Moose Antler Shotguns Slugs: How Do You Come Up with This Stuff?!

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Yes, this guy actually test fired some moose antler shotgun slugs.

You won’t believe it until you see it. As though the impossible is something to laugh at, TAOFLEDERMAUS got a hold of these moose antler shotguns slugs, proving primitive technology can and will be applied to modern day sophistication, and the effects can be awesome.

It’s pretty cool that these slugs actually performed as well as they did. And the smell! Who would have thought?!

Check out his YouTube channel and see more videos of his on


  1. avatar anonymoose says:

    Hey, we gotta get rid of them every year. Might as well find a use for them!

  2. avatar Larry Cowden says:

    Put this one in the wacky bullet hall of fame! Great shoot! Loved it!

  3. avatar joetast says:

    That damned tatorfeildmouse is out doing me on shit shotguns shoots.

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