Lock Parts Turned Into Shotgun Slugs

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Here’s what happens when lock parts are transformed into shotgun slugs.

Whoa, these shotgun slugs are made out of metal lock parts, so naturally TAOFLEDERMAUS is going to film their test shots for us all to enjoy.

Check out his YouTube channel and see more videos of his on WideOpenSpaces.com.


  1. avatar joetast says:

    Ah that vid was lame. I think they’re downloading them shells, I could throw a rock harder then that. Come on tatorfeildmouse.

  2. avatar Mustrum says:

    These guys are becoming the “Will It Blend” folks of the firearms world…
    I am not in a position to criticize though as
    50 years ago I was doing some of the same sort of things with a tomato stake quality sears single shot 10 gauge the most interesting effect was from shooting bundles of nails the were about 2 to 3 inches long… made interesting patterns on the ice at the farm pond waterfall

    however I had outgrown this stuff by my late teens

    1. avatar joetast says:

      I don’t think I will ever out grow it. That and will this caliber work in this gun? I’m going to lose body parts someday.

  3. avatar IdahoBoy says:

    What next? Shotgun shells made out of bee stingers?

    I mean, really. Haven’t we seen enough?

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