS-S 9mm concealed carry handgun

Josh calls this his “heavy carry” gear. We can see why. The XD-S is certainly of reasonable size, but that’s a lot of cutting equipment to tote around on a daily basis. See all the details at Everyday Carry . . .

edc everyday carry concealed carry


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    4 knives?

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      I came here to the comments section to say that he needs to carry more knives.

      1. avatar Specialist38 says:

        Maybe…..to open a knife store.

  2. avatar BLoving says:

    Nice modest knife collection.
    Started to write something sarcastic about my own collection of swords, daggers, axes, etc… but fine – we get it: he rotates his daily knife from one to another… right?

  3. avatar GP says:

    4 knives, 2 mags, zero medical gear

    1. avatar jug says:

      No survivors!

  4. avatar Craig Fitz says:

    You need the knives because the 9mm just pisses them off. Or get the 45 and don’t need the knives .

  5. avatar MT Guy says:

    You came for the shootout but stayed for the knife fight.

  6. avatar Larry says:

    He may well rotate the knives , or maybe he carries all 4. Every time I think about making a comment about how many knives a guy carries ( I’m on a few knife forums ) I remember many think I’m nuts for caring one gun . ( insert B/U gun comment here )

    That and I often have two, and at work two more ( one in each bunker coat pocket ).

    1. avatar MT Guy says:

      The great thing about it is we live in a place where it’s legal to possess all of those.

  7. avatar Jackass Jim says:

    He must carry that fixed blade in his teeth, and the shooter in his chonies.

  8. avatar S.Crock says:

    4 knives, no serrations and no multi tools. A single stack 9mm and two spare mags. Why not one fighting knife and one multi tool with serrations and one double stack 9mm?

    1. avatar adverse5 says:

      Cause it’s BS to start with?

  9. avatar John Thomas says:

    i think ive finally figured out the point of this business where you empty your pockets, take a photo of it, and share it with strangers on the internet. its bleeding show and tell.

    i carry a boring ass glock in a boring ass kydex holster, one mag, a buck knife, my wallet, my keys, my phone, a hanky, a flashlight, and a tourniquet, h bandage, hemostat sponge, little roll of duct tape, and some nitrile gloves in a quart size ziploc freezer bag. all of it has wear marks from actual use, and its all sensible shit, but it makes a boring picture. thats what this is about.

  10. avatar Larry Campbell says:

    Really, four knives at the same time? Seems a little excessive, but this is a free country (for now, anyways) and a man is free to carry what he chooses. Thank you, God.

  11. avatar adverse5 says:

    Where does he conceal his coon dog?

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